Weight and Resistance Training Boost weight loss, and look great!

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gosh, leave for 2 days and you'll never catch up! here's my summarized answer, if I missed anyone Im sorry!

littledove: if you're up for it, try the Ab Boot Camp. It made me want to cry, and I didnt get sore abs either.


Dip: your posts have been fantastic! *hugs* thanks for being you!

Meg and Mel: Your leg workouts scare me. Im in if we're doing the cross country tho (can i start on the continental US tho? please?)

Mrs. Jim: YAY back to the gym for you! cant wait to see the before/Afters.

Airegrrrl: get well soon! magnificent advice to Cindy as well. why arent we all on Oprah?

Ilene: LOVE your new avatar!! LOVE IT!
*deep breath*

i think thats everything?

well, friday and saturday were good days workout wise. friday was clean eats, and i took saturday dinner/evening for freeday (and didnt stuff myself with crap only! how bout that!)

friday workout: legs, 30 mins biking, 10 mins rowing, 10 mins walking uphill
saturday: 25mins elliptical. sweat like a snowman in july.

Big news: my gym gave out free 1 month memberships and my SO who HAAAAAAATES gyms actually came with me today. I thought i would wake up and find it was all a strange dream but NO! he was there, biking. (and realizing how out of shape he was..)

my god, it may have taken a year but he might join me in the gym. is the world about to end? has **** frozen over? NO! it was just the extra holiday #'s frightening him into action! THANK YOU HAM!

off to bed wiht meeeeeeeeee! tomorrow is back/tri's and more cardio

*HUGS* you all inspire me, every day.

Meg, you "if you want it, you'll do it. if you dont, you'll make excuses" post runs thru my head every time I think about sneaking an extra rep off my set. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THAT!!!

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Hi Tidey! Big thanks for posting the AB Bootcamp. I'll look and see if I have it in an issue of MM before printing it out, but you can be sure today it starts.

Sure wish I could get DH to start working out and he doesn't even have to leave the house. He has great muscles but can't get the scale to move any more. Happy to see you're happy about SO!

And I am definitely at a plateau, so that means starting today I heed my own advice and get back on straight low-fat protein and low-gly carbs to get another kick-start. I think I have a turkey out in the deep freeze, at the bottom, of course. Since it's shop and prep day, I'll probably just buy a turkey breast.

ledom - I don't *think* I've ever looked gorgeous in my life. No matter how much I try or prepare to look good for a special occassion, there's always something 'not right' and I feel self-conscious. And I don't know yet how to get over that. (Maybe this is the self-concept/body image thing?) Help? Anybody?

Happy Sunday, LWL. Check back later.

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Gorgeous in the sense that you are looking slim to the point of not being recognized, groomed and healthy. They say the way to overcome self-conciousness is to focus on the people around you and forget about yourself. I peeked at the maintainers board yesterday and saw Cindy's comment on the TV show "What Not to Wear", I am a huge fan of that show. I am amazed at the figure imperfections they camouflage on that show, not only camouflage but make look fantastic, out of the ordinary. Wish I could have a personal dresser!
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Default Music! Cardio!

I remember that some peeps here have been having trouble with the tedium and monotony of cardio ó you know, when youíre watching that digital display count down at a glacial pace Ö you might want to try what I did today.

I have an iPod for Windows and was tired of the Same Old Songs, so I signed up at the iTunes Music Store (online music downloads run by Apple). Each song is 99 cents ó one click and it downloads to your music library. I had fun picking out a bunch of new cardio songs ó I only have two requirements: loud and a great beat.

Got to the gym when it opened and I couldnít believe what a difference the new music made! I felt like I was dancing on the cross trainer! (I was trying hard not to make too much of a spectacle of myself; at least I refrained from singing along at the top of my lungs ). The hour flew by and I had a blast.

The best part is that I set a new record for myself. Now, I never believe those calories readouts that the ellipticals and cross trainers have, but only use them as a way to track how Iím doing ó can I beat my old record? kind of thing. Today I hit 400 calories again in half an hour and thatís a huge deal for me. When I first got on an elliptical, I had to punch in 255 pounds to calculate the calories burned. At that weight, youíre going through a lot of calories without too much effort! In my heaviest days, Iíd always strive for 400 calories for every 30 minutes. As my weight dropped, the calories burned per minute dropped and for a long time, I couldnít get to 400 any more. Iíd do 350 or 360, but not 400. Well, today the new music energized me so much that I was able to hit the magic 400 number again. So finally Iím burning the same number of calories in 30 minutes that I did a whole lot of pounds ago.

