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Repo girl 04-14-2007 01:36 AM

I made the "Cherry Cheese Ball" out of Deb's book for a staff meeting tonight. It was a huge hit. Thanks Deb!

MTdebster921 04-14-2007 01:58 AM

Jillian- You're right, it's actually all about attitude. I don't think I ever say I cheat, I may go off plan sometimes, but I am not on a diet, and always correct someone when they ask what diet I am on, because it's a lifestyle change. I may sway from the plan sometimes, but I really don't beat myself up over it, I didn't put this weight on overnight and I know it's not coming off overnight. I will get there eventually and if life gets in the way and sets me back a little bit, then so be it.

Katie- I haven't tried the cheese ball- glad it was a hit. I have been trying to make new recipes a few times a week. The last 2 weeks so far have been:

Better than ever cheesy meat lasagna-YUM
carribean seafood salad-Interesting
banana split cottage cheese salad-Yum
chicken apple crunch salad-Yum
Diet coke sloppy joe-Yum

Tomorrow is enchilada squares

Ok- It's currently midnight here and I have been up since 3:30 this morning, and only going on 5 hours sleep last night. Why, oh why am I not in bed snoozing away?!?!?! Ok, gonna try to catch some ZZZZ's now.

ElleofALady 04-14-2007 02:23 AM

The baby's up and so am I...I am actually watching the Riches marathon on Fox. I tried to watch when it first came out, but it is not very child friendly...a lot of cussing, cussing, etc. I do find it pretty interesting, how easily someone can actually take over your life after an unfortunate accident. Makes me want to make sure I have everything precisely in order, if something should happen.

Took my little girl to Olan Mills today for her birthday pics. She is such a sweetie. My 7 month old son got in on a couple of shots. They are just the cutest...I love my family. WI was on Friday. I lost 3.5lbs since Tuesday. Yeah me!!! Old COD has yet to send my folder to the new COD...I will be so glad when I can officially be done with that original center. Nuff said!

The cherry cheese ball sounds deelish! I may try that one Katie.

Jillian- Choice vs cheat? I don't know...I think my mantra will be, "What choice of cheat do I have?" I am jonesing for REAL ice cream almost everyday!!! Huh??? I must not think about ice cream...think jello w/ ff whip cream. It 2:05 AM. Hopefully you enjoyed your pizza and rum-n-coke(at least it's diet coke).

MTD- What are some of the changes to the plan, if you don't mind sharing?

Martha- Welcome Back!

Barb- Are you still here?

BobbySam- Rebuke those demons! Sometimes your mind goes into non-LAWL mode and you just forget. Get back on plan and move on.

Dan- Congrats on being down, again. You will probably be down even more when you come back from your business trip.

Kim2- I actually think 7K is quite reasonable. Depending on what my pooch looks like after hitting goal, I may look into a TT myself. Never thought I would think about such things, but hey, I will need an awesome self-reward once I hit goal.

Anyone else, I am leaving out...you know I'm thinking about you.
Good Night.

ElleofALady 04-14-2007 02:30 AM


Originally Posted by MTdebster921 (Post 1652469)

Tomorrow is enchilada squares

I made that this week with the Spanish rice...I would recommend marinating the cooked beef in the sauce for at least an hour before baking. I found the meat to be somewhat bland and no one ate the meal but me. The rice was really good. Oh well, at least I have some portioned, on plan frozen dinners for a while. HTH!

KrispieD 04-14-2007 09:20 AM

Morning All
I'm headed to the slammer for accosting the sclae at COD.. my lovely one pound gain from Aunt Flo only went down .2ozs the last two days. So I'm going to go sit in a corner and pout all day!
Hope you all have a great weekend.. Deb you should join Cassi and I in opening the LAWL Meal service!

Dan2112 04-14-2007 10:41 AM

Morning all.. Just a quick checkin before we go to the COD.. Though I did a WI yesterday, I'm going with liz for hers.. Plus I want to see if the pizza I ate on Thursday is having an adverse affect.. I'm hoping to show even a bit more improvement, as it will have me in a positive mindset going into my time away from home this week...

