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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 2/4-2/10

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


The past is now officially over. You now have the opportunity to move away from every disappointment you have ever known and toward whatever future you decide to create for yourself.

Today you can take the best of what you have become and use it to make yourself and your world even better. Today you can put to use everything you have learned through the good times and the bad. The wisdom and experience you've spent a lifetime to build are yours to use in moving forward.

There is every reason to expect that today will be the best day yet. So expect it and live it. There's nothing to be gained from holding yourself back. There is every kind of joy, wonder, achievement and fulfillment to be experienced by moving enthusiastically forward.

The new, improved you is ready and waiting to get started. No matter what the circumstances may be, you can make this the best day ever. And it's yours to live this very moment.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Default Morning :D

Good Monday Morning everyone! I'm getting ready to go to work, thought I'd post.

Monday's are crazy for me... I work until 12:30, then my youngest son has gymnastics from 1-2, then I pick up my oldest at 2:30... I probably won't have time for lunch. I wondered if maybe those Carb Solutions bars or something would help me out on Mondays? I have to find something I can do on the run, that doens't require refrigeration. That is my Monday schedule at least until May, and I don't want to be hungry, because I'll be likely to binge when I get home at 3!

I need to find me some of the light Agave.... TV, do you use it? And if you do, where around here can I get it since we're only 10 miles apart..LOL! I guess if we can't get it around here, and you're interested... we could order some and split the shipping. I don't think I'm gonna need too much. I'm no Betty Crocker.

My husband has about passed out that I've cooked more than 3 times in the past 2 weeks!! LOL!!

Deb - I know what you mean about sales! I went to Kroger last night, and bought 8 packages of boneless chicken breast, at BOGOF, and 2 packages of pork chops the same, and 2 Round Roasts the same!!! I love getting free food! I did great and my freezer is full of meats now, so I can eat right! I make enough at night, that I can stick a container of leftovers in the fridge for me to eat when I get home at 1pm before I leave at 2pm to get the kids from school. (Last night I made the most YUMMY chicken, I posted about it on the Food For Thought board for this week... it was soooooooooooooooo Good!!!) Tonight I'm gonna try the Creamy Chicken Pockets that BOB posted on the recipe board, I have a LOT of chicken, so variety is going to be the key, and I have all the stuff to make it. (which is sometimes the bigger key!)

Well... I'm off to work... Tonight I'm walking whether I like it or not, even if it is only 30 degrees here...

Have a Wonderful day ladies and gents!! Remember when you put that food in your mouth this week, that the point of it is to make you healthy and thin! There isn't anything in the fridge or cabinets that is worth losing sight of your goal... and you CAN make it!!

Some of us have a longer way to go, but just think, with all this healthy stuff we're feeding ourselves now.... WHAT A JOURNEY!!!
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Hi all,
I don't post here often - but wanted to say hello and ask a question. We eat in Japanese restaurants quite a bit - and have not had the Udon soups since I wasn't sure if they are allowed. Does anyone here know if Udon noodles are SB legal??? They are made from buckwheat. Also, does anyone know the ratio of substituting Splenda for agave????
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Losing on the Beach
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Talking Good morning ladies!

Wow this board was busy last week!! That is AWSOME!
I was gonna poat then but there were som many conversations I didnt know where to start

Been doing good OP lately, I think all the recipes on this board are what is really my nitch in part of my success, You guys are great keeping this board moving like you do, I lurk alot and love to read and watch all the losses that happen on here, I hope to join you again in that area soon myself Just wanted to drop in and say all that Keep up the great work ladies, it is truly inspirational!!!!!
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"I'm working on it!"
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Default Morning All

Don't think I'll be able to catch up with last week's board! Sorry about that everyone. I didn't even have a chance to read it all, so I'm gonna start fresh here.

Well, I finished a whole week of BFL exercising! I'm liking the weights. I love the cardio. I'm actually stronger than I thought and have to increase the weights for some moves. I started with baby weights, 3-5-7-10, so I'll have to drop the 3 pounder and add a 15!

I am really struggling with having 6 minimeals a day. Sometimes I'm just not hungry and hate trying to shove food in. Actually one of my goals for the BFL 12 week challenge was to stick with the SB WOE and I think that suits me. So I'll do BFL exercises and SB eating. Whatever works to lose these inches!

