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Old 11-18-2002, 02:32 PM   #16  
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LINWORTHLADY: I hope it is ok to eat an egg everyday! I usually eat two or three! I have read it is not the cholesterol you eat, but what you make that makes your cholesterol high. I use only organic, or cage free hen eggs. Like Egglands Best. The Omega 6 fatty acids are lower in them, and the Omega 3's are they are much healthier.

YELLOW: I was diagnosed with Mono and in the hospital for two days 3 weeks ago. They told me then I had to totally veg for six weeks. I have three more weeks to go, and it was fun at first, but I am beginning to feel bored! A ruptured spleen is a complication they worry about with mono, which is why they said six weeks. I am cheating just a bit on that, but ! Don't tell BOB!

JACK: Good to have you back! You were missed! Those ten pounds are probably mostly water and will drop off fast I bet! Especially with all that walking!

FILLISE: Out in the weather? I was out, but my husband is such a jailer! He wouldn't let me walk from the car to the door anywhere we went! He had to drop me off then park. I did manage to walk to the car in the parking lot but we had to argue a bit about it. I don't want to end up weak after all this rest! I am sure the walking did not hurt me. Don't you think? Give Miss Belle a pet from me.

SOL: Your puppy is awfully cute!

GLORY: Good to have you back!

ALEKA: Glad you still have power! We had a tornado here a few years back and were without power for five days! No fun! And that was in spring! It was cool tho, and we had to use the gas log fireplaces to keep warm! Stay snug!

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Arrow Hiya...

I feel like crap. My allergies are going crazy and my sinuses are all stopped up and I seem to have lost my voice... UGH. I hate this time of year. I get to go to work tonight and hope the officers can hear my sign language over the radio

Fillise - I really really really wanna see you tomorrow evening, but if I'm not doing any better, I won't be able to wake up...LOL. I'm not contagious... it's all allergies, but I'm on antihistamines that make me soooooo sleepy. Maybe I'll sleep it all off today and tomorrow

OK... confession... I ate pizza last night for dinner cause I was too icky and tired to get out of bed and fix anything, and that's what everyone else was having... so they brought me some. Just 2 slices though... then I went back to sleep.
I can't taste anything cause my nose is stuffy... so I told them they could eat the pizza and I'd just eat the box... everything that goes in my mouth tastes like cardboard anyway

Well... I'm going back to bed... Gotta get all this antihistamine outta my system before going to work the Midnight-8am shift!! Can't be falling asleep on the job, tho I'm not quite sure they'll know the difference tonite since I can barely speak anyway..LOL!!

See Y'all Later!!!
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Old 11-18-2002, 03:50 PM   #18  
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Default Boy is it a Monday or what!

Well, our football teams had a crummy week-end. Our High School football team lost on Friday night and the Horns lost on Saturday! In both cases, I think the defenses just forgot to show up. It was awful! At least the Longhorn basketball team played on Friday also and from what I hear, looked great.

My son's birthday is a week from today and have I planned anything? No, of course not. It has completely snuck up on me and I'm not the least bit excited about spending 2 hours with a bunch of 11 year old boys. Finally called the local ice skating rink and begged for a spot. Ya hoo, all we have to do is send out the invites and show up. They do everything else. It's a little pricey, but this year will be worth it.

We went to dinner Saturday night and I ate pretty good, but drank wayyyy too much wine. Don't have any excuses, but I did enjoy myself.

We had to buy 2 new tires for Jordan's truck this week-end. He had a flat and the tire looked like someone had stuck a knife in the side of it. Worst part is it was sitting in our driveway all afternoon. I kidded his girlfriend and asked her if her old boyfriend was in town. She said he wouldn't have the nerve to try something like that.

Linworthlady - Welcome!! We're going to have to shorten that name, though. Can I just call you LW for short?

Jackie - Welcome back, girl! Don't look now, but those pina coladas might have been the problem, hmmm. Funny how we forget to count those as food!!! Sounds like you had a great time. I saw on a cruise board that a group from the Majesty of the Seas got stuck on the private island overnight due to weather. The tenders couldn't get back to the ship due to the swells. They ended up getting all their money back on their cruise plus a free 4 day cruise later on.

Glory - Welcome back!!

Lyn - Hope you're starting to feel better.

Music Teach - How did your football team do Friday night in the playoffs. We're done for the year. It's always sad that the last game has to be a loss when you're in the playoffs unless you go all the way.

BOB - What no movie reviews this week-end? Did you watch Survivor last week? I can't believe they got rid of the cutie cop from NYC.