So ó if youíre bogged down with cardio, my suggestion is get some new tunes!

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To follow up on Dip and Ledom's posts about body image -- there have been a lot of interesting posts lately about what we see (or don't see) when we look in the mirror, so I started a thread over in the Maintainers Forum called "What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?" Please come post on it!

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hi all

I got a good case of the flu shortly after i posted so i haven't even been on the computer much in the last couple weeks. kind of ruined my jan. 5 start date, but i'm tons better. even got a good cardio workout in yesterday and will be completely back on track to start tommorrow. i'm even gonna try a new recipe tonight (although my husband can't figure out why he has to try my food when i'm the one dieting).
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WOW - have a few days off and look what happens....

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Hi All

Hope everyone is over their troubles, traumas and tummy bugs.
I'm feeling good today - done the LBWO +abs & eaten correctly (or "clean" as you say). Its a little early to be polishing my halo but it was a good start to the day.

Tidey: thanks for the Abs Bootcamp, I'm heading there right now.

Can't chat for too long today. The house looks like a war zone. I think my cardio session will involve a vacuum cleaner today.

Love, Dove
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Lovin' Zumba!
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Happy Sunday (and now Monday) everyone!

I'm happy to report that I weathered the weekend without any emotional eating, and now I think I've survived the worst of it. I even ventured to the grocery store and only bought what was on my list.

Hurray - I did it!

Thanks again to all of you for your support and advice - it was invaluable to me!
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Default new to this thread

i just read your original thread "stats please", all of you are so interesting, and the things you've achieved are amazing. i guess this is the most current thread, i'd like to join in if you don't mind...
my name is Erin, i live in Connecticut with my husband, 2 daughters (avatar picture) Justine- 9, and Zoie 20months, and my step son Joey- 13. i have never been comfortable with my body, i'm 5'6" and in high school i was about 150lbs and compared to most of my friends i was the fat chick, although now i don't know why i had so many self esteem problems, i was smart and considerate/ compassionate, and beautifull.....ah those were the days. i met my husband when i was only 15 and we had our first child (justine) when i was 17, oops. i gained a whopping 60lbs with that pregnancy. like i said i always considered myself plump so i had been watching what i eat since i can remember. my mom was really good about teaching me how to eat right and exercise, we never had the usual junky kid foods in our house when i was growing up. so i was sick of dieting so when i was pregnant i let it go and ate what i wanted. oops.
thankfully i lost all but 5lbs of that before my husband and i got married 3 years later. i went to college for nursing and graduated, with my class, and curently i work at a natural birth center which i absolutely love, we do water births and stuff like that-- no pain medication. actually i had my last daughter there, Zoie (the joy of our lives--she is something else!) and with that pregnancy i vowed not to make the same mistake as the first time but...
still gained 60lbs, exactly! after that i was at my highest of 200lbs. i waited till i was done breastfeeding and started Curves, and Atkins diet. that jump started me down to 185- 190lbs. since then i've quit Curves (it got boring and redundant) joined a gym and have slowly lost to my current weight 178lbs. my goal is to be back down to 160lbs by summer and be able to run a 5K, which i was able to do right before i got pregnant with Zoie.
Love weight training, just started to get serious about it and i feel great and am starting to lose a little faster. i have a couple problems though, with the running. mabey some one would have some tips
one is i have very bad feet, i had bilateral bunion surgery 3 years ago which helped but also gave me some new problems. my arches are practicly flat so i wear orthotics, but i need to get them refurbished. anyway i think this is why i get very fatigued shins and ankles. my calves are also very muscular (my entire legs and butt are very muscular and i wonder if this is contributing, mabey my shins don't match the strength of my calves. i've been searching the internet all day for an answer to this.
second, about 5 or 6 years ago i tore the medial meniscus (?), the cartilidge in my knee, left side, during a kick boxing class. they told me i needed surgery but i didn't want it. i took glucosamine supplements and the pain seemed to go away after a while. since i had Zoie the pain has come back, unbearable sometimes, mabey due to my weight? anyone have any suggestions? or know any one in this site that may know what to do?
sorry this is so long
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Hi Elasky, welcome to LWL.
If you really tore your meniscus as opposed to bruising it (did you have an MRI and get a confirmed diagnosis?) it does not heal itself. The glucosamine-chondroitin will help, and losing more weight will help, but unfortunately, surgery is the only reliable answer for an actual tear.