DH is going on a weird evening shift for a wee bit. Going to screw up my schedule too Can't do too much noisy stuff (vacumming, having radio on while doing housework) in the day cause he'll be sleeping. But I should get some stuff done after DS goes to bed--he can sleep thru anything.

Here's to a new week! Let's make it a good one!
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HiedieHo All!!!

I think I have ended my relationahip with "john". Good thing as I have a busy day. Have regular doctor's appointment, then post office, drugstore, Wal*Mart, grocery and exercise. Not necessarily in that order!

Tomorrow I have the Bible Study group here. We usually serve desert and coffee/tea. DEB I am going to try your Blueberry Buckle!

Got a call from a local friend last night, she was checking to see why I wasn't in church, and she couldn't believe I hadn't watched the Super Bowl. I should have watched, she said, since the Patriots won. Being a Yankee she thought I'd be glad about that! She said I had no taste since I watched ice skating and a movie!!!! I was the only person she knew who didn't have "bowl fever!!" What can I tell you? I march to a different drummer!!

Catch y'all later. Take care. sef
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Hi y'all! Sorry I was MIA last week, things have been crazy here. It sounds like I missed a busy week! I'll have to go read through all the posts to see what's going on with everybody. I've been doing pretty good about staying OP, and hope to be down a few more pounds this week.

Does anybody know about Nature's Own bread? They make a SF WW bread, and a serving size is 2 slices. Does that mean I can count 2 slices as a starchy carb instead of just 1 slice?

I hope everybody has a great week!

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Good Monday Morning Everyone

WOW! What a week we had with posts on the board last week-I'm truly impressed with everyone's participation and enthusiasm-it sure helps keep our moral high and moving in the right direction!

Got my walk in early today since I didn't have to take the kids-my week to p/u. Thank goodness, we finally have a reprieve from the heat and humidity, at least for the next few days. Nothing in the way of cold, but a tad cooler. It was in the low 60's when I hit the pavement this morning-not too cold, not too hot-but just right. I was able to tie my 3rd best time for my 4.5 miles, did it in 44:56

Not happy with the scale this morning Got on there and it was 124.5 I'm hoping this is my spike before going down, but if it is, it sure is late in coming. BUT, last month this happened and right after the spike I had a 4 days right after that I lost 6lbs-so here's hoping-or more like praying!

I went to KMART to p/u the other pics from Orlando-idiots never got them on line, so ended up with a CD. Will try my best to get some of these on here, hate having them on CD, can't easily share them as if they were on line and may have to manipulate the size of them to get them to fit on the board-so please, be patient with me!

I have a lot of phone work to do this week, trying to get volunteers for a telephone tree for a meeting next Tuesday night-getting parent volunteers is harder than pulling my own teeth it seems, esp. for high school students.

Hey, if anyone is having a hard time getting in their fiber, just a little tip-an ounce of Fiber One and 6 ounces of raspberries gives you a whopping 25 grams of fiber. When choosing foods, esp. fruits, I try to choose those higher in fiber.

REMINDER: If you haven't had a chance to post your BIO on the latest BIO BOARD please do so when you have a chance-THANKS!

BETH, your lunch time dilema is really not a dilema at all. I would nix the idea of those carb bars. Since you KNOW this is a Monday ritual for a while, you can easily plan in advance. Get a small cooler/lunch bag with a cold pack you keep in the freezer and put some yogurt, or cheese, or something you can keep cold in there and just take it with you. Want hot food, then buy one of those Alladin insulated jars that will keep foods hot for hours. Only when you are in an emergency and can't find ANYTHING better would I suggest the carb bars, but you can always find something. Take some fruit, pb&j, gosh, there's lots of things!!! LOL, my family would run out if I tried to cook for them 3 times a week-they hate my cooking-but then again, most of the time, so do I! Sounds like you got some great bargains at Krogers!!!!

BOB, your SWEETIE must of been thinkin about you-he brought home a bag of COLOMBIAN for you for me to bring you next month!

SUGAR, I believe that the buckwheat noodles are indeed okay on SB. Haven't a clue the ratios between Splenda and Agave since one is powder, in small quantity and the other liquid and using a larger quantity. Sorry I can't answer this one better.

