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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 8/13-8/19

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our LATEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our AUGUST 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Quick post just to greet you all this morning and get our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY post on bright and early.

IT'S MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!!!! Here's my contribution for MM:


You have the potential to do many great things. Yet regardless of your potential, no matter how much you have going for you, nothing will come of it unless you take the actions necessary to make the most of your possibilities.

No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how intelligent, well- connected, or skillful you may be, the results you get depend on the actions you take. Positive thinking and positive focus will point you in the right direction. And positive, sustained effort is what will take you where you want to go.

You can see the summit, you can visualize yourself reaching it in glorious detail. Yet if you're to actually make it happen, you must get up out of your chair and start climbing the mountain. You absolutely must take that first step, and then continue until the goal is reached.

You're perfectly capable of it. You've got the potential and you have the desire. Now get up, get going, and make it happen!

Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

Anyone have any comments about the above MM thought-I thought it was a wonderful one!!!!

Got in my 4.5 miles this morning, no jogging, too humid, felt you could cut the air with a knife!

Would you believe I fell asleep last night at 8pm, thought I'd just go lie down and fell asleep-woke up a bit after midnight and lied in bed for 3 hours before I fell asleep again-now I'm going to be tired this afternoon for sure!

I got an e-mail from QUILTER. Thank goodness all is okay and there haven't been any major catastrophes! She's having a hard time staying OP-as many of you can relate. I'm hoping after I write her back she'll mosey on to the board. Of course I'll relay how she's been missed and how we've been worried about her!

I hope you all have a wonderful SB week!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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Losing on the Beach
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S/C/G: 205/ticker/164

Height: 5'5

Question Sourdough Bread

Just a quick question..... Sourdough bread is legal right??? Just needed to find out for sure and knew you ladies would have the answer Thanks so much....
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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Goodness--where is everyone this morning? I'm not usually one of the first on the board.

Feeling much better today. I have high blood pressure that is controlled by medication. The last few times I have had it checked it has been low/normal. My Dr. said if I kept my weight off and the bp continued to fall he'd start lowering the dosage of my medication. I think it might be time for us to start doing jsut that!

Motivation monday thought--we can beat ourselves up if we insist on perfection all the time. Humans are not perfect beings--not in any way shape or form. We need to strive to do the best we can, but putting something into our mouths that is off program does not consitute complete and utter failure. It's a slip and we need to put it into perspective. If we let an occasional slip throw us into despair and failure then we let our imperfection rule us. If we simply try to make the best decisions we can each and every day--each and every meal then the results will follow. An occasional slip--whether it be something that is not on program or too much of a "legal" food" is only a momentary blip. if we learn from it and go on then it has no power over us.

July 10, 2000
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Default I'm Back

Hi Ladies how is every one I have missed all of you terribly and all your love and support.We have been doing alot of home reno's the last 2 weeks and my computer has been unplugged...arrrgg it was like the death of a friend.I am doing better than I was last time I posted I am back on track...I hope lol,and am back to my low weight which was 178 I had gotten as high as 189 a couple of weeks ago but just pretened I was in Debbi's detox dugeon and worked hard at sticking to my guns.The weather here has been unusually muggy,Calgary is usually quite dry but not the last week or so and of course we dont have air conditioning cause one in calgary has it lol we get snow 8 months of the year so I have about 5 fans running constantly.This week is a really busy one for me and I will be out of town this weekend but just wanted to let you gals now I am still here and thinking of all of you and am still fighting this woe.
Hope everyone is doing great and talk with you all soon
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Default P.S.

welcome to all the new gals who have joined while I have been gone.Good luck to you
Motivational thought....
As difficult and unsettling as it may be,you must let go of the belief that if you exercise long and hard enought you will eventually look like a Jane Fonda,Cindy Crawford,or Kathy Smith.Because that is a physical impossibility.However it is physically possible to have the best body you can own and be in the best possible shape you can be,by exercising on a moderate,regular basis.
Pauline Dingle

Good luck ladies be all you were created to be
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Default Rainy Monday

Hello all you SB ladies! Hope all had a wonderful week end. Mine was a little less than perfect because after taking care of Daxton on Friday, who had a virus, I caught it & spent the day home alone yesterday. Dh was on call & had to go to work after church. I wasn't up to even checking the board.

Today I had an appointment with my dentist to pull that wisdom tooth that was suppose to have been done since May. He gave me some pain Rx's to help with the pain , so I've been in bed all afternoon. That was a good place to be since it has been raining ALL day.

Debbie, yes that sure is a good MM. We DO have the potential & so often fail to reach it because we do not put out the effort to.

