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Hi all,
I did do a post in the Feb. board, but thought I would go ahead and do a bio here. Just got done reading everybody else's and sounds like a great group.

My name is Debbie and I live in Great Falls, MT. We've been here almost 6 years. Colorado Springs, CO is really home for us. I am 37 and have been married to DH for 15 years. We have never been able to have children and I have come to accept that. We do have 2 furry chocolate lab kids that are way too spoiled.

I have been heavy pretty much all my life, but really gained after getting married. I lost 90 lbs. on low carb 6 years ago and have put back on 50 lbs., plus more fat because of a knee injury laying me up for a while. I am in the same clothes I was at my heaviest too.

I basically joined LAWL to have someone to be accountable to. I just couldn't get the motivation to do it myself and also am currently paying for Denise Austin-fit for life on the internet, but haven't been to the site for a few months (gotta cancel that now) I joined LAWL on Jan. 13. I have currently lost 9 lbs. and am feeling the jeans getting a little bigger. So going in 3 time a week is keeping me true to the plan.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

mini goal for family reunion June 17
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