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SaskNewfie 04-01-2007 11:38 AM

LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007
Happy April Fools!! Wow, I am the first post...

Has anyone played any good tricks today?

KrispieD 04-01-2007 01:08 PM

Oops my April Fool was posting in the March thread so I've repasted below..
For my joke I'm going to eat 2lbs of wings and still lose tomorrow at WI!!

Welcome back Debbie.. we MISSED you! So glad to know you will be back and sharing your stories.. way to go on recommiting and doing your best to make great choices.. you go!
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to shotgun some aspirin after a 45 minute screaming tantrum from YD (notice I left out the D for darling/dear)... the two girls have been alternating tantrums this week and I am ready for the nuthouse.. if you are looking for me I'll be locked in a rubber room, rocking back and forth and humming :)
Joni. can I still trade you for two dogs?

Wendelina 04-01-2007 01:32 PM

April Fools!
Happy April Everyone! Let's make it a great month - spring is a time for renewals!

You asked about pranks Kristen -- This morning I played a prank on my brother and duct taped a pair of his own underwear over his rear license plate. He has driven all over town and not noticed yet. :D This is how we operate though. Last year he bubble wrapped my car-- the entire inside! I didn't have time to undo it so I had to drive to work that way.. lol. The year before that I took everything he owned out of his bedroom and loaded it into his car with the exception of his furniture. We'll see if he has time to retailiate this year. :devil:

I really did a number on myself on Friday night.. I lost 1.8, but then went out with friends and had a few too many vodkas! I spent most of yesterday hurling. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson in college, wouldn't ya? Today's much better though. April fools on myself! :dizzy:

Off to shower and get the kids out of the house for a while.. probably will go see Blades of Glory today.

Happy April Fools Day!

Celtic24 04-01-2007 02:35 PM

Greetings Losers and Friends.

I have been reading the boards for several months and on the program since January. I enjoy the support, and am ready to take it to the next level. My successes have been slow, at least slower than I want, but I am down about 15 pounds and thrilled with the way my clothes are feeling. I discovered that I was not getting all of my food in, and seldom got two lite in a day, and it really slowed my losses. My losses have been consistent since I am keeping track.

I have an objective of losing ten pounds this month. I hope I can do it. DH and I are going to Manhattan at the end of the month for a romantic getaway.

Could someone please email me privaately, to guide me through tickers and such. I am having some problems getting them to work, and do not want to tie up this board with the mundane.

I am 40, and have a goal of losing 40 pounds by my next birthday!

Thank you to all of you for providing such a positive attitude on this journey.

Happy APRIL from Sunny Nova Scotia!


Joni135 04-01-2007 04:11 PM

Kristen - what did YOU do to my darlings to make them throw a tantrum? My poor little ones! LOL. Hope the aspirin did the trick.

OMG Wendy....can't wait to hear what your brother has to say when he finds out what you've done. That is classic and I may have to remember that for next year. LOL, I just read your location "tropical Minnesota!" Very funny. Also, I just tried to go to the 3FC diet blog (as shown under your avatar) and it says it doesn't exist.

Peg/Celtic - if you go to this newbies thread, I think it will help quite a bit.

Another entry for ticker information is

okay - i'm going to fix my tickers and add an exercise ticker and try to get myself in gear...New month! New resolve!

Jason - I'm impressed to see that you started the new month. WTG!

Debbie367 04-01-2007 04:44 PM

I posted in the March thread..duh! I have copied and pasted below.

Hello my long lost friends and all you newbies!!!!!

Boy have I missed you guys . Life has been super crazy over the last month, I have been traveling non-stop and struggled with staying on the plan. I tried to make good choices and have managed to not gain all the weight back
My account has been on hold for the last month, I went to the COD last week and told them I was ready to recommitt 110% and did NOT want to hear any negative comments (for those of you who don't know me I am a tad bossy! LOL). Amazingly, the counselors were very supportive and totally pumped me up. I went on Express for 2 days and lost 3lbs so I am almost back to where I had left off!!!

I am so happy to be home and back into my routine and feel that I am mentally in the game. I am weighing out portions and trying my very best to stay POP.

Congratulations to all of you for hanging in there and for all your support.
While I still have to travel for work I am committed to staying on the plan and MAKING it work!!! I just celebrated the big 40 and for some strange reason (big smile) I am more motivated than ever!!!

I can't wait to tell you guys about my travels but will save it for another post.