Serene - Good luck with the new job!

Beth - Hope you're feeling better soon. Gosh those allergies are awful aren't they.

Monet - Get back to bed or I'm telling BOB.

I know I missed some of you. Everybody have a great rest of the day.

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Old 11-18-2002, 04:14 PM   #19  
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Hi y'all. Had a bad weekend eating wise and haven't done too well today. Had a hectic weekend, but didn't get anything accomplished. Can't figure that out.

TRISH: We lost too. It was close tho. 18-13. We didn't go to the game It was too windy and cold for the kids and the game didn't start till 8 p.m. Bummer about Jordan's tires. Does sound kind of strange.
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Old 11-18-2002, 04:23 PM   #20  
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Well I just couldn't stand it. I had to go back and scan all last weeks posts. I'm just so nosey.

So far so good today. Totally 100% OP. Threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot before I left this morning with a can of chicken soup. The old cupboard is totally bare. So at least I am prepared. Going to change clothes and head out for my walk. Back to the old routine. It feels so good.

Boy I am starving today. See what happens. Why can't I learn. Just hope I'm so busy tonite that I can keep from snacking. Not going to buy any sf ice cream or anything until I get this extra wt. off. See if I do that again.

See you gals tomorrow. Have a great night.

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Trying again..
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Okay, that was Ashley the Great Pumpkin- a little blurry, but better. Now I will attempt to redo the one of Monique, Jason, Boogie, and myself(red hair)...geez is won't work- okay let me try another..
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That one was okay- that was Boogie(hat) and Jason at the Children's Zoo inside of the Philly Zoo. This one will be of Boogie recovering in the hospital and giving his opinion of the food..
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Last time and then I give up!
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EVENING EVERY BUDDY!!!!'s just a bit nipple over here...I've had my heat on since last night..It was in the 40's this morning!

Is that better SUSAN????? You don't know what it does to a TENNESSEE FAN to day those words!!!!
Belle will do just fine with you on your trip...better bundle up, it will be FREEZING IN THOSE MOUNTAINS!!!!

JACKIE....NO SHOPPING IN ST THOMAS?????? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU GIRL!!! You were in the shopper capital of the world!
GLad you're back and so glad you had a good time! I'm betting that most of that weight gain is water weight! I swell up like a big TOAD every time I go...once I get back to my regular water and my OWN seasoning, it all goes away!

MONET....Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm watching!!!

TRISH...I don't know who I want to win now!! I guess I'll go for Jan...she's local, but I don't know how long she can last!

BETH...feel better...I know what you're going thru...

GRACIOUS...Is there no end to your talents????

LIN...WELCOME...I love Charleston...I can get lost shopping at the MARKET easier than anyone I know...

LYN...glad you're feeling better..just take it easy and don't jump any hurdles for a while!

Love the FUR BABY...can't wait to love a cuddle in person...

DEB...great bracelet...Lauren will love that..Did you see my message from yesterday to tell ELI???

I'm off to eat some VEGGIE SOUP turned out GREAT!!!
That's probably what I'll have tonight!

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Old 11-18-2002, 09:16 PM   #26  
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BOB- What kind of vegetable soup did you make? Is it a SB recipe? Are you originally from TN?--my dh is from Bristol.
You all can call me Lin if that won't get mixed up with Lyn. Linworthlady is just way too long.
I was starved and dragging at 3:00 today--not enough protein for lunch and breakfast. I made some tuna salad and had it with 7 triscuits. So I had Uncle Sam's, 1-2 oz WW spaghetti, and the triscuits all today. I think it is too many starchy carbs, but I was so hungry this afternoon.
Jackie-the chicken sounds good--I hate that starving feeling too. But it sounds like you are fightin it good.
Monet-thanks for your advice about the eggs. I'll have to look for Egglands.
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Monet feels like a beached whale tonight...I ate too much at dinner, and then it started talking back really bad... So I feel bloated, and gassy and all that miserable stuff. The dinner was good...Mexican meat in ww tortillas with lettuce, tomato, lite cheese, sour cream...and beans. Next time, will half my portions. Don't see how I can sleep feeling like this.

BOB: I was an angel today! Stayed in bed all day! Please don't growl at me! I did help my daughter bake a cake tonight, but when I found out she had not greased and floured the pan properly and the cake stuck, and I started grumbling under my breath, she sent me back to bed and said she could finish it herself. I think she is eating the one that stuck the worst and using the other one alone! Silly girl!

