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Missing Ohio
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Default Som Center

Hey Chickies,

Hope all is going well for the losers and gainers.

Wrigley - I go to the same COD at Som Center Rd. I wonder if these ships(you and I) have passed each other in the night. I used to go on Tues, Thurs, Sat. But have cut back and only go on Saturdays. They are trying to convince me to come back three times a week but they are not buying my gasoline. Since I am not working I will probably change to the Mentor Ave. location because I shop at the Great Lakes Mall and the surrounding area alot. Was lurking and saw your message and decided to log on.

Back to catching up on my post reading.

later all,
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Rosterhome- I have only 6 to go, I woner why they didnt put me on that..but im GLAD they havent...thats such a little amount of food! WOW...I was thinking of lowering my goal to 125 but if Im gonna have to starve, forget it...Id miss the extra 1/2 P, 1S and 1F and V...I definitely will be asking lots of questions tomorrow....
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That would be, I WONDER why, not woner
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Hey Hey Chicks!!!
Wow yall have been way to busy i had to ready 4 pages to catch up and that was since yesterday morning lol. Still haven't had time to get to the center so hopefully I will get there monday morning cause i know tomorrow is gonna be really busy and I wont get to go. So much for clearing time in my schedule huh.

There is a receipe in the LAWL cookbook for sloppy joes also if i have time tonight i will post it from home. Also about Bob i think he is showing a great deal of interest in Suzy and it might only be from a professional view however i made a coment about it on tuesday night also and my family agreed so I do agree with your hubby. However, I also agree with you it is my understanding that she is not his type at all and i knew exactly what you were talking about lol. I have that info on a really good source his dad goes to my church and lives about a mile or so from my house. I do think Bob is hot also lol too bad all the hot ones swing the other way.

Did you say new lites? What flavors do you know yet? I dont like carmel either yet the carmel lites are my fav go figure!

Hey girl! Yeah i was so not upset that mark got voted off. But gotta give it to him he did lose 130 lbs so far. I got the biggest looser book and there is gonna be a dvd workout video coming out December 20th I think it will go nicely in my christmas stocking!!!


I will look and see if there is a Chicken Salad in the LAWL cookbook tonight and post it if there is.

Hey girl hope all is well with you.

Hey to everyone else and ill try to pop in tomorrow.

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Mary- how come? Im so confused....whats the gold one like?
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lat day off take off.... went to get weighted in. hoping for a total fo 20 lbs gone but i guess im settling for 17.8. i need to lose the other 2.2 by saturday.

but tommorow i can eat!!!!


end november goal


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Congratulations on your loss this far! I hope I've lost or atleast didn't gain anything by tomorrow's weigh in! My home scale went down this morning though, so I'll take that as a good sign! Oh, and I'm guessing we're not supposed to do the baked apple thing too much huh? I had it today for mid am snack, and at dinner (6pm). I have aerobics at 10 tonight, so I won't go to bed til 12 am. This is becoming a favorite real fast! The lady at the center told me to try to microwave one of my lites, put it over some edy's ice cream, and put some unsalted nuts over it and it is so good. We'll see, I can't remember what she said to count it as though!

I'm glad you got your pkg. I'm still using your blue diary too!

Well, I gotta go to aerobics, but I just wanted to stop in and say hello to all the ladies! (aerobics at my house with my team)

Good night,
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Good morning eveyone.

Well, we had the taste testing at our COD yesterday. The new Fudge Brownie lites are as good if not better then the Double Chocolate. Yummy. Star will love this one. Oh, the Chocolate Caramel is AWESOME! This one is more like a Snicker's bar. It's really a cross between the peanut butter and caramel. Okay, I was hoping the new Coconut Almond would taste like an Almond Joy - it doesn't. I think this is the only one that I have ever tried that I don't think I could eat. So, if you miss the taste testing, don't buy the Coconut Almond without asking if you can have a sample. I purchased the 2 new flavors (not the coconut one) - both are 170 calories. The new Chocolate Caramel - the box is bigger, but the bar itself is smaller than most. No wonder, something that good would have to be smaller to be that low in calories.

Didn't do too good in the weight department, so I won't discuss today.
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Today my Dad is going back home! It's funny how much fun we all have when he is here and really, all he does is sit and talk to us! We wanted him an extra day, but my 8 year old nephew is playing in a championship football game tomorrow and he needs PaPa there!

