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sherbear 04-12-2007 04:52 PM

hi everyone! i'm pretty new to the site, so i hope you don't mind my jumping into your conversations. :D

regarding charla and the armor: OMG i laughed so hard! i had to rewind it over and over to watch again. sooooooo bad.


Originally Posted by smjezzy
I've always heard the more you exercise the more your body craves it. I don't think my body heard that rumor.

my body doesn't believe it, smjezzy. i force myself to work out, but all it ever does is exhaust me. i never get that endorphin kick that i constantly hear others raving about. i'm gonna have to pop some sort of pill if i want to feel good after a workout. :smoking:

smjezzy 04-12-2007 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by sherbear (Post 1650484)
my body doesn't believe it, smjezzy. i force myself to work out, but all it ever does is exhaust me. i never get that endorphin kick that i constantly hear others raving about. i'm gonna have to pop some sort of pill if i want to feel good after a workout. :smoking:

well if you find the pill...............

zambejaly5 04-12-2007 05:03 PM

ok, I couldn't handle that avatar any more. not sure this one is any better..... grrr

KrispieD 04-12-2007 05:32 PM

oh lettie I loved the other avatar.. it was exactly my face when they told me I had gained a pound overnight !!!

Shannon.. food for thought lol

zambejaly5 04-12-2007 05:57 PM

Shannon, I will wait til weigh in tomorrow. if I gain I will have to put it back!


equinetcan 04-12-2007 08:50 PM

Good evening everyone,

Today was probably the nicest day we have had so far in awhile and it was literally the calm before the storm as we are supposed to potentially get 15-25 cm of snow over the next 24 hours but some may go to rain if it tracks the right way. Winter just won't go away. I'll get some exercise tomorrow though as I am staying at my ex's tomorrow and saturday nights to take care of the pooch while he is away and if the plow goes through before I get there (and it likely will), I'll have to shovel just to get in the end of the driveway and then I'll have to do the deck and stairs for the dog.

I was supposed to go to WI tomorrow morning but that may depend on the storm as well. I might go on saturday instead.

I did get a bit of good news today. It seems with my marital status changing at the end of last year my GST installments (Canadian taxes here folks!!!)were re-evaluated (I didn't qualify for any before) and the Government deposited a refund into my account. I'll take that anyday. Not a large amount but it was $177 I wasn't expecting to receive. I didn't realize they would do that without me applying directly for a re-evaluation.

Well, CSI is about to start and I need to see if it is a new one. I'll drop by later or in the morning!!!

Joni135 04-12-2007 09:13 PM

okay - just a busy busy day workwise for me. Hi Nicole...thanks for checking in and once things settle down and your back on your home turf I'm sure you'll get yourself back on track.

Lettie - luv the new avatar.....that picture is gorgeous!

Shannon, Sherri (welcome!!) and Jezzy - I can relate to smjezzy because I never seem to get that high that others get from working out. On mornings I work out (well, when I used to work out), I would take something called Diet Fuel and while I don't condone these kinds of things for everyone, it really gave me a good jumpstart for my workout. I remember driving to the gym thinking, gosh, life is wonderful, I am so happy; I'm gonna run 5 miles today; what's in this diet fuel pill??? Anyway, they sell it at GNC; I think Wally World even sells it.

Kristen, Kristen, Kristen - snap out of it!! Flo shmoe.....surely there is some home staging project yet to be done....get with it! Focus, focus, focus. Do this for yourself; do this for your girls.....show them how good you can be!!

Boy, all this talk about other reality shows has me wanting to watch more of them! Egads, my mind is going to go to mush.

Juliemarie - how's it going?.......I'm still watching you......stalker joni. I can't believe it....less than two weeks and off you go.

I've been coffee, diet coke and processed food free for three whole days. Ironically enough, though, I don't feel as great as I thought I would feel and I feel rather large; puffy perhaps. The scale isn't moving but I'm sure it will in a couple days. Next week I'm bringing exercise back into my routine. I've been a real slacker.

Holly - welcome back. I used to love to read your menu threads....I'll have to check those out.

Alannah - good news on the surprise tax refund....and just look at all the exercise you'll get shoveling snow......yuck! It's supposed to be 72 degrees (Farenheit) here tomorrow....and sunny.....but a rainy weekend. I'm taping Grey's Anatomy cause I really gotta go do something productive around the house.

On that note, I'll go balance the checkbook to see what kind of fun/damage I can do at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival this weekend. LOL.

MTdebster921 04-12-2007 09:23 PM

Rhonda- Glad to see you posting. Keeping my fingers crossed that your health scare isn't scary at all.:crossed:

Kate- WTG on your 1.6 loss. :cb:

n41- welcome to the group.

