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Oh I justw wrote a long message here and lost it. I was trying to thank everyone for all the food ideas.
Denise-I liked the low carb newsletter-thanks for sending it. And those recipes looked great.
Deb-take care of yourself.
Daramus-Glad you are back without much damage done. Sugar is addictive, isn't it?

I forget everything else I just wrote so will make this short. Talk to you all tomorrow.
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HiedieHo All!!

Where does the time go? Wednesday spent day at church doing some music chores, then choir practice. In between did some errands. Today was the NH and Thanksgiving shopping. Time just flies when you're busy.

DENISE: Hope you didn't think I was making a criminal out of you, I just never heard of anyone using a lawyer for a simple traffic violation. I only got a speeding ticket years ago with no points involved (you know, the good old days!) Glad things are getting back on track with yoour DD. Kids are a trial at times but they do grow up! WOW! That's going to be some wedding. You will have a wonderful time I'm sure.

YELLOW: Glad you have been out and about w/o your brace. Don't rush thinghs, healing takes time. Of course, I'm very good at giving advice!

DARAMUS: Nice to see your note. You'll lose those #s again! Handsome guy!

BOB: I used a version of your "Can't Believe We Made It" with my NH group. I copied yours for future use as it had a couple of things that were different.

BETH: Hope you feel better, sending good thoughts for you and your family. You're right, people sometimes forget the strain that a caregiver goes through. The patient is getting good care but who cares for the caregiver?

ROBIN: Another Scrabbler! I'll have to see if I can find Literati.

MONET: I copied your note about the Scrabble game, have to use it as a gentle hint for Christmas! Thanx. Maybe the liver questions were the power of suggestion or else they have made you more aware of what's happening with your body. You know prayers are going your way.

TRISH: The old saying about not being able to choose your family is true. My sister caused a lot of problems in the family years ago, and it took a long time to come to the conclusion that you have to let go and let God. Thirty years later things are better but we are not chums by any means. I wanted to smack her alongside the ehad many times. She really hurt our father.

GRACIOUS: I lived near Amish country, we would go to the farmer's market. I do a lot of their recipes. You can make stew w/o potatoes. If you want strach substitute your favorite pasta.

DEB: Hope you feel better soon. It's terrible to be too sick to be out of bed and not sick enough to be in it, so you sort of float in limbo trying to decide and feeling miserable. You know what you tell me "REST"..

Think I will read a bit before heading to bed.

Take care.

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Angry Good morning everyone,

Did anyone happen to catch ABC News last night around 6:30 pm? They did a story on revamping the Food Pyramid that de-emphasizes carbs. I didn't catch the whole story, but at the end Dr. Timothy Johnson was on to give his opinion. In parting he suggested that everyone get a good nutritional book, and forget about the current food pyramid. If you go to and click onto health you can read the story.

Gracious, whenever I have a sweet potato, I just bake it in the oven and put a very small pat of butter on it.

vesnoid, that 20 lb. loss is fantastic!! You've done really great!

Deb, sorry you're feeling so lousy. I hope you're better soon.

Hi to everyone! I apologize for not responding to all of you, but I find this so overwhelming! Is there an easy way to keep track of all the posts?

Have a good day.
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Default Friday

I can't believe it is the weekend already, I had so much to do this week and got a lot accomplished. Tonight is my first free Friday night for over 2 months when I started taking that Sewing Class on Friday evenings. I am looking forward to staying home and having some quality veg time!

Today I am going to sew in a new zipper into a housecoat my mother brought me 12 years ago when I got this sewing machine on my first anniversary. She figured since I got a machine I could just sew it in for her. Well, I have been married 13 years now and finally taken a sewing class so now I will put the zipper in! I learned how! I am going to wrap it up and give it back to her as a fun Christmas present; it will certainly be a surprise!

I didn't have any change in the scale this morning again, but at least it is the same. I think this is what made me try those crazy things before...not seeing the scale move, up or down. This time I am going to try and be patient. Eat SB and follow my own advice that slow and steady wins the race. However, I really hope I will see a loss of 1 lb a week and that will keep me happy.

Wow, I just realized I am babbling away about everything and nothing here...I better stop now!

