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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 6/4-6/10

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JUNE 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

WANT TO POST YOUR WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS INFO and BE COUNTED in our weekly totals of pounds lost?? Go to the WEEKLY WEIGH IN BOARD BELOW to post your stats!

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY NOT NEW THREAD then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. Also, when the board gets to the 2nd & 3rd page, sometimes it may take a little longer for your message to appear, you can refresh your browser, or wait, but it will show up! If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.

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We have quite a few BIRTHDAY'S THIS MONTH to celebrate!!! They are:

MargaretA 6/5
Cheri45 6/12
Frog Lover 6/12
Tiggerme 6/22
Sparkle 6/25
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Angry NEW WEEK!!!!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

WOW! Finally, I was able to get on the board and get this weeks boards started. No one advised us about this upgrade in advance which is unusual, not to mentioned not too nice. Seems there are quite a few new things with the board, just haven't had the time to figure them all out as of yet!

Got in a short walk today, wasn't in the mood, so just did about 2.5 miles

This just wasn't my weekend, more like the weekend from ****! With everything that's transpired over the last few days, I had Lauren clog up her toilet, which caused water to spill into the hallway, (the same carped I just cleaned from my nieces spewing accident). Then trouble with the board!

Oh, the worst trouble of all, the scale is up again! I've come to the conclusion that this MUST be stress related-there is no way in the world I can be up 6lbs from my lowest weight, just no way! I was so good yesterday and stayed right OP and even walked. I truly believe it has to be from all the stress I've had-anyone care to throw out their ideas at me? Besides that, my stomach has been acting up and Eli is ready to put me out the door! I'm surprised the HAZMAT TEAM hasn't come to our house to see what that awful smell is coming from our home!!!

TODAY IS MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY! Here's my contribution:


Have your doubts become too comfortable? It's easier to doubt than it is to do. When you doubt that you can accomplish something, the doubt gives you a nice, comfortable place to hide, a reason for not making the effort.

Yet if you keep piling up one doubt on top of another, soon there's no room left for your dreams, your goals, your ambitions. When you seek refuge in the comfort of your doubts, you close yourself off from all the positive possibilities in your life. After a while even the comfort fades, as regret sets in -- regret for opportunities missed that will never come again.

If you fail to prove your doubts wrong, they will eventually prove themselves right. Don't allow that to happen. Get up, get going and make those doubts look foolish. As soon as you start to take action, the doubts begin to fade. The longer you remain committed to your goals, the weaker your doubts become.

Rather than seeking comfort in your doubts, build confidence in your actions.

-- Ralph Marston

I guess I will end this part of my post for now and go back to the weekends postings so I can go ahead and reply to you all. I'll continue this a bit later!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

SB since 3/22/00

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Happy Monday Morning

Hope everyone has a great new day and a great new start to their week.

Here is my motivational thought for the week:


Remember, it's not the problem that's the problem.
It's your attitude about the problem, now that's the problem!


Debbie: Your weight fluctuation can be alot of things and is probably the stress. Put the scale away! Eat OP! and then in maybe a week pull the scale out again. Right now you need to focus on eating right and healthy and feeling good. All of us who have struggled to get to goal have done the same thing...for some reason you get close and then your body says "nope" not right now and it goes up. Just hang in there and it will happen.

To Everyone Else: I will be gone for a couple of days but want you to know I am pulling for you. Rememeber "be happy"

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Default motivational monday

My contribution:

I fight a battle every day
Against discouragement and fear.
Some foe stands always in my way
The path ahead is never clear.

I must forever be on guard
Against the doubts that skulk along.
I get ahead by fighting hard.
But fighting keeps my spirit strong.

I hear the croakings of despair,
The dark predictions of the weak.
I find myself pursued by care,
No matter what the ends I seek.

My victories are small and few.
It matters not how hard I strive.
Each day the fight begins anew.
But fighting keeps my hopes alive.

My dreams are spoiled by circumstance.
My plans are wrecked by fate or luck.
Some hour, perhaps will bring my chance.
But that great hour has never struck.

My progress has been slow and hard.
I've had to climb and crawl and swim.
Fighting for every stubborn yard.
But I have kept in fighting trim.

I have to fight my doubts away
And be on guard against my fears.
The feeble croaking of dismay
Has been familiar through the years.

My dearest plans keep going wrong.
Events combine to thwart my will.
But fighting keeps my spirit strong
And I am undefeated still!"
--- S.E. Kiser
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Default ME AGAIN!

