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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 3/4-3/10

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


Everyone who has ever accomplished anything started out with what they had and worked their way toward what they wanted. What you already have is enough to get you started toward whatever you desire to achieve.

Right this moment you have what it takes to get started. There's no need to wait any longer. In fact, waiting will only make the goal that much more distant.

You can use what you have to get whatever you want. It will take time and it will take effort. It will require you to step outside your comfortable cocoon of inaction, and to take some bold steps. You have what it takes to do that, though. If you're willing, the path is waiting for you to travel. The starting point is where you are.

You have everything you need to take the first step. Don't wait any longer. Stop piling up worthless excuses. Now is your big opportunity. Now you have all you need. Take that first step, and keep on going until you've made it happen.

-- Ralph Marston
Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Talking Happy Monday Morning!!

Greetings to all on this new day. TOM struck during the night and sadly I weighed in with 1/2 pound more. Of course I am not worried but no one ever *likes* to see the scale go up! I was feeling a little odd and didn't realize he was coming so at least I know why now!

I am having a great visit with my parents and we plan on taking the kids skating. I haven't been in my skates since before I had all the kids! This oughta be good At least I am skinnier and won't look as awkward as I would have a few years ago....but less padding if I fall down!

Monet posted a good question on the last page of the old support board and I am going to quote her here for your convenience. I would really like to see the answers to these questions as well. Here it goes:

Monet said:

"How low does everyone here keep their fat intake? Does it effect weight loss a great deal, and which fats do you eat? On Schwartzbein, which is similar to SB, she recommends eating olive oil and butter, but no trans fats, or altered fats. I try not to eat added fat much, but I am struggling to keep my fat intake at about 30%. I sure would appreciate some ideas and tricks you more experienced SBers can share on this subject.

I have heard that Campbells cream soups are ok on SB. Is this true, or not?

I would surely appreciate any advice on maximizing weight loss. I have such a hard time losing , and I have my daughter's wedding in 3 months...I would like to lose something by then..

Thanks for any help...."

Back to being gracious I would also like to know the correlation between fat intake and weight loss. After being on Atkins 4 months and being accustomed to eating so much of it, I am wondering if the SB'ers cut back on it they lose, or if they actually notice a difference when they have been too heavy on the fat.

Someone was asking about getting enough protein without adding too much fat. For lunches I buy the good quality lunch meats, either roast beef or ham..they have a low fat, low carb because they don't have added sugar or starches and good protein. Perhaps subsituting that kind of protein would help.

Monet-Rosalie told me about Primo Lentil Soup. It is SB legal and tastes pretty good considering! Habitant also makes Pea Soup that is legal. I spent a lot of time in the soup section reading labels and very few are available without added starches. Curiously, I didn't look at the Campbells. measuring didn't give me any good news on Saturday either. Now that TOM struck though, I am hoping that is the reason. Oh well....keep on, keeping on plan!

My parents brought all kinds of treats with them from other family members too. My Aunt sent a box of 100 chocolate bars, a case of chips, doritos and cheezies. Bags of cookies and a few cases of bubble gum. Obviously they had the kids in mind, but I know you can all sympathize with having this kind of stuff in the house and watching others eating it. I was nearly tempted to eat a chocolate bar and have a cookie yesterday. I was in the kitchen alone and I can't believe how loud they were calling my name! I looked at the nutritional values for them and just said NO WAY! It is just not worth it. You take it, eat it and enjoy for just a minute and then the guilt strikes. You know you have blown the day and it would have been my first cheat since being on SB. I popped a Sorbee's SF Fruit Chew in my mouth and went on my merry way! Victory was mine!! hehe
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I have to make this quick since the kids have not left for school yet - and the last 10 minutes before they leave is spent finding shoes, bookbags and instruments - ahhh, the joys of motherhood

I have mentioned before that I have not managed figuring out all the technical stuff but do read labels. Had to laugh yesterday when my DS(12) let me know there were 46grams of sugar in his Pepsi and my young son (7) then looked up his label and found 50 grams in his orange soda. Maybe there is hope for the younger generations.