Menu for Thursday

Breakfast: coffee/cream, Chinese Pear,WW toasted pita/butter, 1 slice of cheddar cheese

Lunch:small bowl of stew (testing it for dinner!), dried fruit bar

Dinner: Stew, clementine for dessert

Evening snack: some pork rinds, salad/dressing, diet pepsi

Water: 3 litres

I ate too much fruit today I think. Isn't it 2 pieces of fruit a day? I forget now but remember that DEBELLI eats quite a bit of fruit. Please remind me someone.

DENISE- I get that low carb newsletter too! I also get Atkins stuff sent to me. I do find lots of what they say interesting and I think it is true for the most part. However, I do like eating SB way better because of the fruit and WW carbs. Thanks for all those recipes too. I copied them and will try some out.

ALEKA- You also did Atkins before didn't you? I forget who was the WW and who was the Atkins folks. In any case, low carbers certainly believe that the Food Pyramid is upside down and have made up their own that basically does that.

SEF-I made the stew with carrots and potatoes but basically scooped around them when I served myself and ate everything but the carrots and potatoes. With a family of 5 it was easier for me to do it this way since my Pastor hubby gets bags of potatoes and carrots from people in the congregation, we have to use them up!
I would love to see your version of Can't Believe We Made It if you have it handy. I thought it was so true and I would like to see another version too.

YELLOWROSE- What a nail polish name! Now is that a kind of pink or red?

TONI- Welcome back!! I missed reading that you were on vacation and was asking about you. JACK-K let me know you were on vacation. A 4.5 lb gain is not much at all for vacation, I am glad you enjoyed yourself. That will come off easily, just like JACK-K's. Infact, that is one reason it is so easy for me to fall off the wagon..those pounds gained always come off fast on me. It is the others that hang on like there is no tomorrow!!

That is it for me. Have a great Friday! Is the American Thanksgiving this week or next?!
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Happy Friday

It seems like it was a quick week. But I'm glad it is Friday.
We are going to the horse races tomorrow with DH's work. ANd then we are going to a friend's grandbaby's first birthday party. No cake for me though!

The scale was down 1 more today. Boy that was quick. Only 2 more to go to get to my low. Then on to goal. I think this gain has really helped me see that I need to stay OP for the holidays. I ordered a dress for the wedding in a size 10. I have to get in it.

Bob where are you? Are you traveling or is your baby there keeping you from us?

Vesnoid, I was so excited to see your post. Sorry your have been having so much trouble with your job, etc. Looks like your eating hasn't been too bad. Funny how we know where to come back to isn't it. Hope you can keep posting.

Deb, Hope that cold goes away soon and you start feeling better. This is not the time of year to be under the weather. To much to do.

Yellowrose, Don't you just love those crazy names OPI uses on their polish. One is weirder than the other. Glad you enjoyed the pedicure.

Sef, Sounds like you had a busy week. Enjoy yur weekend.

Aleka, I saw that story about the food pyramid too. They said breads (the bad kind-white flour) and pasta & other carbs are ont he top now where fats used to be. Your nuts and olive oil are on the bottom. Red meat was up there with the breads. Da, we SB knew that from the beginning.

Gracious don't worry about that scale. Let your clothes and how you feel guide you forawhile. OUr Thanksgiving is next Thursday. I'm in favor of switching ours to when you alls is. I would like more time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are so rushed, we can't enjoy it.

Off to get some work done.

See ya later.

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Jackie-What wedding are you going to? Denise is the one that got the fabulous invitation involving a private jet isn't she? I would love to be in a size 10. Maybe with SB I'll get there.
DO you all think the Atkins dieters are a little too much "I told you so" in your face? I agree with a lot of what they say, just don't like how they say it. Thanks for sending the newsletter Denise. I read it all. And thanks for all the recipes.
I had 2 sausage patties for breakfast. I'm trying to limit my starchy carbs.
Gracious-those sewing lessons sound like so much fun. I have a machine and don't know how to sew. Where were your lessons? Your mom will laugh when she opens her Christmas present haha.
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Default Popping in for a Quickie!

