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ShineON Not licking the chocolate off your fingers is a HUGE deal!!! Kudos to your DH for noticing. Making cakes, and not being tempted. You have definitely arrived on the fat burnin wagon. You are mentally there.

Speaking of cakes, last night at work I was offered a piece of cake twice by two different nursing floors. Of coarse, I declined in a nice tactful way. Most people I work with are very supportive when they find out I'm making permanent lifestyle changes. The rest are feeders and can't help it. You can really gain a lot of weight at the workplace. I know cause I did. I am stronger than temptation. I am mentally there!

Have any of you tried positive mental imaging? I'm a true believer of what the mind can believe, the mind can achieve. Right before I go to sleep, I picture in my mind what I would look like at my goal weight. I try to go into as much detail as I possibly can. What would it feel like. What could I do with a trim body. How would I carry myself in public, etc. I don't think your body will believe it can be thin if you don't believe it yourself.

Angelhealer There's a recipe for mayonaise in the MRC cookbook. I've tried it once. It's OK. Make sure you use fresh olive oil if you want to try making it. Remember also that pickles or pickle relish have a lot of sodium.

TO ALL THE NEW PEOPLE!!!! Come take a ride on our fat burnin bus.

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Angelhealer - I never weigh on my home scale. Our scale at home is actually very very accurate (hubby has tested it against our center's tanita), but I think weighing at home makes me neurotic and would give me an excuse to not go to the center for WIs. Too each his/her own on that topic, but for me personally (and on the advice from MRC) it's best not to weigh at home.

ShineOn - good for you!! Thats a big behavior change. My big problem while cooking was picking at green bean here, a bite of this there. I've stopped doing that completely. I don't know if it actually helps with anything, but it makes me feel more in control. Thats what I see this as for me. Me being in charge of what I put into my body. Its not about the restrictions for me. Its about making the best choices for me to lose this weight. I'm proud of you

For all of those taking the Fish Challenge this week...if your area has a Perkins Restraunt and you want to get out...they have an AMAZING grilled cod. I've had it twice now and it was great both times. Cod is a white fish, so nice and healthy and they have several healthy side options (I usually get a salad...)

This weekend Hubby and I went to see the symphony. It was incredible, but at intermission they were celebrating their 25th anniversary and they served champagne and chocolate to everyone (of age) in attendance for free. So there was everybody having their nice glass of champagne and their yummy Tivoli chocolates... I resisted, but it wasn't very fun. All I could think about was..."you have 10.5 lbs to reach your first goal...hang in there". That positive mind thing really works Happy Monday all...make this week yours.
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WI on Friday and lost another 2 lbs! I am so happy!! I was really unmotivated there for a little while but I'm kicking butt now! I tried the chocolate cheesecake and did not like the crust. I guess I didn't grind up the melba toast enough. I will definitely be eating more fish this week too! My family loves fish so no biggie there. I couldn't believe it when my center told me, 5 more lbs and you'll be signing the 20 lb board! It hadn't dawned on me. I can't wait!

CONGRATS to all of the FAT losers.
Welcome to all the newbies! Hang with it, you'll definitely see results!
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Hey Gang!
I actually have used Dijionaise for chicken or tuna salad. It tastes OK to me.
I do weigh every morning for two reasons.
1) It helps me see how my body reacts to different foods. I learned that whenever I eat the Turkey Lasagna from the recipe book I "bloat" up a few pounds. This, of course, affects wi's
2) In the morning we generally register "lighter" than the rest of the day. Whatever my weight is in the morning is where I am headed so it reminds me to stick to the plan so I can achieve the lighter weight when I wi that week.
Strange, I know, but it works for me.
I do not really like the taste of fish, but my husband spices up flounder for me and I can tolerate its flavor. I'll have to try the Parmesan cheese with butter spray.
I live in St. Augustine, but go to the San Jose MRC because I am always in Jax. and it is close to my mom's house. Thanks for all of the encouragement.
Congrats on the good wi's .
Do-nut, keep those good thoughts coming. You inspire us all.
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My WI days are Monday and Friday. I am happy to say I am down another 1.5 pounds from Friday. Look, you can actually see my current weight in the tracker now! My next goal is for there to be space between my starting weight and my current weight. I am so close to the 240s I can taste it!