Here's my continuation of my post for this morning:

Spoke to Narda (BOB) on the phone last night, she's back from her trip and pooped. She'll be on the board later tonight. WELCOME HOME BOB!!!!!

GATOR, the % of carbs you should have should be about 40%. The info is on the TIPS & TOOLS BOARD. If you go less than 30% on your fats, you could up your carbs a little if you want. The breakfast sounds yummy, but I'd limit the fruits you top it with to just berries.

ICESKATE, thanks for letting me know that was an original quote-that should be posted on one of those websites that has great quotes! Again, thanks for sharing it with us!!!

QUILTER, so how did the hair-do's come out for you and Paul? Have you ever tried an ASIAN PEAR-they are delicious! I tried my first PASSION FRUIT the other day, quite interesting, but not much there. Not quite sure if it's SB legal or not, but they are so small. I love trying new and exotic fruits and veggies-I don't venture too much in trying funky meats though. The pan I use to make the sponge cake has a tube in the middle. I guess a bundt cake pan works the same-remember, I can't cook all that well, and these technical questions are way above my head!

SNOOKS, are you keeping a journal of what you eat. We'd be happy to look at a typical days menu if you want to post it on the board. If so, try to put amounts if you are able, it helps. If you are eating too much, or even too little, this could hamper your ability to lose. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can help remedy the problem How much cheese would you say you are eating on a typical day?

CHERI, CONGRATS!! Down again, WOO HOO! Keep up the great work, I'm rooting for you!!! Thanks for those nice words You all make this board so great!! So, being that you are a girl next week, any big plans???

NANCE, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! What a nice note I received from you on Saturday-just what I needed to lift my spirits-you are such an angel! Such a small gesture really meant a lot to me! I hope you and Dan can find the home of your dreams (one that you can afford). Hope to see you online later

SPARKLE, what you said is true, we have to look at the bigger picture of what we've accomplished over this past year. Even though the scale may not say what we want it to at this time, we have to look at all the other aspects of following this WOE. You too have a coming up-what are your plans. What's the latest with this guy you've been seeing?

BEACH, you ALWAYS know just what to say!!! Your words always have a special meaning to me and you don't know how much I appreciate your posts as well as your e-mails! Whereas others look up to me, I look up to you, which is nice. I want to be where you are and having you remind me that you are there makes it much easier during rough times-thanks again! I think after WIW I may try to put the scale away for a few days-though I am afraid I may have major withdrawls!!

AMSER, I hope things are better with your GM, and with you as well. Trust me, I know how stressful you are feeling right now and how it effects ones' eating. I really hope you that we can try to meet when you come down to the Keys-somehow, someway, we have to make a plan!!!

RHROO, hey, the scale is being good to you I see, which means you are being good to yourself!! CONGRATS!!

FROG, did you have any doubts that we love you on this board! If you did, you sure shouldn't have those doubts any more!!! BTW, I loved the pictures, your parents look pretty cool-your Dad looks like he could be a biker!

CATLOVER, thanks for that motivational poem-it's message can be taken in many ways, I think.

Okay, I'm outta here-going to go make something for breakfast. Again, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a great week!

I'll check in with you all later.

SB since 3/22/00
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Hi Gals!
All the newstuff on the site looks so high-tech! I haven't read the details yet.

Haven't lost or gained over the weekend which is o.k. Did pretty good mentally getting on track. Hit a little pot-hole in the road but things are better now.

Found a dream home with the mrtage payment from ****. I guess I'm just going to have to be happy with Casa Nancemeister.

My computer has gone down in the family room. I'm only doing a short post until I can get to work, because this one usually doesn't work.

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and kickin'!
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Happy June and Happy Monday -

Can't believe it's June already. DS has school until Fri. and then he's done. If summer ever comes, I'll be happy. It has been so wet and cool here. All my plants are waterlogged and not growing. Sorry if this description pains the Florida posters--I'd gladly send it your way if I could!!!

The funeral was truly beautiful--a real celebration of a long life and many descendants. I don't think I've ever seen so many flowers and plants in a place other than a florist shop! I hope I can keep the plants going that we brought home. A group of our friends sent perenials that we will plant by our house and a neighbor gave us a gift certificate for something to plant in Dad/Grandpa's memory. It sure lifts you up to know you have such friends. And thank you all for your condolences and kind words. Even though we haven't met, you ALL have a special place in my heart.

l'm sure glad the board is back up. Since I'm so behind in reading and this is another busy week (who's isn't?), I'll just start fresh today. I was actually OP all weekend, even though I didn't have a lot of control over the food that was available. Seems like I'm pretty committed to this, still. This will be a new start on the TM or walking outside, too. I've really been bad on the exercise, other than running around like a chicken with its head cut off!!

