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Old 10-14-2003, 11:10 AM   #31  
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Default Tuesday

Hello everyone.

Just got done with my TM walk. Shocking thing is I actually did it instead of backing out since TOM hit last night as soon as I got home from the Party Lite party.

I think I did good last night at the party, I had broccoli, carrots, cukes, a couple apple slices, and a few strawberries. Didn't have dinner before I left because I BURNT it . Don't really know what happened, it was going good and then all of a sudden it was burnt up, so after hubby got in I left him to deal with feeding the girls.

It was so nice to get out of the house with no kids attached to me. That rarely happens. I decided to host a candle party, mainly to help out the girl that hosted the one last night. She's really a sweet person, and she was supposed to get something if three people would host a party, so I decided that since I don't do anything I might as well.

A few replies and then I'm headed to the shower.

BOB, You are right, they are expensive. They have a pear candle that smelled pretty good, I may see about some of those. I am gonna host a party on the 17th of next month though, and I'm hoping to get a good deal with that. It sounds like the consultants make pretty good money, don't think I'd want to do that though. Scooby probably would run away in a wild fit if I tried to get him to walk on the TM, he's got a mind of his own.

Teensy, I still really have no clue what's up with my dryer, It has basically 2 different high heat settings, on goes for however long it takes to get them dry and the other one is timed, and then there's the fluff air with no heat at all. I've been putting it on the one that goes for however long and that's the one that messed up. I now put it on the timed dry and if it's a large load I have to run it twice, other then that it works ok. Hubby is never home to actually take it apart to look at it and see what the prob is. Hubby loves to hunt too, he's been just a couple times so far, only got a rabbit right now. He's doing bow hunting right now, but watch out when gun season starts. He'd prob sleep in the woods if he could.

Monet, So sorry to hear you have to work with the WWoB. It's a shame that there are people out there who are B's like that. I guess they just don't realize that being nice and kind to others will benifit them more then being nasty.

I'll talk to y'all later.

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Old 10-14-2003, 12:06 PM   #32  
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Good Tuesday morning....still at 124 on the scales, and even ate a few McDonald's FF yesterday. I would really like to get a full week in where I am totally on-plan. It is so easy to stray! So far today, I have had a bowl of shredded wheat with some Uncle Sam sprinkled in with skim milk. We are back into our normal routine too. My DD was out of school Thurs-Mon and really threw me off on our schedules. I was supposed to meet some friends of mine for a potluck for lunch today but haven't heard back, so I assume it's off. I sure hope so since I wouldn't have anything to bring. So, I will go to the gym instead.

I did get to Kohl's yesterday, but didnt' find too much; it's sometimes difficult to shop with kids. I'd like to go one day solo. I had a little bit of a headache yesterday that progressed into a monster headache. I guess it would be the closest I've had to a migraine. My head was throbbing! My youngest DD never helps matters. She gets into these moods where she screams at the top of her lungs (we used to have a Macaw parrot, and she comes pretty close to being as loud as that bird was). We were standing in line at the grocery store, and she was sitting in one of those little car shopping carts (that didn't have a working seatbelt) and was trying to climb out. I told her No several times, and she was still trying to climb out. I didn't want an injury on our hands, so I pulled her out and held her. OH MY'd think I just beat the child....she was so loud, everyone was looking and then she started to hit me in the face. All the while, I am attempting to pay for my groceries and get out of there, pronto. We probably won't be back at that store for a long while. She is sooooo different from my laid back, sweet, precious older child. My oldest has been so easy from day one, and with Delaney.....I have my work cut out for me. I went to bed at 9:00 and feel much better today.

Monet: I know what you mean about your DH and the 6-pack abs. My husband has an awesome physique (always has....we met at a gym). But, that is the one area he wants to improve on. We do an ab video 3x per week together at night. He has really changed a lot about his diet since I have started this. He has given up soda completely, and doesn't even drink beer as often as he used to. He is a lot more aware of what he consumes now! Glad your dinner was a big's no surprise. I hope things get better for you at work; it's not worth it otherwise.

