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Default Pedicure time!

Woohoo! I hit my first goal of 5 pounds (+1 more to make it 6)!! CREDIT: ME! I am off to get a pedicure today.

hbuchwald Ouch on the doctor's scale. How much do we hate those things? For some reason my doctor weighs everyone for every visit. Even for a cold! Yuck. Have no fear, it will begin moving in the right direction again. I'm envious of your 35 pound loss! Can you remember when you were in my position? At just 6 pounds loss? You've come a long way!

bbe My first career was sales, so teaching is a big change for me. I have always loved change (at least career-wise) so it's been great. I'm looking forward to using what I learned last year to make it a more effective second year teaching.

Thank you to all of you diet coaches. You really are a great help to me. Reading about your struggles and triumphs is exactly what I need to get through.
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Default Day 8 and Day 9

Day 8 - Create time and Energy
Pretty easy for me. I sit on the computer every morning and evening for 30 minutes reading email, news, and the like. I wrote out a schedule, anyways, as it suggested, and during this time will read the day's task, write on the forum, and I also started a blog on 3FC, so I can reflect on the day. As for planning meals, it's already a part of my routine.

So, I went ahead and did day 9, too.

Day 9 - Select and Exercise plan
Already done. I do Jazzercise 5 times a week. (7 times a week this month, with my personal training sessions.

freer - Thanks for the words of encouragement. I realized today I only have 3 weeks of summer left. Hard to struggle with the excitement of a new school year and the loss of summer at the same time.

kuhljeanie - what a cool cake! Do you do that for a living?

shrinkin - great job on the potato chips! I have to portion out stuff like that as soon as I get home or I eat the whole thing, too!

barpos - congratulations on the sleeveless! Wish I was there - my arm weight is the LAST to go. Many people don't understand what a big deal that is to some overweight people.

onebyone - I love the idea of protein at snacks to keep blood sugar spikes down. I'm going to try it! My blood sugar issues cause me to make bad choices more often than not. Hope you feel better...

BillBlueEyes I love the Oh Well. Been working on that with my husband for years - especially while he is driving!

Everyone have a great day!
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Onebyone- your trainer's recommendations are very consistent w/south beach diet ideas for evening out blood sugar swings and reducing cravings -- eating protein at every meal, having a fat or protein with fruit snacks, and eating whole grains instead of white carbs.

I hope it works for you.
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Back on the wagon
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Default morning coaching team!

yesterday was up, down, up, down. mixed bag. i worked hard (and i mean HARD) to avoid the monday doughnuts in the office kitchen. another hard-won battle to give myself NO CHOICE. it worked! yay! then another, getting my butt to the gym for yoga and running. had a headache and was feeling generally blechy, but i decided when i started training that the only things that would keep me from the gym were injury and illness. feeling "blechy" doesn't meet that criteria, so off i went. had a crappy time in class and only ran 2.3 miles instead of my planned 3, but i went and did so credit moi. ate on plan all the way till dinner, then went off the rails. aaaargghhh! whaazzaaah???? i know, KNOW, i won't lose weight eating this way. three months of empirical evidence tells me so. trying this, trying that, but i know it's the food that's holding me back. back to beck - again. i'll work some of the later lessons, since i lost steam both previous times through. have a notebook for things like the 7-question method etc. i'm absolutely healthier and smaller than i've been in a long, long, time, and this is wonderful. i can fit into my smallest-sized pants. credit moi. it's just that my smallest-sized pants are 14s, a considerable distance from where i'd ideally be. i've got a few more months before we start TTC again, and i'd really like to be down 20 lbs by then. so. this is the focus for my advantages.

later night than i'd planned - was putting away laundry and watching a cake challenge on the tivo when i had an idea about using luster dust with isomalt to make edible jewels. so i was cleaning sugar off pots at 11:00 last night instead of sleeping. (sigh!) the good news is that my next cake (coming up in three weeks) will have some really cool bits and pieces. still not sure if and when and how i'd transition from obsessive, paid hobby to fulltime job (sciencequeen, it's just a part-time gig - i have a non-related fulltime job) but i don't have to make a decision about that anytime soon.