Nicole- I'm glad that your dad's surgery went well.

Kim2- YAY on the loss.:carrot:

Lettie- My DH grew up in SD too. He lived in Hoven, way over on the east side, he also has aunts and uncles in Custer. We go there every year for a week for a family reunion. Gorgeous country. I love the new avatar.

Sherri- Welcome and definitely jump right in.

[quote=KrispieD;1649940]Deb is probably wondering why everyone is talking about her going under the knife!! It's okay Deb.. it's Kim that is tossing her Walmart bag to the curb ( Did I mention I have a Costco crate in the same region??)[quote]
Ok guys, are ya trying to tell me something?!?!?!??? ;) :D it's ok, I will probably be needing a whole body lift along with lifting the girls, but I am going to make myself wait through maintenance.

I had a stupid moment tonight. I was cooking dinner- Diet coke sloppy joes- very yummo by the way! and I am cutting the onion and decide that I was a huge chunk of my thumb in with the onion. I just about cut out the size of an M&M. Went through the fingernail and everything. It's a good thing that my next door neighbor is an ER nurse, so I went over and she patched me up. It's still bleeding a bit and the pain is starting to set in.

Gotta be to work at 5 in the morning, so I had better make myself start getting ready for sleep now.

Debbie367 04-12-2007 09:25 PM

Hi Friends!!! So glad to hear everyone is well and losing!!! Kristen, don't let TOM get you down. Once it's over you will be past your goal, I'm sure of it.

Holly - Welcome back!!! I too put my account on hold and have now recommitted to the plan. Glad to see you on the boards again.

Nicole - I am happy to hear your dad is okay. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Dan - You totally crack me up. Now I can't even LOOK at the salt shaker without thinking of "Officer Dan".

Welcome to all the newbies.....You will LOVE this board, it rocks.

I broke down and went to the COD and I was down 2.2.lbs!!!! I had the same counselor as last time and she gave me some big speal about how I was losing only .6 per week. I have lost over 2lbs per week for the last 3 so we did our usual back and forth banter...I seriously think she enjoys coming up with ways to annoy me. At any rate, they are calculating my weekly weight loss since inception. I think they should only go back to my restart date so I MADE her write 2lbs per week up at the top of my chart under the .6! LOL ...is the lack of food making me crazy? Well now she said they have a NEW plan and it's rotating your weeks....do TO, then a "modified plan" and then your regular plan. Has anyone heard of this? I am going in tomorrow to meet with her and plot out the rotation, whatever that means! I really think she is enjoying this :o) It's sort of like the Soup **** from Seinfield.
This week has been a good one for me. I have been really good and I even have a friend of mine who comes over a couple times a week and cooks meals out of my LAWL cookbook. Today I came home from a crazy day at the brothel, uh I mean office, and not only did the cleaning ladies come but my friend had made Sloppy Joes from the cookbook. I feel so spoiled!
My challenge next week is the parental units are coming to visit. My dad has type II diabetes but he is a sugar addict and is really really bad when he comes to town. They unload the baked goods and then try to talk us into going out to dinner EVERY night! I have to get my speech ready because I do NOT want to blow it while they are here.

As for AI - I am a HUGE Blake fan...he's just too cute. The results show was too boring for me. I figured Haley would go but I was hoping it would be Sanjaya. I am also a Big Grey's Anatomy fan- I am wondering when a new show will be on. It's now going on 3 weeks!!!!!!

I hope you all have a great Friday!!!!

MomOfThreeTeens 04-12-2007 09:41 PM

Well official WI this afternoon was the same as my Home scale WI this morning, woo hooo, that means 3 pounds for the week! The counselor told me today she thought maybe I had lost enough weight, shocked me a little but hubby has been saying the same thing for a couple of weeks now. I'm averaging 2.4 a week. If I do that until my surgery I'll be almost at my goal, sooo we'll see what happens the next few weeks. Ohhh and I bought a size 10 shorts tonight. havent been that small since highschool! Took a 12 and a 14 into the dressing room and had to get dressed and go back for a 10!

ElleofALady 04-12-2007 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by Debbie367 (Post 1650783)
Well now she said they have a NEW plan and it's rotating your weeks....do TO, then a "modified plan" and then your regular plan. Has anyone heard of this? I am going in tomorrow to meet with her and plot out the rotation, whatever that means!

Sounds like that 8 week makeover, smakeover they keep trying to push. The only thing that sounds different is the no mention of the TO juice...Congrats on your weight loss...Good For You!

MTDeb- OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Hope your thumb heals quickly and pain-free.

Shannon- Once you find an exercise that you like, your body does crave it...believe it or not. Have you tried yoga on FitTV?