Running without proper orthotics certainly will cause problems. You didn't say what the problem is, but I'm guessing shin splints. Until you can get new orthotics, if you have access to an elliptical or stationary bike, I'd suggest using one or both for your cardio instead of running. Speaking from experience, shin splints can be excrutiatinly painful and can eventually cause real damage if you just run through the pain. They can also just eventually go away, but it sounds like yours won't without the proper footwear.
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Unfortunately I cannot answer any of your questions! I just don't know, I hope the other gals can help you...

~Cindy~ Proud of you for sticking you to your guns this weekend~~

~Dove~ ALWAYS polish your halo it's a good THANG!! Most of us don't do it enough...

~Sheila~ I wondered where you'd gone... Glad to see you're healthy and back in action!! Sheila remind your husband you are NOT on a diet, but a lifestyle change and he's part of your lifestyle...

~Meg~ I must get myself one of those music gadget!! Today I was trying to follow some music from just the gym, during my jogging session but it wasn't LOUD enough and the beat was too slow.... And there you go impressing the heck out of me again... 400cals/30 minutes at 135lbs... ... That's awesome! Today I was on there for 45 minutes I weigh 160 but I always set the machine at 150 cause that's what comes up when I set up... and I burned 350 cals/45 minutes!!.... Peeps are commenting about my back but gosh darn it girl I'd LOVE to see your back and Mel's at both your low b/f%...another moment I'm sure... So take the pics huh?!

Had an excellent workout today... Arms and shoulders and 45 minutes cardio... Spent 2 hours in the gym... I'm really liking going at these new times, I don't feel rushed at all....

I had a squeaky clean food day, I had some making up to do... Last night we went to my nephew's 30th surprise birthday party... I had cake AND this sweeeeeeeeeeet Skor Cheese Cake... I wasn't happy with one piece, they were only 1" square, I had 2... So I had some making up to do today...

Okay gotta go... Take care and happy Monday morning because I won't be here in the AM I am WORKING!!

Later all...

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Mel - Just by the logo on your shirts, I imagine you would be an awesome trainer.

Just popping in to get some inspiration before grocery shopping.

Listen to the DEAL of the Century I got this week. I went to my running shoe store because I got a coupon in the mail for half off clearance. They even made special mention of women's shoes over size 10 (my dad called my feet natural waterskies). I wear a 10.5 (in athletic shoes only). I got THREE pairs of brand new shoes (two new balance and one Brooks) for under $75. It was freaking ridiculous. I loved it!
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Default Lol!

Hey there Jessica- I don't really give out t-shirts that say that! I told Ilene not to hate me and embrace the pain after she did a chest workout that I posted, and she couldn't get dressed the next day. She put it in her signature and it makes me laugh every time I see it

But maybe that would be a good slogan for a t-shirt! I've a couple of clients who should be in pain today.

Great shopping! I usually have to pay more than that for a single pair. I wear what seems to be the most common shoe size so by the time they are on sale, there's not a single 7 1/2 to be seen.

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'Evening, LWL!

Well, this is the 2nd Sunday in a row I forgot that S&TC was on, and I usually can't stay awake to see the later edition. Caught the last 8 minutes though!

I took the day off from exercise, and I feel a little guilty but will make up for it tomorrow. Ate really well, as I planned to try and jump start the ol' metabolism again.

Welcome Elasky! Sounds like you have your hands full with all those youngin's. I don't know a thing about feet, but trust Mz. Mel - she knows her stuff.

Cindy - you're sounding better and better with each post! I'm so happy you made it through the weekend OK. Onward and Upward!

Dove - if that halo ever tilts sideways like mine, you can always seek Canadian dispensation from Ilene, not to be confused with Canadian bacon. She's real good at forgiveness.

Hi Sheila, JC, and Jessica!

Meg - you and ledom tore me up today about the self-image thing, and I keep looking in the mirror trying to figure out what I do see, AND why I am always self-conscious of my appearance when I'm around people in social situations. I have to think about this for a day or two, and hopefully will have a lightbulb moment.

Oh, and if the window to the Curves opportunity closes, I have a door to knock on. I got yesterday's mail today, and there was this giant postcard announcing the grand opening of a "Ladies Workout Express" much closer. Same concept as Curves and with tanning! LOL. When I saw it, I thought about where are these franchises going to be in a few years, as was brought up in the Buyer Beware Forum. Don't matter to me, I need that kind of job *now.* If you haven't heard of it, google it or "one word .com."

Have a great evening, or Monday where ever you are in this fantastic world! (oh, brother-am I getting toooo happy?)

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