TOM has struck here as well - broke down and ate 2 RS Pecan Delights - lets just say I won't do that again - spent the evening in the bathroom.

My DH emailed me from his ship yesterday and he has lost 12 pounds which is great since he is forced to eat whatever the ship serves. He said he's trying to pick and chose but some of the other guys are looking at him funny.

Gotta go help the kiddies - I'll check back later
have a great day everyone
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Default Campbell's Cream Soups

The scale was my friend this morning; 125 woohoo!!!

I bought a can of cream of mushroom for a recipe I'm making this week. I didn't even look at the fat free because I assumed it would be worse as far as sugar.

Ingredients: water, mushrooms, wheat flour, veg oil, cream. Also les than 2% of various other things, including cornstarch and modified food starch. Sugar grams were 1 per serving or about 2.5 for the whole can. And if course keep in mind the can will be spread out over at least 4 servings, maybe more.

On the other topic; I tend to be able to go over on fat and still lose. A lot of what I have read indicates that fat causes absolutely no insulin reaction, so as long as you aren't eating it in combination with heavy carbs it's okay. I never did Atkins' style fat but I will admit that one of the problems I had with the Zone (which is also 30/30/40) was the tiny amounts of even healthy fats that were allowed.

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Good Morning Once Again

Just got in from my jog/walk-was able to get in my 4.5 miles in 46:39, the times are getting slower as the heat comes back. Eli told me it was going to be 55 degrees this morning, NOT, it was 74 and humid-but we are getting a cold front as the day goes on, so 74 is actually our high today, and it's suppose to go to 55 later on.

The B/M party was not the usual FRED & SARA extravagant affair they usually do. They rented this huge place called BERMUDA BAR which is where Honey (yes, that's their daughters real name) wanted it. Usually they do elegant affairs, this was more laid back, but still costing a huge penny (drop in the bucket for them). The food, well, there wasn't a heck of a lot I could eat. I had 3-4 of these little tuna salad dollops in filo dough, about 15 Spanikopita appetizers (which was most of my dinner)-both I KNEW were not SB LEGAL (the phyllo part), but I was HUNGRY, a piece of cheese, a strawberry, a little bit of Caesar salad and a small piece of meat-so I didn't do too bad. So, this kids B/M is over and we look forward to another one of her kids' next year (she has 8 kids, 4 down, 4 more to go).

Anyhow, my day is going to be busy-I have to go to Michael's school today to do some volunteer work for a few hours. This week is undoubtedly going to be VERY busy for me, trying to get things done before I leave on Friday, lots of running around to do with Eli tomorrow on his day off, buying stuff to bring up with me, need to get the car serviced tomorrow as well, trying to get in my Glamour Shots appt before the certificate expires on SATURDAY (always last minute), find BOB & I a hotel to stay at (see, told you I was last minute), baking and cooking Thursday night-geez, I feel like ROSALIE & SEF when I read all I have to do!!! I'm tired all ready!!!!

Scale is at 121 today-thought it would be a bit lower, but that number is just fine and dandy with me

FROG, CONGRATS on doing the 5K, I bet it was a piece of cake after the WDWM! Glad you got the frog links!

BOB, okay, spill the beans, what does a turnip do for the juices of a roast?? I'll be in touch later today, with some final stuff.

KIMMY, you are doing great-CONGRATS! You'll be hitting that first goal in no time. I think you will see the more you exercise, not only will you like it more, but you'll see results on the scale probably faster and that will make you like it even more as well.

LAMAP, hope things settle down for you and you are able to make it this weekend. It would be a shame if you missed this opportunity. When will you let us all know?

MONET, for the first 1 1/2 years I kept my intake of fat to 30%, the last 6 months I took it down a tad to 27.5% (did same with protein and used the extra 5% in carbs). I use olive oil, rarely butter, but do so over margarine. Of course, fats in other foods come into play as well. SB as well as the AMA says 10% or less of your caloric intake should be saturated fat, so keep that in mind. I do NOT buy anything with hydrogentated fats in it, at least I try not to, if I do, it's usually a mistake. You said you were struggling with keeping it around 30%. Is that struggling to eat more or less fat? Can't answer the soup question, I don't buy them-but I'm sure someone else will be able to do so.

GRACIOUS, sounds like you have a fun day planned today. Hey, that's not bad, gaining a 1/2lb for TOM hitting you-it will come back down quickly. I keep a journal of what happens during TOM and midcycle and at the beginning of SB it really helped me see that there is a sort of pattern with me and knowing this helped me not get discouraged when I'd see the scale go up when I was OP 100%, I knew it was hormonal. For me, to answer your FAT QUESTION, as you lose, your fat intake goes down as well, as does your calories, protein and carbs. I've had days that my fat grams have been through the roof and other days they were in range. The types of fats I do think have a lot to do with it was well. Not sure if this answered your question though, wasn't quite positive what you were asking. 100 chocolate bars??? Those kids are going to running on the ceilings with all that sugar

POOCH, that's wonderful the kids are aware of the fact of the sugar in their sodas. Now you can tell them, for every 4 grams of sugar they are eating an equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar. That should REALLY make them think. Hmmm, maybe DH should write a diet book with recipes that include ship food-sounds like a best seller to me-12 pounds, heck, can I get on that ship?? LOL!!!

SEMMENS, CONGRATS!! The soup sounds fine that you got, enjoy whatever you are making.

Well, I'm off to make myself something to eat-most likely a piece of toast and some fruit yogurt. Have to get in the shower, get gas and get off to Michael's school.

I will check in with you all later.

Hope you have a wonderful SB WEEK!!!

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Good morning everyone!

Good for you on your will power! It can be so hard, can't it! I have a really bad sweet tooth! Some find chips to be their made with sugar! Glad your visit is going well. How far away do your parents live?
I too was wondering about the fat thing...also being an ex-Atkins, it is hard to switch thinking.
I have never noticed a weight gain for me during TOM...but I don't loose either. Mine just ended and I am down a total of 5 pounds since I left Atkins...almost 2 weeks. My 10 are fitting great and so are some of my 8's...some of them

Oh my goodness!!! RS pecan absolute favorite!!! I could eat a box in one sitting....a big box. TOM is so hard! I really had not noticed it before I started this type of dieting.

Congrats on the scale!!! You are at my goal weight... Not sure what you goal is, but it is awesome to see the scale go down, isn't it!!

Have a nice day all!

In Him

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Thumbs up AARRGGH!

I just lost a long chatty post to everyone!! This is the first time it happened to me and I don't have time to re-type it.

Suffice it to say Belle is doing fine--she took her revenge by peeing on me in bed Friday night. I know she did it on purpose because she has always used her litter box and afterwards she just turned and looked at me cool as you pleae. So I was washing bed linens at midnight!

Frog--Friday night went well and I will see him again later this week. So far so good. I forgot what you wanted to know about the double dipping--I'm on a retainer for most clients and a alaary at the church so thankfully I don't often have to keep up with billable hours.

Have a good day everyone!

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Default I am back

Hey everyone and welcome to everyone that is new since my last post, which was about a month ago!

Anyway, I have been bumping along, trying to say on target and OP. I have been real bad lately! I have not weighed myself since Feb 4th I have not been to the GYMN since before then, and I have eaten way over the allowed sugar and CARBS! I am trying to get refocused, aint working!
I thought that I could handle not going cold turkey any more, but I am finding out that I must stay OP in full non of this "I will just have one bite of this french fry, and then I will not eat anymore today or this week." I found out the hared way, I cannot do it that way, I have to say NO to all of it!
I was feeling so sorry for myself, I hate not being able to eat the foods that I really enjoy, like potatos, and bread! I know that I can have sweet potatos, but they are not the same!

SO I was all weepy about that, cursing myself for allowing me to get so over weight, and just down right hating the whole situation. But today, I am feeling a little better about things and I know that I have to be good to get back to where I have to be! I can not afford to be this overweight the rest of my life! I must get back down to a healthy weight.

My 30th birthday is next FRIDAY, I think that is what realy has me down int he dumps and my mind just lets everything else pile up with it!

Anyway, enough of my whinning. I hope everyone has a great monday and a very "loser" week!


262/152/190(mini goal by AUG 13th)/125
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Just a quickie...someone sent this to me this morning and I wanted to share. I know a lot of you are looking for soup recipes.
Is over 10,000 enough????


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OK...let's try that again!!

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March 3rd (Sunday evening)
Hi, Thank you for the fine welcome.

Deb: Rose it is

Well, I am trying to stay away from those almonds that are calling to me. I feel that part of my stall of the last six
months (oh dear, has it been that long?) has been caused by my fat intake being too high. That and not exercising
like I should, probably. I stay on program but cheese and nuts have been hard for me to resist. I have and have
always had a difficult time with eating in the late afternoons. I have tried substituting “good for me” foods but this
seems to be my worst time of the day. I find I can never let my guard down. I decided to start selecting lower fat
cheese, not eating as much of it and holding the nuts way down to 1/2 ounce a day when I do have them. I am
thinking that being responsible to you on this board will strengthen my resolve.

DEB: On the pizza. I have a great recipe for SGWW pizza dough for using as a base Would this then make this
dish okay to have on occasion if the toppings are legal? We are having your famous Crustless Quiche for dinner. I
am trying it with fresh spinach this time, ( that’s just what I have here) so we will see. It looks and smells
wonderful. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

Sef: I really liked your statement about sisterhood.
Fruitloupe: I think continuing with the SB program and the board makes you dedicated. I thank
you for your warm welcome.
March 4th (Monday morning)
The quiche was indeed wonderful!

Because I need to restrict my calories to 1200 to 1400 a day, I am attempting to keep my fat to 40- 47g per day.
My daughter is on Weight Watchers and I find that when we are together and combine our eating patterns, I tend
to lose better. I am thinking that this is because of the lower fat. That is my approach right now, at least.
Something must change for me to lose this next ten pounds and this seems like the logical next step. What do you

Hope you all have a great day.
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Default Just another Manic Monday

Hello All!

This weekend was crazy, so I didn't post. I had a two day event : PIT FIRING. Basically, you dig a big hole in the ground, spread wood shavings and chemicals, then place your pots. You cover the pots with wood and cow dung and light the whole thing on fire. I participated with 4 pots and they came out lovely!

I had two outings this weekend, but eating was still good. The only problem is that my friends when they make dinner plans, they do the dinner at 9PM, which is really late for me.
With my pit firing group we had a pot lock, so I made a cheescake. I had to use splenda, because the Whole Foods is out of AGAVE (it's been 3 weeks now!), and I didn't like the taste too much. There were some girls who really liked it though, so I gave them the recipe.
My scale is up a couple of pounds, but I am not worried, since I was really hungry yesterday, and ate accordingly.

Does anyone know where I could get pickled turnips? Are turnips legal to eat? I languish for pickled turnips...sauerkraut is not at all the same...

ALL - I've been having these food nightmares. You guys need to tell me if any of you have the same experience. On Friday night, I dreamt about eating a bag of M&M, and woke up feeling all guilty. Then on Saturday night, I was dreaming about having a whole tray of muffins - and I remember freaking out because of how much weight gain that would have caused me. Imagine my relief when I woke up! Phew!