Joni- My family and I are going to the Dogwood Festival, too. Mostly for my daughter and a couple of her friends. I don't shop per se, but I am a people watcher. Oh the sights here in ATL...

Who else...well, if I didn't mention you by name, have a POP day tomorrow and welcome to all the newbies. Tomorrow is WI for me. Check in later!

ElleofALady 04-12-2007 09:46 PM

Great NSV, Kim 2!!!

zambejaly5 04-12-2007 09:55 PM

Deb – We just sold our land a few months ago. We had 20 acres just outside of Custer that we thought we might do something with someday. But decided we needed the money more. Oh ouch on the thumb. I did that last fall only some how I got my finger caught in the coffee grinder…….. yea, don’t ask, I can’t explain it either. Anyway. We have a friend that is just down the street from us that is a Dr. (this was a Sunday morning) he took us into his Office and sewed my finger back together. No charge. What a nice guy, we had no insurance at the time. So it was a God send.

Nicole, glad your dad is doing ok. My mom got a knee replacement back in … hmmm…. I guess it was 96. it was the same time that I got ACL reconstruction. So we had banged up knees at the same time. But it was the best thing both of us did. Oh and guess what!!! The other night my husband wakes up at 4:30 am and says whats that noise? It was the washer that I started before we went to bed. Evidently the timer thingy on the dial quit, so now it just stays on one one cycle all the time. So I have to set the timer and go change it to rinse and spin myself, grrrrrr. Hope that income tax return gets here soon!

Debbie—WOW 2.2 I would take that. Stay on top of them, they are just out to get us at that COD I swear. Also this “new” plan sounds like an excuse to make us by more stuff. Hmmm.

See you all tomorrow.

Dan2112 04-12-2007 09:59 PM

Evening all..

Well, I made it through another day of schmoozing at local hotels.. Had eggs and fruit for breakfast and a simple mixed green and veg salad for lunch...

But then tired of being good all darn week and having a protein to burn, I had some pizza for dinner..

Will try to WI tomorrow, but have a busy day planned once again..

Keep your fingers crossed...

Angie 04-12-2007 10:22 PM

I'm a reality TV junkie too...what I don't watch I try to tape. I was sad to see Uchenna & Joyce go on TAR, I can't stand Mirna and Charla...didn't care all that much about Haley...wished it had have been Jael who went home on ANTM...okay with Leeza G going on DWS, she really was stiff...and finally, not happy about who went home on Survivor tonight. I'm cheering for Yao Man all the way!

Nicole -- I'm sending out some 'get well soon' vibes for your dad. Hope he recovers quickly and as painlessly as possible. :goodvibes

Rhonda -- :wave: It's great to see you posting...I've shouted out to you a couple of times and wondered where you were. I hope the good news you hoped for today came your way. I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way too. :hug:

:welcome: to our new members! You've come to the right place for support and inspiration.

Libby -- Good luck with your WI - I hope all your hard work has paid off for you.

Kristen -- Damn that AF always dropping in unannounced! It's funny how our families worry about us. The minute my losses started showing my aunts started clucking about how I have to be careful, and just don't get to wrapped up in all this... Sheesh, I wonder how they'll react when I'm not still technically obese? I'll be a 180lb woman, (thrilled with myself) and they'll be calling me anorexic. *rolls eyes* wait...I probably don't have to roll my own eyes...i'm sure there's an emoticon for that :rolleyes:

Kim -- Holy cow! Great loss. Hmmm...so is the secret being POP, or just going to the COD? If it's the latter, let me know, I'll start popping in there every day.

TN Kim -- I was thrown by the references to Deb...lol I was about to go back and see if I'd missed some news. You should have a countdown ticker in your signature for your TT. I can't believe you are still having such great big losses when you are so close to goal. You rock!

Barb in Canada -- How are things going with your DD?

Vic -- Yes, I still feel like every visit to the COD is a crap shoot...even though you'd think it would be more about knowing you've been POP, and expecting a loss...or knowing you've cheated and that you'll see the corresponding gain. I need to be POP more regularly and I think I could avoid some of that anxiety.

Lettie - I think that your avatar pic is really nice. You are so pretty! Maybe we should all have avatars ready to reflect our moods. Then when we see someone has their TOM avatar up we can all step a little more lightly until their HAPPY avatar comes back.

Juliemarie -- Did the package for Josie arrive yet? I'm so impatient for it to get there, and so anxious to hear if you like it! :shrug:

Deb -- Yeeeouch! I can feel that just from your description. Hmm...have to try that recipe, but I'll likely sub garlic for thumbs...:p

Debbie -- Great loss! WTG!! :carrot:

Dan -- Good job on sticking to plan in the face of all that temptation.

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