Big hugs to all!!!!!!!


Debbie367 04-01-2007 04:54 PM

Thanks for the warm welcom Kristen! I am sorry to hear you are having a rough day. I will check the rubber room shortly. Congratulations on your WL. I leave for a bit and you whittle away...sheesh!

Wendy II - Your pranks are hilarious. I wonder if anyone has been honking at your brother? Hope you've recovered from your hangover.

Peg - Congrats for losing 15lbs! I can relate to your post, as I was not getting all my food in and started shying away from measuring portions etc. I travel for work and for the last month have pretty much been gone. I just turned 40 and am determined to get the weight off too!!! We can do this together...I know that following the plan works and that is EXACTLY what I am going to do! Feel free to PM me anytime otherwise I will see you on the board! Good luck!

Joni135 04-01-2007 06:05 PM

Hey Debbie Nashville...welcome back. Lots of us still around, except Pearl...she's MIA.

I hardly ever go to the main 3FC site, but popped over there and saw they are taking a poll on a 3FC cruise....check it out:

Barb316 04-01-2007 06:21 PM

Miss me? LOL....

So, since this is a new month I thought I would try something new and recommit myself to the program. I went to the store and bought some POP items and I will do it again...

Love to you all

Bajachick3 04-01-2007 06:37 PM

Oldies...Kristie, Joni, Barb and newbies...alll great here...This exercise is really helping....plus a little tan helps also. I have to have exercise each day...

my husband and I joined a large health club here...Has pool and spa facilities..so it is real fun..We work out about a hour..and then meet up a half an hour later after we go to the spa, sauna and pool...nice and motivating...Some gals have some great arms there....and mine still like the light of day now...exercise really helps, thats for sure...

You all keep up the good work. this old broadie feels pretty good.....hee hee nance

Bajachick3 04-01-2007 06:38 PM

Kristie..you are ripping on the wt. loss...nance....and Dan and Barb and Joni and newbies...wow

Barb316 04-01-2007 06:45 PM

I am happy I recommitted myself. i just have this fear I am going to fail again... I will try not to, I have to do this!

KrispieD 04-01-2007 07:06 PM

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Barb and Nance are back along with Debbie.. YEAHHHHHH
I've been tantrum free for 7 hours.. it is bliss.. one hour to go before bedtime and I can let myself out of th rubber room!
Joni the only thing I did was give birth to them! I tried to put them up for sale on Ebay but apparently that is frowned upon.. Lites are okay..children are not!

Love to you all!

Seagal 04-01-2007 07:12 PM

Barb...you only fail when you give up. I think a lot of us are in the same boat here...have been battling the pounds for a long time. But look at the success of some of your fellow LAWL bloggers. Evette comes to mind. Wow. You can't lose it if you stop trying so just take that first step back and keep going!

Joni135 04-01-2007 07:23 PM

Barb - I, too, have to get on the bandwagon. I updated my ticker to reflect my latest weight....not a pretty site and just plain stupid. But, I'm very conscious of my bad ways and know my day will come. My pants are snug and not so comfy and seeing the scale move off the 50s was not a pretty site.

Nance - thanks for checking in. You and your hubby sound like you have a lot of fun together. Really sweet. And an hour at the gym is just what all the doctor's order!

Kristen - you don't fool me one bit....you are probably the most awesome mom and your girls are just testing you; you know, prepping you for the dating years.

A couple weeks ago our Sunday paper had an excellent article that talked about how we can stop the normal aging process ... you guessed it; by exercise.


The hard reality of our biology is that we are built to move. Exercise is the master signaling system that tells our cells to grow instead of fade. When we exercise, that process of growth spreads throughout every cell in our bodies, making us functionally younger. Not a little bit younger - a lot younger. When you don't exercise, your muscles let out a steady trickle of chemicals that tell evey cell to decay, day after day after day.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells that live mostly for a few weeks or months, die and are replaced by new cells in an endless cycle. For example, tast buds live only a few hours, white blood cells live 10 days and your muscle cells live about 3 months. Even your bones dissolve and are replaced over and over again. A few key stem cells in eah organ and your brain cells are tehe only ones that stick around for the duration. All your other cells are in constant state of renewal. You replace about 1% of your cells every day and we choose whether those new cells come in stronger or weaker. You choose whethey they grow or decay each day from then on. Your cells don't care which choice youmake. They just follow the directions you send. Exercise, and your cells get strong; sit down, and they decay.

