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Default Tuesday

New day and so much to do! I had a good SB day yesterday and really enjoyed eating my fruit and I think I did pretty well considering there is slim pickings in the house right now. I am going to post my menu because it has been a long time since I have truly followed SB properly. Comments are welcome. On a good note, I am down 2 lbs from yesterday mornings weigh in so that is encouraging! Immediate results...we all gotta love that!

Breakfast: coffee with cream, chinese pear

Lunch: 1/2 WW pita with tuna made with a bit of mayo

Dinner: 2 baked chicken legs, peas & carrots, 2/3 cup brown basmati rice ( more than I should have but it is so yummy) and a piece of left over roast beef from Sunday's dinner.

Evening Snack: 1 apple, diet pepsi

Water: I was low on water cause I was so busy sewing and I don't like having drinks near my patterns and material but I managed to get in 2.5 litres ( 10 cups)

SOLSHINE-Eating no carbs is crazy but I tend to do crazy things when trying to lose weight. I should know better but I still do it. SB is the best though and I always revert back to it. That car accident was an older man not watching and he went straight through the red light..meanwhile I was turning left on an advance green...just silliness but we were thankful that the kids weren't hurt!

CHERYLCO- Here is to hoping you don't succumb to that illness. Being sick is just terrible and that is usually when we appreciate our health the most! I am with you on those antibiotics and yeast infections. Whenever I take them I get a yeast infection too and I do everything possible to try and avoid them because of it. Nasty things, those yeast infections.

FILLISE- Glad things are settled down for you now politically. Now you and Miss Belle can enjoy each other more!

MONET- Your mexican food sounds yummy. I love making and eating tacos at home, the problem is portion control when I eat it!

BOB- A bit *nipple* or a bit *nippy*? I don't know about my talents but I sure do love to learn new things all the time.

HEARTMOM- Great pics, thanks for posting them.

JACK-K- You are 164 now with that 10 lbs gain? That is still awesome! I didn't realize you had gotten down to 154 before you left. That is my goal weight so I am surprised I missed seeing that. I am sure it will be a quick loss for you. A few days on plan and you will see a few pounds loss immediately!

MUSICTEACH- Hop back on the wagon girl!

TRISHALOO- Sounds like a great birthday party for 11 year old boys! Better at the arena than in your house!

Okay, I am off to finish those pajamas up. I had cut it all out yesterday and managed to make the pj's bottoms. Today I will make the top and it will be done! The thing about me getting into this sewing is that the other things around the house seem to suffer. I have to learn to manage my time so everything gets done and I can still sew. Ciao.
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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

A very quick quickie just to say good morning and to tell you all that I will be working on a post later as I lounge my tired and sick butt out on the couch. Still sick, which sucks!

A reminder:


Here's the link to the chat room that Suzanne made for us last week. Just tested it out and easy to get in there, just remember, it takes a minute or so to load, so be patient.

Later guys!

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If anyone is looking for a unique t-shirt idea for Xmas, I found a site that will customize a T-shirt really inexpensively. I've been looking for a DRAMA QUEEN T-SHIRT for Lauren and only found 1 site with having one that I liked, but may think about making one up from this other site:

Thought it seemed pretty reasonable-any thoughts?

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Default Tuesday Morning...

I slept ok once I went to bed. My system has decided it does not like Mexican I guess...or maybe just in that quantity!

I tried to sleep in, but I just can't do that! I wake up at 7, (would be 6, but I have been sick since the time changed! ) and I just can't go back to sleep.

I have a doctor's appointment today..and I am anxious to see what he says. I am hoping he will shorten the remaining three weeks of his original orders, but knowing him, he won't!

GRACIOUS: Want to make me some jammies too? I have been spending so much time in mine, I am sick of them! I need a new pair...something fun. Just make sure they are flannel!

FILLISE: Have a good trip! Glad the election if finally settled, and you have a governor!

SOL: Why work when you can read the board?

LIN: When I first started SB, I ate whatever I needed to keep from being hungry, but that was on program. Don't worry...three starches a day is not bad. After you get used to SB, if you are not losing, then you can tweek it! Don't you love triscuits? I love the rye ones!

