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dark lettuces, they are too bitter
turnip greens
brussel sprouts
celery unless it's cooked

I am sure there are more those are just the ones I can remember.

Even the veggies I like I don't want to eat much of.
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Brussels Sprouts

I hated them as a child and have recently attempted to embrace then but still avoid them as much as possible. While roasting them makes them more palatable, they're still bitter IMO.
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Love me.
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okra and celery. Anything else, I'm fine!
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Originally Posted by MissyMelissy View Post
I will have to agree with the majority here and say peas. I friggin' hate those little green jerks.

Beets- neverrrrr gunna even....dont bother trying.
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When it comes to veggies, I can be pretty finicky and child-like, but most I can tolerate, particularly if they are cooked. For me it's a flavor thing, not a texture thing, but cooking seems to mellow veggies out and allow one to introduce herbs and spices.
But those that I have always hated:
Carrots (yes, I know everyone loves them, but the taste - gack!)
Fresh tomatoes (I love them stewed, sauced, dried, but not fresh)
Nori (why must you eff up lovely sushi!?)
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Radishes and beets. :-)
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First corn and green beans, these are the most tasteless veggies I've tried, bell peppers give me hickups for a day or two, so it's hard to enjoy them
Oh, and fennel...

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Come on Spring!
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Any veggie that's over cooked
Okra - I gag on it
Cooked celery but it's fine raw
Brussels sprouts although I can eat them roasted
Vegetable marrow - a nothing vegetable
Any vegetable cooked with fish en papillote - Who likes fishy veggies?
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Ready for final round!
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I dont think theres any veggie I really dislike. I feel blah about peas. I can do without them. Maybe thats a good thing-- I see the farmers market and get exdxcited! Maybe im crazy.
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okra! The only way it is bearable is if it's deep fried and smothered in spices! Its just so slimy otherwise...Another vegetable I absolutely cannot stand is radish.
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Corn - got sick on it as a kid, and even the smell makes me gag.
Tomatoes - I have to agree with George Carlin on this: they don't look like they are done, yet. I can eat salsa, marinara, or ketchup, just no raw tomatoes.
Iceberg lettuce - just too dang bitter for me. Romaine is fine, although I've found I prefer fresh spinach to lettuces.
Lima & butter beans - Just plain gross.
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Started IP 07/05/2011
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It has to be the texture that does it for me:
-cooked peas
-cooked green beans
-any type of squash
There's something about all of those foods that make me gag as soon as they touch my tongue. I find it interesting though because I love raw peas (which aren't allowed on IP) and I enjoy raw green beans...they're a little crunchy but it's way better than the texture they have no matter how they're cooked.

To pose another question...what are some veggies that people like and find helpful to switch up the staples on this diet? I was a meat and potatoes girl up until I started IP last week. Although, I enjoy salads and some veggies I'm having a really tough time not cheating because I can't seem to get enough variety.
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Lima Beans!
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I cannot deal with onions, mushrooms or tomatoes(Although I eat salsa, pasta sauce, etc.). A lot of these have to do with textures and whatnot, I can't bite into an onion, I don't like the flavor either. Mushrooms I like the flavor okay but the texture creeps me out, I don't like the sort of squishy bite back or the juice, they tend to hold moisture being a fungi and all. Tomatoes, I can eat if they're REALLY seasoned and ground up and mixed with other things, hence, the salsa and sauces. Other than that I like most other veggies.
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I basically love all veggies, with the exception of celery and cooked spinach. It doesn't matter if you try to cook the spinach with something else, I'll still taste it, and won't wanna eat it. And celery is just too bland and completely tasteless. BLEHCK!!!!
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