mamato2girls 04-01-2007 07:44 PM

Happy April, everyone!! It's been a great weekend. The wedding went well yesterday, and I got many compliments on my singing. Some even said I should be on American Idol, but alas, I'm too old. :( Also, I was VERY good at the reception. I saved 2 starches and a fat so that I could have cake. And then I just had veggies, fruit, and a few cubes of cheese. I didn't go over on ANY exchanges yesterday! Also, I had to get the fruit from right next to a chocolate fountain, and I didn't get ANY. Yay me!! Oh, and for those of you concerned about my pants falling off, I went out and bought smaller pants today. I was SO very excited at what size I was able to fit in, too.I just wish I could have bought some of the cute tops they had in the Jr's section to go with them. But, I guess Jr's don't have flabby arms and big boobs. :)

Barb - Welcome back!! Was wondering where you'd been hiding.

WendyII - LOL!! Love the pranks. I've never been much of a prankster, but I love hearing about others.

Well, no time for more personals...need to spend some time with the girls before bed. A big "hey" to Kristin, Jason, Debbie, Vic, Peg, Joni, Nance, and everyone else I may have missed.

JLem311 04-01-2007 07:52 PM

hi everyone. not much going on today. just kinda in a blah mood today.
i haven't strayed off plan today, but i haven't eaten anything but some strawberries and yogurt today. i just don't feel like eating. hmm. oh well.

hey barb! good to "see" you! how've ya been doing this past month?

not much else to report really. went to WI yesterday and lost 3.2lbs for the whole week! :) other than that, not much else.
enjoy the evening everyone.

mamato2girls 04-01-2007 07:55 PM

Jillian - WTG on the 3.2 lbs!! I've never dropped that many in one week...even after doing TO.

Debbie367 04-01-2007 08:36 PM

Jillian- Congrats on your 3lb loss, that's awesome!!!!!

Joni- It's so good to see you again! In my opinion, it's a new month and a new committment. I am really dedicating myself to weighing and measuring each portion. I am also committing to walking M-Fri. I wonder what happened to Pearl? This board isn't the same without her, I'm sure!

Wendy- Congrats for going out and buying new clothes AND for even looking at the Jr's section...you are brave!!!

WB Barb- I am just making it back to the board myself and am ready for the challenge...WE CAN DO IT!

Mama Nicole 04-01-2007 10:45 PM

Well hello Nance and Nashville Debbie!!! So good to see you both. It is always so great to see familiar faces :) :) :)

Wendy.......congrats on your NSV's......the resisting wedding food is fabulous!!! You can taste goal, can't you? I think it truly empowers us when we start getting close. I am so happy for you :)

WendyII........you remind me of my older brother. You two would have been quite the couple.........he is ALWAYS pulling pranks on people. I swear, he must lost sleep at night thinking of what he might do next.

Joni.......could you move a little closer to sunny St. Louis so you can be my personal trainer. I really need you................c'mon........just think about it :)

Kristen........sooo sorry about the tantrums. I just love how you phrase things.........it always makes me laugh. We are definitely doing coffee before we die. :)

Jillian.......what's wrong girlie? You lost 3.2 lbs this week. It's time to celebrate :)

Speaking of strawberries..........DH and I planted a small strawberry patch in our back yard today.........and I am afraid we planted them too late.......but we'll see what happens. I am soo excited.....I love gardening.

I have managed to have another OP day........and that is like a small miracle for this girl lately. I think that makes 5 in a row........or something like that. I hope the sclae reflects it tomorrow.

Ok, I am going to go take a shower and chill for a few with DH and then get some much needed sleep :)

Wendelina 04-01-2007 10:52 PM

Well, the prank got even better.. my brother discovered his underpants when he finally arrived at work after driving around town all day. He took them off of his car and brought them IN to work... then while he was on a break, one of his coworkers went out and put them back on his car! Too funny!

Welcome to Peg -- this plan works, keep up the great work!

Welcome back Barb & Debbie!! You only fail if you give up trying.

Wendy - congrats on the smaller pants! Great job at your wedding too. I wouldn't have been able to resist the chocolate fountain.

Debster- Thanks for the recipe book.. great job!

Jillian - Wow.. 3.2?? That's wonderful!

Hellos to Kristen, Nance, and the rest of the crew..