PRAVDA - I know it looks like a lot of people are cheating, but also, each one of us handles it differently. Like you said. You can't have even one potatoe, because that just sky-rockets into all sorts of forbidden things! I always check labels, even with breath mints. My motto is: If I am cheating, I want to know about it! You can see it from my post I am taking this thing kind of seriously. If you stay OP for 2 weeks straight, then it becomes habitual, and then before you know it, your hand won't even carry that bad stuff into your mouth anymore! I know you'll get plenty of support and motivation here. GO FOR IT!

DEB - Looks like a frantic time the way you describe it! I am glad it is fun for you. I know you mentioned you need a job, but, when would you have time to go to work? It seems to me your schedule is always full of activities! Oh, you asked me a carrot question and I haven't replied you yet. Yes. Carrots do add a taste to the soup, so does every single vegetable you cook. Especially green peppers, and also cauliflower has a strong aroma. Only spices serve solely the spice role, the rest of the cooking items all double on what purpose they have during the cooking process. E.G. - flour thickens, salt helps with getting water out of the veggies, onion tenderizes meat, and you mostly use tomatoes at the end of the cooking process, because they will slow down everything! Truly! I am sure there are cooking experts on this board, who know much more about this stuff, but as far as cooking chicken soup, I would really like to use a couple of carrots for the taste (if I cook it for my DBF, he wants a whole package!!!).

POOCH - Way to go with your kids! My students usually look at me funny when I talk about sugar, but some of them are starting to notice it. I second deb's comment - 12 lbs? Wow! And their menu is...?

GRACIOUS - Good luck with all those sweets being flaunted in your face! Perhaps your family could give you moral support and not eat them with you around? And so many sweets is probably not good for the kids anyway, I am sure. I am thinking about saying something about my DBF eating hershews in my presence. I can SMELL IT! Gracious, be strong!!!

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Default Quickie

Hi everybody- made it through another BFL free day staying SB legal, even at my nephew's 1st birthday party which was a ridiculous blow-out. I expect the poor kid to be having nighmares for the next month. 60 people, 6 dogs, umpteen kids, and a 3 dimensional Winnie the Pooh birthday cake which my sister in law decapitated on his high-chair tray and gave him the head!!!! I couldn't even watch.
Luckily, he's probably not old enough to remember having Pooh's headless body removed from in front of him, and those beady little icing eyes staring as he ground his sticky fists into the ears!

Beth- The pants are in the mail! Sorry about the box I used. It's gonna look like I'm sending you 4 Tuxedo Mousse Cakes! Don't know how that carton got in my basement!

gotta go to the gym,

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Hello all!

I never thought I'd say it and if any of you throw this up in my face at a later date, I will deny it firmly, but "Thank God it's Monday!". The weekend was crazy. We were up for 2 hours early Saturday morning when the power went off. A transformer blew somewhere in the vicinity of our house. I thought something on our house had blown up. Then we had to go get new glasses for DH and DS. DH nearly had a heart failure when the sales person asked if he wanted line bifocals or progressive lenses. The opthalmologist had left off this little detail; just told my husband he was changing the prescription a "little bit". A friend had a new baby so of course we had to visit them. All of this in addition to the usual weekend stuff. Whew. I'm tired.

Rose: Welcome. Glad to see more Texas folks. I live just outside of Austin in Pflugerville. You're from Arlington? DH's brother and his wife live in Grand Prairie. He's a canine cop for Grand Prairie. Stay out of trouble up there.

Are there any college basketball fans out there? It's almost tournament time and I just love it. My son's coach's brother plays for Mississippi State so if you have no allegiances, root for them.

Joe (DH) and I are contemplating joining a gym. I have to tell you that I find them extremely intimidating. For those of you that do go to a gym regularly, what did you look for before deciding on one? I've been walking 3-4 times per week, but I'd really like to start on some type of weight training.

Deb: I know exactly what you mean about the pantyhose. It's obvious that they were designed as a form of torture. Especially if you live in the South.

Gotta run now. Good thoughts and prayers to all.

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