onebyone! go ON, you badass! i bet you're feeling it today in your abs and chest and all those muscles that woke up yesterday. hope you like that feeling! keep at it and eventually you'll have one day when you're looking in the mirror, and you see muscles flexing when you lift a weight. it's AWESOME. i wish i could work out with you! how wonderful that you found a good place to be. that's so important, and underrated. you've got to feel comfortable going or you won't go. big shout out to nadine. i also understand that horrible, visceral, i'm-so-fat-and-ugly-i-shouldn't-even-leave-the-house feeling. it can be completely debilitating. have to give that one the old "oh well" and think of it as a cold. it comes, it goes. oh well! i also like the idea of making one small diet improvement at a time. i have a hard time with this - i'm either "good" or "bad". ironically neither is good (have to agree with bill on this.) need healthy middle ground that allows me to lose weight. still haven't found it. maybe barb can help with insight on this - you seem to have nailed it!

heidi, i would love to send you a cake! not sure how one would ship it, but there are folks who do. that would certainly open up my potential customer base! maybe i can work on reduced fat and calorie versions. wouldn't THAT be something? pretty, decorated cakes that are healthier than the ones normal bakeries put out? i never use trans fats anyway - maybe there's a way to make the rest of it a little healthier. hmmm... if push comes to shove, 24 hour fitness is selling bodybuggs at reduced prices since the new versions are coming out in the fall. it might be more affordable.

MAZEL TOV freer! that's fantastic! enjoy your pedi! what color are you going for?

shrinkin, nice work on talking yourself out of "making up" for the extra calories and just getting back on plan immediately. that sounds like a thin person talking.

bill, nothing to be disappointed about! you just discovered an exciting new goal. when i was 10, we had to do this demoralizing "presidential fitness test" at school, and if you passed all the tests, you got a medal. i couldn't do most of it and the one that really flattened me was maintaining a chin-up position on a bar for some set amount of time. it was just my build - very unlikely that i would be able to support my mesomorphic body with my arms. the whole test put me off fitness and training for oh, maybe 25 years? i hope they don't put kids through that shame these days. if you can take that disappointment and channel it into working even harder, i salute you! and can't wait to hear that you've done a full chin up. i might try the gravitron out today myself just to see where i am... i did recognize the circle game yesterday, but had no idea who sang it originally (we used to sing it in sunday school, of all places.) have no idea on neither song nor artist today. again, i could cheat, but, naa. won't do it!

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Good afternoon y'all! I'm back from vacation - had a great time. Planned on allowing myself a little leeway on my eating and am happy to report I maintained last week. I'm back on my WW Core plan as of yesterday and for once didn't have trouble climbing back on the wagon.

I read all the posts since last Thursday - sorry but I can't respond to them all so I'll start individuals tomorrow. You all have had many wonderful credits!

I'm on Beck Day 16 today. I've also started reviewing the ones I've already done to be sure I am still doing them all.

Some of you were commenting on staying fit in later years. I went to a new doctor yesterday - GI specialist for GERD - and he was impressed with how strong and flexible I still am. When I told him I went to Curves 3-4 times a week he said he wished all his patients would do the same (too bad BBE no men allowed!). I'm have an endoscope Friday morning to determine the extent of the damage to my esphogus from the acid reflux. I am fast running out of medications to try to control it so surgery may be the choice of last resort. Meantime, I'm not to have anything with caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate), no tomatoes, no spicy foods, no fatty foods and I have to quit eating 3 hours before I go to bed. So that will eliminate my evening snack. At this point, I'd do anything to get relief.
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HI guys,

the computor lines are crazed again-operators said there is "noise" on them which makes everything very slow and even more frustrating it that the system will just disconnect the internet- we are on day 3 of this-lost 2 earlier posting. I would go to another provider but there is not one in our area.

Feel like I am mastering one of the hugh area of sabatoging behaviors-"needing" to serving rich foods to guest which I then overindugle in-such a new concept for me-it is ok to take care of myself which entertaining. BBE love the antionette tag!

May thur mid July was at that same type of place of you folks-onebyone, Kulhjeannie and Heidi-hang in there it will pass. I could not quite let go and do complete mindless eating as the past but could not really stay on a food plan for the entire day. I guess the doc visit and finding out how low my "senior" fitness scores were drove me to want to improve. Know that individual reason for hanging in with Beck will get stronger soon and then remaining on plan will be easier-Remember to credit yourslef for successes and forgive yourself of "opps" "The time they are a changing" Jeannie-love hearing about shrinking body shape, onebyone all the work at the gym and recording all the foods, Heidi-always the good cook-enjoy vacation(you'll move better 35lb less)-we'll misss your contribution here,.

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Hi guys continues

though the line might fritz again-but it is ok

QuilterinVa-you are increditable success story- such a weight loss, so much good health after the weight loss, no over induglgence on vacation-almost unheard of here in America.everyone moans about their vacation gain, Much credit to you

BBE-going for next Mr strong man of america? (Ok so it is the senior division-have very dynamic friends who did the senior olypmics) thanks for the 2 Joni Mitchell versus-always a favorite. Reading the lyrics has made me pay more attention to listening to some song-Leonard Cohen musical poems are my favorites. You got a heck of deal with those CDs.

Freer-HUrrah that 5 lb loss!! On to pretty feet!

Best wishes to all-sorry about missing noting to others-must run right now
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Hi Everybody,

Some health issues are going to keep me off the boards for now.Good luck.

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I played hooky from work again today(sorta) I sat at the dining room table with the computer while the girls were out in the pool having a blast. But as least I could see them from the it worked out great for everyone.

Im sorry, I havent had a chance to catch up with everyone....just a few quick reads. Thanks for the kudos for sticking to it everyone I really appreciate it.

Bill....yes, I am still going in september to learn to wrap. We made our room reservations last week, and Im starting to get nervous about it. My biggest issue (and its a personal one) is that I will be the only female in the course. Oh well

Ive started tracking my food again on fitday, and I started a new blog....but finding time to post in it is proving to be difficult. The blogs and facebook and myspace for the shop take up wayyyyyy too much of my free time. Good thing Im a fast typer

Have a great evening everyone.....Im on my last cup of water, then Im off to bed nice and early.
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches – Used my after work walk to go for blueberries. CREDIT moi. Too many blueberries is just right. The lady in line behind me in checkout told me that we can buy Maine low bush blueberries at a local high end produce place. Have to go check that out. The small low bush blueberries are so amazingly good - it's as if they have the same amount of sweet taste in half the volume.

Yep, shrinkin and Sue (CoastalSue), CD#8 was Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell.

CD#9 of the 13 CD’s for $1:
There'll be no strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
And there's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start
I see no need to take me home
I'm old enough to face the dawn

Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away from me
Sue (CoastalSue) - Yay for identifying feeding high calorie food to guests as Sabatoging Behavior. Methinks it's one of Beck's key idea to give a handle to something to allow working on it.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for testing that humiliates kids. Maybe one of the teaches can tell us how kids can be tested without pushing bad stuff at them. I read with interest that when the schools tell kids that they are overweight the parents and the public goes crazy. Kudos for NO CHOICE to the doughnuts. Was it a Tony DiNero film where he said, "Since when do you have to be hungry to have a donut?

Barbara (barbpos) – Are you a South Beach person? Has that been a help to you?

onebyone – Ouch for "yukky tummy." Hope you recover quickly.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, each of the new Internet interactions can eat up more time. At least you have the excuse that some of yours is required for your business. LOL at "Good thing Im a fast typer."

shrinkin - Neat thinking to avoid the trap of giving yourself permission to overeat because you can just work it off. That sounds like good Beck stuff to me.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Congrats for maintaining during your vacation. Ouch for the acid reflux; hope the changes you're making help.

Sheridan - Ouch for the health issues. Hope you can read and draw support from the other posters. Sending you supportive thoughts for dealing with this.

freer - Congrats on the first five pounds. Kudos for giving yourself credit and giving yourself a reward.

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – Such an organized approach to Day 8 - Create time and Energy. Kudos for that.

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• View overeating as a temporary problem that you can solve. …" Beck, pg 24.
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Believe in Change
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Default Greetings to Beckies

Good morning, coaches!

Was on plan yesterday for calories and exercise, but it was a struggle. No real cravings, but had several thoughts of "do I really want to do this?" Read my ARC several times. Also had the "it's not fair that it is this hard" thoughts. Just had to tell myself that it just is how it is. Took myself to the pool reluctantly and was about 10 min into moving through the water before I got into my real exercise mode. Last 20 min was very strong work out, finish was definitely aerobic. So, credits to me for hanging onto my plan. Did get to the produce shop yesterday, so I now have plenty of healthy things available.

BBE-Picked up some salted soy nuts last night. Have not tried them yet. They have about half the calories of almonds or walnuts. Pat on the back for that walk. Share your love of blueberries. We are still getting great Michigan blueberries. Know the song title, but can't ID the artist.

RobinW-Credit to you for trying something new! Share your pain on the time it takes to keep up with posting. Glad you are fast at it and can multitask. Kudos for tracking your food again. I use fitday too. Have been meaning to look around to see if any other sites are better, but just cant find the fime for looking.

Sheridan-Very sorry hear of your challenge. Wishing you a fast recovery!

Coastalsue-Feel your pain on the erratic internet. Same thing happens to me at Lake House. Gets frustrating. Big credit to you for sticking with it. You have inspired me for this weekend. I am planning the menu around my diet let them eat "low cal". Just have to keep telling myself it is OK. Thanks for your encouraging words.

QuilterInVA-Welcome back! Congrats for the controlled eating on vacation. You keep showing us what success looks like. Hope the diet changes work for the acid refulx and that your esoophagus heals.

kuhljeanie-Wow... many credits for your day yesterday. The harder you work, the more credits you deserve! Kudos for getting back to beck and doing some rework. You have already had great success. Is 20 pounds your next goal...or do you have a smaller minigoal?

barbpos- Glad you dropped by and wish you well!

sciencequeen-Kudos for your high energy approach to Beck. Good idea about portioning chips. I usually kid myself that I am buying them for others. Problem is they don't get eaten...and eventually they seem to be calling my name. In past, I have bought them for "company". Not going to do that for this weekend's guests.

freer-Enjoy the pedi! Now every time you look at those great toes it will make you think of your success and spur you on!

onebyone-Hope your tummy recovered yesterday. Keep taking those small training steps!

Off for coffee. Planning for an OP day today...tomorrow is weekly weigh in.
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Default Day 10 - Set a realistic goal

Day 10 - Set a realistic goal
I went ahead and set a goal of losing 5 pounds like the book suggested. I don't really have a "number" in my head anymore since my trainer suggested that I might be happy at a higher weight than my previous goal. We will see how I feel when I get there.
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Default Wednesday morning

Hello coaches

Not much to report as I stayed in bed all day yesterday. Thought I'd be "up and at 'em" this morning but no. Still feel kind of awful. I have some sticky bug in me Guess I'll be calling into the school telling Pat I won't be in to unload the kiln. It'll all have to wait one more day. I can't lean over without feeling very nauseous.

On the plus side, I saw the scale move below 262 finally. 259 this morning. Not the way to do it but I was glad to see it. Look on the sunny side as they say.

BillBlueEyes Small tasty blueberries. That's what I grew up with and went into the bush to pick. These honkers we get are still a genetic mutation in my eyes! But not long ago I saw a plum the size of an apple. I think the only fruit that hasn't been made larger is the grape. Hope you get some of the good berries...and may it be an extra long hike, uphill, to get there

RobinW Good to hear you are getting some time away from the shop. People always have this romantic notion about owning their own business that they can "set their own work times" except that the more successful you are, the more you work and you never leave it behind. Good for you for taking the time. And I think it'll be fun in a room full of boys learning wrapping. How come there's such a discrepancy in that? Is it cause it's about cars and cars=boys?

Sheridan Hope you feel better! We'll be here when you come back... all the best.

coastalsue Your on again off again internet service would drive me bonkers! But if that's what you have, that's what you have. Opportunities to cultivate patience. I am so very impressed at your renewed efforts to get your healthful self together! It is true, nothing like an assessment, a test, a visit with a health professional, to wake you up and make you move. I felt that way visiting the Dr. last week, and the gym this week. It's all moving forward from here, where I am right now. So glad you are moving ahead and hubby together! Great!

QuilterInVA Sorry to hear you suffer with GERD. I hope you can look forward to being rid of this condition soon.

kuhljeanie It seems to me that one week you were talking about making and selling cakes and the next week, you were doing it and now you are full force into it. You have a small business kiddo! Congratulations. I relate to doing really well with your food, working hard to not eat this or that and then doing something to undo all that work later on the same day. It'll come. Eventually you'll stop giving in... you'll get tired of it. Big credit to you for avoiding the doughnuts. That's hard and you did it! You saw yourself do it once, so you know you can do it again.

barbpos It was good to read that you continue to be successful with your food and your weight...and that being so, I am happy to hear my trainer's plan for me is similar to the one that is working for you. Makes me feel hopeful! Thanks for the input.

sciencequeenHello! You seem to be zooming through Beck. That's good! Her program just makes sense doesn't it? Have a great day today.

freer Good going! 6lbs down! What colour celebrates a 6lb loss?? So great...
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Good morning, y'all! Another hot and humid day.

CoastalSue - I find my guests enjoy healthy food. I don't know how many times I have dreaded going to dinner at someone's home because I knew their food would be high calorie. I appreciate lighter choices.

RobinW - Credit for starting tracking your food again. It sure helps me stay on track and every time I stop I start to stray into dangerous waters.

ScienceQueen - Taking it 5 pounds at a time is a good way to go. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed when we look at the total.

BBE - I love blueberries. We've been picking them locally and hopefully they will last another week or two. Got some huge locally grown blackberries in PA that we snacked on.

Shrinkin - Credit for putting those thoughts behind you and staying on your program. Soy nuts are not actually nuts but legumes that have been roasted. They don't have the good fat of almonds, walnuts and pecans. But they sure make a good snack!

OneByOne - I hope you are feeling better! Congratulations on leaving the 260s behind forever.

This morning I forgot to bring my yogurt to work for my morning snack. I was busy thinking of how I could rearrange my food to get that snack when I was suddenly hit by a bolt from the blue and realized I wouldn't starve to death if I waited until lunch to eat! I'm a little hungrier but I can wait. Credit for me because any other time I'd have jumped back in the car and went to 7-Eleven and bought something - and probably not the best choice.

I didn't exercise yesterday. I seem to have caught a cold and it always affects my asthma so I gave myself a day off and will make up for it later in the week.
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Seems like there are alot of bugs out there right now......sending out healing vibes to everyone who needs them!!

Bill~ I love those blueberries!! I miss living up north and being able to go picking. I have a couple bushes in the back yard, but they are the tree/bush type rather than the ground cover type from the north. There is just something about those little things that burst with so much more flavour than the big ones.

Freer~ WTG on the 5lbs gone!!

Shrinkin~ WTG on just getting it done! Kudos!

Well, today is a full day at the shop but Im on a self imposed break! (before I get too frustrated) here I am

Yup, female sign makers aren't that common. When it comes to cars, its usually the guys that get into that. So hopefully I wont be the only one there.

It has taken me a very long time, and learning the hardest way possible to know when to take time off. Because of this particular lesson, I vowed to NEVER work that hard for anyone else ever again. That is how I got into this...I just started helping hubby with it, and it has blossomed into a full time job that I love (most days).

I have even learned to get rid of the guilt that comes with taking the time off. I talked to another woman that runs her business out of her home, so she can stay home with her kids. She has grown so much and so fast in 4 yrs that she was able to hire an assistant, and managed to take 2 days off a week. From picking her brain Ive learned alot!! If I dont take care of "me" I will be useless to my customers. I'll come in early, stay late, do what I have to, to get the job done, but I am managing to still take the time off. Im very thankful for meeting her!

As for web time being business would be so cool if I was one of those computer wizards!!! It takes me flippin' hours to figure out how to get a facebook widget on my business blog! I still dont have one, because I still cant figure it out!! Hurts my brain some days. This is the stuff that is usually done in the evenings in front of the relaxing time (ya right)

K, eating is great! Exercise is still non-existant but I'll do something about that this week. I had stopped my appointments with my pt. It just seemed such a waste when I wasnt eating properly. I'll start that back up probably in a couple weeks.

Have a great day everyone!!
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