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Come on Spring!
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Talking The Daily Cluck - Monday, March 24

Wakey! Wakey! Taz and Tammy are sleeping in this morning.
So are Hershey, Lucy and DH. Lazy buggers!

I'm awake because I've been fretting over losing/misplacing my wallet. What a pain! I need to hustle to get stuff replaced before we go on our trip - car rental places like licences and insurance certificates! Last used at the booze store Friday and not seen since. I will thoroughly check my car once it gets light out there.

It's Gail day today and laundry day too. I am going to hang the sheets outside for the first time this year. I love the smell of sun dried sheets! We still have snow in the dog yard, the lane is very muddy but the tulips are coming up and the snowdrops are in bloom. It's nearly time for early morning walks and coffee on the deck....and barbecued anything!

I'm off for coffee and to crank up the DH and the furries. Have a good day.
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning Ruth, and all to come

I hope you find your wallet soon. Have you cancelled your cards yet?

Hubby is off to a job site this morning, and usually we are closed on Monday's, but they are calling for nice weather, so Im going to go open up the store for a few hours, and see if I can drag anyone in

Im up early just because I cant sleep anymore. Ive gotten that lowcarb energy rush! I was so restless last night, I made curry broccoli soup, salmon patties, and muffins for hubby!

The grandkids are coming over for a sleep over tonight This should be interesting!! Then we have to get them up and off to catch the bus for 7:35...really interesting!! lol

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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Good Morning Ruth and Robin! Enjoy the fine weather we are going to have today!

I watched the Oscars last night: you just knew before going into it there was going to be a stink, and there was. Some yahoo won for a documentary on Columbine and next thing you know he's turned it into a free for all on Bush and an antiwar demonstration. Gotta hand it to Steve Martin though, he came back with a fabulous one liner and got it all back to normal again. I think the most poignant moment was when the guy from The Pianist won for best actor--they actually stopped the music for him! There wasn't a dry eye in the house after what he said. All in all, it was a night filled with the same oohs and aahs that Oscar night usually is.

As for me today, I am going to shovel the snow off my front porch so it can get inot the sun more and melt away. Right now it's a huge snow bank. I did most of my laundry yesterday so it's just a matter of washing one load and drying it and then I'm done.

Oh Ruth, I can't tell you how many times I've done that! Drove myself crazy looking for it too!

Robin, enjoy the day. At least you can putter around in the store and attract a few customers!

Have a sunshine filled day!
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Morning Chickies,

I am back after being as sick as ever last week. I was down with a terrible sore throat and backaches and sleepiness. I could hardly get out of bed and when I did, I wanted to return to bed.

Well during my sick time, dh finally decided to allow us to visit my sister in Tennessee, as well as we are that far south, he wants to visit his mom in Florida. So we are finally going somewhere this spring break. My boys are so excited. They always complain that all their friends go away and they never go anyplace. Well we are always busy with soccer games that we feel too responsible to miss. Well this year we are missing the games and taking a well deserved vacation.

I am a little panicky about my exercise, I do not want to miss out a whole week of exercise, I will have to look on the web and see if the Y has any sites in Naples, FL.

Missed you guys, hope all is well with everyone.

luv and hugs,
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Good Morning Everyone,

Ruth I hope you find your wallet and not have to cancel everything.

I am not familiar with some of the abbrievations you guys use can you help me out?? (dh -dear husband?)

I was good this weekend, but I am still not purple. Patience is a virture (that I don't have ).

I am praying for a swift close to this war, it appears to be getting very ugly, so I pray that it does not go on to long.

Good Luck to everyone and thanx for the welcome!

Peace and love to our brave soldiers!
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Good morning chicks, feeling like a SOP[stay on program day] day.
I must hurry as I am going to DIL[daughter in-law] as DH[darling husband] is putting a new floor down for them today. I will make some sandwitches to take down.etc.