JLynn - I hope you are enjoying being a part of the LAWL family! My DD and I are doing it together and have had fun. We joined 9/30 and have been through a few program changes - first with lites then without lites. It has certainly been interesting! Good luck!

Shennie - does your center suggest the TO every couple of weeks? They have never mentioned it to me. Have you found it to be helpful?

Sy - your post makes me wish I liked those bars! I wonder if they'll let us try them? But, then we'd have to switch programs again!

Brit - I have the LAWL cookbook and haven't really wanted to cook anything. Tell me some stuff to try and I'll give it a go. I have 3 kids and sloppy joes sound good - is it?

Mary - wish I had a 99 cent store that sold fruit! Wow!

I know I've missed someone and I'm sorry.

DH and I have a formal dinner tonight and I'm saving a P, 2S, 2V, and my Fat. That ought to cover it, don't ya think? I believe they are serving prime rib and some potato thing. I'm thinking that there'll be a vegetable, which I'll eat and a salad, which I won't (I like a lot of dressing ) I"ll pass on dessert and have maybe a cappuccino? If that, I'll need to save a dairy too.
I don't want to flub this because we weigh in tomorrow morning!!

Ya'll have a great LAWL day!

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Mary, Mary, She's our Girl! Gooooooo Mary!!
That is wonderful. I hope those numbers stay down for you, and I bet that they will.

Andi- Way to save up for the formal dinner. I have started trying to plan that way too, and it helps.

Kisha- Workout group?!!

I am headed to COD, but I don't really expect a loss, because I am on TOM, and all swollen up. Have noticed, however, that the annoying roll that protrudes over the top of my pants is much smaller these days. I really do expect a good loss when TOM slinks back under it's rock!! Will check in later. Have a great POP day everybody!! Katie
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Morning, chicks!

Yesterday was a sort POP day - I ate the right foods, but all between 1 and 7 -- so I'm not looking forward to wi today, but will go, to get that Nov credit, and try the new lites. .

My dilemma - My DB and SIL has invited me over tonight for dinner - and it's likely to be chinese! I'm designated driver again, and my SIL's father is in town . .. Hopefully, there will be something that is not deep fried! Or sweet and sour

Sy - thanks for the update on the taste testing! Sorry about your WI

Deets- gold is one down from blue - you drop the extra starch and 1/2 p - if I understand blue well enough. I think Green is what you go on if you want to go below 130? How tall are you? It may be that you don't need to lose pounds, but just change the exercise?

Angel - how was Amelia's BD party?

All this talk of cheating and losing weight has me Mary - I'm wondering if you're eating enough? Have you added up your cals on the days you cheat?

Roster - I buy the herbox powdered broth at my grocery (it's in the grocery aisle with the soups) - but you can certainly use any broth that's non-fat and low sodium.

Jlynn - I think the baked apple discussion must be in last months thread -- How cute that your DK ate your broccoli!

Kisha - that 'sundae' would probably be a lite, starch and a fat - you could even put a tbsp of ff choc syrup on it for a condiment. Good golly, you do aerobics at 10PM? And have people join you? I admire your dedication. About the lites/boxes - the shakes and soups are still single boxes - 7 in one --

Andi - LAWL says you can do TO every two weeks if you want to - otherwise, they don't suggest it unless you're stuck at a plateau. Sounds like you've got the dinner tonight all figured out. And yes, with the revolving door in counselors you will get the questions ALL over again from new ones.

Carmen - your costume sounds fab - next year you'll be swimming in it.

Shennie - they usually suggest hard alcohol is a starch --

Katie - hope you feel better!

Bre - how are you doing?

Hi Britt!

