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I just joined LA Weight Loss yesterday - at the moment, I'm wondering why!

My DD and I are halfway through Day 1 of LA Express. I haven't been hungry, but I have been in mourning for food. I know it is silly and will hopefully pass.

We go tomorrow night to hear the "Program Explanation." We are both excited about that.

I am hoping some of ya'll who have had success can reassure me that this is liveable. I keep quoting to myself what the LA Weight Loss literature says, "lose the weight, not the lifestyle. " I am a pastor's wife and I am hoping that I'll be able to socialize during the upcoming holidays without feeling too left out, you know?

About the different color plans, how do they determine that exactly? My DD is on the tennis team, but isn't really very active and told our counselor that she likes to "sit." Our counselor said that the program is designed to work at a 2 pound per week average weight loss without exercise. Well, I do exercise. I walk 45 minutes 3 days per week and do Firm workout tapes (approx. 45 min with weights) 3 days per week. I know that sounds hard to believe, but my problem with weight has never been the lack of exercise. Rather, my eating has always outpaced my exercise!

Anyway, our goals for October are to lose 2 pounds per week and learn the program - and have fun doing it!

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Hi Andi-
I hope you will be very happy with LAWL, I love it so far, it really works if you stick with it. I workout comprably to you (I love the FIRM too, but have stopped for awhile) and I think when you have a lot of activity that changes the plan color. When i joined, I had 27 pounds to lose and am active, so I am on the Blue plan. I dont know much about the other colors I just wanted to say hi and I know you'll do great
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Thanks for the welcome everyone - to answer the questions - yes I have my dress for my brother's wedding and it's WAY too big. I'll have to take it to be altered, but I'm waiting until the last minute (2 weeks before the big day) so that it will definitely fit.

As for the exercising - my friend is becoming a personal trainer, so I'm doing the treadmill 3 times a week and then either walking on my own, or riding my bike 2 other days. She has a "system" on the treadmill - 5 minutes warm up, then 3 minutes/2 minutes/3 mins/2 mins, etc... of slower/faster.
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Hi all, hope your weekends were great and POP

My Son's football homecoming was today...WE WON.
But after wards we had a parents flag football game and I swear I am in so much pain from running and falling and tackling and getting tackeled (yeah, we cheated) that my toenails, hurt. but we won that game too and the kids had a ball watching us almost die from running 50 yards

Other than that I had a pretty good weekend. I didn't go weigh in on Saturday, because the new counselor got me so mad on Friday I just didn't want to go back. She tells me I am up (1 tenth of a pound) and tried to sell me supplments and gives me a I'm concerned you aren't continuing your losespeech and I kindly gave her some on the job training and let her know before you start your speech you should find out what that person has ate for the day (It was almost 7 and I had just had dinner and at least 16 oz of water, plus I ate a lite on the way in becaue i realized I had forgot one for the day and had a sweet tooth thing going on) Then I also told her that since it is the first cold day of the season, you should also think about the fact that people are coming intoday with sweaters and sweatshirts on. She did apologize, but I was just too peed off and I was still peed off on Satudrday so I will go in tommorrow (besides, I hate going two days in a row)

But anyhow, other than the pain and ache sI will feel in the morning, weekend was great and OP (almost perfect, but I was too tired today when I got home and skipped evening snack so I missed a fruit)

Andi, once you get use to the plan, socializing shouldn't be a problem at all. I'm my church;'s youth director so June is the bad time for me (open houses and graduations galore )

Goofd night All
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Hello ladies! Well, I have lurked in the past, went back to Weight Watchers, disliked it for the last time and come back to the LAWL board! I'm going to be active and stay on the program this time and would love the support of this group! I am finially back in the U.S. and ready to finally lose this weight! Although I can't afford to join a center, I get all the info from my sister and will still go to WW to have an official weigh in. Thanks to everyone for the support!

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Hi Ladies,

Hope all of you had a great weekend ! Mine was okay, I am still sick and not feeling well, so I slept a lot.

Just wanted to post my October goals. I had down that I wanted to be at 180 lbs by Halloween, that is not going to happen.

So my October weight goal is to get down to 190 lbs.

I already go to the gym Monday through Friday and I do the elliptical for 30 mins and the stair stepper for 30 mins. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I take an hour long body sculpting class. My exercise goal for October is to try to fit in a mini night time workout, something like 30 mins on the treadmill a few times a week.