Country: I wish I had a Lawana in my life. It is so nice to get back into a routine, whatever it is. Britt was off for 5 days in a row, and then we had that garage sale (non-routine). Today, it is back to our normal schedule! Have a great day!

BOB: I'd love to take you all to dinner, but I think we'll have a SB friendly potluck instead. I need to get back on track .

Teensy: Sorry your DH didn't have any luck hunting; maybe next time. I know what you mean about DH. My DH is a packrat and wants to hang on to everything, and then if I talk him into selling it, he wants to ask more than the darn thing is worth. I guess he thinks he won't sell it that way and will be able to bring it back home.

Fruit: Way to stay on plan yesterday.....that is my goal today and the rest of the week.

Mom2: I've never read SYT, but would like to. I think most follow the same concepts. I read everything that I can get my hands on to help me remember how terrible sugar is for you and how I need to stay away from it. I have a book called, "Get The Sugar Out," as well as a few books authored by a nutritionist (Robert Crayhon), and others as well. I read them as often as I can to keep me on track. I used to drink one Dr. Pepper a day, and that's not bad considering what so many of my friends and family drank, but in the long is still bad. One soda can suppress your immune system for 4-6 hours and can make you susceptible to picking up viruses. So one a day plus all the other crap I was eating made me a pretty susceptible puppy. Teensy is a great example. She has been following this type of plan for two years and hasn't had an allergy or cold symptom since. Good luck to you!!!

Quilter: I think goals would be an awesome way to get through this otherwise difficult time of year. There seems to be food everywhere we go, and I think it would be great to set goals. I think we will all have "splurge" times, but it would be good to know that you allowed that one splurge and get back on track right after instead of it causing a downward spiral. Since I am maintaining....I may even say that I don't want to allow myself to go over 125. And then when the holidays are over, I'll drop those few pounds again. Everyone can have their own individual goals, but maybe post so we can all see what they are!

Deb: Glad you got a good night's sleep. I did too. I went to bed at 9:00; that's pretty early....but I needed it.

Wood: I weigh everyday; it helps keep me on track. I am pretty much maintaining now, but if I see the scale go up (like I have the past few days), I know that it is time to get serious and get right back on plan. Everytime we go to Iowa, I go to Kohl's and always find great bargains. I wasn't too impressed with this one yesterday. Maybe later when they start having their clearance sales, I'll like it better.

jecrites: I know what you mean about getting out without kids. It is a nice change. I used to hear people say that when I didn't have kids, and would think to myself, "why did you have kids if you don't want to be with them?" Well, well, well....have I ever told you that I was a better parent before I was a parent? I used to say that my kids would NEVER do what these other kids do. Well, they've managed to do it all and then some. My MOM'S Club has one night a month that is called Mom's Night Out, and we go to a movie or out to dinner or to someone's house for Bunco or food exchange or holiday is so nice to meet with other adults without having to change poopy diapers and wipe snotty noses or remind someone to share. I think it helps me to be a better mommy if I get a night out every once in awhile. I feel the same way when I get my exercise in; it is a major stress reliever. My 5-year old asked me one day why I had to work-out that day. I asked her if she wanted me to be happy and in a good mood. Of course, her answer was yes. That is why I have to do it.

Anyway.....better go get dressed and get the kiddos dressed, and plan to hit the gym today.

Have a great day, and I hope to check in later!
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Old 10-14-2003, 12:34 PM   #33  
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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good day! I havent excersised in 3 weeks...evry night I tell myself that Im gonna start tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes it never happens. Why is this? I cannot, for the life of me, get motivated. I was doing so good before Dominic got sick and then it was all downhill from there. I need a big kick in the butt to get going.
Im gonna go try and find a halloween costume again for DS. I asked him what he wants to be and he keeps saying sponge bob or a fireman...I would love for him to be a fireman but to get him to wear a hat all night will be a chore in itself.
My niece DOESNT have chicken pox..thank God! They are flea bites from the sand.

DEB - glad to see you got some reat last night...another night of good sleep should get you caught up! You asked me over the weekend how long I have been married and I forgot to answer on my last it was 6 years on Saturday. Hope Eli gets it the flu?