Hugs to all, and hopefully a good POP day -- as much as we can make it - just trying to remember my mantra -I deserve the best choices--

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Missing Ohio
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Default 3-Day TakeOff

Good Morning Chickies,

Pushing40inMA - Aren't you glad that I'm a pack rat. I went to my file cabinet and found my folder from 2001 when I first signed up for LAWL. There was a LA Express - 3-day weight loss program featuring TakeOff(FastForward is the new thing). It is as follows:
************************************************** *******
-Unlimited proteins (meat, poultry, fish)
-Unlimited raw, green, salad vegetables
-2 eggs or 1/2 c. Egg Beaters
-2 glass of TakeOff drink (5oz. TakeOff and 5oz. water - 2x/day morning and evening)
-8 eight-ounce glasses of water
-1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon Morton Lite Salt (must have daily)


2 eggs or 1/2 c. Egg Beaters

Mid-Morning Snack:
1 glass of TakeOff drink
raw, green vegetables dipped in lite salad dressing
chicken strips (sauteed in butter)

large tossed green salad with lite dressing
unlimited amount of cooked shrimp

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
cucumbers (sprinkled w/Morton Lite Salt)
water-packed tuna with lite salad dressing
1 glass of Take-Off drink

unlimited amount of T-bone steak and scallops cooked in butter and scallions
large tossed green salad with lite dressing (sprinkle w/remainder of Morton Salt)

Evening Snack:
raw, green vegetables dipped in lite salad dressing
************************************************** *******

I lost weight on this one and am glad you caused me to look for it. I will do it this weekend and see what happens. Would start it today but I already had a slice of toast and yogurt. Tomorrow is soon enough or should I wait since I did the 2-day last weekend and gained weight.

I hope this helps - PRINT AND FILE AWAY

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Choc Thunder
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Hi Everyone.

Went to the COD yesterday to discover 2 new faces. Its under new management and the one counselor I disliked was gone. My favorites remained, plus last night I met with a new one that I totally clicked with. She saw the mistake with my weeks, and then said that it was ok'd by the last manager to give me NINETY SIX WL WEEKS, in addition to the 6 of stab and 52 of maint. so she will go with it. I asked her if she knew that meant I'd have to lose 192 lbs, and she said that yes, she knew it but of course I'd never use all those weeks. Then she looked at my slooowww progress/ stall and said "but then looking at your chart, maybe you might." THEN she proceeded to tear me a new one.

She got out my chart, looked at the infrequency of my visits, took my bp and measurements (I've lost a lot of inches up top - rare for me but YAY), and then she said it was time to get serious and she asked me what my problem was. I told her about the anxiety issue I was having and she said that only I could get myself past that one, but to try to remember my reason for coming to LA. I told her that I felt like I was really ready to continue. So she took my journal and told me that if I maintained for another week she was going to take me back up to Red for a couple of weeks and see if I started to lose again. I told her that I was always hungry all the time, and she said that she thinks I am not getting enough food. Idunno...the saga continues.

LOVE the new bars. SY - the chocolate coconut almond is my fave. Its delicious. I didn't like the old caramel bars, but the new ones are REALLY good and so are the chocolate fudge brownie ones. Double chocolate was my favorite, but these are better. LOVE em. You're right, Star will be pleased.

Julie - Hey Chickie - missed you yesterday. Enjoy your evening with DB and DSIL.

Mary - YEAH BABY! 5 LBS!

Angel - Enjoy your return to real food! I hope TO worked well for you.
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I just got back from COD...UP .2...NOT HAPPY. I lost 2.4 on take off over the weekend, then over this week have GAINED a pound...BUT, the size 4 jeans I bought about two weeks ago and were very tight are fitting perfectly and I wore them to COD..SO, who knows...

I spoke to them about my plan and they moved me to Gold as a trial for 2wks. before TO last week I was also weighing in high, so maybe I needed a change in plan..OR, maybe Mary has the ticket and I should just CHEAT! WAY TO GO MARY, I AM JEALOUS!!!!

I told them I only work out 2-3 hrs per week and they seemed surprised and said Gold should be better...I hope eating less food doesnt do the opposite and make my body hoard calories...Only time will tell.
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New flavors review:

The coconut one on first bite was appealing, then to me, had an aftertaste....I could take one here or there but wouldnt buy a whole box.

The caramel ones are very good, like a snickers. I love caramel though and like the old ones too. They tell me they will continue to sell the old version too, which I hope is true.

The brownie ones- couldnt stomach it at all...I dont care for the double chocolate either, so consider the source.

They were all just OK, nice to have a change though. I just CAN NOT believe such a sensible plan has bars with SO MUCH SUGAR as part of the plan..AND NO DIETARY FIBER...what gives?
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