Oh Ruth, I would hate to loose my wallet. That would drive me nuts. I hate to loose anything.
I know what you are saying about the poop thing. I think everytime old Bernie [DD my case darling dog] had a poop, God sent down some snow. We had a large snow storm yesterday. Roads were bad,ds#2[darling son # 2] put his car off the road, he and car OK. Thank you God.

Dottie, I tell you, for $350, you could buy this village I find it hard to believe the price of things.

Sue- I am also on day 3 of induction and feel great about it. My Co-workers made toast on break yesterday and I thought I would cave, but I didn't and now I am glad. You daughter is beautiful.

Misty a little while back I had problems with the pop ups. I would get as many as ten or so and they would shut me down if I let too many up.. i don't know why they stopped, but now I only get one sometimes on another site????

[think it is "Willbe" that is new to the abbrivations, hope this helps a little]

Well all for now,
Love you all, Tazcat

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Good morning!

Great weekend. I worked outside all afternoon yesterday. The yard looks cleaner. I also had poop detail. It made my average village lot feel like acres!
My seven year old son even came out and helped me rake. I love those times with him while he chats non stop. You learn so much about how they feel about life. He's dyslexic and 1st grade has been a long hard stuggle for him. He's come a long way but it's so frustrating for him. I hate to see school become so stessful for him already.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Have a great day. It's supposed to be 60 today in my area, back to the 40's the rest of the week. It will be an extra long dog walk tonight!
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Morning chickies!

Well, yesterday went worse than I had planned! I sat at the computer for a couple of hours and searched cancer sites for information for my mom, and ate almost a whole bag of Lays Ranch Potato Chips in the process, then moved on to microwave popcorn--weekend is over-so back on track today!
Stress eating anyone??
Friday Right before I was leaving to decorate for the party-my mom calls, well we all know her history of breast cancer, then last year the spread to the liver right? Well, she had another lump before Christmas, right above her mastectomy site, they went in and took it off, and the bx came back that it was thethe breast cancer (this lump appeared while she was still getting chemo) anyway about 2 weeks ago she showed me two more lumps on her scar line, and when she went to the Dr. Friday he found two MORE lumps up toward her shoulder-one near her clavicle and the other over by her axillary. So yesterday as I was researching this(and coming up with nil) I could not stop eating--see a conection?

I hate to feel like I am blaming all my eating on my mom's condition, I don't want that to be a cop-out-so I am bearing down and trying not to eat anything off-plan. I go to the surgeon's today with my mom-I don't think they will do surgery again though-that seemed to make the problem worse!

Well, gals--hello to you all--be good today, and drink WATER!!!

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Good morning ladies!

Mis - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother! We are hear for you.....

I was wondering if anyone watched the OSCARS - I boycotted when I heard they were going to protest and speak against the government etc. I just dont want to listen to it, regardless of how someone feels about Bush etc. we should all support the troops!

Dh will be back from Bristol today - they hada good time at the race. Spent a lot of time with the kids and had a good weekend. We ordered Stuart Little 2 on pay perview last night and made popcorn - they had a ball. I would love to be 3 and 5 again.....Then i could gain this weight all over!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!
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THANK YOU! TAZCAT! for the clarity on the abbrieviations.

Miss - God Bless you and your mom for strength, I will say a prayer for you.

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Ruth - I'm hate misplacing my wallet. I don't carry a purse, so I just have a little plastic thing that holds my debit card & a couple other cards. It's always in my jacket pocket, but there have been times when it isn't and I got CRAZY trying to find it!

Mis - my thoughts & prayers are with your mom!!

I did it - I did it!! I BROKE into the 180's!! Me the biggest carb-a-holic on the planet, is actually doing LC and it's WORKING.....woooohoooo . Lookout 170's here I come

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
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Enjoying a new beginning
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Greetings Everyone.... I loved your pot roast suggestions and will try the diet coke/crockpot method tomorrow.

