Myths and Facts: The Torso Track

The Torso Track is an ab machine that has been advertised on television and on late night shows. This machine is endorsed by Suzanne Somers and now comes in two versions. Because there so many different abdominal machines on the market, there is some confusion as to which machine is which and if the Torso Track really does do everything that it is claimed to do. 

Myth: The High Price Is Worth It

Fact:  A brand new Torso Track will cost about $400. This price is a bit steep since this machine is only an ab machine. Since you will not know the true effect that this machine will have on your body until you actually purchase it, it may be worth it to look for some deals. Online auction and for sale sites are good places to check to see if any are for sale.  If you are still not sure that you want to pay full price for a Torso Track, try a cheaper ab machine and work your way up. All ab machines have the same effect, but are set up differently. Some abdominal machines can be purchased for as little as $20 at your local discount store.

Myth: The Torso Track Stands Out

Fact:  There are many different abdominal machines currently for sale. All of these machines have the same basic function to achieve the same result; that result being toned abdominal muscles. The only difference in these machines is how they are set up. Some machines require you to lie on your back, some require you to be on your knees and others are very simple versions and require extra use of your arms. Depending on what position is most comfortable for you, the Torso Track may be the best for you. The Torso Track is a machine where you kneel. The knee pads are cushioned and the tension is adjustable. 

Myth: The Torso Track Will Give a Full Body Workout

Fact: While this machine will work the arms, shoulders, chest and back in addition to the abdominal muscles, this machine was designed to focus on the abs. This is where the main workout will be and additional exercises will need to be done to get an overall workout for the whole body.

Myth: The Torso Track Is Easy to Use

Fact: The Torso Track is set up to not be complicated. There will be less focus on how to use that machine and more focus on the workout.  The Torso Track is set up to be a machine that is kneeled on. Before doing the workout, the resistance needs to be set. The machine is then set on the floor to be used. Some may find this piece of equipment easy to use, while others will not. This machine has been known to cause low back pain for some users.


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