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I've grown to love almost all of them however i'll usually take a pass on water chestnuts, radishes, cucumbers, *cooked* carrots are kind of meh, and will never eat brussel sprouts again after getting food poisoning 34 years ago!

i'm astounded after really getting into "clean" eating, how many whole foods i love now that i used to hate!
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Peppers and water chestnuts are two that I still can't force myself to eat. There might be more, but I generally stick to vegetables I know I like anyway!
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So funny. Reading the title of this post I thought, "I like pretty much everything." I don't consider myself veggie challenged at all, and fortunately never have been. But reading through some of these posts made me remember veggies I despise that I don't think of often, fortunately-
-baby corn is disgusting
-oyster mushrooms are not too great (but other mushrooms are awesome)
-nori/seaweed makes me want to vomit. Fortunately most sushi places will do wraps in soy paper if you ask, but I've embarrassed myself a couple of times at sushi restaurants because I tried to choke down something with nori in it. It is impossible to be discreet about how nasty it tastes to me. For a long time I thought I just hated sushi, it was only recently I realized it was just the nori.

I do want to encourage everyone to keep trying stuff. I have had a couple of weird experiences where my tastes absolutely changed. I hated olives all of my life, the smell made me nauseous. Until one day two years ago, I started thinking of olives and thought they sounded good. Now, I can almost not get enough of them for some strange reason.

I also have to say, I'm rather surprised by the number of people who find celery and cucumber so objectionable. I think of those two vegetables to be particularly mild and watery with very little taste. Not that there's anything wrong with hating it, it's just so interesting to see how different peoples' tastes are!
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Peas and Tomatoes (even though they are technically a fruit) just cannot get used to either of them
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I loathe mushrooms. Never ever ever will eat them. Same with zucchini, peppers and okra.

I love peas!!! And green beans too. Broccoli is my favorite though.
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I hate everything about brussel sprouts... the taste... the texture... everything! Nasty little vegetables!!

I also quite dislike aubergine (eggplant)... I can eat a little of it if I have to, but the taste is rather unpleasant.
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I absolutely hate tomatoes, bell peppers, beets, seaweed/nori, all beans (except black beans, edamame, and green beans), and onions (unless sauteed). I will still try to eat foods with these veggies in them if its served to me, but I really dislike them. Raw tomatoes make me gag. I'll eat tomato-based pizza sauce, but I'd prefer alfredo or olive oil on my pizza. Sweet peppers and raw onions also make me gag. I simply don't eat beets or beans because they're gross.

Other than that, I'll eat any vegetable.

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I'm surprised that so many don't like tomatoes or peas, two of my favorites.
I don't like okra, edamame, tomatoe paste (too sweet), or canned green beans. I love fresh green beans and most all other veggies. I'd never heard of bitter melon until this thread. I had to look it up. I don't think I would like it.
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The only vegetable I hate, and I mean really hate, is asparagus. The weird thing is that as a child I couldn't get enough. I loved the stuff. Cauliflower has always been a bit of a take it or leave it situation for me.
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Kale! I have grown to choke down collards but I still can't manage to do kale. I think it's because once upon a time I tried juicing and I did a green juice with kale (big mistake).
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Peppers, Onions and cauliflower. Bleh.
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awwww.... I love me some veggies - and I really didn't like any of the cruciferous veggies as a child - they tasted so strongly of sulfur to me. (broccoli, brussels sprouts)

Some of my fave veggies are the ones most hated in this thread. Peas, okra, avocado, mushrooms. Okra is my absolute fave...and not even fried. (Folks i never cook okra on its own, it's always cooked with tomato which makes it a lot less slimy). Beets. Love beets. Pan fried with a thin coating of rye flour...delish!

But - I still don't like:
*raw celery - it's the strings
*bitter melon - I tried. If forced I'd try again.

And I have great sympathy with the baby corn haters. I don't hate it. I will eat it. I think it looks so adorable, but I would never fork out money for it.
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Yeah, I can't do raw celery due to the stringy texture either.

Kale is way too bitter for me.

Water cheasnuts and beets have a really weird texture all their own (not a fan).

I'm growing to add onions into things, but only if they're pureed, lol.

That's my two cents. What a cute thread!

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Joining in with the pea-haters here. As a little kid I was sick once and saw the peas again. I've never been able to eat them since

Also sweetcorn. I think I just don't like little vegetables- such a pain to keep on your fork!
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I love veggies. BUT I CAN NOT STAND BEETS. I have tried and tried so hard to like those beautiful little buggers. They are SO pretty and they look SO good, but they taste. Just. Like. Dirt.

I have had them prepared every possible way. And they still taste like dirt.
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