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Default testing


Hey! It worked!!!
Thanks, Deb.

Actually, I didn't run this morning- good workout, but met a neighbor I haven't seen for a while when I stepped outside so we walked and talked instead. Hopefully the flapping jaw burn't some calories. It's a really gray, almost rainy day here and it's real hard to get motivated. My boss called and told me she was sick and not to go in to work this am, so I have a morning off. Feels weird.

The scale is still playing "pound up, pound down" games- gearing up for TOM I'm afraid. Maybe I'll see a drop after that, but at my age is getting so weird I never know what to expect!

Speaking of age- didn't you leave someone out of the birthday list, Deb??

Was last week a fluke or does the board get that busy as soon as the weather gets cooler? 5 pages! I can't keep up and reply personally, but it's great to see everybody all revved up.


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