JACK: Good for you staying on program!

CHERYL: I saw where you said you had a sore throat and are tired....I sure hope I didn't give you mono! Feel better!

MUSIC: I have weekends like that all the time! I feel exhausted, but it seems nothing got done! Hop on the wagon! See all the hands reaching out to help pull you up?

Here is my little friend, to wave his magic wand and make everyone lose a pound by tomorrow morning!
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Height: 5'6"


Happy Tuesday Gang

I am happy to report that I am back on track 100% and lost 3 of those nasty 10 lbs today. Hopefully the rest will drop off as quickly.

On a more sad note, we received a phone call late last night from my DH's SIL (which we haven't heard from in 15 years), that his brother had committed suicide. He had led a sad life, an alcoholic, hasn't worked in 20 years, terrible marriage, etc. Even though my DH and he had not spoken in 15 years it is still his brother and last living relative. So this will be a very awkward situation. We have to go over there tonight. My stomach is already upset from thinking about it. But I will go with him as support.

On to catch up:

Heartmom. The pics are precious. I love your beautiful red hair. You are so pretty.

Bob, give us the recipe for that soup. DH said last nite he wants to make some. The last time, my base didn't taste right. What do you use?

Linworth, It's better to eat more carbs than something illegal if you are hungry.

Monet, I hate that feeling. I had it for a whole week . I'm glad I'm back to eating normal.

Fillise, I made SB maragritas. They were great. I used lime juice, crystal light (not diluted very much) and tequilla. Pretty tasty. The next time I added frozen strawberries. Even better. Have a great trip.

Cherylco, Hope you are feeling better. Stock up on some oj and vitamin c. Maybe that will keep it at bay.

Solshine, I didn't "see" anyone on the nude beach that needed to be nude.

Gracious, Your menu looks good except you probably should be eating more. Add some salad or veggies. Your breakfast wouldn't hold me long. No, I was at 174 after my 10 lb gain, but I'm not posting that. I wish I had gotten down to 154. One day though. Today is better I have lost 3 of the 10.

Monet, Good luck at the Dr's today. I hope he gives you a little leeway (sp).

Have a great day, be back later.

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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Deb or any other Florida Gals

My friend is coming to Tampa on Friday and said she would bring me some things from Publix. What do they have that I can get?
Do they carry Nature's Own ww buns? How about a ww english muffin? any ideas.


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Height: 5'8"


Jack-K thanks for the compliment!

Are pretzels legal? And I bought some whole wheat blend elbow macaroni that is made of semolina, whole wheat, and wheat germ. I tried it last week with my spaghetti, and it's really good- so is it legal? It has a lot of carbs-42 grams- but under 3 grams sugar. A serving is 1/2 cup dry.

When everyone posts their menus, I feel like such a piggy! I eat a good bit compared to some of you! For breakfast I had 2 oranges and sf yogurt. For lunch I plan on having a good sized salad with Ranch dressing and a bowl of leftover beans/peas mixed. Supper will be spaghetti and salad. One thing that I think has held me up is that I'm a cheese addict! I quit buying chocolate and started buying cheese,lol.
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I missed MM. Here's my food for thought:

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

When you say, "I love you", mean it.

When you say, "I'm sorry", look the person in the eye.

Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

Believe in love at first sight.

Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who
don't have dreams don't have much.

Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt
but it's the only way to live life completely.

In disagreements, fight fairly. Please No name calling.

Don't judge people by their relatives.

Talk slowly but think quickly.

When someone asks you a question you don't want
to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"

Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

Remember the three R's:
Respect for self;
Respect for others;
Responsibility for all your actions.

Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

Spend some time alone.


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MONET- I have only to put the buttons on my son's pj's and they look really good. They are infact flannel...with little space bears on them and stars and moons that glow in the dark! Somehow I think you would want a different print on the flannel.

JACK-K- Normally I would have more veggies and salad but I don't have much in the house now so I was going with what I have. Can't wait til I can go shopping for some good food! Way to go on that 3 will be back to 164 before know it. Sorry to hear about your brother in law. It will certainly be awkward but it is so good of you to go and support your hubby.