My husband brought home Gator orange and blue cupcakes this weekend for the game we lost, congrats Auburn. He thought the kids would like them because we had the whole Gator thing going on, both DH and I are UF alumni. Well, the kids did not do what they were told so they went to bed without dessert. This means I have been staring at these cupcakes for a couple of days, but I have not eaten one. The one time I came close to caving was today before lunch, I told myself, “If you still want it after lunch, then eat it.” I fixed my chicken and green beans, ate my apple and made myself drink 32 ounces of water. I am glad I did because it gave me time to talk myself down. I asked myself if I enjoyed seeing the weight go down on the scale. I reminded myself that I have lost 7 pounds in less than two weeks and if I want it to continue, I better stay away from the cupcakes. I have to say, I have won this battle and I will win the war.

One of the women at my center has a recipe for the cheese cake, but she tweaked the crust recipe so it tastes more like graham cracker. When I get it, I will pass it along.

Shineon - I can't wait for the day I can be like you and keep from licking my finger without a conscious thought. Right now I feel like buying myself a shock collar. You get major .

Congrats to everyone and aboard to all the New People.


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Default p

Oreoparent, you are so inspiring. With all you've been through and are still going through, you have a wonderful attitude!!

Mary V - 50 lbs! WOO HOO to you BIG FAT LOSER!

Newbies: sb4me, krazykk, angie2212, leigh...WELCOME!! Leigh, I got off to a rocky start as well but I'm on a roll now. Don't give up! WTG on passing up the cupcakes.

Donuts - I'm glad you are still here. Ya know what's so odd is that my mental image of myself is THIN. It's when I look in the mirror that I'm shocked. lol

Angelhealer - I don't WI at home. I'd rather see the bigger loss at the center. I, too, wish there was a tartar sauce!! But I've been spicing up my fish and tolerate it. I happen to really like Walden Farm Thousand Island. But can't stand any of the other WF dressings.

Shine On - WTG on not licking your finger!! That's been really hard for me when I cook for DH. I really want to taste it to see if it needs anything. But I haven't been.

Sam - So proud of you for skipping the symphony goodies!

Slimvet - congrats on the 2 lb loss. That's what I lost this morning as well. You are SO close to that 50 lb board!!

I finally made the cheesecake (no crust). Am I the only one who doesn't like this? I think the texture turned me off. I wonder if I can put tomorrow's piece in the blender and add liquid...then drink it? lol

Keep up the good work everyone!!
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hi everyone
congrats on the losses and hello to all you new ones!!! Welcome!
So we went to the State Fair of Texas on Saturday and then to see The Lion King which was playing at Fair Park Music Hall (AWESOME, by the way) But have any of you tried to eat on plan at the FAIR???Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm, no to the the fried pickles, fried twinkies, fried cheesecake (yep they had fried cheesecake) no the the corndogs, sausage on a stick, super nachos, cotton candy, etc.....
the best I could do was a fat free no sugar added frozen gain showing this morning so I guess I walked it off. I drank lots of water.
Anyway, it was a challenge but I survived!
I am feeling stressed out lately about my little boy. He is 5 and is some other kid at church is a bully and has no respect for anyone. I am trying to figure out the best way to broach the subject with the parents who are friends of ours but choose not to enforce any discipline for their children. ARGHHH!
Sorry off topic...just venting!
Have a great one everyone!
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Originally Posted by Angelhealer View Post
I'm looking for a good tartar sauce recipe. Any ideas? I tried a walden farms creamy bacon with dill pickle relish no sugar. I didn't like the taste. What about WF thousand Island with pickle relish. I can't stand the thought of fish w/o tartar sauce. Also a replacement for mayonaise for tuna or chicken salad.
Thousand island?
How often do you girls wi on your home scales?
I usually use the Walden Farms ranch dressing as a mayo substitute - I'm not a tartar sauce fan (I'm a cocktail sauce gal) but it might make a reasonable tartar sauce to add some lemon juice & some of the Mt Olive sugar free pickle relish to the WF Ranch Dressing.
As far as weighing at home, I do it a LOT. The weight I use as my "standard" is my first-thing-in-the-morning, no clothes on weight. Too many variables affect my weigh-ins at the center - did I work out, what am I wearing, how much water have I drunk, did I eat lunch, etc, etc, etc. I checked one time - just getting dressed to go to weigh in added 3 lbs to my weight on my home scale. (Just a reminder - now that it's fall & we'll be wearing jeans instead of shorts, etc, our weights - AT WEIGH-IN - will go up a little just because of our clothes! So don't be freaking out!)
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I've been reading your chocolate comments to my DH - 4my2ltl1s - you crack me up Ok, as for the cupcakes. I now have a 2 day rule in my house - they either eat them, take them to work (and be feeders ) or I throw them in the garbage. Now, the last is a big step for me. I was raised in the "eat everything on your plate, there are starving children who don't have anything" household. The first time I threw up chocolate, I thought I would die inside. But I'd rather feel a moment of wasteful guilt, than damage my body. I'm huge believer in mental imaging. When I look at things with sugar, I see the poison control image or a skull and cross bone. Sugar is poison to my body!!