SaskNewfie 04-02-2007 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by LottaMe2MiniMe (Post 1635218)
Jason - I'm impressed to see that you started the new month. WTG!

Now, if only my wife was as easily impressed!

katiebug77 04-02-2007 07:56 AM

Just wanted to pop in and say good morning everyone. It sounds like you all had a great weekend!!!

Wendy - LOL on your april fool's prank!!! I totally forgort about it being April Fool's yesterday. I did something similar to that in college, only a put a maxi pad on my guy roommate's lisence plate. He drove around like that for a day and a half. It was great.

Jillian - WTG on your loss!!!!

Wendy - Great job on resisting temptation at the reception. You did better than I would have. LOVE the chocolate fountains!! Yummy.

Kristen - hope today goes better with DYD!!!

Nicole - 5 POP days in a row??? That is awesome!!!! Your strawberry patch sounds great.

OK, time to get some work done.

Joni135 04-02-2007 08:10 AM

Jillian - awesome on the 3.2 lbs. Now just get past the blahs and you'll be okay.

Nicole - Five POP days........you know the scale is going to be nice to you.

Just read this and thought it was cute, but, regretfully, sounds like something I could have written.


"If you lick the lollipop of mediocrity, you'll suck forever."
Hi to everyone. Cassi - hope you are on the mend.

JLem311 04-02-2007 08:19 AM

morning everyone! i have to work later today, so i have the morning to myself. i'm going to get a workout in shortly.
nicole-your strawberry patch sounds great! i love strawberries..it's my favorite thing to eat! we used to have a gigantic patch when i was a kid. and 5 day OP in a row! FREAKIN' AWESOME!

good job at the wedding wendy and also for getting smaller pants!

KrispieD 04-02-2007 09:10 AM

Quick hi everyone as renovations in the house start today, YDD is sick with a cold so the school sent her home so we raced her over to nanny's.. didn't think dust and hammering would get her better.
Down .2 so now getting within ounces of goal!
Hope you all have a super day!

katiebug77 04-02-2007 09:13 AM

Woohoo, Kristen!!! You'll be there by the end of this week, I know it!!!

Angie 04-02-2007 09:36 AM

Morning all! Sounds like lots of good news this morning, and I can add my own. I have FINALLY had a significant loss, and it looks like my FF this weekend paid off.. I was down 4.2lbs since last Wednesday! I had skipped my usual Saturday WI because I was so down about my results lately.

Nicole -- 5 days POP is really something. Good for you! I hope your strawberries do come up for you.

Kristen -- What kind of renos are you doing? Sorry DD is feeling sick. Cameron and I have been fighting colds all weekend, and it's just not fun.

Joni -- Love that quote!

Jillian -- Congrats on your big loss!

Gotta run...more later.

KrispieD 04-02-2007 09:47 AM

Whoa Angie!!! 4.2 lbs.. that is AWESOME!!!

Dan2112 04-02-2007 10:01 AM

Good morning all, and happy April...

Not much to report from yesterday other than the fact that I had popcorn at the movies.. Oh well.. No one to blame but myself.. I did it willingly and with complete knowledge that it would probably cause a tip up in the scales tomorrow..

I dunno.. Yesterday was just kind of one of those days, I guess..

Well, back to POP today!

lacorso 04-02-2007 10:02 AM

happy april to all...congrats on all of your losses....

Deb..great job on the cookbook!!...its awesome, cant wait to try the recipes:drool:

i was a bad girl at work and ate Lays BBQ potato chips...couldn't eat just one...they were so darn good..i think i had about 3 handfulls...anyways, they gave me the worst tummy ache...not used to the junk anymore, which is a good thing...wont do that again...:tied: :rollpin:

my DS is home sick from school with a fever of 102...i worked all night, going to bed now and taking him to the doc when i get up...

Joni135 04-02-2007 10:10 AM

Angie - WTG on the 4+ lb loss!! Your loss was my gain. LOL! But I'm working on it.
Kristen - with all the work you're doing around your house, you'll burn off those last few ounces in no time. Boy, you wasting no time getting your house ready to sell.
Nicole - I love strawberries too...especially in a frozen margarita!

hdsqrl 04-02-2007 10:23 AM

Dan, I overdid it at the movies this weekend, too. Actually, I overdid it ALL weekend, and wound up eating out every night (grr), and didn't get in all my fruits or lites each day. I'm hoping against all hope that the missing lites and fruits will balance out since I overdid it on the other things. Shame, shame.

