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wewie 07-15-2004 11:05 AM

Kim lets do it together
Congratulations Kim on the 4 kids - I bet they are a hand full.
Contrary to you I am 26 and have a boyfriend and no kids. Like you I have been comfort eating from about 11 and have always been called FAT at school and stuff...
I am currently 191 pounds and really need to be 126 pounds by Christmas (my sister getting married and I HAVE to be a bridesmaid against my will - I'd rather hid in at the back in a black outfit!).
I would love it if we could post out weights on a weekly basis and see how we are doing. My biggest flaws are just thinking that I need to buy something everytime I pass a shop. I actually get a thrill out of buying lots of 'nice' things and treating myself even though I know it is so bad for me. I have to stop "rewarding" myself for things that are so trivual.
I have no set diet plan - although I think it may be a good idea to do a weekly list of my food which would stop me buying silly things when I am tired on the way home from work.

P.s.Can we do this together? I'll try and work out how many calories you lose doing diy tasks as long as you put some elbow grease into it? What day should we post on?

NOW 191 :dizzy:

**** Need to run, run forest run .... ****

wewie 07-15-2004 11:12 AM

Scarey! I love Wallace and Gromit and like you had to give up Wheat and Dairy - Ecezma!
I need to get from 191 to 126 pounds by Christmas as my sister is getting married and wants me to be a bridesmaid.
What have you decided to try to get the weight off considering the allergies etc??
Can I join you?

izzy bee 08-04-2004 07:02 AM

Hello UK Chicks, my turn!! My name is Ilona but my friends call me Izzy Bee. I live in Bristol and am 23 yrs old. I think that this website is great and have fund it really motivating. I got fed up with being chubby and decided to look after my body and that the only food that would enter my mouth would be heatlhy food - and lot`s of it. I have ate more than i did before but no crap! I am always trying to learn new recipes and found a big part of losing wait is to learnto love to cook!! When i started i was just over 13 st, i weighted myself last night and it seems i have lost a stone in about 2 weeks so i am very pleased with myself.

Is there anybody else out there from Bristol? I am not married - and no kids yet. But i have a beautiful boyfriend called Paul who loves me no matter what size i am.

nickybum 08-04-2004 03:15 PM

hi my name is nicky im 30 and im married with a gorgeous 19mth boy. ive been overweight for 20 years now. ive been known to yoyo a lot over those 20 years. i now weigh 18stone and im at my wits end :?: i find it really hard to get in the swing of a diet any more after so long trying and succeeding in some cases but always put the weight back on. so im trying again i would just be over the moon if i lost a stone to start just something to prove to my self that i can do it :)

veggie 08-05-2004 11:47 AM

Welcome Nicky :wave: :D Of course you can do it, even I can lose weight when I give it a go! :p

Heavensbug 08-06-2004 10:35 AM


I'm Helen. Found this website today! :D

I turned the Big 30 last december and spent it I Las Vegas (my fav place in the world).

I've been overweight most of my life and usually struggle on diets. I'm a real picker and find I'm at my worst as soon as I get home from work!

I stated a diet at the start of the year ~ just trying to cut out the crap and eat more sensible. I failed miserably as I didn't really have the commitment and mid week I would be muttering those fatal words 'Oh, I'll start again on Monday'

Started the Slimming world diet on last Sunday and so far am enjoying it ~ I'm one of these people that expects immediate results so am trying to be patient!

I want to lose 5 stones, although anything would be a blessing! Weight does not sit well on me and I also have asthma and excema so all this excess weight can;t be doing them any good!

veggie 08-06-2004 11:07 AM

I started again in January too I lost 10 pounds but took me until March. Joining sw will help loads, it did me. :cool:

jules_UK 08-16-2004 11:29 AM

Hi all, I'm...
Jules. I've just got back off holiday and thanks to the digital camera, I've already seen the snaps. I look awful. I've put on half a stone while I was away (I just love food so much) and so that's added to the two stone(ish) I needed to lose already.

I think I know how to lose weight, it's the wanting to and the willpower I fall down on. I've been overweight for years now (I'm 26) and I can't imagine being a healthy weight. I just can't see all this extra skin just snapping back into place somewhere... I've managed to lose weight before, but it tends to creep back on. My whole family have a weight problem, which has led them to diabetes and loads of other health problems. The attitude of my family is to eat as much as possible at all times - it's something that has really stuck with me even now. I eat to cheer myself up, to celebrate, when I'm bored, all the time really!

I found this website today while looking for places for help and support, and thought it looked great, really supportive! I'm in Oxfordshire if there's anyone from that area. It would be really nice to hear from others - I think I'll need help to avoid the temptation of chips!

Heavensbug 08-16-2004 12:38 PM

Welcome Jules! :D

veggie 08-16-2004 01:14 PM

Hi Jules :wave:

clarrie 09-02-2004 05:42 AM

Hello I'm Clarrie. I'm 37, a vegetarian, and I've been overweight my whole life, getting bigger every year. This year I decided to do something about it (when I realised how much I was avoiding having my photo taken, and how often I run to the asda snack aisle in times of stress, I started to realise that I have a problem).

I lost 22 lb between January and April, then things went wrong, I started back with the comfort eating etc, and most of it back on. So now I'm in phase 2.

I restarted my weight loss efforts 4 weeks ago and have lost 6 lb so far. I'm not doing WW or SW or Atkins or any named plan. I'm not even calorie counting (well not at this time). My plan is to eat less crap (cutting out crisps, choc, biscuits etc), eat more fruit and veg, eat a little less bread & pasta etc and a little more nuts & pulses, drink plenty of water and exercise 5 times a week.

I know Veggie from elsewhere and she told me about this place. So, Hi :dizzy:

veggie 09-02-2004 06:52 AM

:wave: :cp: clarries here hurrah :gossip: :cheer:

dilleight 09-03-2004 06:09 AM

Hi new people! Lots of you. Good luck

Sukisun 10-18-2004 03:52 AM

Good Morning All!
This will just be a quick post as I am due to start work.... But I just wanted to say HI! and I am so glad to have found what looks like such a busy weight los support forum! I cant wait to get to know you all, and I will post a bit more about myself v v soon!

taichilady 10-21-2004 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by clarrie
My plan is to eat less crap (cutting out crisps, choc, biscuits etc), eat more fruit and veg, eat a little less bread & pasta etc and a little more nuts & pulses, drink plenty of water and exercise 5 times a week

Hi Clarrie :)
I used to be vegetarian, and was alarmed to see how much fat there is in nuts - so don't overdo them ,though you know that they're good for you generally. Glad to see you're not afraid of Carbs too - I eat lots of pasta, as hubby (rabid vegetarian) loves it. I often have carrot sticks and a few olives on hand to fill up with when we're having pasta. :D
Good luck :cool:

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