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Day 2, wine; Day 2 chocolate; Day 17 water.

Stage, it's not Red's fault - she's practically a furriner after all those years abroad. I hear she's up on all the top sumo wrestlers tho. I don't know the football players either - I'm a full-fledged foreigner myself (Canadian). And yes, I do know far too much about hockey - less since the big ugly furball ran off with his little piece of fluff...

Freaky and Tayja, welcome to the asylum. Abandon hope all ye who enter here... The thread is riddled with boozehounds and chocoholics...

CBETA, I know what you mean about extra luggage: in my case, even if I get slim, I'll still be tall with a large frame and huge feet. And the shoes really fill up a suitcase fast. As for laundry, even small people go thru a ton of it if they're physically active - all that sweat, you know.

Shad, what the h*** is going on with that weight gain? It seems to me you never stop planting and sanding and plastering, so I don't understand how you're not wasting away. Especially working in the heat!

Marble, you're not a practising lush. From what I hear in your case practise has already pretty much made perfect...

Chai, jolly, apple et al: greetings.
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Welcome freaky and tayja! I have to warn you this thread is addictive...

Water challenge day 14 just completed.

I played hockey AND went to the gym today - WOOT! Actually I went to the gym for two reasons - 1) we had more players tonight so I didn't actually spend as many minutes in the game, and 2) I was very angry due to some team drama during and after the game - I only spent 15 minutes on the stationary bike, but it's the first time I've braved the university fitness center, and I have two more games this week. I don't want to overdo it and be too sore by the last game of the week. I plan to gradually up my exercise over the next few weeks until I'm up to a much longer time on my favorite machine ever, the exercise bike!! I also want to start lifting weights again b/c I know building up the ole' muscle mass is the best way to increase metabolism and LOSE THAT NASTY FAT!! One step at a time, though - this is a marathon, not a sprint. Anyway, now that I've pep-talked myself through my last bottle of water and late night snack, I'm off to bed. See you ladies in the morning!

Keep on Truckin!
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Originally Posted by Apple Blossom
Oh he's deffinately cute, but pretty arrogant, isn't he? Oh heck, most of them are.

hey guys...cute or not, let's please?
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Not my favorite picture, but what I could come up with on a quick search-
Ben Rothlisberger #7 quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers-

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stage -- Don't be distraught. Of course I know him! Rothlisberger...just from name though and maybe a couple action shots. Don't think I've seen him in action. Apple mentioned the coach, whom I don't know. And oh, heck, let him be arrogant! But wait a minute, stage, aren't you a Seahawk fan? You mean, we got three Steelers fans on here!? All right!!!! And yes, carla is right. Shall I post pics of the top two sumo wrestlers here, Asashoryu from Mongolia and Kotooshu from Bulgaria? Massive muscle!

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S/C/G: 78 kg/71/65?

Height: 5'1.5"

Talking sumo!!

Okay, you guys. Here are the big champions over here. Well, actually the white guy is up-and-coming but he is likely to be the next big champion. The Mongolian guy has already been yokozuna for a long time now. He is amazing! I'm not really into sumo, but everyone knows these guys and you have to love that they're both foreigners beating the Japanese at their national sport! And yeah, we also get to see a lot more of the champs over here!! The two pics on the left are the Bulgarian and the two right ones are the Mongolian. They both are helping to gain a lot of new sumo fans as the sport was starting to lose popularity. Kotooshu, the Bulgarian, as a white foreigner and a handsome one, and Asashoryu, the Mongolian, because he's a cool fighter, none of that modest Japanese stuff. He acts arrogant and as you can see when he topples somone, he looks glad!! and shows it by shaking his fist in victory and so and that appeals to the Japanese today. He's known as the "bad boy" of sumo, not your typical behavior.

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S/C/G: 78 kg/71/65?

Height: 5'1.5"

Smile getting back on track...

Hello, all. I got to the gym today and did just a 3K jog. Was not feeling energetic, but did walk home. Eating has been bad still today but I am getting psyched again and will declare my challenges tomorrow. I may make this Day 1, if I do what I think may be one of my challenges. Stay tuned!

Gotta love all the Steeler action on this thread. You guys are doing it for me I know!! Don't say anything to the contrary AND now that we have most definitely established ourselves as a Steeler thread (for me!) all other talk of football teams (except in the negative) is heretofore banned from this thread! You bet ya!

Just for the budding sumo fans...Kotooshu and Asashoryu both won their matches today in the ongoing tournament. CB, by the way, there are a couple Russian players and a Georgian.You will have to come over and cheer them on.

stage -- I love that Steelers heart with the lights running around it! It's great! I see Lynn Swan is running for Penna. governor. Wonder what ever happened to Bradshaw, I think he had drinking or drug problems and is helping kids or something.

