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Hate, hate, hate brussel sprouts! I've tried them every way and they still taste foul - even bacon can't make them taste reasonable! Also hate parsnip, cauliflower, squeaky green beans & raw celery. I don't like broccoli but if i chop it up really small and put it into a meal I can stomach it. Greens like spinach, bok choy etc. I can eat if covered in sauce. Kale I can't stand.
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Cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Blah.
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I've tried multiple times but I can't do turnips, parsnips. I'm still iffy on fennel, sometimes ok, sometimes not. My FAVES are roasted brussel sprouts with a tiny bit of olive oil, asparagus roasted or on the barbeque, broccoli stir fried, very fresh firm mushrooms raw, fiddlehead ferns lightly steamed with a splash of balsamic, poblano peppers and red sweet peppers raw. ETC..... love most veg!


Oh yeah, very important - I hate celery unless it is organic... Regular celery has a horrible bitter chemical spray taste. Organic does NOT have a bitter taste. I can tell with the first bite even if someone doesn't let on the celery is regular.

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I hate:
raw tomatoes
raw onions

just the smell of cukes makes me gag, I've recently tried all 3 again since they really put a dent in salad making but NOPE!! I still hatem!
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Mushrooms and eggplants, I just can't get over it!
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Wink I can't commit to most RAW veggies. Except say, celery w/ cream cheese or pb on it.

I adore most veggies cooked, esp in a slow crock pot cooker.I usually steam them w/ my rice, almost daily. But I don't care for anything raw except fruits, or celery w/ cream cheese or pb on a few stix.
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Totally can't get into radishes, celery, water chestnuts, bell peppers, or turnips. Other than those, I could practically be a vegetarian. I love veggies, but I just can't get past those few veggies.
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I thought I'd add my own list of most hated veggies.

Green peas. Oh, how I detest them.
Okra. Horrible, just horrible
Large Beans. The mouth feel makes me want to hurl.
Sugar snap peas. I would rather starve then eat them.
Brussel sprouts. There is no way to cook them or sauce them to cover up the horrible taste.

On to the not quite so bad.

Cook carrots. A pulpy tasteless mess.
All canned veggies, except for tomato products.
Miniature cucumbers. Repulsive flavor. Not like a real cucumber at all.
Bell peppers. Oddly unpleasant sweet/bitter flavor.
All overcooked veggies. My mom cooked the heck out of all veggies when I was a kid.
All "pre-sauced" frozen veggies. The sauces taste like chemicals.
Overly sauced home cooked veggies. A little cheese sauce goes a long way.
Roasted veggies. They taste too sweet.
Cooked turnips. Raw turnips are delicious. Cooked tastes as bad as it smells.

I like to eat vegetables raw whenever possible. My all time favorite vegetable is raw, home grown beefsteak tomato. Its sweetness and acidity is the perfect balance of flavors.
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I love vegetables. I had to read through the thread to find something I don't like and that would have to be okra. In it's defense, I'm in the north and okra is more of a southern thing. Also, I've only eaten canned or frozen okra that is in canned or frozen mixed veggies that I use for vegetables soup. I purposely buy the mixtures that have the okra because I think vegetable soup SHOULD contain okra to be real. I've heard that fried okra is great, but I don't eat many fried foods and that is not available in the north. Maybe at Cracker Barrel, but we don't go there. I have also never tried broccoli rabe, but would probably like it because I love wilted greens including kale. I've also never had kohlerabi. I would have to google to find out how to prepare it. My favorite vegetable right now is cooked carrots combined with brussels sprouts. I just love that combination and will make it sometimes for a snack.

Also, I have never eaten fennel so I don't know if I like it or not. Lately, because I've been trying so many different vegetables, things like corn, peas and green beans are not my first choice because they are boring. Also, I like my vegetables without any sauces or butter and just a dash of salt. I like to taste the vegetables, not cheese sauce. If I want cheese I'll eat mac and cheese. Since I am doing low carb, I might like that new Mac and Cheese they are making that uses cauliflower instead of pasta.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that I have a poor sense of smell. Some people have a very sensitive sense of smell and that turns them off to a lot of vegetables. My 5 year old grandson has a super sense of smell and when you give him a new food he always sniffs it before he will try it. If he doesn't like the smell he won't try it.

Also, there are people who are super-tasters. Their taste buds are more sensitive, so a bitter taste is much stronger to them. DH hardly eats any veggies except peas and corn.
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I know sauerkraut technically isn't a vegetable. But I'm pretty sure it must be good for you or why else would anyone eat it. My very German grandmother was horrified when she discovered this information. She still is upset years later that I will not eat it.
Otherwise, I can't stand cooked spinach.
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Onions and beets^^
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Originally Posted by anna ng View Post
Water chestnuts. The texture makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.
Exactly, they're just too crunchy for me. I'm glad to see I am not the only one.
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Trying to be in the 160s
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Seaweed. It is so good for you. But it just ruined my salads.
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Do olives and pickles count as vegetables? They're my two last favorite things in the world. Oddly enough, I adore cucumbers. Soak it in vinegar and it's ruined.

If they don't count, then bell peppers. I like other peppers provided they aren't crazy hot, like anaheims. A co-worker who also hates bell peppers recently told me about something that makes a good bell pepper replacement in recipes that call for them. I need to ask her again.
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I chuckled when I saw this post. It would be easier for me to name the veggies I like than list all the ones I don't. It is either because of appearance, texture, or smell that I won't eat or try some. My faves are:
Carrots (cooked or raw)
Peas (love 'em singly or over mashed potatoes with gravy)
White and Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli (raw or cooked)
Cauliflower (raw)
Lettuce, cucumber, celery, radishes, and green pepper (but I am staying away from nightshades)
So, while I am dieting on South Beach, I am pretty much limited to salads and broccoli.

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