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since it was mentioned - I'm not a big fan of cooked spinach myself. cooked baby spinach is ok, but the full grown leafs leaves that iron, gritty taste in my mouth that doesn't go away for awhile. But I'll eat both raw, so I can't say I don't like spinach at all.

I've never had okra or brussels sprouts so not sure if I'd like them.

In the other thread I said I didn't like raw tomatoes - and I swore I would never ever like them. Well - I think eating them in salsa, chili and other foods has helped me adjust to their taste. I'm starting to actually put a few slices on my sandwiches and on salads. I'm training myself to atleast tolerate them since they are on almost everything and everywhere and they are a pretty decent vegetable nutrition wise.
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Its a tie between Brussel sprouts,Artichoke,and Eggplant! BLAGH!
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I used to be a vegetable-hater until I went vegetarian (long story, personal reasons not worth getting into because, meh, who cares! LOL).

Point is, now I'm FORCED to have a relationship with vegetables so that I can get the right nutrition. What I found is that crusing websites looking for vegetarian recipes gave me a whole new way of looking at preparing and eating veggies. You wouldn't believe the inventive things some folks have done with vegetables, and a lot of them are really, really good. There's a magazine called Vegetarian Times that has spectacular recipes.

I still cannot abide lima beans or okra, but everything else? Yeah, I'm down with it.
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Cauliflower. Can't stand it, and never will be able to. I've tried it on a number of occasions and always end up gagging. xD
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We have carrots, brocolli, roma tomatoes and bag salad in the fridge. Right now, I'd have to say, I hate the raw brocolli. I dunno what it is, but I always feel like I'm eatting a little mini-afro, and I feel bad chewing it. I have to have a little fat free salad dressing on it, or chase it with water or else I sit there chewing it for a hour because I can't force myself to swallow.

Celery would be my number 2 hated veggie. I just don't like how it gives off that celery smell when I bite it.

On a plus note, I've started liking carrots a bit and I like how the roma tomatoes pop in my mouth lol.
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Mushrooms surely. I just dont like the texture.
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I hate ALL vegetables, raw, cooked, steamed, baked, whatever. Yep, I'm doomed I know. All except rice, potaotes and corn (are these even veggies?). I need to find a way of incorporating them into my diet, but dont know where to start. Whenever I find vegetables before me, I feel as if im being punished for my weight gain. Help!!!
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I love just about every vegetable when prepared (not all can be eaten raw) except PEAS. I could eat them if I had to but I would not be sad if I never ate one ever again.
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Two Words:

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When I was kid, I refused to eat them. My dad force fed them to me and I threw them up. I still can't stomach them to this day, 24 years later.

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Lentils. Do they count as a vegetable?

They taste like dirt.

When you tell lentil fans this (I haunt a lot of foodie sites, and they LUUURVE them some lentils) they will bombard you with with their FABULOUS ONE OF A KIND recipe for lentils, which they swear will totally convert you. Except that all of them turn out to be either

a) lentil soup, which I can put up with occasionally if there is enough tomato/hot sauce in it, or
b) lentils with curry, which makes me nauseous. And you can still taste the dirt.

Guaranteed, every single one of these unique and special recipes will turn out to be one of these two recipes, with only tiny variations (this one has two garlic cloves instead of one!).


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Celery!! that evil demon veggie!
Whoever first believed that floss held together by watery cells filled with a hint of plant flavor would be good to eat needed to be slapped up side the head. Even as a little kid, I was told I licked the peanut butter out of the celery stick. even today...ever so often I'll take a bite of a raw celery stick just to give it another go. i always chew 2 or 3 times, then remember just how much I hate these things and spit it out.

Cut them small and cook them to death is the only way I will eat them. Give it to me raw and I'll beat you with it.

I have issues with eggplant but i admit that I'm not all to sure of the right way to cook eggplant. So i'm giving it a few more tries.
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Okra - slimy!

Pumpkin or any form of squash - urgh! Even zucchini is a bit suspect.

Potatoes - waste of space!

Sweet potatoes - even worse!

Peas are a bit dodgy - sugar snap peas and snow peas are much nicer.

Savoy cabbage - bleagh! Red cabbage is yummy and Chinese cabbage is OK if it's prepared nicely.

Brussel sprouts - ick!

Iceberg lettuce - another complete waste of space. Why would anyone want to eat it, when there are far more nutralicious types of lettuce available?

All other veggies are yummy, especially dancing carrots!

ETA: I forgot turnips and swedes - disgusting!

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I have never met a vegetable I didn't like. I like pizza and cheesecake a lot better, but I love pretty much all vegetables. My favorites? Asparagus, broccoli, spinach. Least faves? Cooked carrots (love 'em raw, though).
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Just celery. Gross.
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