PANCHO - I LOVE to read your posts. Especially when you talk about Delaney! She is so much like stores and restaurants. Sometimes he can be great but MOST times hes horrible. I have to bribe him with fruit snacks, goldfish, lolipops...and anything else he wants to keep him quiet. i often ask myself where I went wrong. I remember, before having him, going to stores hearing kids screaming there heads off...I would be like uugghhh shut that kid up. Well hear I am in the same position...and Im sure people are saying that about me. Its funny how the tables turn!

BOB - Outback is one of my favorites. I think i have had everything on there menu! Yes, of course, I saw the game. What a game it was...hopefully we are back on track again...we better be anyway. We play San Fran Sunday, so hopefully that will be a winner.

Gotta run....DS needs me!

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Old 10-14-2003, 12:56 PM   #34  
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Getting a late start this morning. Had to go for bloodwork at the crack of dawn, rushed into my office, wolfed down my breakfast and had clients waiting on me. (I didn't want to see them on an empty stomach, because I get crabby. And fasting for the bloodwork made me ravenous, which was purely psychological I think, but anyway..........

How is everyone this morning?

Missy- I totally LOVED meeting you and your hubby and can't wait to do it again. After you left, jackie and I strolled around the French Market and Jackson Square. No, we didn't take any more pictures. I am so lame to forget my camera. Plus, I am not too thrilled by looking at myself in pictures anyway. We did have a nice time walking around. Didn't do anything crazy without you. Just enjoyed the lovely aroma of the quarter...smells like [email protected]#. HAHA.

ChrisD- Climb back on the exercise wagon, girl! You can do it!!!!

Nat- It is awesome that your husband is so supportive. It sounds like he does sugarbusters by proxy.

Jecrites- Good job staying on plan at the party!

Woodfrogs- Glad the scale was good to you.

Deb- glad to hear you finally got some rest. Good luck with your microwave drama..

Teensy- I have got to say that I am impressed with your ability to stay on plan, despite the legal food running out. I would have been all over whatever else they had. I admire your determination to stay on plan. Maybe that is why you have lost over 100 pounds, and I am still struggling with the last 20.

BOB- Wish you could have been there on Sunday, too. I hear you are a hoot and look forward to one day meeting you.

A Big HELLO to all my other sugarbustin' friends: Monet, CountryMom, SuperDave(where are you?), Fillise, Heartmom, Quilter, and Mom2jared. Talk to you all later.--Ashley
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Old 10-14-2003, 01:13 PM   #35  
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Pancho and Chris, I honestly think we curse ourselves by saying those things about kids before we have them and even sometimes after we have them. I have found myself saying that my kids won't be this way or that way and they are. Granted they aren't as bad as some of the kids out there, but I remember the days when they were so good and would actually listen to me and do what they were asked to do, my SIL was extremely jealous, I can't say that now about my kids though. Oh some things they are still pretty good about, but want to throw out an attitude at me, but other things it's like pulling teeth to get them to do it.

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Old 10-14-2003, 04:28 PM   #36  
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Hi Everyone! When I got home from work, I took a nap. I was so tired! I am kind of out of it, and having a hard time waking up. Not sure if I slept too much, or not enough. I have a headache too, so I feel a bit on the crabby side. Something I ate is disagreeing with me as well. I wish I had a good book to read!

School is out again today, so of course Laura is off somewhere in my car. That girl just can't stay put! Somehow, she managed to gather enough money from her allowance, room (you know..the change under the bed, etc.) and her friends, to buy an enormous teddy bear, which she has taken to carrying around with her everywhere. She had it strapped in the front seat like a person when she came to pick me up from work!

