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Repo girl 04-16-2007 02:20 PM

Joni- Savannah's leg is healing good, I think. She has to go to vet tomorrow to get it checked.

Paula- Yahoooooo! Wonderful news!

Nicole- Good to see you back safe and sound.

My blood sugar is still whacked out. I decided to log it several times a day for a few days before I go to the Dr, so that I can give him a better idea of what is going on. Basically, it is hovering in the 70's and 80's. I am not really on plan, just trying to eat to keep it up.

katiebug77 04-16-2007 02:48 PM

Katie- I'm glad Savannah is recovering nicely. I hope your doctor is able to come up with some solutions for your BS. Sounds kind of scary!!

mamabanana 04-16-2007 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by pjbeau (Post 1654941)
Good Morning!

:dancer: :dancer: My biopsy came back negative!! :woohoo: I am so relieved to have this drama over. Now, I can get back to focusing on looking good for vacation in May. :beach:

Also, FIL is out of ICU and on the mend. :carrot:

I'm way behind on my reading, so I'll have to go back and catch up through the weekend. I wasn't POP this past weekend, but I don't think I totally blew it. Time to buckle down and get-r-done. :club:

:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: Your support has been amazing...you are such special people. You definitely helped me keep my sanity in the last month.


smjezzy 04-16-2007 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by JLem311 (Post 1655167)
shannon--i'm on red and my book says for 1/2 cup of nonfat, sugar free ice cream is 1 starch! :)

OMG I see it!!! I see it!!!! I sure hope noone gets in my way on the way to the grocery store today.

And to think I wasted a perfectly good starch on that crappy jello pudding stuff. Pishaw

Mama Nicole 04-16-2007 04:07 PM

Joni………I’m home………it’s so nice to be missed.

Lettie…..I just love your new avatar. You are so adorable.

Jillian…..if you didn’t already switch plans (there are 50 pages here, and I just started at page 39, so my input is probably already old)………stay on red as long as you can. As long as you are losing, it cannot hurt. I switched prematurely, and I really regret it. It just seemed like it threw me for a loop, and I had a really hard time making the change. That is just me, of course, but as our dear Pearl used to say……”why fix it if it ain’t broken…..”

Hey, I am thinking of getting a shorter hair cut. Is this just my little, “oh crap, I have gained weight….i need to make myself look better…….ahh, maybe I will chop my hair off…….” What do you think? I haven’t had shorter hair since I was 27……and I am kind of scared…….

Barb the RN…….how funny about HD. I like what Kim said best……..that they must play a game of hide and seek with future employees, and that if the prospective employees are found, they don’t get the job. That is how it seems most of the time at my HD. If I ever hear from them again…….I will tell them about Kim’s notion. Also, I had to laugh at your comment about DH, “I was actually giggling quietly to myself after we talked to one guy. I think my DH thought that was confirmation that I have lost my mind.” I think my DH probably feels your DH’s pain often. LOL.

Vic…..I was in Kenosha, WI. It is in the southeast corner of the state, just north of Chicago, right on Lake Michigan. And yeah, I am always nervous at WI. It never changes……..but I do seem to get less upset if I have a gain now…….which tells me that I have more confidence in myself that I will be able to get to goal. That is a good feeling.

This is a quote from Shannon….”Noone has motivation advice. I was hoping someone had a pearl.” A Pearl? A Pearl? Shannon, did you have the pleasure of meeting our Pearl? She was obviously named correctly, cuz she would have motivated you’re a$$ off…….and without any swearing. I sure hope your funk has passed. Sometimes, you just have to fake it till you make it. Sometimes you just have to pretend you are loving exercising………..or eating right…..or whatever it is you HAVE to do. You will get through this…..hang on, hang on.

Sherri………welcome to our little group of losers. You are cracking me up already.

Lettie…….don’t be jealous……but I have a mini laundry mat in my basement. I have 2 washers and 2 dryers. I got lucky, cuz I had my own, and then the house I bought had them also. They are lined up all in a row, and it is WONDERFUL. I hope you get your new washer soon…………you are going to be buried alive otherwise……..

Cassi……….I’m glad you enjoyed your first FF……..I cannot even imagine making it through a TO…….I truly admire any of you that can get through a TO. I am too scared to try one………..plus, I can’t do bars……..also, so glad you are enjoying school. That is exactly how it was for me when I started the nursing program……I had already had 2 years done of teacher ed…….but it all just clicked when I started all of my science classes…….I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to learn more……people generally thought I was a geek…….LOL. by the way…….a private chef sounds really interesting….and hopefully quite lucrative……….

Dan……..you have lost a ton of weight, man. It truly is incredible. WTG. Also, if I were Liz, I would be mad at you ALL THE TIME for losing so quickly. LOL. I am only kidding. You really should be proud of yourself.

Kristen……..you are killing me with your TOM posts……..

And Dan and Kristen……..I think the cravings near the end may have a little something to do with a concept called, failure of success. I can’t really remember the whole explanation for it…..but maybe someone else does. Wasn’t that helpful?

Good to see you Martha. I quit going to the COD too…….I did sign up for online access, but it is pretty much useless. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice, but it was really tough for me to get there every week. Who knows. If you think it will help you get those last few off……I say go for it. It ought not be too expensive for a small amount of weight, right?

Letisha……I never thought I would consider a TT either…….but man, how discouraging to see icky skin hanging off of my tummy. It’s also pretty bad from 5 full term pregnancies, and then the lovely c-section scar……….I probably wouldn’t have the courage to do it…..but I think about it often.