SEF- Good MM!

HEARTMOM- Don't feel like a piggy..see my comment to Jack-K about my food supply. I would eat more if I had it on hand!!
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HiedieHo All!!

MONET: I adore Scrabble. Where did you get the computer version? Is it a special game disc? I love words, that's why I likle Crossword puzzles too. I don't like the books of them that have "EASY" in the title! Keep resting!

LIN: Welcome! Don't look at it as giving up starches! We still have those! Brown rice, sweet potatoes, WW or durum semolina pasta, stoneground sugar free WW bread and rolls, certain cereals. When you read the list you realize how much starches (within reason) we can have.

DEB: Hope you are feeling better. Bracelet is pretty. Join the club! I am not a big sleeper. Never seem to need more than 6 hours, but do better when I get them and I often don't. My intentions are good when my head hits the pillow as I think I am tired. An hour later I am up and prowling!

JACKK: Welcome back to the REAL WORLD! Condolences on your BIL's demise.

YELLOWROSE: Hope you progress rapidly with your healing.

BETH: Sorry you have been feeling so miserable! Good thoughts going your way!

Well, I have procratinated enough! I have the HFH minutes to do, really don't feel like it but if I let them go too long I forget my shorthand scribbles taken during the meeting. Sooooooooo

Take care all.

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Here was my post for Monday. (I accidentally put it on last weeks board therefore probably noone saw it!) I'M STILL NEW!!! SO BEAR WITH ME!

Hi Everyone!
Hi all, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

This morning I rec'd a ticket for running a stop sign.
For the record, I am not guilty. Now, it was a rolling stop and I did not run it. (This stop sign is situated where there is no intersection or traffic either) It's hard to explain, but I did not truly run a real stop sign...You really have to believe me!

Therefore, I spent $75 first thing this am and I didn't even go shopping! (I have to pay $75 to my attorney in Broward and he gets my tickets dismissed with no points or anything on my license. There is also no record of it, therefore, my car insurance does not increase either. He just goes to court and takes care of it for me. So this am, I've been faxing the ticket and my credit card info/forms to him) Oh well, that's life...

Amber continued with her attitude over the weekend. Hope she sees the light soon. Gary's relatives were still down from Buffalo this weekend, therefore lots of food around again. I didn't do so well this past weekend. (Amber didn't go since she refused to dress appropriately) Who knows what will happen during the holidays with her!! I had lasagna (illegal pasta) on Saturday, but I did not eat any of the cheesecake and bluberry cake they had out. On Sunday, I had (2) guwumpkies(stuffed cabbage), there was illegal rice in it, but I again did NOT have the chocolate fudge cake, etc. for dessert. This is like the first time that I have had any illegal food since starting this...OH, and I went to Ole Ole and forgot my SGWW tortillas, so I ate the corn tortillas anyway. I had a bad weekend. Then Sunday night I ate SF icecream!!! GEESH!!! Oh well, I'm back on track today, eating very little carbs today and tomorrow to off set it...

Gary got my bike and my glider put together so I have lots of exercising options now...I love the glider, it's fun and something to do when I just want to watch TV and get some exercise in!!

Bob: e-mailed those recipe books to you. Hope you got them finally! I LOVE THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS! You are sooo lucky! I try to get up there every couple of years to the Asheville, NC and Boone, NC areas... Congrats on losing another pound! Loved the muslim joke. Sorry to hear you are also having trouble sleeping! You, Shirley and Debbie could start your own club!

Aleka: You're lucky to have the snow. Send some down here! Sounds like you got some nice things x-mas shopping and nice bargains.

Gracious: Thanks for your support re: my daughter. It is a very trying time for me and I will try to keep on loving her through it all...

Beth: What is this hamster fiasco about? Sorry you're up 3 lbs. Hope it comes right off for you!

Shirley: Your wildlife tour sounded exciting. Loved the estrogen jokes. Computer games are fun, but can be addicting at least for me! Try and get some sleep...