Christian is that you??? wondered where you were! Hope all is going well with you. YES! sour dough bread is legal.

Adam's Rib Sure did miss you. Glad to see you're back!!

Fellise I totally agree with you on your MM thought also. We are not perfect & sometimes when we try to maintain perfection we just set ourselves up for a fall. We have to allow ourselves some room for our imperfections & not "beat ourselves up" for our little failures. Instead, we should say ok, that's done....& go from there. Thanks. You're always so sensible in your rationales.

Here is my MM thought for the day. Read this earlier & thought it was good. "The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more." Dave Matthews.

See ya!
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Default I'm baaaack!!!!

Hi ladies. Missed you terribly. Had a great time. Go for a week and it takes me 2 1/2 hours of reading posts to catch up!!!! Good thing I had those acrylic nails removed so I can type fast!!! I had a great and relaxing time. I'll tell you all details tommorrow. Just wanted to say hi! One good news I'll share. You all heard my lamenting before I left that I wanted to be at 170 by the reunion? Well, the day of the reunion I weighed myself on my mil scale. 170!!!! Today I am at 168!!! Feeling pretty happy today. Now for the replies!!!

Frog-so sorry about the computer problems. It's awful to be so out of touch. Still sleepy or is the meds stable now. You write all you want about anything you want. Way to go on the size 8 kakis. I'm right behind you I hope.

Raly-Hope Cristina is back to normal now. Nothing like a mouthache to make you crabby.

amser-glad the tummy is better and you had a nice time with the neices. Excorsism was really funny. Trust in your decisions you have a good head on your shoulders. Why is it that family always makes me crazy too? Love the quote at the end of your posts. Hang in there girl. I'm praying for you and the nurse who gave gm the nitro. I can't believe that. Love to your inlaws too.

BW-awesome resistence to non OP food. Especially with all that stress. Hope mom is ok.

Deb-see you didn't get washed away with all the rain. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend with Bob. Still waiting to hear about showering with coffee. Your last weeks motivation reminded me about 28 days. "it works if you work it". At least most of us don't need to do the fearless personal inventory. Or do we???? Glad Laurens back. It does feel good to have them all home (until they fight anyway).

Viv-I know what it's like to be a stressed out mom. Don't worry about responding to all. Just put your two bits in. Do what is in your power to do. When I'm down I pray to see what I need to learn and come here to talk it out. So sorry about Dad. Hope you get the help he needs soon and for a good price! Way to go on your PB buys. And I loved hearing the how you met story at camp. I envision a moonlit canoe ride. I liked the easy weightloss plan. Just try to find the things Deb finds in the store. Exercise without the calories.

Idblond-How'd the birthday party go? And the PRincess Diaries? I so want to go to that movie but my two boys veto it every time. What's up with that? LOL. I did see Dr Doolittle 2. Did like that. Congrats on the weight loss. Hope the surgery goes well.

Catlover-uti again? Ugh. Hope it's a memory now. Ditch the doc. Hope you get rain soon. But not too much. I know what happens in Texas with too much rain.

Purple D-Hope you don't mind the shortened name. Welcome!!! Don't give up on the marriage without counseling. I can't tell you how many times I thought about trading in Peter but I'm glad I didn't. The single mom friends that I have struggle so. I had a challenge this week about eating out. Salads are my only way to go when faced with nothing else available. So many restaurants now offer the beef and chicken and if you get without dressing it is usually legal. Have fun at the reunion.

Sol---198!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! OOOOH SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Hope the company is downsized enough. Happy dance on workout and cholesterol drop.

lamap-Watch wearing!! Oh what I missed. AWesome. I'm going to do the full body massage thing too. At 160. Haven't seen that weight in 11 years. Don't care how much fat they're kneading. It feels so good. Think of the calories you burned going up that incline in the wind!!!!

Bob-See? We knew you'd survive detox. Not much of a dungeon if you get chocolate. Sorry you were so sick. I have to tell you I love the Lady Vols except when they play ODU. Glad you mouth is better too. You are such a good daughter.

Gator-can relate to golf. I suck. But I'm hooked. Had a chance to go twice last week but mil couldn't take the heat and humidity. I'm going to plan for next weekend with dh. I really miss it.

Melf-I too feel all of you are a big part of my life now. 144. That is so great. I'm so happy for you. Sorry about Daxton. How is the family? And your jaw is better too?