JECRITES, PANCHO, CHRISD: Reading your posts about your kids brings back memories! They always seem to misbehave when there are plenty of people around to see, and make you feel embarrassed! I highly recommend James Dobson's books, Dare To Discipline, and The Strong Willed Child. He is a child psychologist, and his books are really helpful! All kids will test the limits, you just have to make sure they don't get what they want when they are, or they will try that behavior again and again!
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Beach--My DH and I will be up Alabama way on Friday. I am curious about your weather up there now. How hot/cool is it, and will I need a sweater? We are leaving here Thursday night for the Kentuck Art Festival. We are staying in a little town south of Tuscaloosa for 2 nights--have reservations at a B & B there. We probably will go to the show all day Saturday and head for home Sunday. Since you are near there, thought I could get the true scoop on the weather.
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Old 10-14-2003, 05:51 PM   #38  
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Monet, I think I have one of those 2 books. I also have the love language books.
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Snuck out early to come home and watch Oprah. Barbra Striesand was on and I just love to hear her sing! It was a really great show and I hope some of you saw it! She just had to put her Bijon to sleep, and she has dedicated one of the songs on her new CD to Sammie...while she was singing the song, they had film up behind her with Sammie in it. It was so sweet.

DEB..look at TARGET or WALMART for the nuke box...just make sure is a SHARPE, and just make sure it's a 1000 watter!

ASHLEY...maybe.....just maybe if Missy gets to have us up to her house...WE WILL GET TO MEET!!! I love to have a good time, and Missy and I are a lot alike...I've never met her, but just from knowing here here on the board....we could be TWINS!!!!


JEC...I'm such a YANKIE CANDLE fan, that I just can't bring myself to buy anything else! They have the most oils in their candles and they last so long! They are $20 for a big jar candle here, but WELL WORTH THE $$$$

GATOR...while you're in Alabama...could you see if you can't throw off THE BAMA TEAM???? We play them next, and I'm not looking forward to it at all! Have a good time!

MONET...You just need to go ahead and quit that place. The PUBLIX COMPANY is well known for
not treating their women employees with respect.. There was a LARGE law suit here in Fla for just that reason....

PANCHO...If we have a get together...we will definately have on program food. You should have seen the spread that we had when we all got together at SOLS house a couple of years ago.
It was unreal! Of course, DEBBIE ate most of the cheesecake which left the rest of us to split what was left

WOOD....OH OH...sounds like a day at my house with all that laundry! Glad you got it done though....

CHRIS...I think the team IS back on track, and the next one with SAN FRAN should be a good one! It will be on the tube here at my house!

Well...Gotta run...

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Hey All

Just a quickie to say hello. Have a meeting at the school at 7pm so I have to get a move on. Would you believe this is the 4th time I'll be going to that school today today! I've put well over 100 miles on the car today

See you guys in the am!


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Good afternoon gang!

Been busy this morning with sauerkraut. Bought 3 cases of jars yesterday, and the kraut took up 2 cases. We got 24 pints out of 3 heads of cabbage. And boy does this taste good. I know alot of people don't like sauerkraut, but we love it. My boys won't eat it though.

Dh and the neighbor went out hunting today. They didn't see anything yesterday, but they went out pretty early in the afternoon. Today they waited til later.

Monet-- Glad the dinner is not too hard on you. No I don't like hunting. I go because hubby wants me to. I feed those babies, there is no way I can kill them.

Maggie-- Welcome, you are doing a great job so far. You will be amazed at how great you will feel. That's nice that the pizza place was so accommodating.

Quilter-- Great question....I am hoping to be at my goal of 150 pounds by Christmas! I joined the Christmas challenge on the other board I am a member of, so will have the same here!

Deb-- Glad to hear that you finally got some sleep. Another couple of days and you would have been a zombie for sure. Hope you can continue to sleep. I took a picture of some of the canned goods that I have done. Will get busy and get it on here for you.

Woodfrogs-- I like the driving around with dh, but I don't want to be the one to have to shoot the deer. As I have mentioned, I feed them in the wintertime!!

Jec-- Glad you had a nice time at the party. Love "Candle Lite" scents. Dh eats and sleeps hunting now for the next few weeks. But it sure is nice to have the meat.

Pancho-- It is a standing joke in my family....if you want to get rid of anything just call Ted!! He hauls home everyones junk!!

Chrisd-- Come can do it. one day at a time.....

JackieO-- Determination??? My family calls it my STUBBORN STREAK!! My first goal was to lose 100 pounds, then I thought I would ease into maintenance, but NO....I decided I wanted to lose 20 more. So the STUBBORNESS is still there, LOL!!

See you all later.....Ta ta!
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Hope I can remember how to do this.....