Deb - thanks again for all that you do for the board. I know you are the main reason I'm here and sticking to this. I've just started reading a book called Fight Fat after 40 and the author truly believes that much of the weight problems for women are caused by toxic stress and hormones. Have you read this one yet? I've just started, so I don't have an impression yet. I do agree with some points I've read, though. So maybe the stress is wreaking more havoc with your system than you thought possible. Since you don't cheat, this will pass and the scales will come down! A while ago there was a book going around about the Set Point Diet. Do you remember that? It had something to do about your body reaching a weight where it had been at for a period of time and just staying there, despite every effort to move the scale. That's about all I remember about it (and maybe that memory is incorrect). Have you ever been at this weight for a long period of time? Just a thought.

Have a great Monday everyone, and I'll try to respond to posts better this week and share the support you have all given to me!

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Debelli I agree with Beach. Just put the scale away. Don't let it become your master. Start preparing for your "new life" by just living the SB WOE without having the scale there every minute. Remember, you don't get your approval or disapproval from it!
In fact, it would be a great lesson for all of us if you could chronicle each day for us on what it is like to live w/o it. Let us know what you eat and how you are feeling. Then, 2 weeks from now, get back on it for a day, and see what it says. Trust YOURSELF, and not the scale.
BTW, maybe you could also post what you eat for the next day or so, and we could 1. Let it inspire us, or 2. Check to see if you are eating enough or too much. Maybe we could be helpful to you in that way.

Well, it looks like this new upgrade of the board might be fun.
All kinds of fun things to play with!

Wow! This could get addictive.
Well, better get off and do the things I have to do. Have a great day, y'all.
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Good Morning, My Fair Ladies!!

Had a nice week-end and got to see some old friends - and our favorite babies (6 mo. old twin boys). Vince and I had the privilege of being there when they were born and are especially close to them. Enjoyed a nice hard rain last night. We're finally starting to catch up on the rain here in Florida and it is sooo nice.

I only got to breeze throught the posts from this past week-end, but saw someone posted about using fresh herbs.
[COLOR=seagreen]I LOVE my fresh basil, cilantro and oregano! We make a mean omelette using fresh basil, bell pepper and tomatoes. Awesome Pico deGallo using fresh onion, lemon juice, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro. Oregano and basil go in every Italian dish we cook. Cooking Light magazine has some great recipes that replace fat with flavor using all kinds of herbs and plants. Anyway that was a great post!

I tried on a dress this week-end that I hadn't been previously able to get my butt-ocks into. It's a little tight, but I can not only get it over my hips, but I can zip it!! Maybe by the time we leave to go to my 15 year high school reunion next month I'll be able to actually wear it. Gotta look good for those reunions, ya know!

MELF - I hope the rain didn't damper any plans you had this week-end on vacation! Looking forward to catching up with you this week!

DEBBIE - I'm glad they recognize the quality and strength that you have in your life to put your story in the book! Hooo Haw! Can't wait to see our fearless leader recognized for her awesomeness! And how's your dad? Getting better by the minute, I hope!

Today is my first work-out without having a personal trainer standing over me. I'm determined to work as hard for myself as I do for a personal trainer.

Not much time today, just wanted to check in. Have a great day, everyone!

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Good morning. Had alittle panic attack last night with out you all!!! Glad the board is up. The color thing looks neat.
This week end was o.k. I was still about being in the 130's -then i had the "i am cured" moment i always get when i go down on the scale! Silly head of mine. I am back on track the week end is behind me. Got up did my hour work out shooting for 6x this week so far the last two weeks i did it. Didn't get yesterday in which i like to but oh well!

Deb- shoot the scale!!!!!!! stay off of that thing for awhile is my advice. Or have a real good cheat with lots of fat in it! some thing needs to be budged. I could tell i lost when i put my pants on last Fri. I didn't even need that metal thing!

Quiter- you made me blush! Thanks for the nice post. I have really been struggling to get this fat off for awhile. Its always nice to get a good kick in the pants. Glad i have helped you too! My new motto since starting this was to just start over when you fall off the wagon. What is that gonna hurt?! LOL I guess what will be next after i get off the 2lbs or more who know on what given day! LOL I have to start to journal better because i won't really want to get much under 135 and i need to incorperate more calories i guess. The excersise is staying of course 5-6x a week. My altimate goal is to keep the weight off forever!!!! is that possible? I want it to be. Thats why i will still be hanging around here with you chicks!!!! Thanks for the heartfelt post!!!

