Hamstring Curl Machine Exercises: Single Leg Hamstring Curls

Hamstring curls are a great exercise that can be performed by almost anyone. Once you have mastered the basics of this exercise, consider performing single leg hamstring curls. Doing this exercise with one leg at a time helps to target muscle inequalities between the two legs.

About Single Leg Hamstring Curls

The single leg hamstring curl is an easy strength training exercise which, as the name suggests, is used to strengthen and tone the muscles of your hamstring. Strengthening the hamstring muscle helps to stabilize the knee and hip, and is especially important for individuals who have suffered an injury to this area.

Positioning the Hamstring Curl Machine for Single Leg Hamstring Curls

In order to achieve optimal results when it comes to performing the single leg hamstring curl, you must first position yourself in the hamstring curl machine properly. Start by sitting in the hamstring curl machine with your back pressed firmly up against the back rest, and your legs extended out if front of your body. At this point, adjust the ankle bar so that it is resting slightly above your heels. Ask a friend, personal trainer, or gym employee to evaluate the position of the machine before going any further in the performance of the single leg hamstring curl.

Performing Single Leg Hamstring Curls

Once the machine is adjusted properly, you can begin to perform the exercise. As this exercise is performed with only one leg, you can begin by removing one foot from the top of the ankle bar, and allowing it to hang towards the ground. Flex your other foot so that your toes are facing towards the sky. As you exhale your breath, use your hamstring muscles to press the bar down towards the ground. Continue pressing the bar down until your knee is bent to a 90 degree angle, and is perfectly in line with your hip. Inhale your breath, and bring your leg back up to the original position. Perform ten repetitions of the exercise before switching to the other leg. Take a short break, and do one more set of ten repetitions of the exercise, using one leg at a time.  



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