In the front row is, on the left...canned fish, on the right is salsa.
In the back row, on the left is applesauce, then stewed tomatoes, and on the right is canned venison.

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Old 10-14-2003, 09:11 PM   #43  
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HiedieHo All!

I am always running to catch up with me. I thought I'd conk out Sunday. Went to chuirch, followed by a Pot Luck lunch given by our Mission group. Sort of impromptu and not many attended. Our church supports the Prison Ministry in Ghana. some of our members went there and presented a slide program about it. Then had to go to a GRound Breaking Ceremony for Habitat. Then at 5p a concert in the park. By 10p I was glad to be home!

Yesterday I was a zombie. Did the nursing home thing, ran some errands anad took a nap. Today went to swim class, stayed in pool talking with some others afterwards, all of us jogging or moving. Ten went in and got on the Transport, that gliding walking machine. Too much, was pooped another nap! I just love the water, class is 45-60 minutes. Get there about 20 min. before to warm up and usually stay a few minutes after. Just got carried away today. Thank goodness it was a day off for the Joyful Noise!

My latest project? I am making a scarf for GD. Apparently the latest craze is scarves about 4" wide, wrapped around the neck two or four times with the ends hanging down to your feet. My GD is very tall and she couldn't find one long enough, so ask GM if she can make one in LSU colors. Of course! THe only thing is you'd think purple and yellow/gold would be easy to find in this state. Not necesarily so, or at least the right shade of colors. After many excursions I finally hit the jackpot. The scarf will be finished tonight. I mean it's loooooong! 610 stitches long about 7'! Two rows on an afghan see to go quicker than one row on this scarf. She will be home this weekend. She can try it on and I will fringe it accordingly. Then I can back to the afghan and crosstitch projects I am doing.

Today I have been 100%, having a hard time keeping focused. Just have to do one day at a time.

I had to go back and check, didn't catch what y'all were talking about. Yes my "oink" bouquet is PINK. LOL

Take care, Shirley
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Hi guys:

Everyone is in bed here, so it is nice and quiet. I probably won't be on until tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I'd try to catch up while I can. I got to the gym today and it felt great. I did 5 minutes on eliptical, upper body on circuit and weights & 30 minutes on treadmill. My eating was pretty much OP all day, just some portions a bit big.

chrisd: Brace yourself, because here come a kick in the behind.....WHAM! Did you get it....get to exercising girl! Glad your niece did not have chickenpox. Also glad to hear that I don't have the only child around who makes you wanna go hmmmmmm....remember that silly song? I should've never criticized those poor women I didn't know.

Ashley: My DH is supportive now, but hasn't always been. He now knows it works and is healthy for everyone.

jecrites: I've been cursed. My oldest DD wasn't anything like this as a toddler! I love Delaney more than life itself, but some days are definately trying.

Monet: I have the book "The Strong Willed Child." It was recommended by a mom I know. I better get to reading.

BOB: I didn't see Oprah, but I am sure it was great therapy for you. It would be fun to meet everyone one day.

Teensy: I love sauerkraut; my dh will eat it but isn't crazy about it, and my dd won't touch the stuff. Your jarred food looks delicious...I'm envious.

Sef: You have been so busy. The scarf sounds quite impressive. Your GD should be happy to have such a generous GM.

Our MOM's Club is having an outing tomorrow morning at an outlet mall near my house with crafts and free Auntie Anne's pretzels, so we are going to go there prior to taking DD to school. I hope it doesn't turn out to be too long of a day for her. Delaney has her 15-month check up tomorrow, and I think only 1 shot!

I'll check in when I can to report my WIW weight. Good luck to all of you on your weigh-ins.


Well, I better get going and get a few things done before I jump into bed.
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Old 10-15-2003, 09:10 AM   #45  
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Good morning everyone

Just a quick pop in before work! I tried to get to the board last night but it kept saying that the board was unavailable or something like that. But then I talked to SEF on AIM and she was posting. Go figure - I don't know what the deal was. So, I'll get a long post in tonight after I tutor.

As for WIW - Monday I was at 283 and today 277. I don't know how that happened but I hope it continues. I guess it will if I STAY ON PLAN!

See y'all later
have a great day!

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