Sol- Woooo hooooo on the dress!!!!! i know it will fit! my 20th is next year in November i really want to be this weight then!!! so i guess that could be a goal for me to keep this up!!! Hope u had fun at the gym!!!

Karen- Glad you made it through the week end. Its a hard thing, but i bet you grandad was up there watching it all!! You sound like your commited to this program and it does work that helps too!!!!

Well i am off to do house cleaning! UGGGG to everyone else i missed which i know is alot of you. Woooo hoooo to all you teachers!!!!! my kids are loose on the 20th. I guess i can't wait till camp!!!

see ya Rhonda

201.2/137(as of last fri! LOL)/135
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Afternoon All!

Was surfing the net looking for things about STRESS & WEIGHT GAIN and came upon this article:


We all know that we tend to eat more or "binge" on food when we're stressed. Stress adversely affects our moods which in turn affects our behaviors. Because stress also drains our energy, we become less active or "too tired" to exercise. High sugar food, caffeine and the "couch" become our way of coping. Our good intentions of eating well and going to the gym go down the drain! It is simply too hard to carry on a balanced healthy lifestyle when we are under chronic stress. But stress also does some other things to us physiologically that can exacerbate the problem. They are stated below.

1.Stress Adds More Fat to the Midsection.
Stress causes increased cortisol levels (a stress hormone) that is produced from the adrenal gland. High levels of cortisol cause deposits of fat around our abdominal area. This is not only unattractive, it is dangerous putting stress on the heart and causing hypertension.

Fitness Management Mag., Aug.1999:Chronic Stress: A Potent Risk Factor.
Barbara A.Brehm Ed.D.

2. Stress Causes Blood Sugar to Rise, Supressing Natural Fat Burning Hormones.
Stress prepares us for "fight or flight" which was great when there were dinosaurs roaming around, however we rarely need this in our modern day society. The increased blood sugar causes insulin levels to rise. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to bring blood sugar down. When insulin is consistently high, with chronic stress, this suppresses the fat-burning hormone glucagon. Glucagon normally rises between meals to help burn body fat. This scenario also sets us up for food cravings and can set the stage for diabetes.

Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen Des Maisons,PhD. p.49-50

3. High Levels of the Stress Hormone Cortisol "Eats Up" Available Serotonin, Causing Depression, Anxiety and Hunger.
Serotonin helps us feel calm, happy and satisfied. It is also connected with the satiety center of the brain (it triggers in your head that you are full so you stop eating). If our seratonin level is low, our poor mood often results in binge eating. Depression will often result from chronically low seratonin. The latest information on depression drugs (SSRI drugs) is that they can result in weight gain over time. Also, if our satiety center in the brain is not working properly, we will overeat at meals.

Food and Mood by Elizabeth Somer M.A., R.D., p.163-64

4. High Levels of the Stress Hormone Cortisol Can Cause an Imbalance of Female Hormones, Increasing Fluid Retention and Body Fat.
Estrogen and progesterone need to be balanced for proper weight and fluid balance in a woman. The cortisol in our bodies tends to cause our bodies to produce more estrogen resulting in estrogen dominance. This causes fluid retention and extra fat deposits in the hips and thighs. Also, to exacerbate the problem, coritsol competes with progesterone receptor sites making it less effective. Progesterone helps to burn fat more efficiently and controls fluid retention.

Healing Mind, Healthy Woman by Alice Domar PhD., and Henry Dreher, p.13-15

5. Stress Can Affect The Thyroid in an Adverse Way, Causing Weight Gain.
High levels of cortisol cause the body to produce more estrogen (mentioned above). This can interfere with the T3 and T4 hormones of the thyroid. The high estrogen keeps these hormones (even if they are in adequate amounts) from hitting their target sites, therefore making them less effective in controlling overall weight.