As for eating, my goals are to stop allowing myself a soda each day (BAD of me I know ) Also to stop snacking after 7 PM and no foods that aren't on plan.

I've really slipped up lately. Somehow I keep losing, although at a MUCH slower pace, and I am sure that's from me doing these bad things. I just know if I'd be stricter with myself, I would be much further along by now.

Okay enough of my babbling for now. I'll try to get back on here soon!

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Wow, so many newbies! Welcome all.

Julie: My brother's cafe is breakfast (on weekends) and b and lunch during the week. Kind of like a diner, but better. It's a cute place, and he has great food - he's a neat freak too and the place is always very clean, and to keep it that way he runs a tight ship. He's very anal about lots of things, but it's his place and I only help out when needed. He was short a waitress so I put on an apron and worked the counter yesterday. It's actually fun and doesn't seems much like work. It gets crazy for a couple hours on Sunday mornings.

About this weekend, the weather was just perfect. Saturday, trimmed and hedges and took the clippings to the resource center - DH was floored that I got it all done before 4:00pm. Hedges are nice for privacy, but they are a pain in the butt to keep up. I'm so glad that's over under Spring! Yesterday, after working at the cafe my DBIL and I went on a 20 mile bike ride. It was awesome to get out in the beautful weather, and we covered many hills. I figured he was going to kick my butt as he came up with a new route. LOL! I held my own.

I pretty much stayed OP this weekend, but I'm not taking a $1 for each day because I couldn't accuately count everything, plus - after doing the hedges we went to a local restaurant/bar and watched some of the SU game (they are having a terrible year) and I had 3 glasses of wine. Used an extra fruit that day.

Well, gotta run. Hugs, Sy
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Default Happy October :)

Happy October Ladies!

How is everyone?

Julie, about the sneaking and eating sweets thing. I can have some sweets in moderation on maintenance; but since I have been on this diet for so long, everyone looks at me like I am cheating if I eat something sweet. I try to tell them to BACK OFF when they do say things, but how do you get rid of the looks?
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Morning, chicks!

Cathy/Deetsmom - I can totally relate to you being unsure when you're at 135. I was at that weight a few years ago (my last successful weight drop), and could not get used to the new me (so I ended up regaining ALL of what I had lost) - and I'm at the same height you are. I did have friends that said I was too skinny - because I carry my weight below my waist, and I guess my face looked really thin. Is what you're asking, will you stop feeling fat? My own experience is that there is a major lag between how we feel and how we look - both ways. I never seem to know that I'm as heavy as I am when I've stopped dieting, and I never really think that I'm thin when I am. I guess it just takes time.

However, I had a nice NSV last night - had dinner with my DM, she said I looked really skinny! woohoo --

Karen/MC - what a great question -- I think that's the reason I don't share to everyone that I'm on a diet, becuz then they become the food police -- can you show them that you're allowed the treats? then it becomes part of the plan, not a cheat? I have no idea how I'm going to handle this either WHEN I reach goal.

Kim -it's terrific that you have to get your dress altered - to a smaller size --

Shennie - too bad you had a tough sales session - wow - only up 1/10 when you had all that in you! on the toenails!

Sy - you inspired me to finally take those little maple trees out of the azaleas - I ended up hacking away at the roots. . . Now, how come there are so many rocks? Do they grow?

Andi - they determine the color by how many pounds you are from goal weight, your activity level (and in the case of your daughter, age) -- I think there is a special plan for teenagers, but not sure of that. I understand about mourning food - I feel that way with every diet that I start! Make sure you tell them how much exercise you get in on a regular basis - there is some distinction if you go close to 5 hours a week. And honestly, I think WL is 80% diet, 20% exercise -- Star is our exercise expert?

WB Oriana!

Hi Athena- hope you feel better soon -- I think 8 pounds for the month is pretty much my goal too --

hi to all the other chicks!
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Originally Posted by deetsmom
I think maybe I was unclear..Im not UNhappy with being a 6 and Im not comparing myself to my goal even before my friend came along, was to be a 4. I havent found pregnancy really changed my body composition so much since I have always worked out a lot as well, but thanks anyway. I dont think I would EVER be a 2 and the only way I am going to get to my goal is through exercise and LAWL which is the "healthy" way anyway, right? I definitely did say it myself that I have trouble adjusting my view of my own size, but I certainly have my own goals in mind. I want to be the best I was meant to be and in a few weeks, I am sure I will be there
I'm 5'3" and I've reached my goal weight of 125--and I still don't wear a 4 (at least not in the clothes that I've tried on). So, I wouldn't worry too much about being a 4 instead of a 6. If you get to your goal weight and you feel good, the size doesn't matter. If you fit into a 4, then great! But don't worry about it if you don't. (Besides, sometimes I think the sizes on clothes don't really mean ANYTHING--they certainly don't give me an accurate picture of whether something is going to fit me or not!)
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Morning chickies!