CHRISTIAN, nice to see your post and looking forward to seeing you on our boards more often

ZANNE, congrats on all the exercise you got in last week. Personally, I have NO PROBLEM eating mini-meals, it seems I eat all day long and rarely find myself to be hungry-guess that's about the only thing I'd like about BFL!

SEF, boy, you do have a busy agenda today! Let me know how you like the BLUEBERRY BUCKLE I bought some blueberries last night with the thought of making one as well-but then I'm thinking about it with the knowledge that I know I will be eating way too much of it. It's good when you have to make something and you know you'll be taking it for others to eat, unlike me, where it tends to sit at home, which with me around, isn't long!

HAM, I buy the Nature's Own SGWW SF Bread. The serving size says 1 slice on my bag, not 2. Personally, I take a slice and a really good serated knife and split it in half to make 2 slices out of one. BUT, if you want to eat 2 slices, I would say that it would probably be considered as 2 starchy carbs. A serving of bread is equal to 1 ounce and that's just about what a slice is of the bread.

Well, I'm going to finish eating my early lunch. Made a tuna melt on pita bread-yummy!!!

I'll check in with you all later.

Have a a great week!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

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OK... I posted this question a while back, but didn't get an answer. I was looking for some WW tortillas, and pita bread... and when I read the labels of what my grocery store had... they had MORE carb grams than the white tortillas. What's up with that?

I got off work early today, so a salad will be lunch...

I haven't been able to bring myself to eat any legal bread. I bought a loaf of the Natures Own SFWW, and I can't eat it. I'm afriad to for some reason. Who knows.

I'm also having a hard time with easy side dishes for dinner. I'm afraid of WW pasta too... LOL. I make a meat, and a veggie... but I always feel like that isn't enough. Any ideas?
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Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only
of standing still.

Many of us are dissatisfied with our progress.
Our mind is clear and we're in touch with our
feelings. We have friends to talk to and useful
things to do. Why, then, are we so unhappy at
times? We look at others growing confident
and prosperous. Why not us?

Our growth rate is not up to us. Maybe we
have more character defects to overcome.
Maybe God has special things for us to learn,
and it's taking time. Slow progress means
we're learning our lessons well. And any
progress is better than none. In fact, when we
make no progress, we don't stand still—we
slip backward. As long as we're in touch with
God and sharing our love with others, we're
advancing. And, according to God's schedule,
we're on time.

I'm grateful to God that I'm growing, however
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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Had a pretty good weekend at work. Off today, so I slept in & as soon as I finish this post, got to get lunch/brunch & get ready to go meet with my sis for an appt at 3pm. My Mom, as some of you may remember, went into the Nursing Home last May because of Alzhemier's disease. She's still pretty much with it, but there are a few things that still have not been done, like Power of Attorney, so that we can take care of certain things for her when she will no longer be able to sign for herself. The doctor & attorney both feels she is still of sound mind, enough to do some important papers, so we are in the process of doing this now. We are 8 of us, 4 bothers & 4 of us girls, so this really needs to be done.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week. I may not be able to post most of the week, but will check in whenever I get a chance.

FROG, It's still too early for me to make a commitment as to the Oct. get-together, but I'd sure LOVE to come. Am talking to DH about it, so we'll see. Sure sounds like it would be a blast to get to meet with so many others on this board.

Beth2374, I use the Carb Solution Bars & the drinks too. Not on a regular basis, but on occasions exactly as you describe your Monday routine. I find that they hold me up, keep me from eating & craving other things that may be tempting to me at the time. The are the perfect solution for grab & run times when I just can't come up with anything else, so I always carry one in my work bag & keep a couple on hand incase. Side dishes, gee, there are so many choice. Sweet potatoes, cooked Kashi, bown rice, black bean salad, veggies, & more veggies! LOL

Christian Hi, Glad to hear things are going well for you. I'm afraid I don't post nearly as much as I'd like to these days either, but love to check in whenever I can. I like your saying [b"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"[/b] That is sooooo true. I find myself saying no to things more since I've gotten thinner cause it feels so good.