Oh, and I had 3 mini-martinis on Sat as well....they were sooooo good, though, and I can't really say I'm sorry, heh.

My home scale has only shown an increase of .5 so far, but I know it takes a couple of days for it all to show, so....am downing the HLW this morning and will see what I can do to get back on track!


OH! And since my unspoken goal was to get to 175 before I got my new back tattoo, and I finally made it at home at least, my appointment is scheduled for Monday to at least get the outline done! :woohoo: I'm excited!!!

Dan2112 04-02-2007 10:33 AM

What kind of tat are you going to get? Flaming skull? Fire breathing dragon? Hawaiian hula girl? :lol:

Boo'sMom 04-02-2007 10:40 AM

Morning ALL!!! Happy April--what beautiful weather we are having so far (knock on wood--in the panhandle it could be snow tomorrow!) Honestly--last week I sunburned on Tuesday during PE and it snowed on Friday--ugh.

Nothing to report--enjoy reading everyone's posts. Glad I am not the only one up--still in ticker denial but I will admit it's 5 pounds off! Misery loves company. My fault and only I can change my eating habits.

Hope all is well with everyone today--have 5 hellions--2 of which their parents decided to try "med free"--it's not pretty!

hdsqrl 04-02-2007 10:46 AM

I currently have a 3-inch diameter dragon on my right shoulder blade...I am going to get that one enhanced a bit, and then will get some kind of a foliage/biomechanical something extended down to about waist-level on the same side. The artist we go to does EXCELLENT free-hand work along that line...my DB went in to get something covered up and was in awe of what this guy came up with just off the top of his head. So I have an idea of what I want, and he'll just draw something on me and if I like it, we'll make it permanent.

smjezzy 04-02-2007 10:47 AM

Morning everyone and Happy Monday!!! Ugh.

I have a question. I made a variation of a southbeach recipe this weekend and I need to know how to count it. The recipe was 1 small carton egg beaters, 1 pkg frozen brocolli, handful of rf 4 cheese mix, 1/2 small onion, 1/2 bell pepper, hot sauce, mortons salt. Mix together and cook in muffin tins (small). It makes 16 quiche cups (small muffins). How would that count? I was going to count 2 of them as 1 P, 1 V, 1 D. Is that reasonable or shoudl it be for each cup? Remember it's the small muffin tins so they turn out to be about 1" x 1".

ElleofALady 04-02-2007 10:59 AM

Hey Everybody! Sounds like everyone is having a good day. I am still psyched about my weight loss last week. I think I maintained over the weekend. Tried the Pirates Booty and LOVED it, a bit too much. I bought a bag Friday and it is half full. Oh well. We will see at WI today.

Glad to see some of the "oldies" returning.

Barb- No one here is going to validate that you are a failure. So give that up, girlie. Just start fresh.

Wendy II- Your family sounds like it has so much fun.

Deb- Thanks for the cook book! It will be put to use!

Jillian- Congrats on your awesome weight loss last week! There must be something in the "Southeast" waters.

Kristen- Hope your daughter gets better soon! And...I know you will meet your goal within a day or so. Pre-Congrats!

And hello to everybody else! I have to open another tab to do personals byt I am in a rush! I will catch up later! TC

smjezzy 04-02-2007 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by hdsqrl (Post 1636093)

OH! And since my unspoken goal was to get to 175 before I got my new back tattoo, and I finally made it at home at least, my appointment is scheduled for Monday to at least get the outline done! :woohoo: I'm excited!!!

I know - get a really fat girl tatoo so when you lose all your weight she'll be skinny too!

Dan2112 04-02-2007 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by smjezzy (Post 1636133)
Morning everyone and Happy Monday!!! Ugh.

I have a question. I made a variation of a southbeach recipe this weekend and I need to know how to count it. The recipe was 1 small carton egg beaters, 1 pkg frozen brocolli, handful of rf 4 cheese mix, 1/2 small onion, 1/2 bell pepper, hot sauce, mortons salt. Mix together and cook in muffin tins (small). It makes 16 quiche cups (small muffins). How would that count? I was going to count 2 of them as 1 P, 1 V, 1 D. Is that reasonable or shoudl it be for each cup? Remember it's the small muffin tins so they turn out to be about 1" x 1".

At first blush, I'm not sure how you'd count it, but they sure sound good!!

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