Wendy: Sending you warm wishes on your new job. You will do well!! Just stay confident and everything will fall into place. Thanks for all your encouragement re: Amber. If you can go through all that you did and come out with good grades, Amber surely can! Sorry you had to go through such a rough childhood.

Monet: You have a teenage daughter that cleans! That's amazing. You should write a book! Pls let me know what your secret is. Glad to hear that you got out of the house just for a little while. It's good to get some fresh air when you are sick. Don't worry, your dream will come true one of these days!

Debbie: Sorry to hear that Lauren's sick and that you may be coming down with it. Don't exercise, just take it easy. I love the T-shirt for Eli. Very funny! Thank you too for all your kind words re: Amber. It's a tough time and like you said, she' s got to want it and there is only so much that I can do...It's amazing that I finally broke that plateau, I just hope that I didn't gain it all back. I will find out on Friday.

Laurie: Your picture of your son looks adorable!

Glory: Welcome back. I'm fairly new. I can relate to the trying times of teens. I'm sorry that she has those allergies too. That's got to be hard to incorporate into a teens daily life. Hang in there!

Okay, going to go back to work. Take care and talk to you all soon.
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Angry Tuesday

Hi again!

This is my post for Tuesday:

(I apologize again for posting my Monday post on last week's board!

Yesterday and today has been good sugarbuster days. I'm eating low carb and no starchy carbs right now to make up for my indiscretions on Sat and Sunday and I'm feeling better already.

Well, it's supposed to be back up in the 70's today. These cold fronts don't last very long. I had a lot of posts to read since I was looking at last weeks board and wondering where everyone was.

Glad to find you all here!

Anyway, not much else going on.

Shirley: In response to your post, I have only had 1 ticket in the past 5 years. This attorney handles tickets for a flat fee of $75 no matter what the ticket costs. He goes to court for you and has it dismissed without points on the license. This is why I use him, so that I don't have to go to driving school and/or get points on my license. Most tickets cost more then $75 so it is well worth it to me. All I had to do was fax over a form to him and pay by credit card and it's all over with for me within about 15 minutes. Convenience is great, ain't it? By the way, I loved your MM quotes!!

Lin: Welcome to our board! You will love it here. Don't worry about eating too many starchy carbs for the first week or two. Your focus right now is to just stay legal. Once you've got that down, then you can cut your portions down. It's also okay to eat eggs.

Debbie: The bracelet is VERY cute. I'm sure she will love it. If you want to meet on Sat or Sunday, just call me at work 305-891-0050 ext. 2262 if you want to set up a time at Ole Ole. I am anxious to meet you too! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Susan: Sorry to hear about your friend in the church and then happy to hear of the new birth! The circle of life is truly amazing and a miracle in itself. Glad to hear that your election is finally over and you have a new Governor! It's fun to celebrate isn't it?

Laurie: Boogie is SOOOOOO cute! Ashley is too! You are very lucky to have such cute kids as I'm sure you know. Thank you for sharing all those adorable pictures with us. I love cheese too and eat quite a bit of it now that I don't eat chocolate. I don't think there is a legal pretzel out there. As far as the pasta, if it's high in fiber and it doesn't say "enriched" in the ingredients it's probably okay to eat. Fort he record: My portions are bigger then what people post too!!

Beth: Hope you are feeling better soon! Are you a dispatcher? I used to dispatch for Division of Forestry and for the Florida Highway Patrol a few years ago...It's hard when you lose your voice and you have to take all those drugs to clear your sinuses and allergies. That stuff must be the sleepiest medication out there!


It sounds like you had a nice cruise and lots of good food. Most of that will be water weight, so don't fret! It sounds as if you stayed on plan pretty good. I'm very proud of you. We want you to post pictures!!! Publix does not have any legal pastas or breads. (I do buy Pepperidge Farm 100% SGWW bread at Publix) I shop at Whole Foods for tortillas and pasta.

I was deeply saddened to hear of your husband's brother's death. It's good that you are there to comfort your husband. If you need ANYTHING, please let me know. I am here for you....

Solshine: Cute picture of your dearest and most loyal friend!!

