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Talking LWL #95 - 24 Mar 03 - Third week of bootcamp!

Time to get started with a new thread! And BOY do I have a lot of reading to do!! Hopefully I'll have a bit of spare time.

Totally off topic but I must share my unbounded JOY today...My heart is so full of gladness...we found Jim's paternal relatives this past week that he has not had contact with for 21 years...since he was a teenager when his dad died of leukemia. It's a loooong story but I will post it in my journal today when I have a chance. Suffice to say here that thanks to the Internet, Jim (along with his brother) is now back in touch with his HUGE New York family...we have been emailing photos back and forth, along with many many phone conversations filled with laughter and gladness! They have been looking for him and his mom and brother for 20 years now...just soooo happy and that energy went with me today to the gym where I had a SUPER workout...

And if that weren't great enough - got to JUMP this week in my riding lesson! Woo hoo!

Back to work...please post y'all!!! I'll try and get a chance to play catch up today...I am just so happy...
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Hot Sauce!
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Default WOW!

That is very awesome news Mrs. Jim! What a wonderful thing to have happen and I can tell by your post that you are bursting with excitement! I look forward to reading more in your journal!

I hope that everyone else had great weekends, mine was wonderful also, but just because I got to relax and see my family. I am 100% on since starting this bootcamp and that feels wonderful. I am officially 2 weeks sugar free and haven't had a craving for sugar since starting SPII. Love it! I did have some yummy taco bell nachos over the weekend minus the nasty beef. Not sure why I like their nachos so much, I just do. You would think I would go for the real deal mexican food...
Today is a rest day for me. Over the weekend I told my step mom that I would runa 5k with her in September. I am not a runner and don't really enjoy running, but I think this will give me the incentive I need to get back into cardio and to help me lose some bodyfat for the summer months. Plus it will keep my step mom motivated with her diet plan. I look forward to it! Tomorow I start my training for it. I want to introduce myself to the running world slowly.....
Ah well, I will write more in my journal, no need to clog up the board!
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Default great news MrsJim!

Afternoon all,

MrsJim, that is GREAT news about finding the long lost family! And jumping? THAT is purty brave.

The theme on the threads seems to be that we all need looooooong coffee breaks just to catch up on our reading. I DO love this forum and have found that it keeps me SO motivated.

Jumped on the scale on Sat morning and found I was down 2 lbs which I was thrilled to see as I was kinda scared that eating 6 times a day would not show a good scale result. Now I need to concentrate on NOT concentrating on the scale and look for results in inches.. and on that note.. well my pants are near fallin off me. I tried on my size 13's and I can get em on, they're tight, but I can get em on.. wahoo!!!!!

I blew out my shoulder on Saturday doing UBWO. It doesn't hurt overly much but am thankful I'm not working UB again until Wed. On Sunday I did an interval training step workout and think I have finally hit a '10'.. wow, what sweat.. but felt GREAT when it was over and done with.

Welcome to all the newcomers! I'm new here as well but can tell you that this is THE place and the way to go, no matter what plan you follow, the support and information here is incredible!

I have to get back to work (ugh).

Have a GREAT day everyone!


ps - to all those with family/friends involved in this war, I am thinking of you all.
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That is really something special Mrs Jim-I'm happy for your husband.

I'm not even going to try and catch up on reading!!

Well last week my eating plan went to crap. I missed one weight training day. I'm getting back into a bad routine of not eating until dinner. I will try and do better this week. I'm still protecting my back-the muscle relaxer my doc gave me seem to make it feel worse.

I had a good workout today. I really wanted to just skip it, but feel better that I did bite the bullet and push myself.

Not a whole lot of progress on the pants o meter or the scale. I lost all my progress with my back and the last 2 weeks of eating junk.

My mom has vacation the week of April 6th. I would like to see her but....dang I really don't want to drag weights along with me and I really don't want to miss anymore workout time. I haven't made any decision yet.

I really cannot believe I'm on my last 4 weeks of my first challenge. I do like meeting my new muscles and getting to know them better.

I too wish everyone with loved ones in this war my thoughts and prayers.
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Default The gym is OPEN!!!!!!!!!

K, real quick-like! Gotta go take a shower.

