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hdsqrl 04-17-2007 05:26 PM

Hey all,

Am in hiding right now till I get back on the losing path again. Just wanted to whisper that so far, I'm POP today. (*teeny yay!*) Maybe I can ride this horse again after all!

Joni135 04-17-2007 06:14 PM

Angie - you crack me up "lalala can't hear you!"

Jillian - hey, you're on a roll....care to take on one of my workouts?

Shannon - I actually forget to use the CC meals, but they count as 1 protein and can be used up to one time each day. On days you choose to have a CC meal, you are supposed to drink more water (2 more glasses) to help prevent water weight gain. The menu book says the CC meals are to be prepared at home (except pizza). Now that I'm looking at all the CC meals, I may need to figure out why I forget to eat these yummy things.

Nicole - Sorry you are missing Cassi; she at least pops in from time to time and she's our moderator, after all, so she cannot go too far. I have no idea what made me even look this up, but there's a new reality show on Bravo called "Shear Genius" on Wednesday nights. It's a competition series "Shear Genius" offering a behind-the-scenes look at the competitive and creative world of high-end hairstyling. The winner gets the ultimate title of "Shear Genius," $100,000 in seed money from Nexxus and a chance to style hair for an Allure magazine feature. I was hoping they were filming in Missouri and looking for models looking for a new do (like you)...But, sadly, they are not. I think I'll watch the show just to see what the stylists are like. It just started last week so I'll tape it tomorrow.

So, AI tonight. I love country and it's country night so I'm watching for sure. I think it's time for Phil to go bye bye, but I'm always wrong so who knows.

Gotta go wrestle up some dinner. Baked chicken and tomatoes/cucs/onion are on the menu.

JLem311 04-17-2007 06:47 PM

ok, i've gotten a workout in and a nap! yay! :)

now that's over, maybe i can tackle the fact that i'm pms-ing and am craving chocolate and french fries so badly that i feel i might cave!! ahh. damn. this sucks. normally my cravings are in check, but i can hear the whiny pms-ing girl in me and she wants that junk. and she wants it now!

ok. maybe just typing it will make me feel better and know that i have to WI on thursday and shouldn't cave. ahhhhhh..maybe. hopefully dh is stronger than i am tonight. (he's really good about reminding me of all the SODIUM!..he has a silly voice that he says it in too! :) )

JLem311 04-17-2007 07:50 PM

ok, so i caved...kinda. i was really wanting some chocolatey ice cream and i found some frozen ff cool whip in the freezer and put some in a small dish and poured some sf chocolate syrup over it....so aside from going a bit over in condiments for the day, i didn't do any damage other than that. :)
so, can i consider this an nsv? hahaha! :)

ElleofALady 04-17-2007 08:11 PM

What's up everybody! Hope everyone is having a POP day. Been busy with the kids...as usual. It's recital time which means picture time...hair, make-up, costumes, etc...I am pooped. As far as LAWL stuff, I was down .2lbs on yesterday's WI. Although, Friday night's Mexican meal was planned and OP, the sodium got hold of me real good. So, I will take the loss. Hoping to show a larger one at tomorrow's WI. By the way, I tried a Bananna Cookie Lara Bar today..yum, yum, yum!!! It almost hurt my feelings to eat my la lite after dinner...oh well...

Paula- You have got to be on cloud 9!!!! Congrats on your test results, as well as, your FIL doing better.

BobbySam- You are very consistent with your weight loss. WTG!

Kristie- Hope you are doing good and finding what you need within. Check in with your progress!

Dan- Great NSV!

WendyII- One hot Momma you are! Beautiful pic!

Cassi- Where are you? Miss that knowledge!

Jillian- Work out for me, too! BTW, I wanted a caramel machiotto with extra, extra cream, soooo bad today. Can you send me just a sniff via this forum?

Shannon- Keep up the good work! CC...uhmm, what Nicole said. Once a week helps me lose my normal 2lbs a week...I just figured that out about 2 weeks ago.

Well, I got to go! Missed DWTS last night...must catch up tonight. Anyone who I did not mention, I am thinking of you! Hopefully, I can have a nice dream tonight that includes all the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream that my dream tummy can stand.

Joni135 04-17-2007 08:58 PM

Jillian - what a great snack idea. Good for you.

I just got off the treadmill; 35 minute run/walk and then a bunch of sit ups which were majorly interrupted with dog kisses/licks (I think she liked the salty sweat taste....EWWWWW). I love dog kisses but after about 200 of them even I have to admit it was a bit much.

Katie - how was Savannah's appointment today?

Letisha - what's a banana cookie lara bar?

American Idol update- Well Melinda and Jordan stole the show; Phil actually had the best male performance. Simon said it best when he told Sanjaya that was the worst performance he had seen this year. The boy must go!

Angie 04-17-2007 10:16 PM

Joni - I agree with your AI synopsis. Sanjaya truly was horrible tonight. Did you watch DWTS too? I was not sorry to see Clyde go...he's nice, but his dancing was the worst of the group.

BobbySam 04-17-2007 10:58 PM

Hi everyone! Just watched AI and thought Phil was good! I normally don't like him but he did a great job tonight. Sanjaya must GO! It was especially bad tonight - painful to watch and even more painful to listen to!

Letisha - thanks for the support! I've been having a rough couple of days, not too sure why. I go for WI tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Good for you for losing. Even if it's just .2 -- they all add up!