HEART: Great pix!

Ok...hubby is telling me it is time for bed! Nightie night everyone!

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Old 11-19-2002, 12:06 AM   #28  
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Thumbs down We have a Governor!!!!!!!

After 13 days finally the concession speech! The election is--at long last--OVER!

I went out and had margauritas to celebrate. We really need to come up with the SF version that that little drinky poo. Tequila is made from agave after all!

And to show you just really never EVER know. I told you about the death of one of our church members this morning. This afternoon, one of my good friends from church gave birth to a sweet baby girl. So the great circle of life continues--and there is a lot of comfort in that.

BOB--I appreciate the sacrifice! Keep repeating the mantra! Belle and I will not be in the mountains--we are headed for the beach! She will be fine once she gets used to the car.

Heartmom--cute pictures! I'm glad you posted them!

Beth--I hope you are feeling better. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon to see how you are doing!

Yellowrose--thanks for the travel tips. I thought I'd read somewhere about taking up the food and water before the trip. I'll certainly do that. Belle has a brand new crate--her favorite pad to go into the crate and some toys. I also have a travel litter box, so I think we are ready to go!

Linworthlady--welcome to the board! I love Charleston! And she-crab soup is SB legal! YUM! That's my favorite!

OK got to go to bed--long drive tomorrow.

nighty nite.

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Welcome to the board!
It is absolutely amazing how potatoes are a major part of every meal.
It does take some getting used to. I just replace the potato with a salad or veggie.
Once you get used to it it's great.

Something is trying real hard to get me the past few days. I have a sore throat and am tired. I dislike illness intensely *sigh*
Because I take pills to keep my immune system lowered, the second I sneeze funny I have to start antibiotics, which my stomach hates and usually causes a yeast infection :P

Welcome back!
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It's dark and early in O-town and I'm here early to get some work done, but what am I doing? Catching up with you all! I'll be quick…

FILLISE - I'm sorry to hear about your friend at church and glad to hear about your other friend's baby. How sweet! I think BOB has been rooting for the MSU Bulldawgs all season! Have fun on your trip! I hope you get to meet Beth!

ROSE - Ouch! A broken collar bone? My goodness. I am glad that you and your family are alright. I'm sure your husband will totally understand your being a little jumpy in the car. I hope that trip is uneventful for you.

LINWORTH - Beagles are the coolest! One of my friend's beagles is Baily Beagle and I think that's the cutest name. My wonderful hubby fixes my b'fast every morning and I have 4 egg whites (omelette, scrambled or fried), sometimes cheese, 1/3 cup oatmeal (long cook variety) and coffee. On the week-ends we throw some yolks in there or make legal French toast.

JACKIE - My parents went on a cruise very similar to yours and they, too, visited the nude beach. My mom's impression was that some people just didn't need to be going to nude beaches and those were the people at the beach the day they went.

GRACIOUS - I can't imagine not eating carbs. I mean, I love my protein, but I gotta have my carbs! Your car crash sounds horrible. I hate to see aggressive drivers on the road and stay as far away from them as possible.

BETH - My allergies are really bad right now too. I'm trying Clarinex this go round. At night I usually take an Actifed and that helps - at least, Vince says it does since he can't sleep when I'm snoring. I hope you stayed awake!

TRISHALOO - Stuck on a private island? That doesn't sound too bad to me - unless they didn't have shelter or accommodations. Amazing how those drinks add up, isn't it? They get me every time. I always hate the end of the season. You work so hard all year and it just seems anticlimactic. Now, this year, I can't wait for MSU's season to be over…

HEARTMOM - Good pictures! Thanks for sharing.

BOB - Bought some Wiley's seasoning this week-end. Will it work even if I don't have a pressure cooker? I KNOW - what's a southern woman doing without a pressure cooker?!? I've got the iron skillet - seasoned and all - bundt pan for sticky buns and wooden spoon for ice tea, but NO pressure cooker.

LIN - When I first started out I found it easier to concentrate on the things I could eat and not worry about portions. Once I got the hang of what's legal and what's not and what to substitute to not feel like I'm giving anything up THEN I started working on the portion control. If you're hungry all the time you might not be eating enough - really! I'd hate to see you get discouraged so early. This really is a great way of eating.

CHERYL - I hate them yeast infections. Last time I got antibiotics the Dr. went ahead and wrote a script for a one pill treatment for the infection we both knew I would get. Why do you take medicine to lower your immune system? I hope you're feeling better soon.
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