DH and I had a busy weekend. We did our WI, DH was down a pound and my weight was exactly the same as two weeks ago - a bummer, I know, but I did it to myself! Saturday AM DD had soccer, then we spent the afternoon going...isn't there something we're supposed to do today? But there wasnt, which is rare! Then Sunday was church in the morning, dropped DD of at mom's to babysit, DH and I went shopping, then had dinner with his family at Olive Garden (yum - I so didn't get on the scale this morning) and then we went to the Foo Fighters/Weezer concert!! It was great. We had floor tickets, so I'm definitely counting the 8 block walk to and from the parking lot plus 4 hours of standing and dancing as a LOT of exercise! (Still don't think I burned off my entire dinner, lol!)

Anyway, I'm kind of dragging this morning and have plenty of work to do, so I'll catch all you chicks later.
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Originally Posted by textjewel
I think that's the reason I don't share to everyone that I'm on a diet, becuz then they become the food police
My son is the chief of the food police
But he helps out alot. Once we were in taco bell and i was only supposed to get hime something aI ended up ordering me a nacho bell grande and he says in his whisper (which happens to be a normal persons regular voice , he has no ability to whisper ) "Are you allowed to eat that on your diet?"

For the most part he helps out, when i am reaching for a cookie or something and will say "here eat an apple" or something like that so he is not that bad, but since I almost bit his head off a few months ago during TOM for asking me if my tollhouse cookie was on the diet her has died down some
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Julie: WooHoo about your DM's NSV! Mother's know best! LOL about the maple trees. Man, those things will grow anywhere and do. I didn't do any root digging, but I did cut many off at ground level. Some were as tall as my privit hedges (which are taller than me at 5' 7"). There is another type of tree that has similar leaves as the privit and it's in the middle of our lilac tree (too big to be called a bush). I keep cutting that sucker back and it just keeps growing. It's in a spot in the middle of the root/trunk of the lilacs where I just can't get the clippers (too small for the job), the electric hedge trimmers are too big and we have these larger clippers - also too large). I wouldn't say that yard work is my cup of tea, but I do try to keep it up. I hate doing it while in the act, but enjoy the looks when it's completed. You know what I mean? DH did it all for years and I never lifted a finger - guess it's payback time for me.

Shennie: I'm with you and Julie. I never tell too many people I'm dieting due to the food police issue. Your DS sounds like a cutie.

Boyerm: Great advice about the size thing. Congrats at making it to goal! Please post your wisdom here because there are many that can use some inspiration. I seem to be low on that lately.

OWVgirl: Are you back in WV or another part of the country? Welcome to the board. Are you in the military or DH ?
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Mary - I'm not a big soda drinker, but I think the problem with it is really the sodium, not the caffeine? Maybe you're breaking new ground?

Sy - thanks -- I know what you mean about the trees -- I have two growing UNDER the edge of my bricked patio. I can't dig them up without pulling up the bricks! So I've discovered that things really do grow better when you prune them -- when I cut them back, they just keep on growing, and growing. . . (sounds like a commercial? no, that's the energizer bunny. . .)

Shennie - too cute about your DS. . .
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Hi Everyone. Happy Monday.

Welcome to all the newbies

October Goal - 10 more lbs by October 31st; exercise 4x/ week.

This weekend was a good one for me. Ran all of my errands on Saturday. Took the DSs to the barber shop (hate going in there...think of a man walking into a beauty salon), and the DSs were grateful as they did need haircuts. Next time I think I will send them in and wait in the car or window shop or something. They're old enough to pay and let the barber know what they want done. As long as they don't come back with mohawks we'll be okay.
Missed WI on Saturday but will go today and face the music. I hope I've lost. I know I am retaining some water from dinner last night but in all I think I've lost. We shall see...

Here's to a POP Monday... <--that's water
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