Hit the gym this fine AM - felt great.

Looking for a job today - UG.

Food good - 100% clean.

KAREN! I am very happy for you and Jim.

Week 3 of Camp 4-OH! is on track!

Have a great day everyone!

Where is Sandy? Sandy, where are youuuuuuu? Hope you are doing well.
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Peace with body and soul
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WOW Mrs. J! Wonderful news on both accounts! The family and the jump! Its an amazing feeling of isn't it, to soar over that jump and feel so in tune w/the horse!!

Jamie, run?? What the heck for? hehehehe! I've aways HATEd running!!!! but if you must, you must! I still don't think you have an ounce of bodyfat on you, you look mahvelous!

Adena, sorry about that shoulder... And you're right, we DO need long breaks to keep current here!

MamaWren, when I traveled last fall, I took a resistance band w/me, not as good as weights IMO, but it did help me feel as if I got in a bit of a decent workout.

Niffer, good luck on the job search!

HI to anyone following me!

back to work.

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Hi all,

Way behind on everything today. So won't hit the weights until this afternoon.

Karen - How wonderful for you and Jim. Way to go on the jumping.

Meg posted some more pictures. They are so inspiring. Will spend some time tonight rethinking my goals and intensity. Feel like I have been playing it way to safe.

Hope everyone is having a successful day.


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Talking I'm Back!

Hi Friends!

I've missed "talking" to you guys this past week but I've been sooooooooooo busy with walking every available moment I get, that I haven't had the time to write. It feels so good to be missed!

Some one asked last week if I would write what it is that I'm doing to lose my weight. Well, it's really simple...#1. Walk, walk, and more walk (fast), eat smaller amounts and fresh foods such as lean meats, fresh veggies and fruit & salads. I drink only water now, nothing else. I walk approx. 4 miles a day as well.

I am now down to 183!!!! I know it's not that great compared to most of you guys but coming from where I've been (210), I think it's only getting better. I can almost snap my pair of size 14 shorts!

I still haven't had dh to put the weight bench together yet. We've been working hard in the yard getting it ready for spring. Maybe this weekend.

I have to tell you guys that while I adore the BFL program, I have found that I can still eat ANYTHING I desire, only smaller versions, cut sugar out,, excercise and drink water. That's what is working for me. I truley believe that weight-lifting is 100% as important, however, I don't have mine together yet or I'd be doing that as well.

I am going to continue to eat popcorn, hamburger, fries, etc. but only on occasion, just as the BFL says we can do on an off day. I know that if I put something "bad" in my body, whether it's the free day or not, there' a price to pay, so I just work harder.

Karen - I just wanted to say that my husband's paternal Mom found him 10 years ago and they have a wonderful relationship. She's a wonderful person and we are blessed to know her. The riunion was very emotional for us. It's a great story as when I get more time, I'll explain.

Meg - You are truly a beautiful person and such an inspiration. Thank God He put you in my life!!

Everyone Else - Thanks for all your support and for mising me while I was "away". I really feels good to be missed. I missed you too.
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S/C/G: 212.5/212.5/130ish

Height: 5'7

Talking Hey!!


Missed you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for thinking of me
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Talking Good Morning!

Hello everyone!

I'm feeling kinda proud of myself at the moment because last night, not only did i do my pilates but I also walked up and down my VERY steep hill 8 times. Instead of doing HIIT with sprints I am going to be doing it with the hill. I didn't think it would be so bad! Kinda makes me want to go back to sprinting.

Karen - That is great news about the family reunion! And about the jump. That's awesome.

Jamie - I gotta agree with Mindi. Run? Why? I hope you do really well. It's great that you are helping to keep your step mum motivated. I hope you kick butt.

Niffer - good luck with the job search. I know what it is like, I hope you are able to find something soon. What sort of work are you looking for (if you don't mind me asking)?

JC - How's it going chickie?!

Good morning to Sel, Mamawren, Sandy, Adena and everyone else. I hope you all have a great day/night!

Oops, gotta get to work now.

Stay cool!
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It's a beautiful and sunny day in my neighborhood and I just got back from an awesome shoulder workout! Life is good!

Hi GI Girl! I can’t answer your question cuz I don’t do BFL, but I wanted to say “welcome!”

Deb — Thanks for your kind words, but I don’t feel like a hero. My personal hero is Karen, because she has KEPT OFF all the weight she has lost for what … 10 or 12 years?! That is a huge accomplishment because (I’m sure we all know the grim statistics) something like 95% of all those who lose weight will regain it. Just look around here at 3FC — there’s lots of posts from people who have lost all their weight, sometimes two or three times, and regained it. Losing weight is not easy (no kidding!) but keeping it off is even harder. And so I am thankful to her for being such a great example for all of us and being so generous with her time and knowledge.

About shoes: my feet went down between a half and a whole size and went from “wide” to “medium.” I still wear some of the dress shoes that are too big because I don’t have to do a lot of walking in them and they are too nice to get rid of (and don’t get much hard use). I did go out and buy some outrageously high-heeled black satin sandals that I have so much fun wearing now. I could never balance on something like that before. I guess I’m indulging my pent-up love for frivolous shoes (and underwear ... another story) now!

Anything further on your neighbor???

Sandy — good to hear from you again! I wondered how you were doing and it sounds like nothing but good news coming from Alabama! You have got it exactly right and if you keeping putting one good day after another, you will get to your goal in no time.

Sel — curious what you mean by playing it “too safe” — but interested, if you’d like to elaborate.

And Adena joins the shoulder injury club …. take it easy and rest it — shoulders are SO delicate! It sounds like you are on fire!

Jamie — I’ve also found that it is really helpful to have a goal to shoot for, like your 5K. It gives me a focus for what I am doing; otherwise I kind of get into a slump. While I was losing weight, I always set short-term goals, not always weight-related (like doing a pull-up). Congrats on the two weeks sugar-free! I too find that the longer I stay away from sugar, the easier it is. I really hate to have to fight cravings so I tell myself not to take that first bite or taste or lick or whatever.

Karen — I am so happy for you and MrJim! The older I get, the more I realize that it is our relationships with friends and family, not things, that make life worthwhile.

Mamawren — funny how sometimes the best workouts are the ones that we have to push ourselves to do. Don’t worry about the past few weeks — just make a new start from today. There’s a quote that I like: “You will only become what you are becoming right now. Though you cannot go back and make a brand new start, my friend, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end.” — John C. Maxwell

Susie — so glad your gym is open and I hope your snow is going away. Sounds like you are on a roll! Good luck on the job scene.

Hi Jayne — wow on the hill! That is gong to really shape up your legs!

Colleen — good to hear from you again. I agree with Sel — you are cute as can be! We are anxiously awaiting the infamous “before” picture.

Tidey — I about fell off my chair when I read your remark about me being lean. I honestly don’t think of myself that way. It’s that “fat” thinking that we all talked about recently.

Ebe — never had that kind of injury but I think the answer usually is rest, ice if needed. From sad experience, I can tell you that it is better to take a little time off now than risk a major injury that keeps you out of the gym for a long time. Let us know how you are doing!

Chelly — I want to answer you separately, so please hold!

Hi Ilene, Mox, Mindi, CC and all … thinking of you, Mel and Susan ... …

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Default ChellyBella

Chelly — When I read your post, I saw myself not that long ago and my heart just goes out to you. Yes, yes, yes, you are doing the right thing and yes, give it time! I started close to where you are (at 257 pounds), after being overweight my whole life (and I’m a lot older than you are!). At first, I didn’t believe it would work but I told myself (just like you did) that I would just try it and see. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I didn’t really believe that I could lose weight and keep it off. But I never gave up and I never stopped trying. So, at first, I was going on nothing more than hope and dreams (and I was scared, too, just like you said — what if I failed yet again?). But I quickly discovered that this works! (I lost 125 pounds) And it will work for you! Believe it, girl!!!

Now I didn't do BFL but what I did is very, very similar. Successful weight loss is a three-legged stool, with the three legs being nutrition, weight-lifting, and cardio. The stool can’t balance on only one or two legs and you can’t lose weight only doing one or two of these three things. They are all equally important and you need to be lifting weights now to build muscle, increase your metabolism, and yes, burn fat. BFL is a wonderful program and I have no doubt that it will work for you, exactly as it is set out in the book.