Yucky, grey day! Temps are supposed to drop during the day with a chance of snow. Yesterday was wonderful, around 50F. I went out and pruned my roses and stored the potted ones and the garden furniture for the winter. Got in a general yard clean up so we have lots of room to try to make an ice rink this year. Last year was not conducive to making/keeping ice as it alternated between "warm" and cold.

Had kind of a scary experience yesterday. I was driving past a schoolbus (it was going the opposite direction and also waiting at a light to make a turn) and I saw this teenager leaning out the window! He was totally out of the bus from the waist up. As I went by, he threw something at my car with all his might! I was afraid it would break the windshield. Fortunately it was only a piece of ice. I was kind of in shock. Didn't think till a couple of minutes later that I should have slammed on the brakes and had the bus driver call the police. I had seen Dr. Phil last week and how his SIL had been burned with acid from some idiot throwing it onto her car and I've heard of idiots throwing rocks from overpasses. All this went quickly thru my head as I saw this object coming toward the windshield. I was really thankful that I was ok and that I could keep my wits about me and not causing an accident myself. I can't imagine what the heck was going thru that kid's head. Obviously he had planned his actions cause he had to get that ice before getting on the bus.

I'm at a solid 166! The scale decided to go there for sure on Thursday (why does it always go down AFTER WIW ). I'm the same today. So now I'll be going down into "new low" territory!!! I'm really going to have to get serious about exercising tho. Even tho the scale says I'm smaller, my clothes don't feel any bigger! I have been walking more and even got on the elliptical, so at least that's a start.

Made a batch of DEB's HUMMUS and cut up some veggies and toasted some pita bread. Yummy snack. I had forgotten about the toasted pitas! I may have found an alternate to satisfy my "chip" craving.

I found this recipe on the back of the pita package. I think I read that some of you can get "President's Choice" stuff. They have SGWW oval pitas in a recloseable bag.

1 package WW oval pita
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
1 tsp chopped garlic
1/2 tsp dried oregano

Preheat oven to 375F. Cut each pita into 8 wedges. Mix together the olive oil, garlic and oregano. With a pastry brush, lightly brush te pita wedges with the oil mixture. Place pita wedges on a baking sheet and bake for 8 to 10 minutes.
I split the pita to give me 2 ovals and then cut it into little 2-bite pieces, brushed it with the oil mixture and lightly salted them, then baked. I only did one pita, so I stored the rest of the oil mixture in a tupperware container for future use.

Now, I have only quickly glanced thru the posts for the week, so sorry if I don't respond to everyone. I'm going by memory which isn't good at best of times.

DEBELLI--sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you get better real soon!

DARAMUS--Nice to see you back! Literally. Nice picture.

MONET--Take it easy. Rest as much as possible so you'll be up and about at Christmas.

JACKK--WTG on losing those holiday pounds so quickly.

GRACIOUS--Too funny with the 12 year old zipper project! I can totally relate. I opted to make my own wedding dress and the family had bets that I wouldn't finish it on time! My FIL owned a drycleaners for many years and did all the sewing alterations and repairs. He showed me a few "shortcuts". Thank goodness for that. Last month I was replacing a zipper in DS's winter jacket a 1/2 hour before we had to leave for school! Replacing the zip was much cheaper than buying a new jacket.

DENISE--Thanks for posting all those recipes! I've printed them all out and will have to try some!

WELCOME too all the new people on Board. This is a wonderful place full of friendship and support.

Ok, I have to get going. DH is home early today and I don't want him to think I've done nothing but sit at the computer all day
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Good Friday Morning Everyone

I'M BACCCCCK!!!!! I started a post last night and never got around to finishing it-sorry. BUT, this morning, this glorious morning I'm ready to tackle anything thrown at me and I'm ready to devot the entire morning to getting caught up with the board, so batten down the hatches, there's lots of reading from here on

YIPEEE!! I actually got in my exercise this morning! Boy, did it feel good. Okay, it was a bit tiring, but damn did it feel great to get back out there AND not only that, do my 4.5 miles in a decent tome of 51:55, better than I thought I would do when I went.