Miss D. wow your mother's situation has touched my heart. Please know that your mom and family are in my prayers. I know so many with cancer and remain in the battle myself. I have had 2 mastectomies and now have lymphoma. I know that I have been greatly blessed and feel pretty darn good right now. Each moment I spend with my loved ones is a treasure. We share more laughter than tears. My faith has been the foundation that makes everything else in my life manageable. Surround your mother with love and give her the gift of your laughter. I pray that peace touches your heart

I've just received the Sugar Buster's book and have decided to try tthat program, ( please no boo's my dear LC friends ). I just found I missed fruit and some grain products too much. I'll check back with you often. Thank you for your support and kindness. Ruth you are a terrific moderator and what a great bunch of chicks are in this coop. Blessings to all...Lori
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I want SPRING!!! Ruth please send me a little of your spring. I want my clothes on the line too!!! As Taz said we got dumped on yesterday. Dh and I were out for a drive when it started. 15 centimeters later I am getting the snowsuits lined up for the afternoon.
Ruth I hope you found your wallet this morning. I always wish someone would take whatever $ i have and bring back my liscense. I hate the waiting at the DMV.
Mis I am the Queen of stress eating this weekend. After finding out about my lumps I didn't eat or sleep for 3 days. Then on Saturday afternnon I felt hungry and hubby drove around for an hour in search of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge. Ate it all and am not feeling bad. My prayers are with your mom.
I have to go read through my will and life insurance policy. I am not planning on going anywhere yet but I want to make sure all is in order. Our agent is coming by tonight to explain my coverage in case I do find out bad news. I bought a cancer policy and need to see what all it will cover. Still thinking positively though. I will let you guys know what is going on.
Have a good Monday
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Yes I'm back
Thanks for all your prayers and support--this on top of my SHDH--I'm getting pretty stressed out lately!
Grinand Share it--Thanks for your words--if you read this I would love for you to PM me--I'm having a hard time finding information for my mom-she needs all the support she can get right now.!!

I just wanted to tell you Scooby-that I watched some of the Oscars--nothing interesting happened when I was watching, but after I shut it off I guess all H**** broke loose--if you want to know about the stars that are trashing the President and this war go to funny name huh? It is just a site that gives quotes the stars have made and stupid stuff that has escaped their lips! NOBODY wants to be in a war but those are OUR women and men over there fighting for freedoma and all it entails--you gotta support our wonderful troops!!

Tammy--I am sooooo sorry to be bringing you down with my mom's bad news, when you need our support and prayers to get you through your rough time! Fortunatley not everyones lumps and bumps turn out to be the same thing, and if I have learned anything from this whole experience it is that everyones situations are unique, and NOONE's cancer is alike-whether it be breast, lung,liver,whatever-everyone's cancer is treated differently!
I am rambling on and on--I know it is cause I am so nervous and I am trying to stay out of the chips!!!!
well, I better go!

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Hang In There
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MissD: I completely understand your stress eating, that is exactl what I did when my dad was having such a hard time. I thought when he died, that I'd be able to get back on thrack, but now I find I'm busy trying to "mother" my Mom. go figure!! anyway, my thought s and prayers are with you and your mom. I had breast cancer many years ago when I was 28. I had a mascetomy and that was before they even thought about reconstruction!! Anyway in the next five years I had a total of 7 operations, and 4 of them were because of new lumps in my chest wall and around my incision site, but they were all removed and luckly they were all benign, but for some reason, they quit forming just as suddenly as they were forming, and I've live a long time cancer free. Just be supportive of your mom and listen when she wants to talk, and be quite when she doesn't. When you are the one facing this grim situation your emotions go 360% both ways, sometimes you are up and every things going to be great, and the next minute is going to be your last. Your job is to just be there for her.

I probally should have sent this as a PM, but oh well, if you ever want to email me pleas feel free. PM me and I'll send you my email address.

Tammy: you too are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a very stressfull time, and If you'd like to talk to someone who has been there, done that, PM me.

This is an amazing group!!! I woke up this morning having a "Poor Me" day, but after stopping in here, I relize how great and supportive you all are.Somehow my knee surgery scheduled for Thursday doesn't seem like such a big deal.
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