Please don’t be scared. This is the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life! Come back and post with us often and tell us how you are doing. Do it one day at a time and have fun while you are doing it. You WILL reach your goals and you will feel better than you ever have in your life.

Check out my progress photos at http://groups.msn.com/3FCLadiesWhoLift Click on “Pictures” on the left and on “Meg’s album.” If I can do this, you can too. Just believe it can happen.


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Default You asked for it...

I've added my "before" photo to my photo album, as well as my "before BFL" photo (which was taken after having lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers). Hope it doesn't make you sick to your stomach! I'm cracking up at myself right now, because I jsut realized that I never really had a neck before! hehe. Loved your photos, by the way Meg. Love the "big clothes" pics!

On a positive note for this week, I am 3 days sugar-free! I've felt that even though I've eaten rather well lately and have been workign out hard, I'm just not seeing much progress. Seeing as how this is "bootcamp" and all, I thought it was high time to kick things up a notch! Although, I've been quite a ***** to deal with these last few days, I've been told... hopefully, the withdrawal symptoms will wear off soon (for my honey's sake!)

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hey everybodeeee

mrsjim jumping is great isn't it? fun...just be sure to hang on lol....when i was a teenager i fell on my head....neck....butt.....everything more times than i can count, i have no idea how i escaped injury free.....nice pics too! look very pretty in the one in the bar.....i was kinda thinking, wait...how old did she say is??

jamie ......i am a sugar freak, what is SPII? i must have missed this somewhere...its a serious miracle that bfl eating has kept me on the straight and narrow as far as candy.....
also....5k is a really nice distance for running. you feel like you accomplish something but its not so long as to be insanely tiring. have fun...you might get hooked on running, you never know

adena - congratulations on the 2 lbs careful with your shoulder, at least you're in good company in the injury boat.....

mamawren.....i know what you mean about getting to know muscles......they seem like little sprouts no? i don't know why i think of them that way....

niffer good luck with the job search......i'm so there with you. except this week i'm temping in an office.....urgh filing
is there anything more depressing.....well not having any money so....its not all bad

meg your pics are amazing too.

i've run out of steam. so tired i think i'm going to take today as my day off the gym since tuesday was the break day last week.
i'm also thinking of getting up early and going to the gym tomorrow before work.

i want to start doing supersets for about 6-8 weeks and my gym is so small that the only way i'll be able to manage it is if i go after 8 in the evening or early in the morning.....not that i've ever been there early in the morning but i guess i'll see what its like....

this is what i've been thinking stop doing legs for a week and spend 1 day doing each upper body part hard.
maybe do light legs workout next week if groin is better. it doesn't hurt and isn't swollen but i'm aware of it....which seems wrong lol

hows this for annoying i have a few friends that i keep in touch with online and we exchange random pics and stuff.....so i showed this one guy a picture of my legs all flexed...i'm pretty proud of the new muscles and he said ewwwww too muscley... scary! .....
i love looking and feeling strong!

everyone i missed, hello
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Default A new week

I'm baaack! No more whining, or excuses. This weekend was dreadful- the old Mel resurfaced hideously. After thinking alot about WHY, I realized that my triggers were medication induced exhaustion and feeling "picked on" at that other site. No reason to make things worse tho. So today I've eaten 100% clean, and a shifting my eating and lifting to the GetLean program. It will be really different from what I've been doing for the last 8 months or so- which is good, because I'm not only stalled, but sliding in the wrong direction.

Karen- That's so wonderful about finding Jim's lost family. 2 years ago we had a similar experience and "found" Jon's family in England, and visited with them for 2 weeks. This summer 2 of his cousins are coming to visit us. It really is wonderful to connect (even tho I'm not actually related)!

Meg- I think you are selling yourself short. You are an inspiration, and a great writer. Your posts and pictures inspire me all the time. I'm so glad you joined our group. I have no doubt that you WILL keep the weight off too.

Niffer- Good luck on the job hunt. Real estate not moving out there? I thought Denver was a hot market. Guess the economy has tanked everywhere.

Hello to everyone else- off to schlepp ds to Boy Scouts.
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