Have a great night!

The best ME I can be 04-17-2007 11:06 PM

Apparently there is an entire coalition of "vote for the worst" supporters... the worst being Sanjaya. There's a giant group of people who call in every week just because they want to skew the results. Some of them even have auto-dialers that can call over 500 times in a couple minutes. Simon Cowell said something along the lines of, if Sanjaya wins thats the end of idol. Heard it on the radio the other day... it amazes me that people actually have time to dedicate to something so pointless as screwing over Idol.

MTdebster921 04-18-2007 12:38 AM

Michelle07- Welcome. How was your first day of FF?

WendyII- YAY YAY YAY on the 20 lb. mark!!:carrot:

Shannon- I have honestly never done a carb craver and called it a carb craver. If I have had pizza, I count it as a protein and a starch.

Jillian- WTG on getting in that workout!!:woops:

Nicole- My DH loves long hair and used to pout when I cut it. My hair sucks too. Thin and fine and will not grow much longer than yours. This time, he was helping me decide which style to get and told me that he liked it after I cut it, which he never has before. Of course my hair was platinum blonde when we met and he wants me to go back to that color too, but it's too much work and too hard on my hair, so, sorry charlie. My theory too is it's just hair, it'll grow back eventually.

Megan- Good job on being POP today, now get your behind back up on that horse and stay there!! :drill: :club:

Joni- You are brave doing exercise with the dogs around. Every time I get down to their level, that it like an invitation to maul me and cover me with kisses. The puppy is a big time kisser and has my face all icky wet before I can get away from me. That is actually how I get woke up most mornings. So anyway, I boot the hounds outside when it's exercise time.

I haven't been to the COD for almost 2 weeks now. The last time I went and stayed, I had to wait 20 minutes. Two days later I went in and there were 4 people in the waiting room and the first one had been waiting 20 minutes already, I left. Then 2 days later, 5 people in there and the first was waiting over 15 minutes. I can't stand to sit there and wait like that, so maybe I will go in later this week or maybe next, who knows. I haven't been on the scale for a few days, I always forget to hop on before I eat something.

katiebug77 04-18-2007 07:51 AM

Good Morning guys! OK, so I cannot tell you how excited I am getting! By this time Friday morning, I will be boarding the plain for Jamaica!!! YAY, YAY, YAY! I am so ready to get married. Our wedding is actually on Wednesday April 25at noon. So I am giving you an excuse to have some champagne that day! It is a fruit after all. Heck, throw in some orange juice, mmmmm.... mimosas, you've got breakfast, for you west coasters, as it will only be 10am. I cannot say enough how much support you guys have given me, even when I am being a BIG pain in the arse.

Hope everyone has a great day!

ElleofALady 04-18-2007 07:54 AM

Good Morning All-

Jillian- Your "fake" ice cream sounded good...it would sound better with some Alize, though...maybe I will save up for that this weekend or something.

Joni- I found the Lara Bar at Whole Foods yesterday. It was $1.29 so I only bought one...I think I will attempt to "create" the recipe this weekend. It only contained almonds, dates, and banannas.

BobbySam- Thanks for the encouragement. I really feel the online version of LAWL would have been for me...too bad I didn't know about it before marching into the COD.

MTDeb- Cute hair cut! Also, your weightloss is really showing in your face. I checked out your website...you should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Who else??? My mind is blanking out right now, so I will start my motherly duties for the day. Everyone have a POP day!

JLem311 04-18-2007 07:55 AM

so excited for you Kate! :) yay! congrats in advance! enjoy yourself!

deb--i love your new avatar!

katiebug77 04-18-2007 08:02 AM

Thanks Jillian! I will be sure to have some pictures to share.

Good morning Letisha!

Repo girl 04-18-2007 08:06 AM

Joni- Haha, love the story about the dogs and sit ups. Our Doxie is insane over licking faces. She is so dang teeny and fast, she can be in your lap with her tongue down your throat before you even know what is happening. Great job working out so much, you are my Shero!

Nicole- My hair is the same way. I have finally managed to get it to grow down to my bra strap, but it simply will not get longer. I have cut it short a few times and was sorry. Somehow, on me, I lool younger with longer hair. I will be 30 in June, and I still get carded sometimes. Besides, I love buns, pony tails, and braids too much! Also, it is the sexy factor for DH, he loves it long.

Deb- Love the new avatar. I just cannot picture you as a platinum blonde. You look so good in red!

To all of you losers, great job!!!

I have made an appointment with a specialist for my blood sugar woes. I am still having two or three times a day where I end up with blood sugars down in the low 70's. They cannot see me for a week, but they did agree to see me without a referral, so I was glad. We do not have insurance, and I cannot stand to pay my GP for an office visit just to get a referral to the specialist. I am just hoping that I can get by for another week. Today I am going to try a very low carb day and see how I do.

Savannah had to get a new splint on her leg yesterday. The wound is healing really well, but the splint had shifted down and was digging into her leg, causing sores in 2 spots. The vet put a much bigger, more padded splint on this time, it is supposed to last a month. She is not supposed to get it wet, however, and it is raining like crazy this morning. DH is going to have to wrap it with a trash bag or press and seal or something so that she can go out to potty. That shoud be good for a laugh!

Have a great, POP day everyone!

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