I'm still a bit sick, but lots better than I have been. Not walking and feeling as I did was not making me feel good in so many ways, almost like a domino effect, making me feel like I was being pulled down a deep hole.

My eating sucked too, I won't lie to you, well, most days it sucked, there were a few good ones in there, but it's like one step forward and 4 steps backs with me and that too was not giving me a good mental outlook. I am so sick and tired of this playing around, making excuses, finding excuses, and feeling along the way the pounds piling on me. I KNOW it's not only not good for me but it's not what I want either, so why do I do this to myself? I think this past week I've looked at things in a way I haven't done in a long time and I'm more than ready to get back on the right track and batten down the hatches and be totally commited to this WOE as I have been in the past. I know for me the first 3 days are the hardest for me to get through and lately, I've only been able to get 2 days, if that, under my belt. Not this time-this time it's going to be smooth sailing, it has to be, I'm the only one who can make this happen. I have to make this commitment to myself, no one else, to get back on track and get these pounds that I've gained (how much I don't know) til I get back down to my cushion, where is where I'll be happy, not only with the scale saying this, but with myself and what I know I can accomplish once again.

I have to think of this more as a learning experience than a setback. This is a temporary setback, not a permanent one. Each time I go through an experience like this I do learn something, maybe about myself, maybe about this WOE, as long as I learn something it's not all that tragic and maybe I'll come out a better person, or have a better understanding of ME. For instance, remember I mentioned how ELI says I'm no fun because I won't eat off plan? Well, when I do, I do it for him, but in the interm, I'm not liking what it does to me. THEN what happens is, he's had whatever and can leave it at that, whereas with me, I keep eating junk, and more junk and keep going like the Energizer Bunny and he sees that and tells me to stop. I go so overboard! I can't allow this to happen anymore.

I thought I was able to say I had been an emotional eater but wasn't any more, but what I think has happened is, when something new is thrown at me that I haven't had to deal with before or in a personal way I'm finding that I'm drawn to wanting my "fix" to calm me down, as I had so many years before SB (like my entire life!). There's so many things going on now that I've never had to deal with before, like the kids Dad not having a job and wondering what's going to happen with not only the money he has to give me, but the health insurance that won't exsist after the first of the year. Like ELI saying yes to a Xmas party in 3 weeks at a place that's ridiculously expensive that all the SB's people are going to go to and that I don't want to go to. It's not that I'm anti-social, I just can't see spending THAT kind of money for a meal that I probably won't even eat! THAT pisses me off to no end and I can't enjoy myself. Being sick didn't help my mindset either, sick and tired, tired and sick-not to mention not sleeping well at all. Not having the energy to exercise put a damper on my thinking as well. And then, the eating off plan was just the icing on the cake. I took what appeared to be the easy way out and just consoled myself in junk food, which didn't make me feel better at all and only compounded another problem to the ones I have.

Anyhow, geez, I really don't mean to be so down, but heck, if I don't tell you guys, there's no one else who would truly understand what I'm saying. So yesterday, I once again had a talk with myself, but this time, I truly believe I listened to myself. Reading some of our old MM thoughts really has helped me, more than anyone can imagine. Feeling better than I have in the past week has helped too, and I think eating all that crap the way I have and feeling the effects of all of it may have helped me get back on the right track. I have the feeling as I did when I started SB over 2 1/2 years ago, that has to say something!

I've also decided that come Thanksgiving, I won't be eating the cookies Lauren is going to make, or anything else that is NOT SB Legal. It's not like she can't or won't make them again and there is going to be other SB LEGAL stuff there that is a healthier alternative. This is going to be my 3rd Thanksgiving on SB and the last 2 I was perfect and I'll do the same again this year!

So with this, I shall not bore you any more-just know that I mean this wholeheartedly that with every ounce of my being that I have all intentions to be back on track 100% not only with my eating, but with exercising and the right positive support I should be giving you all on the board

I have to jump in and give some replies, otherwise I know I won't get any in before I have to go!!!

MONET, what happened with the lady and the bracelet? Did she contact you back and tell you if you could order, or bid on one? I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm eager to see the quality of it.