JLem311 04-14-2007 11:05 AM

hi everyone. yes, i did enjoy the pizza. but i decided not to have any drinks with it.

deb-you're absolutely right. this is a lifestyle change and if life gets in the way of my goal, well, that's what life is. life happens when you're busy making other plans. (i think that's the saying)..anyways. i have the power to make choices. they may help me get to my goal and they may take me a step back. either way, i'm fully aware of what i'm doing and how it will affect me. that's life.

anyways, i did get up this morning and got a great workout in. and guess what? i met my 3 workouts a week goal! whooo!!!! so happy with myself.
now if i can just make this a new habit of mine. which i think i will. :)
the last few times i was doing LAWL i lost pretty quickly without being a slave to my elliptical, but now that i've been slacking on my workouts my losses are smaller and slower. so i know now that i'm lighter, i have to workout to get what i want. it's not just going to come off without some regular exercise.

so, yeah, i've come to discover lots of things about me and my way of thinking about this whole lifestyle change. more so that i ever did in the past. i'm happy with what i've found out and what i've realized this all means for me. i actually feel less stressed. :)

hope everyone has a great day and good losses if you're going to WI!

Debbie367 04-14-2007 11:44 AM

Katie - Sorry to hear the daycare drama, I am sure it totally stresses you out. That type of stress would make me want to eat comfort food...so not good. Hang in there sweetie!

Lettie - I am right there with you on the coffee vs HLW. WTG on your 10lb loss or as I like to refer to it, losing 40 sticks of butter...think about it!

Cassie - Glad to hear school is going well. It's amazing how loving what you do makes everything seem so much easier and fun! You are gonna rock that culinary class!!!! With your WL success I can totally see you promoting healthy gourmet menus. I know if you were in my town I would be all over it!

Dan - CONGRATS on your 2lb (8 sticks of butter) loss!!! I'll take those results any day :-) Hang in there...you can make your b-day goal! Even if you don't you will still be working your way there so it's still a success. You would not be happy with me on my salt intake Friday. I MUST drink lots of water before my WI on Monday. Sorry Dan...I really didn't mean it. :-)

Martha- Welcome Back!!!! So glad to see you again.

Jillian- I am with you on the word using positive words. I also like to use snacky instead of fat! LOL. Congratulations on meeting your exercise goal. That's HUGE in my book. I have such a hard time with exercise or rather getting off my snacky butt to do it!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Letisha - Love the new avatar!! You will have to share the family photo's. It's funny to hear you say "Olan Mills". I am from Chattangooa and haven't heard that term in awhile.

I have a confession...I didn't go to the COD on Friday to plan my "new rotation". I just couldn't face Miss Priss and I sooooooooooo wanted to have a good day all the way around. We had my 2 yr old nephew and 6 yr old niece over for a sleepover and I am exhausted! LOL I have had a few bites that were not on plan but am jumping off that train of thought and back in the game. I want to make Deb's Cheesy Meat Lasagna...it sounds super delish!

Good luck this weekend!

Dan2112 04-14-2007 12:50 PM

Well.. It looks like all my moaning and self loathing works...

Imagine my HUGE surprise when I got on the scale and was down 2 lbs. from YESTERDAY.. So, it looks like I was better than I thought this week.. I knew I was making good choices while out and about at the hotel site tours, but I figured the processed nature of the stuff I was eating would affect me..

So, ok.. I'm in a better mood now.. :lol:

Liz was down a pound, but it was the same pound that she put on, so it looks like we're now plateaued in the 170's... Our COD counselor, Leslie, has her on some kind of intensive "be good" program for the week to see how it goes..

ALSO.. We have a new COD manager and she put a note on Liz's folder that since she's past her paid weeks, she needs to start paying for weeks.. She offered a 50% off the weekly rate.. I got very agitated and told Leslie she could stick it.. Well, I didn't say it like that, but I told her that we won't be paying for more weeks, so Liz will have to talk to the manager this week about the gaurantee and all that jazz.. I really like Leslie, so I tried very hard no to be too pissy toward her, but as Liz can tell you, I was PISSED off...

smjezzy 04-14-2007 12:56 PM

OK I can stop being mad now. I was up 2 lbs on Monday's WI, I went in this morning and I'm down 4 from Monday. Whew! I hope that included the chicken!

Slowly but surely................

zambejaly5 04-14-2007 06:21 PM

Debbie, I like to think of the butter sticks too, really gives a good visual! can't wait til it is 312 butter sticks, ooh that sounds awful!