Balancing Hormones Naturally by Kate Neal and Patrick Holford, p.29-31

NANCE, so is your computer int he FR dead, or just need repairs? I need a new computer, but with having over $1,000 in bills more this month that I didn't expect to have, that puts me about 5 year away from getting a new one-old Betsy better stay healthy!! Sorry I was away from the computer when you I/M'ed me

KAREN, I'm sure I can speak for all of us Floridians in saying we wish there was a way for you to send us the rain AND the cooler weather-I'm not greedy though, I'll take just the cooler weather alone! The funeral sounded beautiful, and I'm sure he was given a fitting tribute-just by having so many family members there must of shown how much he was loved and thought about. I'm sure those plants your brought home will flourish!! I haven't read the book you mentioned, but while skimming the net for the above post on STRESS, the book was mentioned on quite a few sites. I guess I'll have to try to find that one at the library. I never heard of the Set Point Diet though. The weight I am today, I was the same weight 3 months ago I was 1lb from goal a week or so ago, now I'm 7lbs away

GATOR, I am going to keep the scale out til WIW and then try to have someone hide it from me. I may go through withdrawls to the point of strangling someone to take it out, but I'll try to do my best. I am keeping track of my eating, so will post today's menu sometime tomorrow. I know I don't have any trouble with it though, just need more veggies and sometimes calcium, but all-in-all, I pretty much stay within my targets.

SOL, I too love to make salsa, so easy and soooo good! I have cilantro in the house, should go get some tomatoes and make some today-thanks for reminding me! Congrats on getting the dress on!!! Dad's doing fine, thanks for asking How did your workout go today??

RHROO, I can honestly say, if I cheat, I'll be in BIG trouble. I know I am the type that if I cheat, I keep going and going and there's no turning back. Can't do it, otherwise, I can guarantee, you won't be seeing much of me on this board-I'd be running the other way with my tail between my legs!!!

Okay, time to get in the shower. Have a board meeting at the school tonight and have a few things to do before I have to go get Lauren from school this afternoon.

I'll check in with you all later!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Hello ladies! I only have a few minutes until I have to go to work, but wanted to take the time to say hello. I see that 3FC has upgraded to the full, latest version of VB. We have been playing with Beta 4 for quite some time now and I've enjoyed the new features. My favorite is that the "topic review" shows the latest posts even in a long thread. An upgrade is a lot of work for the administrators, so enjoy your new toys!

I am doing well and had a wonderful weekend. It's great to see all the motivation here!

Debbie, hang in there!



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OHmigoodness, waytoo many optionsin this new version forme to deal with!

Listen gals, DEB gave me a good talking to about my falling off the wagon with this plan, so I am going to take all of her advice and get back 100%! I have been having real sugar issues and I don't know why.....but it has to stop. I don't even want to go near the scale until things get under control.

So, wanting to post to all of you today was fruitless as the server wasdown at work. Now I'm home but have about three seconds to post, eat my snack, get the kids changed and off to their respoective sports - so darn, can't get a good post going!

Deb also said to post my menus for the day for you all to critique - I have to lose th rest of this is the day so far....

1/2 grapefruit
1 slice ezekiel with lite swiss

10 small carob covered peanuts

1 apple
4 slices lean roast beef thin sliced

1/2 c plain yogurt with strawbs and bluebs

What's to come? Don't know? Any comments???

I gotta run, hopefully can post more tomoro....darn!

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Getting ready to go to the Board Mtg. at school in a little bit and wanted to get in a "quickie" before I leave.

Here's what I've eaten so far today:

6oz blueberries
1/2 c egg beaters
1oz lf shredded cheese
1 sl SF WW bread
1Tbl lf cream cheese
1Tbl SF jelly
1 indivdual SF jello
3 1/2 ounces chicken breast
1sl SF WW bread
1Tbl lf mayo
1oz chopped onion
1c Lactaid Xtra Calcium milk
6.7oz raspberries
8oz steamed zucchini
1oz lf feta cheese
3.2oz apple

SO FAR, this amounts to 945 calories, 25 1/2 grams of fat, 112 grams of carbs, 76 grams of protein, 28 1/2 grams fiber and 965 milligrams of calcium.

If I stay at 1200 calories, my intended targets are 35 grams fat, 130 grams carbs, 92 grams of protein, 25 grams fiber (more is better on this though) and 1,000mg calcium

If I take it down a little to 1000 calories, my intended targets are 28 grams fat, 110 grams carbs, 75 grams of protein and the fiber and calcium stay the same. Basically, I'm just a little low on calories at this time if I want to keep it at 1000 calories.

So, any thoughts???

SPARKLE, glad to hear you had a nice weekend! BTW, I haven't seen that TOPIC REVIEW button, where is it?? (duh).

VIV, glad to see you back-make sure you post the rest of your menu for the day. Did what I e-mail you make any sense??

I'll try to check in later with you all, otherwise, tomorrow morning. Please remember, TOMORROW IS CHAT AT 9:15PM Hope you can all make it!!!


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