JACKK, glad to hear you had a good time on your cruise. I thought I had sent you my phone number, please forgive me for that oversight! Thank goodness you weren't on that Holland cruise, or the Big Red Boat! Over 500 people have gotten really sick from a virus! Sorry to hear about the tragic death in the family. It's sad to think ones life is so bad that they think there is no other option. Sorry, I didn't see your message about Publix earlier, nothing there worth buying that you can't get elsewhere. BUT, there is a HFS they have their that I go to the one down here called NUTRITIONSMART that has lots of good stuff and if she's near there maybe she could stop there-if you see this and can reach her-e-mail me if you need any info!

HEART, pretzels can be legal, depending on what they're made with. The SNYDERS OAT BRAN pretzels are, so are the Vitaspelt pretzels as well as the Fresh Market Sourdough pretzels. Never heard of a pasta made with wheat germ. Is the semolina WW? That is a lot of carbs for pasta, does it have any fiber listed? It's good to post a menu from time-to-time. Remember, what one person eats doesn't mean you're pigging out, you could actually still not be eating enough for you! Can't make comparisons. Do be careful with the cheese-too much is not good, esp. if it's full fat cheese.

GLORY, I'm sure you'll get those pounds back off, just as certain as I am that I'll get mine off.

SOL, you're putting me to shame this week-and I love it! Gosh, how I miss those upbeat posts of yours! I totally forgot about my promise and I will keep that promise and we'll definitely have a luncheon at your house that Friday morning, for sure. I can't wait to see the new pad and the new fur baby!!!!! Her pic is adorable!!!!

ROSE, glad to hear you're continuing to do better. I'm sure your family will be more than understanding about the holiday. I'm sure they are more thankful about having you with them this holiday season with knowing the alternative of what could of been a very tragic outcome to the accident. I too am shopping more on the net-easier and quicker and it sure beats going out in the crowds! I buy the Cabots 75% at BJ'S (like Sams) and I think it's only $4.59 a pound, or something like that. You may want to contact them to see who sells it, if anyone, in your area in the big bars.

LIN, I too wonder how I can function on the little sleep I've had too, it wasn't helpful at all. I think my body is now adapting to my waking up in the middle of the night which isn't good and I have to find my way out of this and get back in to my regular sleeping habits. Ideas for traveling, as long as your have a cooler, you can pack just about anything, so it should be easy, everyone has ice!!! It really shouldn't be hard to find stuff to eat once you are there. When I travel I take Fiber One or yogurt for breakfast, I take slices of SB legal bread, pouches of tuna, small containers of mayo (you could even use a cleaned out film container to hold it), really, not hard to do at all If you want to make a SB LEGAL DESSERT, just look at the recipe boards, otherwise, you can't go wrong with the right fruits!

GRACIOUS, glad you liked the Asian pears, they are wonderful as you've found out. Great fiber too! Do you think it's good for your body to go from one WOE to another all the time? I know when I eat off plan and go back on plan my body must be wondering what the heck I'm doing to it! I know this WOE works and I just have to be patient for the results-you also know this and as much as you want to get to that actual goal weight number on the scale, know it will come, it just may take a little time, but at least you'll do it the right way Your menu looked pretty good, though it seems you could use more calcium, unless you take a supplement. Any ideas on how many calories you take in?

CHERYL, are you feeling better? Hope you didn't come down with anything like I had!

SEF, liked that MM! I think as we get older we tend to find people needing less sleep. BUT then again, I see those who don't sleep much having to take naps, or nodding off in the day. When I'd stay at my Grandparents cottage in the summer, my GM would be clanking pans at 5am in the morning-it's like she didn't ever sleep and sure didn't want anyone else to either!!!!

DENISE, sorry to hear about your ticket, not something you want and surely don't need to start your day out like that. ELI'S gotten his ticket dismissed too, though it took a whole year! Speeding through the Mickosukee Village! Glad to hear that Amber has seen the light and wants to get back on track. I had no idea that all the kids are eligible for the scholarship if they have that GPA-WOW, maybe Lauren will get one too!!! Cool beans about your bosses wedding and being invited! Will you be home tonight? Will give you a buzz-let me know via e-mail if you are. Don't want to bother you at work, nothing that can't wait.

BOB, remind me to send you one of these free things to download, it cleans up all the >>> you get in your posts. I'll remind ELI about the stainless coffee things for you. Let me know if there's anything else!

DARAMUS, was glad to see you back on the board, and at chat on Tuesday. You're back on track I'm glad to see. Guess I can take my foot our of your arse now, can't I?? Great pic! Thanks for posting it!

ALEKA, WTG, you did great this week, 10lbs gone. Hope to be saying that again one day soon!

ROBIN, don't worry about that pound you gained, it's not fat. There's many times you will gain without doing anything wrong. Just be patient and continue to stay on track and whatever you've gained will mysteriously disappear as it appeared. There's so many things that can cause fluctuations in our weight-lucky women we are!

VES, glad to see your post! I'm thrilled to have you back and can't wait to see you in Orlando in January!!!!

Well, it's already 10:30pm and I've been typing for 2 hours now and yet, I haven't said all I wanted to say or replied to everyone, but I have to get something to eat, jump in the shower and go searching for some books for the kids for school, stop at the HFS, go to Publix (grocery) to buy the supplies for the foods I'm making for Thanksgiving (don't want to go near the store if I don't have to next week when it's a flippin zoo!) and a few other odds and ends.

If I missed anyone, know it's not intentional-I love you all I'll be on the ball from this post on, as best as I can.

I'll check in later. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Thumbs down Friday morning

Is it Friday yet?

I'm working on some clean-up business from the elections, but other than that today is going to be for me. At 12:30 I'm getting an hour massage from a local spa. I was given a gift certificate for my birthday and I'm cashing it in today! Tonight I'm getting together with my scrapbooking groups for a crop session. We spread out on big tables at the church and work from 7 until about midnight. We try to get together every other Friday--it's fun!

Eating is so-so. I do ok and then I don't. My jeans are getting tight again, so it is time to get serious.

Next Friday is my SIL and mine's marathon shopping day. I will walk many many mall miles that day!

The board has been busy this week--I can't talk to everyone but will try to get back in the swing tomorrow.

Vesnoid--it's good to see you back on the board!

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I know, it's not MM, but I found these 3 motivational messages in my e-mail from SLEFHELPFORHER and thought I'd pass them along. I particularly like the second one the best:

Insightful quotes:

Act on your life by seizing control of your life. And this
applies even when it seems like you are always running into the
same difficult people or situations. Because once you understand
how things are, or how someone is going to act or why they behave
a certain way, you can then figure out the best way to respond.
You can decide what you are going to do about a situation and you
can decide how you are going to respond to a person's negative
behavior. To put it another way, going with the flow doesn't
have to mean giving up control of your life. Rather, let it mean
that you are open to discovering the flow so that you can better
direct your life.

Goals can take a long time because on the journey from dream to
reality, there is a lot of hard work and heart required. Sure,
you may want to give up when things are tough but dig deeper and
keep on believing in yourself and your dream. That is, build
your success stamina. The key is to remind yourself constantly
that you are worthy of your goal and that you are worthy of
happiness. Too often we give up too soon because we think we
lack the ability to overcome our goal obstacles. If you are
feeling this way, you must make a sincere effort to redouble your
efforts. In short, it is when you are feeling the lowest, that
you should believe in yourself and in your dreams the most. This
is what will make the difference between your success and

How often do you give up on an idea because you don't think that
it will work? Because you don't think that you'll be able to pull
it off? This first thought is the first step towards your goal.
And if you habitually think that you cannot then you are taking a
step backwards from your success. You are giving up before you
have even attempted to begin. Therefore, your first step towards
any goal should be a positive attitude and a firm belief in your
success. Just because you will be the first don't let yourself be
frightened out of starting on your dream. Just because it hasn't
been done quite this way before doesn't mean that you shouldn't
go for it either. Rather, think, "why not?" Think, "why not me?"
Let your imagination and spirit soar. Free yourself to be
creative and to be fearless in your endeavors. Be brave and
follow your instincts and you will be amazed at the heights you
will reach.
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I just got an e-mail from FROG and she just told me she won't be coming for the WDW Marathon in January! This means that I'm the only one running!!! I sorta feel all alone. I was the last to sign up and now I'm the only one doing it. I guess I'll just have to be brave and do it. At least I know that I'll have the best cheering squad to keep me going.

