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veggie 06-10-2004 07:00 AM

Hi Lisa I have gone from 19 st to 16 st twice and am now on my third attempt (and last grr ;) ) except this time I was even heavier. :( :wave:

Purple butterfly 06-10-2004 02:25 PM

Hi Dill, Chris and Veggie thanks for welcoming me.
:) Lisa

linus 06-11-2004 11:42 AM

hi lisa aint back pain a well a pain im permanantly disabled bacause of mine and guess wht i did mine nursing too but this is the first time ive ben on a diet and im coping good pop in to uk june chicks for a blether
and get to know us all better

Katey78 06-12-2004 04:55 AM

hello :)
Just wanted to introduce myself! I've been looking for a diet forum for ages, and this one seems perfect. There's so much going on!!
I'm 25 and have always battled with my weight. I've lost 35 lbs this year, and have 14 more to go to reach my initial target when I will reasse.

Today seems like a big day for me as I've plucked up the courage to send an email to our Total Fitness about joining. I've always felt too big to go to the gym, but this one has a ladies only gym and a swimming pool - I love swimmimg.

The last 7 lbs have taken a while to shift, so I figure its time to take the plunge and start to work out - hopefully build it into my healthy living regime.

Anyway, good luck with all your weightloss. It's great to be among people who *understand* what a struggle it is!

Kate xx

linus 06-12-2004 05:03 AM

good morning kate well done on all the weight youve lost already and good luck for the future you dont say where your from but pop in for a chat on june chicks thats where all us nutters hang out

Zeb 06-13-2004 06:33 AM

Hello from Zeb
Hello, Iíve been reading these pages for inspiration for ages so finally plucked up to say hello. This first post feels a bit like those AA sessions you say, my name is Zeb and Iím fat. But I'm other things as well. Iím 45ish, I live in Holland with :D DH and :dizzy: dog.
My fat life seems to run parallel to my real life. I felt fat as a child and teenager but really when I see pictures I really wasn't fat - just not a stick insect, now I wish with hindsight that I'd not wasted so much time feeling fat. .. I suppose I'd say the same at 60 about now...
I got thin when I was early 20s and cycled everywhere but then I got a car and met DH and on it piled. I'd like to loose about 30 kilos.
I'm veggie, (Lacto ovo with vegan ideals) and short. Though I always nod and agree when people talk about yoyo dieting I don't think I am a yoyo. I've done a couple of diets for a month rarely more, and lost about 4-5 kilos but then it just petered out and it came back on. Most of the time diets are in my head, just fantasies about not being fat but then I sit down to watch a film and munch on crisps and choc. (Maybe As Good As It Gets, great film, I think). I went to one WW session once. I read so often that you have to find the underlying reason why you eat too much before you can beat or control it , but I cant find any reason except habit and liking food.

I want to lose weight because though all my life I've been strictly black trousers and baggy navy jumpers, not everyone else thinks that clothes are not important so I'd like to have the option to blend in when I want to. Sad reason I know but a reality in my life. Yoga is a good reason too. I love yoga but sometimes my belly gets in the way of a bend that I know I could otherwise reach and enjoy.
I'm not sure how physically different I would feel if I managed to loose a third of my weight. Would I have more energy ? Be able to breath better ? Snore less ? Anyone been there who can tell me ?
Years ago I had a great dog who used to stick his head in the hedge before he did his business. The rest of the world could see him but he couldn't see them so he could ignore what was happening. I feel a bit like that. Because I am inside looking out of this body, I don't see it. But when I do see myself. I don't feel that is really me.
Remember that line from Ab Fab when Adina says that inside her there is a thin person trying to get out, and Mrs M repies "Just the one dear ?"
Thanks. :)

veggie 06-13-2004 12:23 PM

Hi Katey and Zeb :wave:

dilleight 06-14-2004 07:58 PM

Heya Katey well done on weight loss so far!
Hey Zeb I'm off to Holland next week to Eindhoven for my bf's b day. No idea what it's like but the flight was cheap.