Nance-Really wonderful to be missed. The red dress was great but I ditched it at the last minute when I sought my mil advice. I'm glad I did though. Would've been the only red dress there. How's that for sticking out in a crowd. I didn't though. The classmate who became a bodybuilder and was in her really tight size 8 black leather pantsuit was the one who stuck out. Complete with tattoo on her shoulder. I still looked mahvelous though with my acrylic nails done in the French tips and the 4 glasses of red wine on my empty stomach. Needless to say I didn't talk much but looked great doing it. My toes still hurt from those black highheel pumps. I don't wear pumps anymore. Not practical on a school bus. Fellow people pleaser here. I know all about emotional struggles. I find that the more I take care of myself the more I can give to others. I like that. I hope in 5 years you look back and say "we're glad we staying in this house". Do put in the pool. It doesn't help on appraisal but you get so much more out of it in pleasure.

Krista-sounds like your and amsers plates are really loaded. My prayers are with you. Thank God the grocery store is loaded with fruit and yogurt and cottage cheese to eat in a hurry. Hang in there.

Rosalie-glad you had a good time on vacation. A hike in the woods. Sounds like heaven. Take any pictures?

Karen-Horrors!!!!! A school without windows that open? And the fire inspector allows this???? What's up with the local codes???? Congrats on the new windows and doors. Fall will be with us before we know it.

Sparkle-glad you had such a good time on vacation. Isn't this the perfect time to visit Luray caverns?

Welcome ACES!!!

Linmae-Welcome too. I too love the variety of food. How long have you been on sb? 26 lbs is awesome. Ahhh. Romantic walks on the beach. During the hot day try boogie boarding. Bought one last year in Cape May and can't believe how much fun it is to ride one in the surf. Brought out the kid in me.

Susan-I did miss you. Welcome back. Computers are a pain but great.

Rhoo-Welcome back too. I can identify with so-so kids. I am 3/4 through the vacation laundry.

AR-welcome back too. Missed you.

Well. Fingers are sore from all this typing. Talk to y'all tommorrow.

Love 'fly
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Talking I'm baccccck!

Hey everybody!

I have been out of the loop because my internet service provider was hit with that ridiculous CODE RED virus

We were able to get one of the computers at home up and running yesterday! At least now I feel more connnected. I was finding myself at a loss without the connection to my SB PEEPS!!!

I have been able to run some this week, even though the weather has been unbearably hot and humid. I will go in the a.m. too. I may join a local gym to do some weight training. I need to build some muscle burning fat!

I feel as though I am gaining weight these past two weeks. I don't know if the medicine is pushing my appetite or a desire to eat certain things (fat), or what! I am trying to get a handle on it and increase the exercise. I plan to do a little Yoga tonight after my dinner has had a chance to settle.

I admit that I haven't read the posts from last week, I was too excited to be able to post. I'll go back and read them after I'm done here.

Hope all are doing well. Welcome Newbies!


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I am overwhelmed and humbled and deeply touched. Today when I got home from work I had four emails and they were all from members of this fabulous board. Thanks to DEB, ROSALIE, MELF and FILLISE for your kind words of encouragement. You all really have told me what I needed to hear. I love you all for bringing me gently but firmly back into the circle.

First things first . . . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE accept my apologies for causing any of you to worry. I never even dreamed that you all would think something terrible happened. But now it makes perfect sense to me that you would think that. A person who ALWAYS has something to say suddenly disappears. Hmmmmm. Guess that was pretty dumb on my part.

As DEB told you, I have been having a rough time of it not only with staying on program but with doubting the whole plan. Itís been gross. I really ripped SB a new one so to speak. Taking on all these thoughts that it was just another diet that I would add to my long list of unsuccessful efforts. Geesh, I was wallowing in it, huh? All the while . . . I really knew deep down inside that this wasnít the truth. So thatís where Iíve been mentally and physically and emotionally . . . Dullsville, for sure!!!

So thanks for the help and the guidance.

DEB---Your motivation was awesome!! I could relate. I have to be ready and willing to put out the effort and quit making dumb excuses or dramas in my life. You are so right. We all have potential and limitless possibilities!!! Your email was such a help. You really have a way of putting things into perspective and opening my eyes to the truth. Thanks, friend!!!

FILLISE---Hope you get off your bp meds soon. My MIL lost a hundred pounds a few years ago (because of finding out she was diabetic) and she got off all her meds. Sheíd been on BP meds for over 30 years. Once the weight was off, the high BP was not longer an issue. Amazing how that works!!! Your MM (along with your wonderful email) was exactly what I needed to hear. Itís odd . . . I donít expect anybody else to be perfect, but I surely expect myself to be that way.