Debbie, I too when I read your note about my spelling. I spelled it like it sounded to me... My desired weight range is to be closer to 130 than to 135, so that's what I'm aiming for. I'd like to never see 135 again! Even people that see me everyday are now asking have you been sick? They are not too sure cause the loss is really showing now. When I take my "size large" lab coat off at work, the are noticing that my "size small" uniforms are getting too big. I Love it!

Zanne I feel the same way about not being able to catch up with last weeks post! But hey, we don't have to. That's why Debbie says to post when we can. I'm glad today is Monday & we can start over again. Sounds like you're doing great with the weights! Congrats.

SEF,You'll love the Blueberry Buckle. It's always a big hit when I make it. Bought some fresh cranberries the other day & plan to try it with those. Thanks again for the email. Really enjoyed reading it.

Hamsm Sounds like you're doing great, keep up the good work. I hardly ever eat bread of any kind these days, just seem to have lost my desire for it.

IDBLOND, Loved the post on growing slowly. Soooooo true. Hope you're feeling better after your most recent work.

See ya'll!
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Good morning all!

I’m trying to fight the PMS blues today – You all that have had a hyster. – will this still happen after??? Not having TOM is definitely a HUGE PLUS! If the mood swings/high emotional days go away too then I can’t get this scheduled soon enough!! I go for the consultation on the 12th – 1 week from tomorrow.

Beth – I got some Agave awhile back and haven’t used it – I’m no Betty Crocker either!! I got them to order it at Herb’N Life, a health food store in the little shopping center at the corner of Slaughter and Hwy 72. They had to order it for me, but I think they ordered a couple extras (they are small bottles). You could call them to see if they still have it – their # is 722-9198. I also have been meaning to go to a place called Food for Life on N.Parkway. They advertise to be “N. AL’s largest and most complete health food store”.
AND - the pita bread - you have to look really close at the ingredients. There is one that is perfectly legal called Toufayan (not sure if I spelled it right) in the wheat form, of course. I get it at Food World, Brunos or Winn Dixie. Not sure why those would have more carbs than white ones, but remember, we aren't really cutting carbs, but only eating the good ones. White or enriched flour products are bad ones - whole wheat/grains are the good ones! It really boils down to how quickly your body breaks it down and the more processed or refined it is, the quicker your body turns it to sugar!! The "whole" things take longer to be broken down. I personally would love it if I could stay away from the bread, alltogether - so I think that is good for you as long as you can stand it. Don't feel guilty as long as it is legal. You better put that bread in the fridge - It molds quickly if you don't! I've never tried those tortilla's you mentioned, seems all I can find have some illegal ingredients. I use the ww pita bread to make a taco pizza when we do mexican -- layer pita, refried beans, taco meat, cheese - heat - then add sour cream and/or salsa - yum, yum - don't need no tortilla!! That is my favorite SB legal meal, in fact, I think I'll have it tonight!! The ww pasta is pretty good, but I have trouble limiting portions with it so I very seldom use it.

Deb – I think Mom is realizing how hard this is becoming for the rest of the family. She has been asking me what everyone has said about it. I just told her that it appeared things were moving very fast and it is just difficult for the rest of us to cope with the possibility of another man being brought into the picture. I also asked her what his kids thought, and they aren’t saying much either, so I’m pretty sure they are fighting the same internal battle as we are.

Sef - soooo glad you are feeling better today!

Gotta run for now – I am eating lunch and typing at the same time – Lunch = small bowl of pinto beans and a big granny smith apple and water. So far, so good today (I was very bad again this weekend).

See you all later,
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Beth--Mondays are crazy for me too. I volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center until 1 pm. Then home for chores, and then to workout at 3. Then off at 4:30 to pick up my daughter for dinner and a class we both go to. I get home at 9:30, exhausted. I still have to read the new lesson from the class, and get to bed around 11 with my brain still whirling.

SEF--I didn't watch the game either. My shoulder was hurting me so bad (I think I have a pinched nerve) that I went to bed. I made an appt. to get my shoulder looked at, and will prob. have a cortisone shot to relieve any swelling of the nerve. But I couldn't get an appt. for 2 months. So I'll have to deal with the pain for that time.

Frog--I don't think I will be able to make it to the October get together in NC. We do a ton of travelling in the fall, and are gone almost every weekend up to Thanksgiving. I'll be there in spirit, though.

Gotta go get ready for workout. And still have a few chores to get the house in order.
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