CB -- Check out sumo reference above. I wouldn't say that Rothlisberger is my kind of guy, but I know you have to see him in action. That's what really matters, isn't it, the guys in action, right? And, yes, I understand your towel thing. I was just trying to cheer you up. It's excellent that you have pictures in your mind about what you want to be able to do, how you want to look and feel. I need to do more of this. I am so sick of not feeling GOOD!! You're right about taking a lot of stuff to the gym too. I am always very well covered. I say I like the feel and I do but I think a lot of that is because I don't want my body to show and I don't really want to be seen. To think what it would be like to just take a little pair of running shorts and a T-shirt instead of the stuff I do. Maybe, someday. I should start thinking of that. Somehow I find it so hard to imagine.

chai -- "Addictive," eh? Well, I hope you mean that in a good way! You are doing well on your challenges. You're going to get me inspired again. Nothing like a little competition to get me going!

carla -- Bravo on another day notched for you. Anything to keep you away from the wine and chocolate. You know, I had to pause there to figure out "furriner." I was actually going to look it up in the dictionary thinking it must be some thing only French-Canadian types would know. Then I got it..ah...dah. My English is rather weak, you know. And you see what you gone done to me, girl, got me going on the sumo fellas. Like I said, I was never into the big butts, but recently those thighs (I've always been a thigh woman!) have been catching my eye. And with all the foreigners these days, not just non-Japanese Asians, but real honky types out there, it is becoming more interesting. And I'll be darned if they're not just practically stark naked! this just a sign that I have slipped over the edge, never to return? Perhaps, yes, the latter...oh well. But, my Pittsburgh roots may save me. Nothing like some good ole football, hockey or baseball to pull me back from the abyss. OR, will I be forever screaming at the football stadium... "OFF with your clothes, for chrissakes, men!!!" Hmmm...this is a bit worrying.. You know, we (as in us Pittsburghers) got all your (as in youns Canucks) good players down with the Penguins. My sister used to be a hockey groupie and wanted to change to Canadian citizenship because of them....don't know why...but yes, it's the truth, don't know why my family is so strange....obviously I'm the black sheep in that bunch. You know, I have the big feet too, and, yes, you're so right about filling about suitcases fast. I think the way to go really is with an extra shoe bag. And, oh, your little marble joke with the practicing lush really had me laughing. I'll have to use that one.

Tayja -- Welcome to our thread. You know, you'll get a chill dressing that way! I'll send over a belly wrap from Japan. It used to be the thing to wear in the winter, especially when you're sleeping. Keep the belly warm and you won't get sick. Anyhow, just kidding. And your post was colorful and full of bold type, no wonder it took longer to write, thus, in recognition of your diligence, I am welcoming you before freaky! Good luck on the water challenge! Post often and give us all lots of support and inspiration, ok?!

freaky -- Wow! All this skin suddenly popping up on the thread, skin and darkened rooms, and a come-hither look from a sultry redhead. You and Tayja (asking us to "bare with her"!!) just making the place look like something more than a weight-loss forum! And I had to get a little male sumo buttocks in there and wow, we're going to get a big jump in lurkers! Just kidding. Glad to have you aboard. Hope you stick around. That is one heck of a hard challenge you've given yourself for your first round but you CAN do it. Just allow yourself to be a bit loose with the definition of "working out" so you can ease off certain days if you have to. Good luck!

Apple -- Oh, man....just got this incredible thirst for a cool one...what IS this?!?! So, are you doing it? Going for the big dry 21? I mean, really, it's like a week on, a day off...WAY off....then a week back on....You can do it! I'm not way. I'm chicken. I feel a little motivation creeping back into my brain. Why is it that I go good for a while then bang, flat on my A, and then up again after a bit of wallowing and then I'm flying again...some nut case, eh? It sounds to me like you gotta do a lot more on your exercise. Most people I see at the gym aren't doing nearly enough to get their heart rate up. The best way to get the fat off is sustained effort at training rate, about 70 percent. It works better than the fat-burning level of 50-60 that they talk about. At least it does for me. Unless you've been very inactive, you are going to have to break a good sweat to get the fat moving. Walking doesn't do it for me anymore. I need to run rivulets to get the fat moving these days. Everyone is different though but I would give it a try.

marble -- Did you hear what carla is saying about you?! The nerve, eh?! Good for you for sticking to that exercise challenge. And I'm glad to hear you're feeling good again after your accident. 11 weeks was a long time! You may be out of shape but you had good reason. Just think of yourself as an injured and now rehabilitating athlete. Take it slow and steady. You'll get there!

Shad -- How are you doing? Too bad the weight is up, but at least you stuck to your challenges. Get the pieces done separately and get in practice and then eventually you can put them all together. That's when you'll see results. I think it's too hard to do it all at once, at least when you're working and have a lot of responsibilities. This ain't junior high school anymore, where you could just focus on weight loss....sigh, things were so easy then.

curly -- Oh no!! How could you?! Our star challenger. Ah, there it is again..."even monkeys fall from trees"....the old Japanese saying that means even the best take a tumble occasionally. Oh, well, that challenge is not going to affect your weight with just one day off so starting over is not bad. And thanks for posting your challenge. I do forget them.

jolly -- There you are. Hope things are easing off for you. Get back in and give us the new and revised version of your Goal 1 challenge. Excellent that you are still off caffeine. That is NOT easy, I know! Good luck!