MELF---Sorry to hear about your sickly weekend to be topped of by a dentist visit spelled e-x-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n!!! Personally, I think your week can only go UP from here. What do you think??? Hope the pain isnít bad. BTW, has anybody said this lately: YOU ARE FOUR POUNDS AWAY FROM YOUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you just so excited? I am pee-my-pants-excited for you!!!! (Hope that doesnít offend . . . just an expression we use in these here parts!) Anyways, congrats! Iím proud of you!!!!!

Well, girls, it sure feels good to be back with my friends. Thanks again for all the help. Iím going to hot glue velcro to my behind so I can stay firmly atop that ******** wagon!!!! Here's my deal to you: Each day I will do the best I can do. That's it! Somedays my best will be different, but I will start the day trying. And I love what FILLISE said that we need to approach it ONE MEAL at a time. Words to certainly and truly live by. Sorry this is short but Iím in the midst of the Harry Potter books and am trying to get some good reading in tonight. Thanks again for all the kind words. Iíll see you tomorrow!

Take care.
(yes, sheís back from the sb x-files, the land of the lost!)
(Maybe I should have used that old abducted by aliens excuse!)
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KIMMY I'm so glad you're back among the living!! We were so worried....and when we would say things to you, YOU DIDN'T ANSWER!!!
Sorry I didn't get my email to you this afternoon. I was so busy at work and then HAD TO GO out to dinner....I'm not going to send one now, don't want to look like I'm trying get my nose brown!!
I've had a rough time as you've probably read...I've even been to the DUNGEON!!! I know what you're going thru, and I'm just not saying that to be polite!
Girl you are living in the middle of FARM COUNTRY.....get on over the BRIDGE into KENTUCKY and out on US27 and hit the produce markets...get some GREEN BEANS, and other veggies...GRILL up some CHICKEN....leave off the beef and pork....go to KROGER and get some SALMON....DON'T EAT BREAD for a while...DO WHATEVER IT TAKES...
I NEED HELP.... YOU NEED HELP.....NANCY NEEDS HELP....WE CAN ALL THREE HELP EACH OTHER....That in combination with all the help that EVERYONE ON THE BOARD will give us we'll conquer this demon!

GALS...if I could write a book on what I know about to, what to and when to, I WOULD BE A MILLIONAIRE~the puzzeling aspect of this is WHY CAN'T I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH???

If this were easy, I would have been (and stayed) skinny years ago...I know I will never be a size ten again...AND THAT'S OKAY WITH ME...I just want to be comfortable...and I would be happy!

SO.....KIM....NANCE......ARE YOU WITH ME?????

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Evening ladies!

So glad you are back on the board...Boy did we all miss you!
Don't beat yourself up for yesterday and the days before that, just focus on today!!!! Next time I don't see you post, I'm getting the fishing pole out and reeling you in A.S.A.P.!

I'm with you Babe!!!! I know I am on the verge of being back on plan! I'm getting psyched! I am going to re-read, re-focus and get to business! I have to detox before Debs' gets here, or else things could get UGLY!

How could you keep me in suspense??? SO what did you end up wearing after all?????? Geepers!!!! Did you have fun? Any good laughs or suprises beside Zena Princess Warrior?

Glad to see you post again!! How's the casa coming along? Are you breathing saw dust or what? Glad you've been doing good OP, better than your buddy here, but I'll catch up with you soon!

Sorry I couldn't finish chatting with you at work!!! But the good news is, the computers are ALIVE AGAIN!!! Yipee!!!! Dan bought some FRESH garlic tonight FYI!!!!! Hope you are happy now!

Got my Tabouli salad up on the recipe board. Hope you like it. Tell me if Debs recipe is better?!?!?!

Gotta go spend some time with Dan the Man. Chat later!
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Talking Welcome back to everyone!

We muddle through and do the best we can. As long as we stick together a bunch of us can be strong when one if us is weak. Goodness knows, I've certainly taken strength from this board in my weakest moments!

Kim--I'm glad you are back. I've had doubts about this WOE too--usually when I'm tired and don't want to take the time to plan OP meals. Then I think how much better I feel--how my health has improved in the last year--how my stamina has improved and I know that this WOE is far superior to anything I was doing before (which was, to be honest, pigging out). Tonight I had a porkchop cooked on the George Foreman, some butter beans and half a baked sweet potato. I'm stuffed (and I cut my portions in half because I got full)--there is no deprivation in that meal. I'm very satisfied! My body has all the fuel it needs to get me through the night. Just take it one meal at a time!

AR--welcome back! It seems like a bunch of us were disconnected one way or the other last week. It was agony! Glad to hear you are back with the program!

BOB--I'm comming to your house for dinner! YUM! I hope you had a good day--one good day is all you ever need. If that's what we shoot for the long term will take care of itself! Speaking of being a size ten again--my new TV Guide arrived today with an ad for a weight loss supplement. This is a direct quote of the copy:"I had struggled for two years to get thin, but nothing ever seemed to work. Then I discovered Xenadrine and went from a size 10 to a size 6 in just three short weeks." And we wonder why American women are so darned insecure about their weight. AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

ok vent over

Frog--boy do I sympathize on the out of the electronic look thing! I'm back in the gym now. I can do upper body weights, but am not allowed back on the leg machines for another 3-4 weeks. The stationary bycycle is, however giving my legs a good workout! Keep the faith!

Fly--I bet you looked hot in that red dress--even if you did ditch it! Don't ya just hate those evil pumps

OK--off to surf. Talk to you tomorrow.

July 10, 2000

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Default Yes, BOB!!!

I AM WITH YOU!!! What you say is the truth, dear friend!!! I love your diet suggestions!!! Sorry I haven't been there to help you and give a hoist back onto the wagon. I just had a 45 minute IM with Nance tonight. She's gearing up for her visit with DEB. That will help her a lot. I think between the three of us we can come up with ONE decent sugar buster! HA!!! Not just kidding. We can do this. I've got my fingers and toes and eyes crossed for you hoping that tomorrow is a great day and that you make it to bedtime and feel good about your efforts for the day.

Also, I agree with what you said about being a size 10. I think I wore a size ten once in 1974 for about 15 minutes. I just want to get into some clothes that are already hanging in my closet and feel good about the size of my butt. How's that for a solid goal to shoot fer????

Paul and Maddie send hugs your way. Maddie says to tell Cuzzin' Skeeter to keep cool and keep waggin'!

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Default Welcome back Quilter!!!!!

Hey all. Got a few minutes so decided to peek in. It sounds like we're all here to do each other good. I like that.

Frog-so happy to hear you're connected again. Glad to hear you're back running again too. Seems like nothing is going to stop you.

Nance, Bob, Quilter & all who are struggling. Don't give up. I know you'll be here for me when I'm struggling too. Just as Quilter says. Today I'll do my best.

Nance--I didn't tell you what I wore? Must have been the glazed eyes from the 2.5 hours of reading posts to catch up. And I stayed on line during a nasty storm too. The lightning struck a 13 yr old who went back into the surf today after the lifeguards kicked everyone out and went home. He's alive but not doing great. I wore a black sheath dress with lace over it. It really is a pretty dress. My husband and mil said I was fabulous in it. Who was I not to agree? We have pics on the digital camera so I'll get dh to post asap. I stayed legal during the buffet eating the meat and salad. It was fun seeing how people had changed and how most people didn't recognize my husband who had gained 80 lbs since high school. I thought I would be incredibly bored but I met some really interesting people and it was fun. It was an interesting class. About half were dressed up and the other half was wearing the new "casual" style. It's like this age group is confused about how to dress. I have to admit I am too. I love casual but there are functions where I like to dress up. Like this one. But I feel "old fashioned" when I do that. Gosh, I'm not sure I'm making sense. I should just give in and dress casual in the future. At least I can wear the clothes more often.
I have my legs up now because my knees are bothering me. I'm going to make an appointment to have them checked out. Peter make some smart alec comment about my age and I wanted to deck him.

Have you all heard about these new web sites that are pro-anorexic? Some of these girls actually prefer to starve themselves and assist others in being efficient at it? That is horrifying and sad. I see so many ultra thin girls in my job and I shake my head. Enough of this sad stuff.

As I thought my dh attempted to get mil to side with him about my new woe. She was concerned but saw after day 2 that I was eating healthily. I stuck to my guns and ate legally. Even tried SF FF yogurt in a cup. That frankly sucks. Rather have water next time thank you very much. Had several attempts to pull me off program to no success. I didn't make a big deal about it just smiled and said "no". My mil was on my side by day 3. She is the BEST!!!!! I am so lucky. The best time was on the trip home we went to Burger King for dinner. They had no salads. (I was a little sick of garden salads but I was determined). So I said nothing. I had sb fruit in the car to eat. Well, the next time we stopped for gas lo and behold the gas station also had a "Subway" inside. I was in heaven. A salad with meat!!!! I had a bmt and didn't have to stick with a garden salad from BK. I ran twice in NY 3 miles both days.

Nance next time I'll tell you about our short get away while on vacation.

Well, gotta go.
Night 'fly
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