The secret to a good crust and good cheese cake is a food processor. I just picked up a DL series for $99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Can't believe how much less expensive the Cuisinart is now - The one I got 21 yrs ago was around $300! This will give you a smooth and creamy cheesecake. I used Molly McButter in the crust and vanilla (16 white melba toast rounds, 2 Tbsp safflower oil, 2 pkgs sweetner, 1 Tbsp butter flavored extract, splash of vanilla). When the melba toast is ground into a powder, it does taste good!!!

I have to admit my guilty secret - I weigh in every morning The center tells us not to, but it really keeps me motivated. Plus, I know it's a consistent read - first thing in the morning. Mine is digital, so I love seeing a slight drop every day.

Congratulations 4my2ltl1s & SlimVet on your loss - great job!!

Hvnlymzic - Congrats on the symphony challenge! As the holidays get closer, we're really going to need to share success tips like this. I don't know about everyone else, but this is the only time I'm in social drinking situations. And their are nibble pitfalls everywhere.

nomoredonuts4me I love mental visualizations. Zig Ziglar said "See it, believe it, achieve it!" In fact, I am so good at this that I have what I call "reverse anorexia" I look in the mirror and think "I look good", then I see a photo and freak out. That is a good reminder to all of us.

Happy WI's - can't wait to hear all the results!
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BeeChick - the first time I made cheesecake, I threw it all out...which made me sad b/c it had 2 of my yummy puddings in it. I made it again recently and it was MUCH better...I've thought of adding a bit more water to make it smoother or blending it a little longer maybe...or a little bit more cottage cheese. As with any recipe it takes some expirimenting.

I've had two servings of fish in the last 24hrs...I'm making #3 tonight and I'll have at least one more before WI I think. Here's my do you prepare tuna (preferably quickly and easily) that makes it less dry and choking. I had some today and had to choke it down...literally. Unpleasant to say the least. I love tuna salad, but no mayo and no therein lies my problem. All suggestions will be accepted I thought about some mustard in it with maybe some cheese or cottage cheese. I'm a pretty stinkin brave cook and eater on this plan. I'll try anything once. Only stipulation....can't be spicy. That is murder on my system. Thanks in advance.
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Default p

ShineOn - thanks for the tips on the cheesecake. I'll try it again sometime, your way. I have a food processor but didn't want to "dig it out". See, that's where laziness gets me.

Sam - I really feel like throwing this batch of cheesecake out but I think I'll trying liquifying it and seeing how it is. I hate to toss out the creamies...they are so pricey! I wish I could help you with the tuna... I don't care for tuna at all...unless I have tons of mayo, apple, and grapes.

I had tilapia again tonite. This time I added fresh cilantro to the lemon 'butter'. It was excellent.
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I am another new one! I am enjoying reading all the positive comments about MRC! This is going to be great to be able to talk to others about their progress and hopefully, my progress.
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hvnly I don't mix tuna with anything, however I cut up a lot of cucumbers & tomatoes and mix them in with it. 8 ounces of those with the 6 ounces of protein make it bearable to me. I eat that 2 or 3 times a week.

I had my first serving of fish tonight. I made enough for lunch tomorrow. We will have either turkey or buffalo tomorrow for dinner, then fish on Wed. I was going to have fish for 3 dinners, but like to have the variety. Besides - I am having it for lunch so that will be 3 fish servings this week...

Good luck to everyone on the fish feast this week! What will we be trying next week?? Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

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Default MRC Enhancer

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found you all on the MRC plan!!!Please bare with me as I am learning where and how to post here. Is anyone taking the Enhancer and if so, how are you liking it? I am thinking of dropping the All Day Weight Loss for the Enhancer - they recommend switching on and off?

Thanks, Julie

All Day Weight Loss
Psyllium Husk
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Default p

Welcome graduatethin and Julie!! Yes, it's wonderful having a forum of supporters!!

Julie, I was taking Enhancer at the beginning but have just switched to the All Day Weight Loss. I wasn't losing very much so that's why they suggested I switch. When I'm finished with the ALL Day, I'm going back to finish the Enhancer. Then I'll decide which one is best for me.
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