Dan-- You are going to make it to your birthday goal!!!! I just know it, wow, you have done an awsome job!!!

sure is quiet on here today, I have not been very OP ever since I weighed in on Friday morning and now tonight our 5 kids have all gone home with different friends and it looks like DH and I are going to get a real date!!!! we have not done that in.......... well forever! So I am not sure what that is going to mean for being OP but I know tomorrow it will be water, water, water and treadmill city!!!

Deb- was it you that has seen the new plan? what all are they changing? last time they changed plans, they made me pay $15 to get the new materials, which I thought was a rip. They are the ones that changed the plan on my, why should I have to pay. I am not going to do it this time, I will either sitck to what I have or they can give it to me, but they can just quit trying to bleed me dry! and I don't think I am going to get convinced to do TO again, it really didn't get me any more off than if I would have stuck to the plan. I have to face it, in this race I am the Tortise not the Hare!

hope you are all having a nice weekend, we are supposed to get our income tax return soon, yippie, we are going to pay some bills, fix our pool and maybe build a deck, but probably more realistically just invest some in my husbands business.

k off to my date with DH.


BobbySam 04-14-2007 09:23 PM

Hi Letisha - twin - love your new avatar! So nice to finally "see" you. Thanks for your support as always! Am POP today and hopefully it will show on Monday's WI.
Take care everyone and have a great evening!

MTdebster921 04-14-2007 10:19 PM

Letisha- Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. I cooked the spices in the meat like for regular tacos, then just added the evap. milk, tomato sauce and egg on top. It turned out really good and my picky eater DH said it was a keeper!

Kristen- That last pound is just teasing you so bad isn't it?!? Hey, count me in on the meal service!!

Dan- WTG on the 2 lbs. in one flippin day!! You 2 stick to your guns on the guarantee. If Liz is doing everything they ask, then she shouldn't have to pay anything extra.

Shannon- Woohoo on being down 4 for the week!

Lettie- I can't believe that they made you pay $15 for the new plan book, I think you did get ripped off. Hope you had fun on you date with DH.

Beautiful day today, in the 70's here. Did some much needed yardwork and took the hounds to the lake for a swim and a nice long walk.

KrispieD 04-14-2007 10:50 PM

okay that WI just put me in a black cloud and like a complete moron I CHOSE to get into the kid's Easter stuff after a lovely salmon dinner that was OP.. self sabotage when nearing goal.. someone call dr phil and see if he'll take me on asap!!
I have until April 22 and I think I just set myself back a bunch tonight.. off to get the wet noodle to give myself 100 lashes on the back!

Joni135 04-14-2007 11:34 PM

Oh Kristen - it couldn't have been that bad! Say three Hail Mary's and call it a night! Weather permitting, go for a run around the block tomorrow; you'll be fine.

Shannon, Dan - way to go on those losses. You are obviously being good to yourselves.......keep it up. Dan, where are you going this week? Are you going to be gone on your birthday (Friday)? How will we know if you made your challenge.

Jillian - keep up with that exercise....it's good in so many ways. My gym bag is packed and I'm ready to hit the gym tomorrow before a luncheon where it's going to be challenging to stay OP, but I'll do my best.

Letisha - I love all your new pics....Your children are adorable.....love the tie on the little guy!

Jillian - I'm a Redbook reader myself. Love the magazine, but I'm behind and have a stack of magazines to read about a mile high. Typically, I read my magazines on the treadmill, but since I've been slacking on my exercise, I'm way behind. Oh, and for anyone who enjoys pizza....don't forget the simple calorie/fat saving trick of blotting your pizza with a napkin before you eat it to soak up the unnecessary excess fat/grease sitting on top. Hey, every little bit helps.

Hey, Martha. I too ran out of weeks and haven't been back to my COD. I find this site gives me more support and answers than the COD ever did and until the COD calls ME back with a super deal, I don't really want to go back there. But, that being said, I'm about +6 from my lowest weight and struggling to get my head in the game. One day at a time. I'll ge there and so will you.

Hey Barb, when you and DH are done with your renos in Canada, I have a kitchen here in Woodstock, GA just calling your name!! I so wish I had a handy husband.....he's, well, useless in the repair/reno department.

Kristen, I'll keep my eyes peeled for articles to get you over the hump, but I think you'll get there way before I find the article.

Cassi - I'm going to go back and look for your picture in your whites. Sure hope it's on here. edited: no picture of Cassi in her Chef's whites, so here's the next best thing: :chef:

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