Lettie……..I hope things start looking up with the business. With spring here, hopefully business will pick up. I can completely empathize with you on the expense of raising a family of 7. It can weight heavily on your mind. With you on board, I bet things will get moving. We women tend to multi-task pretty darn good. Just don’t join him up on the ladder, ok……..cuz I know you would answer the dang phone up there.

Katie……do you control your blood sugar via diet only? I am nosey……LOL.

Nashville Debbie….it is so good to see you posting away again. You are such a kind cheery person. I think it is awesome that you can give Lettie some ideas……you are generous to offer your time. Everyone here is just incredible, aren’t they?

Wendy II……I love your new avatar. You are so pretty J

Hi Angie and Deb and Kate and Tina and Alannah and Megan

Paula……..thank goodness. What a wonderful relief J

Kim #2……….you are doing sooo awesome. Good for you. Don’t you love it when people tell you that maybe you have lost enough weight?

What’s up JM……..and Kim too?

Ok, how the **** did I miss it…….is there a post celebrating Kristen making it to goal? Her ticker says she’s there……..so WTF??? Oh…….I see……..160.6 under the avatar. Kristen………….it will come…..I PROMISE. You always have a real nice drop after TOM. You can do this, you can do this, you can do this. Check in and tell us how your today is going.

Ok, so, now that I feel almost caught up, I will tell you all that I am one fatty boombalatty. I was down to 186 not too long ago, and somehow I lost sight of the prize, and I am up to 201. Yeah, I have left the land of Onderland. I’m not really that upset about the sclae, but I HATE the fact that my pants are too tight. But, I am not going to wallow in self pitty………I have almost made it through day 1 of FF, with NO CHEATS or tweaks or blt’s or anything like that………so look out my chunky little friends……..I am BACK. Ok, I so have to get back to life here……….I am not going to even read this over, so if it sucks, I am sorry. If I left anyone at all out, I didn’t mean to…..and I really missed you all.

Welcome to any and all newbies……..and I will check in with you all later. Sorry about the novel…..LOL


Repo girl 04-16-2007 04:20 PM

Okay Nicole, here comes a great big cyber kick in the a$$! You can do this, you will do this, we will help you do this!!!

zambejaly5 04-16-2007 04:27 PM

Ahhhhh it is so nice to have you back Nicole!!! thanks for all the tidbits. Wow you are taking your gain well! 12 lbs.... am I figuring that right! girl lets have a challenge of some sort. what is your biggest down fall? we could have an exercise challenge or a pop challenge You name it, what will help? We are here for you! Just tell us how we can help.

as for the laundry...... aaarrgggg...... right now I am setting the timer for each cycle and then manually turning it. Yes I am so jealous of your "laundry mat"! I don't have that much room in my laundry room. I was almost completely caught up when it died, that is the good news. but that income tax return better get here soon!

:welcome: BACK!!


Mama Nicole 04-16-2007 05:40 PM

ok, so is it laundry mat, laundra-mat or what? I pondered over that one for a while, and then decided........who cares......LOL

smjezzy 04-16-2007 05:52 PM

Merriam Webster says laundromat <shrug> I think it depends on what sign it's on! The correct answer though is probably who cares.

Repo girl 04-16-2007 06:27 PM

Laundry or Laundro Mat- Definition- The place that saves your butt for under $20.00 when you have not done a load of laundry in 2 weeks, your DH has no clean work clothes, and your children are starting to look like hobos. Oh yeah, I have been there a few times. On Christmas Eve I snuck over there in the morning to do a mountain of laundry without DH knowing, because he gets mad at me for spending the cash when I have a good washer and dryer at home. My stupid Suburban broke down in front of laundry mat, and I had to call DH to help. I was so busted!

zambejaly5 04-16-2007 06:56 PM

well I hesitated when I wrote it because I wasn't sure, and I almost went to see what you put first but gambled on Laundry Mat. so I don't know, my friend calls it the washateria.... so how about that!


BobbySam 04-16-2007 08:00 PM

Hey Everyone!
Nicole - glad to have you back!
Katie - thankfully Savannah is healing well! Hope you get your blood sugar sorted out
Paula - Congrats on the negative result! Now you can relax.

Letisha - your kids are adorable! Have a great evening!

Went to WI today and was down another pound. Gotta update that ticker!

Angie 04-16-2007 09:32 PM

Paula -- Fantastic news! I'm so happy to hear it. :carrot:

Nicole -- Welcome back!

Wendelina 04-16-2007 10:26 PM

Hi Gang!

Paula - PTL!! As you can tell, we're all so happy to hear your results! :hug: Love your new avatar!!

Nicole - Welcome back from Cheeseland, you novel-writing chicky! We missed you... and your dots... and your quirky sense of humor... and... well.... just YOU. :D You're going to get your butt back on track now, right??? :drill: Great job jumping in with an FF! We need a No BLT Smiley.

Angie & Nicole - Thanks for the compliments.. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I wish they would have measured my double chins when I started so I know how many inches I've lost there too!

Lettie - Washeteria - I like that!

Katie - Glad Savannah is healing well!

Ok.. I've forgotten all the rest that I've read.. and I need to find a fruit to eat before hitting the pillow.

Here's to a POP week, kids!! Let's do it!!

Wendelina 04-16-2007 10:28 PM

Oh I almost forgot.. is FF/SF frozen yogurt considered ice cream (as in a starch) or a dairy??

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