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Default Daily Cluck, Wed.Jan. 22

Morning Chicks,
It is 5:26, -13, wind chill of -34,What will keep my kitty warm today?

Love the answers to what this jig is. I like the one of him being a fat buster. I want him in my corner more often.

Ladies I get up at 4:45am when I work, 15 min. get ready, 5 min. pack lunch, make bed, turn on comp. as it is booting, read Bible, go to 3fc, try to put yesterdays threads up, leave house for work at 6am. Get home at 3:45 watch baby story, nap, tonight I will go to tops, You are what you eat! Tonight it will be fish and fries, bread and sm amount of potato.

I am another one who cannot find time to exercise. It is an excuse for me. I can use the physo dept. at work but that would mess with my trouble time, [I call it that as I always open mouth and put foot in]

Well LindaBC-where can I find this fit day site? please.

And guess what Americans , you can have this cold weather from N.S., we are tired of it, please take it

remember who ever is on Flyladies site, you cannot catch up, just start new

Well I must go,
Love Tazcat
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Come on Spring!
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Well, I am not going to crab about the cold this morning because I don't have to go out in it to drive to Kingston or Church or ANYWHERE this morning. All I'm going to say is that Lucy peed on the deck this morning and rushed back in. Hersh has a bit more couth and went down the steps and SHE is losing her fur badly from nursing the pups. Ever see a Portuguese Hairless? I've got her started on supplements so she should be gorgeous by March when the weather warms up.

The new PC is great! I've decided I really don't need glasses now because all the avatars and pictures are so clear. I still have the old one set up because I have more stuff to transfer. I also need to figure out how to connect the old printer to this guy. No hurry as I print very little.

I have a favour to ask. If you have my email addy, could you please send me a quick test note so I can add you to my address book. It looks like I lost some addies in the switchover.

This morning I'm starting some Hungarian goulash - it's a homey meal kind of day. I also will start some herb seeds because SPRING REALLY IS COMING! Lorraine has her seed order for the greenhouse.

Have a good day and stay warm wherever you are.

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Good FROSTY morning!

My poor car wouldn't start so I had to take dh's. We plugged it in before I dropped everyone off and thankfully it sputtered to life. DOH! Should have plugged it in last night!

Going to a meeting in about an hour and then race home and wait for our friend and furnace man to show up (he was a friend first! ) I'm expecting my oil delivery soon, hopefully today if can swing it!

My Canuck friends, who else would have a finer appreciation for warm climates than us? I'd trade my cold for hot any day!

Shivering in my boots...Pookster
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Good Morning Kiddies

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Hello ladies!

Well, it must be cold everywhere lately! We are at about -10 I think, and they are calling for bitter cold snow showers tomorrow--I think it is coming from you people up there in Canada! Thanks!!

Good Moring Leenie! Just thought you might like some baloons today!

Pooky--If you had my body temperature lately you would not have to worry about the furnace and oil man--or any man for that matter

Ruth--I certainly can not blame poor Lucy for peeing on the deck--if my bare feet hit that cold deck I would probably pee right then and there too

Taz--I hear you about the FlyLady...I will not try to catch up, just catch up reading the e-mails and deleting them!

Well, just got my Final Exam to take today then off to get Tori then--who knows? Used to be we would take a nap, but lately I have not felt the need--yeas!!!!!!! Must be this whole eating right thing!

Later all
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Lovin' Life
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Taz, you can find it at I use it all the time

Received some very bad news last night. Yesterday around noon, a helicopter crashed in northern ontario. All 4 passengers died. One of the men on the helicopter was a friend and a 39 yr old father of 2 little girls. I dont know how his wife is going to get thru it and Im feeling so helpless. Your prayers and thoughts for the family would be very much appreciated.

Im off......its not a good day here

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Hi Linda~Remember me, Sil? I saw your question regarding Fitday. i cannot find anywhere on their site where you can change the time or time zone, so I sent them an email asking what you can do? Hopefully I will hear something that will help. I think that for now, what I would do is keep a list of your food entries for the day on paper, and then enter them into the computer the next morning, once the time has changed. Of course, you will have to click back a day at the top of the screen.

For the person who asked for the website, it's at: It's free and a great way to see EXACTLY what you're eating and keep track of it.

I too, am struggeling to get the exercise in on a routien basis. I'm still drinking the cranwater and my food is OK.
Good luck~~~Sil
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I'm in pain. Last night was my first pilates class. The 60 y.o.'s were kicking my butt. I found out that they've been doing this a year though, so now I don't feel quite so bad.

Taz, is the website. It's great!

I'm sorry it cold up north, but it's not sunny here either. Another cold front moving in. The other day I was freezing, and when I check the temp it was 47F. I've become such a cold weather wimp.
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So sorry to hear about your friend's tragic death, Robin. Prayers and comforting vibes are being send your way.

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Oh Robin! I heard it on the news this morning! I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to the family and a big ((((((ROBIN))))) to you!
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(((((Robin))))) I'm so sorry!!

This was a wonderful day Found out that I can't get out of the surgery, which is not a bad thing. He's going to send in a scope and check things out, this did not happen last time. If there is anything in there that needs to come out, it will happen during this surgery. That makes it necessary from my point of view. So, okay, I take 4 days off work, but hopefully I'll feel more human in about a month or so.

Ya'll have a good night, I'm off to find dinner and take a very hot bath. That dreaded S word has been mentioned on the weather channel, so I'm praying we don't run out of milk and bread. French toast, anyone?
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Robin, I'm so sorry for the tragic loss of your friend. What a senseless waste. My heart goes out to his wife and kids.

Everyone else has answered Taz's question about where to find FitDay. It's a nuisance to use at first but eventually you get all your usual foods entered and it only takes a few minutes to enter your daily intake. Lots of neat charts and graphs and nutritional info there if you have the time to check them out. Tells you what percentage of your daily intake was fat, protein and carb which is a handy thing to know...also calories, still important.

Well, I was lazy this morning. When friend phoned to ask did I really want to go to the pool, I looked out at the miserable rain and said "no". Had a lovely sleep-in after that. Lazy slug that I am!

Hi, Sil, long time no see. I haven't been drinking the cranwater. Good for you sticking to it. Are you still on Fat Flush? Too strict for my taste. Thanks for checking out the time difference problem with Fat Flush. I generally work around it so it's not a major problem.
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