Zeb 06-16-2004 02:43 PM

Hello Delleight, Well Holland is very flat. Everyone fying in for the first times says, " I know it was flat but it REALLY is flat isn't it?" I don't know Eindhoven but you'll probably find everyone speaks English with a charming accent. Try the crockets -sort of crispy sausages with soft mushy filling. You can get veggie ones but most are meaty and quite popular. Chips come with mayonaise instead of vinegar. If you are visiting English friends take PG Tips with you. Hire a bike to get around the city. Bring clothes for cold and wet and windy as well as very warm.
Thanks is Dank U Vel, and when you eat anything in public say it is "lekker" that is tasty. Everything in Holland is Lekker if its tasty or Leuk (Loke) if it is nice but you don't eat it. Shake hands with almost everyone you meet. If you visit someone, take a bunch of flowers. That' s Holland. Whtch out for the bikes they come at you from all directions ! Have a good time. Zeb

peacock 2 06-17-2004 03:23 AM

Hi Zeb. I lovede Holland when I went there. I was very impressed how the waiters effortlessly switched from Dutch to English without even pausing. I love the countryside. Being flat is it a doddle for cyclists of which, as you know, there are many! I love the house bots especially the ones that look like Noah's ark with all the animals on them. I hve only been to the really touristy bits I suppose. Amsterdam (of course) etc and my mum went to the sea side - I forget the name of the place - very hard for the English to pronounce - but she enjoyed herself and came across the famous "sprinkles" at breakfast time.

May I suggest that you do not copy your dog - might raise eyebrows in public!!!!! :)

Do keep us informed on your progress and you can be our Holland correspondent!

anna138 06-22-2004 08:33 AM

Hi, I'm Anna! I'm 32 and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was born in Wandsworth, London, moved to Canada when I was 13 months old, moved to Lynton, Devon when I was 15, and back to Nova Scotia at age 27. Here I'm staying, but I still think of the UK as home too. I'm married to my childhood sweetheart, Vic, and we have 3 kids. Kaeleigh is 10.5, Jordan will be 6 in about 3 weeks, and Keelan who's almost 4. I never had a problem with my weight until I quit smoking 8 years ago. I gained 10-15lbs and then started dieting to get rid of it. All I succeeded in doing was finding several friends for those unwanted pounds LMAO. With each of my pregnancies with my boys, I gained about 50lbs. When I went into labour with Keelan, I weighed 235lbs or 16st 11. I managed to get down to 171lbs/12st 3, but after a very stressful year, ate my way back up to 209lbs/14st 13. I'm currently at 201.6lbs/14st 5.6lbs. My goal weight is 138lbs/9st 12. I'm 5'6, so that's about right. I've tried just about everything, WW, SW, Slimfast, low cal, low fat etc. I loved SW, but I don't know what foods here in Canada would be free or how many syns etc. I guess I'll just have to muddle along the best I can. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

peacock 2 06-22-2004 08:44 AM

Welcome aboard Anna!

Well, us Brits do get about don't we?! ALthough personally speaking, I hve only lived in UK. My Dad travelled to Cananda on business a few years go and loved it. Adored the seafood!

Sorry that you are not able to do the SW out there.What a pain, unless you cook everything from scratch of course and not everyone can do tht because even little things like stock cubes etc are different over there and you can't get the same brands or the same products have slightly different tastes/ingredients.

One dy I would love to go to Canada as I have a friend in Ontario. Ah well!

Well I hope you find a system/way of loweight that suits you soon.

Let us know how you get on moans/triumphs/embarrasing moments - we want to know all! (we are soooo nosey! But we are all very nice! )

veggie 06-22-2004 10:38 AM

Hi Anna :wave: yes we are nosey :D I am currently going to sw but haven't counted anything for 3 weeks now :o think I know it all so probably heading for a big fall :lol:

Vasquoy 07-09-2004 04:25 AM

Hi I'm Vaz/Evie - i'm a newbie so be gentle. May I just say before I begin that it is so nice to find any kind of message board where the regulars aren't always on the defensive and attack the smallest innocent comment! Keep it up.

I live in Tayside although I'm originally from Orkney. I've worked with horses all my life but a broken back and a dislocated knee has seen me move back into an office where I get fun things like bank holidays and pay! What a hoot!

I'm not a seasonal dieter, but I've let my weight creep up over the years until February where I had to buy a size 26 jacket and that was that! So I'm now on a plain ole' 1800 cals a day diet and i'm finding it quite easy so far... ask me again in 6 months and it might be a different story!

Luckily I'm quite an active person and go the the gym extremely regularly and have a wonderful friend who's a fitness instructor who gives me lots of advice and lets me look at his bum when he's on the running machine....

Anyway its nice to have found this place and hopefully I'll be around for a little while anyway!

veggie 07-09-2004 11:21 AM

We hope you'll be around too :D

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