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lol at lillybelle...paula is a freaking train wreck. She was totally stoned out on something good Tuesday night (right after breaking her nose) and appeared to be the same last night. I was watching tv somewhere (Can't remember what channel), but there appears some chanel is doing a reality tv show with paula. Wow that would remind me a lot of the Anna nicole show when it was on...."like a bad train horrible yet you can't look away". I feel bad for paula...i know she lives with chronic pain for her back...but at some point i think you have to put the pain pills down and find alternate methods of helping to cope with the pain. oh well hopefully she'll wake up one day.
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[QUOTE=techwife;1707103]..... Waht a train wreck he is!! I wonder how many millions they had to pay him to play on stage next to that disaster!?! How embarrasing it must have been!

TECH ~ I saw a deal-e-o on that. Seems that the artisits BEG to be on the show, especially the ones that are "in the past"...exposure! Looking forward to Blake teaming up with your kid and his funy faces..Blake the audio...your kiddo the remember...this is your brain...this is your brain on...ah never mind

Originally Posted by almostheaven View Post
Justin spends his days on TV Guide channel for Idols Rewind chat. LOL


And here's a little some behind the scenes info on the show that I'm probably the only one here who noticed. I keep the closed caption turned on to perhaps boost my son's learning to read. