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mamabanana 04-13-2007 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by MomOfThreeTeens (Post 1650804)
Well official WI this afternoon was the same as my Home scale WI this morning, woo hooo, that means 3 pounds for the week! The counselor told me today she thought maybe I had lost enough weight, shocked me a little but hubby has been saying the same thing for a couple of weeks now. I'm averaging 2.4 a week. If I do that until my surgery I'll be almost at my goal, sooo we'll see what happens the next few weeks. Ohhh and I bought a size 10 shorts tonight. havent been that small since highschool! Took a 12 and a 14 into the dressing room and had to get dressed and go back for a 10!

WOW- thats awesome! Dont buy shorts though, your TT will DEFINITELY make you a 6 at least, dont you think? AWESOME JOB- by the way, RIDICULOUSLY JEALOUS of your TT....this would be my crowning moment:) Would you PM me and give me an idea what one costs (or post if your ok with that)?

Repo girl 04-13-2007 07:50 AM

Kim- Great loss, and wonderful about the size 10's too!

Joni- Ooooh, the Dogwood Festival? That sounds like so much fun. Here in the booming metropolis of Rexburg, population 25,000, we have a snow festival and a potato festival. Hold me back baby, hold me back! Hope you have a great time!

Debbie- Good loss! You are doing awesome, just stomp on her toe!

Deb- Oh, ouch! Hope you finger feels a little better this morning, and may I suggest a mini chopper? Virtually impossible to get your fingers cut with.

Alannah- Good luck with the big storm. I will be doing the rain dance for you!

Sherri- I do get that endorphine rush, but it is not fantastic enough for me to be dying to do it again sometime soon, you know?

Shannon- You can convert that Paula Dean recipe for Fried Butter to be LAWL friendly. You just convert the butter part to water. Takes almost exactly the same, only different.

Lettie- Cute new pic!

Repo girl 04-13-2007 08:09 AM

So, I have finally realized why I am fat. It MUST be my job! Yesterday afternoon, I am sitting at my desk doing intake paperwork with a new family. I look up just in time to see an old daycare mom who no longer has custody of her children come charging in. She gave up custody to her SIL back in December because she seems to like meth more than her 3 little ones. Anyways, she informs me that she is there to take her children. I told her no, she was not their custodian, and I would not allow her to take them. Thank god for a quick acting employee who quickly got all children in the center into classrooms and shut the doors so that her kids did not see her, and she did not see her kids. She grabs MY phone off of MY desk, calls 911, and tells them that she is at the daycare to pick up her kids and we are refusing to let her have them. Did I mention how high she was? The mom was screaming at me, cussing, swearing, carrying on. I was afraid, to tell you the truth. This girl is pretty scary. She is a distant cousin of my DH, and I have known her for a long time. It is nothing to her to get into a physical fight. She even punched my MIL once a few years ago. I grabbed my cell out of my purse and called the SIL, who raced over her from work, along with the grandma and another aunt. To make a long story short, they had a huge fight in the doorway, screaming every sort of word at each other, (think F, F, and F somemore) until I made them go outside and wait for the police. After a whole lot of drama with the police, they reviewed the custody order from Health and Welfare, and sent the mom packing. They also told her that she would be arrested if she came back over here again. I feel sorry for her in a big way. I cannot even imagine not being allowed to see my kids. Sadly though, she just keeps bouncing in and out of their lives, and it is really messing them up. Until she can stay clean for more than a few days at a time, stop going to jail, and get stable, I do not think that she ought to be around them. I am still a little worried about retaliation from her though. She has been to my house, knows what I drive, where I work, etc. It does worry me just a little bit, you know?

mamabanana 04-13-2007 08:30 AM

Yikes, Katie...that sounds so traumatic:( I feel terrible for the kids but am glad that you and your employees have their backs, you know? Gosh, the stress!!!!

katiebug77 04-13-2007 08:34 AM

Katie -what a sad situation, and very stressful for you. It makes me feel sorry for the children also. Somehow, they always seem to be in the middle of stuff like this. I hope you have a better day at work today. It's Friday girlie, the weekend is almost here.

zambejaly5 04-13-2007 08:47 AM

Katie--- yikes, that is way to scary! Working in a Day care is not supposed to be that intense!!! wow. glad everything shook out ok though and I am with you, keep your eye out for the psycho!

Angie--- I like that idea for an avatar for every mood or situation, one for a loss one for a gain, one for TOM, one for cutting ones thumb off...........oh but we are not going to do that again are we shannon!

I have had two almost POP days... at least OP.. and my scale says I lost 1 pound since wednesday. I hope it is right, if not I will have to make a new avatar!

k. going to go have my coffee and then go to WI. (you know a good cup of coffee works just like HLW and tastes a whole lot better!)

See you all after 9


Repo girl 04-13-2007 09:04 AM

Lettie- Coffee does that more me too, and more!

bizlawchik 04-13-2007 09:05 AM

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday!

I'm way too behind on this thread to catch up, so if there's anything I need to know, someone give me a PM or a quick synopsis.

I did Fast Forward Wed. and Thurs. and am back to regular plan today. We are allowed food in the office as Passover is finished, I have completed my first week of school things will get into a routine after this weekend of running around to get my uniform pants hemmed, get tons of school supplies, plan the menus for me and the rest of the house, shopping and studying. Actually it sounds like more than it is. I will always be menu planning, grocery shopping and studying while I'm in school, but I have some extra stuff to do this weekend to get all the supplies, etc.

The really cool thing about school is I'm sitting in class absolutely fascinated with every word being spoken. I don't remember ever being like that during school before, even with my law classes. I know I've made the right decision. If this is what it's like to get up and love to go to your job, this is awesome.

Katie - Holy crap! I'm glad everything turned out ok with the kids and that they didn't get to see mom. DH deals with stuff like that too, and it's really hard on him. He had to call DCF (our child protective services) yesterday because one of his kids had a mark on him and when he asked what it was, the kid said his father had thrown a fork at him. He was agonizing over it last night. But I can see where the stresses like that could make you "fat", or at least make you want to chow on something, or indulge in a few cocktails. (Probably the cocktails, huh?)

I'm sure you'll be OK. Even if she knows where you live, etc., she'd have to be somewhat smart (or sober) to figure out how to sabotage you, and that doesn't sound like that will be happening. The worst she could do is try to confront you, but you would be able to call the police before she could get in your house or anything. It may be more drama, but I would think you would stay safe anyway.

OK... back to work!

Repo girl 04-13-2007 09:12 AM

Oh, funny story. Yesterday my staff did a lot of dejunking and cleaning. One of them found an old fish bowl with rocks and plants in it. She put it on the kitchen counter to see if I could buy a beta for her class. Later on, I was cooking snack and one of my preschoolers came into the kitchen. He looked suspiciously at the fish bowl and asked me why we were having fish for snack.

Dan2112 04-13-2007 09:24 AM

Good morning all...

Well, I'm a little nerveous about WI this morning.. I haven't been on a scale since Monday and I was up a pound then.. I did a TO, but I'm afraid that after two days of hotel schmoozing I'm not going to show much movement in the downward direction..

I know that even though I was very good by all standards in what I ate the past couple of days, eating "out" poses its own problems no matter what you consume.

Keep your fingers crossed.. It's snowing in Santa Fe this morning, so traffic will be fun as well.. NOT...

smjezzy 04-13-2007 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Repo girl (Post 1651070)
Shannon- You can convert that Paula Dean recipe for Fried Butter to be LAWL friendly. You just convert the butter part to water. Takes almost exactly the same, only different.

LMAO I would try that but our water is too soft I'm afraid.

As for the whacky "mother", that's so sad that people get that way. The drugs just take over and turn them into something awful. I hope she pulls herself up for her sake as much as the kids.

Congrats on the weight loss to everyone. I go weigh in tomorrow. This is my second day on FF. It's not too bad, you never get hungry with all this food just not sure if it's helping! We'll see tomorrow.

Cassie - that's awsome. To find your place in life is a dream most people don't ever achieve. I wish the same for myself someday. Big congrats and I'm very happy for you.

Dan - good luck with the schmoozing - we miss ya around here.

Oh and the diet fuel pill - I will check into that. I'm not sure with all the diabetes and blood pressure if it's something I can take but I'll try. Yoga, I do love yoga. I actually have a yoga tape and I keep saying I'm gonna get that out and do it but that never seems to happen. I think I'll force the issue tonight. They have yoga at my gym but it seems to interfere with water aerobics. Oh well...keep on keepin on, maybe I will like it someday.

Everyone - good morning and have a great day.

bizlawchik 04-13-2007 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Repo girl (Post 1651176)
He looked suspiciously at the fish bowl and asked me why we were having fish for snack.

OMG that was too funny! :lol3:

bizlawchik 04-13-2007 10:20 AM

Dan - Sending :goodvibes: your way!

Shannon - Glad your FF is going well. I just did it for the first time since starting a year ago. I've only done TO since then. Wow, it was SO much better, and I lost the same amount as when I do TO. Guess I'll try this for awhile. Let us know what your total loss was when you WI.

Joni135 04-13-2007 10:26 AM

Quick check in before I head out.

Katie - scary day for you for sure. I hope that gal gets some help. I'd be a little on the cautious side too if I were you, but it does sound like she's mad at the world and not just you. Hope she keeps her distance.

Cassi - I was reading some great article last night in prevention magazine (the topic was how we're all too busy to make healthy meals, so what are the options). They covered things like the salad bars in grocery stores, at home chef who prepares meals and delivers them, etc., I'm convinced you should open one of those "My Girlfriend's Kitchen" franchises. There are already a few in Florida.

Wherever your passion takes you, I'm sure it will blossom.

Off to the Festival I go....oh, shower first! TGIF!!

bizlawchik 04-13-2007 10:36 AM

My Girlfriend's Kitchen? I have to check that out. Is that one of the places where you put together the meals in containers and take them home to freeze?

OK, just saw it. There are a few places like that here already. I like the idea, but with the franchises you have to use a specific menu they give you and specific recipes. I don't think I would really get to cook and create.

Right now I'm leaning toward catering and personal or private chef. I'm 20 minutes from "the Island" (Palm Beach) so someone there needs a private chef. Who knows? I'm just taking it day by day. Once I get into school a few months, I'll think about picking up a part time job on the weekends or even one day a week to get some experience and I'll go from there.

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