Hey, I thought about having a custom shirt made up to run in-any ideas of what to put????

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Good morning all; Finally got unpacked and am doing some laundry from my trip... Seems like all I've done since getting back is running. Did get some groceries yesterday. I think DH ate everything in the house. I'm back OP and going strong...

Denise- Didn't do any sking. Just enjoyed my brother being 50!!! Did go to the Bronco statium and around Coors Field. And a wonderful antique shop.

Jack-K- Hope your cruise was wonderful. Boy you are going to town on losing those vacation lbs. Its great to get back on the wagon after getting off. I feel so much better. Will wait till Sunday or Monday and get back on the treadmill...Still resting up.

Vesnoid- Oh my gosh its great to see you posting again. Sounds like your life has been going full speed ahead. Now gal stick around. Looks like you've done great with SB.....

Aleka- Howdy lady. Thanks for the article. I'll have to go read it. Its about time they started thinking right on the eating thing isn't it....

Sef- Sounds like you're going full speed ahead. This week is really flying by....

Gracious- I know this sounds dumb but how do you toast pita bread? I'd like to try it.... Thanks for the welcome back. Its great to be home and back OP. Isn't it hard when that scale isn't going down... Wow a sewing class. I think I took one years ago and was so awful I had to drop out.

linworthlady-Howdy there I must of been on vacation when you came on board. Anyway a big welcome from me..

Zanne- A great big congrads on the weight!!! Good going!! How scarey about the bus incident... My gosh I would have peed my pants...

Daramus- Hey guy glad to see you back and posting...

Debilli- Howdy, sounds like you've been under the weather while I've been gone... Hope you're feeling allot better now. Can't wait to get on the exercise board again.

Well guess I'd better finish getting ready to go to a friends house. Have a great day!

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Good Friday to all

This is going to be a good SB day if it kills me. Boy do I Love these Smilies they are so cute.

Ok enough of that, I just have a few min. I must go to Mom's today as it's her Bday, So I'll go and let her tell me what a rotten Daughter I am and how I never do anything right and It'll be my gift to her. Hope she likes it.

Well enough of that. I'm on program today and am staying on it.

Deb: Gee I'm thrilled your feeling so much better, But don't be so down on yourself, You've done great and you'll continue cause we all have this great support system. Your all great and I appreciate each and everyone of you. I understand about Eli wanting you to eat with him, Kyle does that to me sometimes although he appreciated it, that I've taken some weight off, like how did that happen. Wake up by not Eating with him. You go girl

Jackie: In case you haven guessed by now I have a rebelous side and I rebel against planning anything, If I have to plan then I won't do it cause then it's a must, and I don't like doing what I have to. You'd thing by 53 I'd just get over it, But it's the one thing I hang onto. So no Menu planning for this girl, Even tho in secret I know it's a good thing to do. Thanks for the try.

Denise: Thanks for the Smilie info I love them. I also liked your recipes so I wanted to share one with you.

Candied Sweet Potatoes:

take 5 boiled Sweet Potatoes Slice in half the long way then place in oblong pan with a little melted butter, add SF brown sugar, and drizzle a little SF mapel syrup over them. Bake for 20mins on 350 there great.

Well gotta run to mom's so I'm off have a good one Love to all Glory
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Angry Friday!

Hello Everyone!

"Too often we give up too soon because we think we
lack the ability to overcome our goal obstacles. If you are
feeling this way, you must make a sincere effort to redouble your
efforts. In short, it is when you are feeling the lowest, that
you should believe in yourself and in your dreams the most. This
is what will make the difference between your success and

Well Debbie, I was reading the above paragraph that you sent and I do feel like giving up! I'm back up to 165!!!

I do feel that I lack the ability to lose ANY weight and I am very frustrated at this point. It could be just prior to TOM right now, I'm not sure. That's what I'm hoping. Eventhough last weekend, I ate 1 piece of lasagna, very little white rice, and those 2 corn tortillas at Ole Ole, I thought I made up for it by eating no starchy carbs on Mon and Tues...I guess that's not good enough. It guess it could be worse. I did the Firm workout again last night and when I looked in the mirror all I could see was someone fat who will never reach their ideal weight. I was so depressed.

I'm am trying to believe in myself and in my dreams because I AM at my lowest right now. Blah, blah, blah, I could go on forever....

Debbie, lets get together this weekend so that we can commisserate together, however I will only be a bad influence on you...No, I will try and be good, darn it!! I will e-mail you soon.
and don't forget, you are not running alone, my Mom is running it too!! My Mom's nickname is: "Super Runner" and you gave me a great idea to make her a custom shirt with that on it! According to your avatar, your shirt could say: "Super Running Chick". She went to some thrift stores over in Naples the other day and got some cheap clothes to throw off during her run. She said that if it's cold, then you have to wear layers and throw them off as you run. Glad you are feeling better physically, now we can try and work on your mental state as well as mine!

Glory: Thanks for your recipe for the sweet potato! Looks really yummy. Glad to see you are working the smilies now with no problem. They are fun to use!

Toni: You must have a lot of catching up to do. Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation!

Susan: Hear you getting a massage. You will love it. I got my license in massage a few years ago. I just do it for family and friends now. Not enough money in it, but a professional massage can definitely be good for the soul.

Zanne: I bet that was a hair raising experience for you. Kids can be sooooo stupid!!

Thanks for the Pita chip recipe. Looks really yummy! and hope you see some sunshine soon!

Linworthlady: I'm going to be cutting my starchy carbs too. I just can't seem to lose unless I do that EVERYDAY..

Jackie: Congrats again on being down another pound!!
So how do you do it? Limit portion size immensely or do you cut your starchy carbs completely? Inquiring minds want to know..
Have fun at the horse races tomorrow and win lots of money!

Yellowrose: Kinky in Helsinki. I like that!
Sounds like you saw one of those "good for the soul" movies...It's always nice to get out once in a while especially in your condition. Hope you are doing well.

Vesnoid: Hi and welcome back! I look forward to getting to know you.

Shirley: No, I didn't think you were trying to make a criminal out of me. I didn't want you to think I was a criminal.
There are no simple traffic tickets nowadays at least in Florida...

Gracious: Have a nice time vegging out tonight. Sometimes we need that time, just for ourselves...

Take care and I hope everyone has a safe and joyous weekend!
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DEBELLI- In our grocery store here they carry ASIAN (yellow/brownish) pears and CHINESE (pale yellow ) pears. They look kind of the same but the ASIANS are twice the size. They both are a rounder version of a BARLETT pear, ie: not pear shaped. I am now wondering what the difference is besides size. I pay $1.29 lb for CHINESE and noticed that the ASIAN are $2.49 lb. Remember this is CANADA where everything is more expensive so those prices will be different from yours. However, do you have both types? I am just wanting to know which I should be eating , if one is better SB wise than the other. I don't think I can break down and pay $2.49 lb for some blooming pears no matter what nationality they are!

I know what you mean about switching around so much. I am wanting to stick to SB from here on in. Having said that though, when I switch around I think it is better to at least do that than to fall off the wagon. However, I tend to fall off the wagon after doing extreme things for too long so I guess I am no further ahead in the end. Bizarre the way we are, isn't it?!

Regarding calcium, I take supplements galore so I am covered there. I do eat a bit of cheese and sometimes have yogurt but they were out of the legal kind at the store this week.

JACK-K- It is true what you say about feeling and size. I am fitting into some previously really tight jeans and am looking pretty darn good if I don't say so myself! I will hang in.

TONI- Had to quit sewing class?! Ahh well, we each have our merits and I know you are great at other things! Regarding the toasting of pita bread. I simply cut mine in half because it is about 8" diameter then place it in my toaster. I toast it like I would regular bread. You can't leave it too long or it gets really crunchy. I let it get nice and warm and only slightly toasted and then take it out. You can leave it long if you want a fast version of pita chips that someone else mentioned earlier, then cut it with clean kitchen scissors or break into small bite size pieces.

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