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Oh my goodness - weekends are the toughest things to get through - WOE wise! I always find myself with food in hand and open mouth before I realize that I shouldn't be eating it!

I went grocery shopping this weekend and got even more depressed! Not only is it hard to find things to eat, but it's also expensive! I have to buy the normal food for dh and then all the sugar-free/fiber diet food for me. I wish he'd change his eating habits a little so I wouldn't have to cook two seperate meals!

Saturday I did pretty good - it was my bro's b-day party and they all had BBQ and I ate a grilled chicken breast with mixed veggies. Then on Saturday night went out to eat at a mexican restuarant and realized all the things I couldn't have. So I ordered fajita's and didn't eat the tortilla's. Sunday was bad, I had a piece of veggie pizza!!!! I know, I know - shame on me!

Exercise wise - I did 1 hour of Yoga on Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday. Had to work outside on Sunday. Had such a bad ice storm here about a week and a half ago that we are still cutting and picking up branches.

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