Hi to Bob, Trish, Tina, Monet, Glory, Aleka and anyone else I might of forgotten!

Have a wonderful day and:









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Today, I am going for my second outing in a month. This last weekend I went to Sherman (about an hour’s drive
away from Dallas) to visit my mother. I was very happy to see her and she was glad to see that I would be okay.
Phone calls do not always convince people. I am being picked up by a friend and we are going to a review. This
will be the first time I have been this long without my brace, so, we will see how that goes. I hate to take the Pain
killer because it makes me a little ditzy. Also, I don't want to fall asleep in the middle of the woman's talk.

Linworthlady: Thank you for the encouragement on the weight loss. I have been holding steady for some time
now but I guess in the scheme of things, especially right now, I am happy with where I am. When we are in North
Carolina, we live in the mountains near Brevard which is about 30+ minutes from Asheville. Do you know where
that is?

Jack-K: Hi! Yes, I was in a head on collision Oct. 19th. The other driver, for some unknown reason was driving
on our side of the highway. My husband was driving and while he was bruise badly, he did not have any broken
bones. A dear friend of mine in the back seat had to have surgery for a split diaphragm. I have a broken collar
bone and some broken ribs and a strange leg problem that keeps me from walking correctly. We will all be okay
and we feel lucky that things were not worse. The insurance people are dragging this out and this is making us
crazy, however. Oh, the margaritas made with Crystal Light lime juice sounds like a very good idea. I think I will
try that.

Gracious: I went back to find out what tests I was referring to and couldn’t find anything. I had taken notes while
I read and must have gotten confused. How embarrassing! This is how rumors get started. Sorry, I guess we can
chalk this up to the pain medicine. I an okay about my husband’s driving but I don’t trust the rest of the people on
the road. You can tell that they have not been in an accident recently or they wouldn’t drive the way they do. I
think they forget that their life depends on it.

Monet: Too bad we are not closer....we could veg together. (Read, watch TV and play cards.) Sorry to hear about
this complication in your life and I hope you will feel much better soon. Yes, I am beginning to feel like I need to
get around more myself. They say it will be 3 to 4 months before this collar bone is completely healed.

BOB: I think hurdles, as well as basketball, football and even soccer will be out for awhile. Everyday is a little
better though.

Fillise: I always feel so mean when I have to take up the food and water the night before a trip but we have had
such good luck with the “Girls” not getting sick that I continue to do it. They have always been fine. I will be
watching to see how the trip went for you.

SolShine: Thank you for your kind words. I, also, wish for an uneventful trip. I will let you know how it went
when we return after Thanksgiving.

HeartMom: Cheese has also been my down fall but I found a Cabots 50% Light that I get at Sam’s that is very
good. I feel like I am keeping the fat down that way. Cabot’s also makes a 75% Light but it is almost $9 a pound
whereas the 50% I can get for $3.50 a pound.
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Hi All: It's a crisp day here in the pacific NW and no rain in site. thank God. Well I was going to post but DH just called and said he was ready to be picked up at work so I must run. Will be sure to post tomorrow.

Thanks for the Welcome backs, And yes BOB I'm really sticking around this time.

Love ya all Glory
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Default Howdy ya'll!

I know it's not recipe day but I got this in the email today and it sounds great for the holidays...


Makes about a loaf pan full. Tastes like ocean spray! 1 bag cranberries (1lb -approx. 2 1/2 cups) 1 1/2 cups water 1/2 cup Splenda
1 pkg. s/f lemon Jell-O
1 pkg. s/f orange Jell-O
1/2 cup cold water

Bring cranberries and water to a slow boil and cook for 10 minutes or until the cranberries burst and the liquid starts getting kind of thick. Use a potato masher and mash the cranberries in the pan. Add the Splenda and 2 boxes Jell-O and mix well. Add in the 1/2 cup cold water, stir well, and pour into a loaf pan (or whatever you have). Cover and chill until set firmly about 4 hours. Slice to serve. (I prefer to use 2 boxes of orange sugar-free Jell-O, but any combination will work fine.) Jenita from Missouri

All is going well in my world. Just busy.

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