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Height: 157cm


Day 14 on water done
Day 13 on food done.

Frustrated by many things.
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Good morning all.

No caffeine - still going strong. I have also been working out, though time constraints meant I am slacking on the weight training I have to admit - the only thing that kept me going some mornings was the fact my gym bag was packed and in the car in the garage the night before.

The food is a huge issue right now. I want to break my eating up into smaller issues, so I can change one bad habit at a time. I just was finding too many ways around my own goal. Then PMS hit, and I basically said to **** with it all. Not good. So, back to square one.

Have a great day all.
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Just to be clear I AM a Seahawk fan!

I have a crush on Big Ben , which also makes me a Steeler fan. Actually it started as just a crush on BB, but has now grown to also include Beattis, and Polimalu(I know that's probably spelled wrong, but I'm to lazy to go look it up!)
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Thanks for the pep-talk RB! We'll stick old Carla in the *retirement villa*without her Gazelle. I'll hang Godivas just out of her reach to build up her stamina

I have made it to Day #7!

30 mins. of circuit training....(I managed 11 mins. of fast cardio on the Ellip). I did NOT keel over, but my T-shirt was soaked.

Ahem Carla! Although you've dubbed me the "perfect lush" I had a small victory today in spite of myself! A pair of slacks that once looked like a fashion NIGHTMARE now fit almost perfectly! Although I can't yet tuck my shirt in until I remove the abdominal fat, they zip, are not too tight in my buttisimo/thighs and are being worn with a silk sweater!

I may brave the scale this week, I've been thinking it should be TOM, but it is 2.5 weeks late! Don't even GO THERE!
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Hi everyone! I know, you all are "FishWoman who???" I am back from my cruise - we had a BLAST!!! It was mostly good weather during the day, but it rained a few times at night. The second night and the last night we had 18-22 foot swells and people were not feeling so good. I didn't get sick, but I thought about it a couple of times! I sort of watched what i ate, and I did go to the gym. Also, DH and I walked fast laps around the main deck almost every day. I am attaching a couple of pictures for you all.

I am starting a new challenge today - enough of calorie counting, I am just going to have an exercise challenge - at least 30 minutes of activity (running, intentional walking, yoga, exercise videos) each day. This is fairly easy for me, so I will make it a level one challenge.

Apple - we caught the last 10 minutes of the Pittsburgh game. I am not really a football fan, but that was amazing! The bar we were in was filled with screaming, cheering fans (and this was in Miami!)

CBETA - I understand what you are saying about the size of the towels, and you want smaller gear, etc. But honestly? At my gym, the only people who can actually wrap up in the provided towels are Mary-Kate and Ashely Olson. I'm getting down to my goal weight, and I still cannot close the towel over my chest. I have to wrap it around my waist (and it still barely fits). CONGRATS on quitting smoking That is one of the best things you can do for your health.

I know I should say hello to everyone. I need to go to the archives to find Curly's pictures, she sounds like a cutie-pie! But I have a bunch of work to catch back up on. So hello to Red, Curly, Carla, Shad, Marbles, Stage Mom, Chaigirl, and everyone else I missed!!!
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Hooray! Fish woman is back! Glad you had a great time! That state room looks awesome! Oooh la la
Just for the record, I'm not actually a Steelers fan, I've just chosen them to go all the way. If I had more time I'd post a pic of Bill Cowher. Not an especially attractive guy but lots of character. He's always frowning and yelling...classic coach in action. He's funny too.
I'm only allowed to cheer for 1 team and I don't like to throw alot of personal info out here but if you have good detective skills you might be able to figure it out.
I have to take my son to his gymnastics class, I'll post again later!!
Day 2 NO BEER!!!
Day 7 exercise...I'm trying to step it up, when DH gets home I'll try some jogging....
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Staying in 1derland!
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oooo welcome back Fish woman!!! cool pics thanks 4 sharing!!

LOL when ya find that pic print it out and pass it around to any single men u know ummm age 39-45 lmao
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Ok, I wasn't ever going to post again -- but with all of the nekkid talk I decided that this is a good group to stick with!

(Just kidding about not posting again...)

The deal is that I am away from my desk for nearly all 8 hours of the work day and then my desk is used during the other 2 shifts, so it makes things tight to get in any personal internet time.

I haven't fully falled off the bandwagon as far as diet/exercise go -- I still am eating fairly well and I walk about 6 hours/day at work, but I've stopped tracking calories (limited computer access, as I mentioned).

MY NEW CHALLENGE!! (Everyone groan... here comes another one...) is to write down all the food that I eat each day on a *gasp* piece of paper! I'll still track my food, but I won't be able to track calories until I get my new laptop. So here I go with being food accountable.
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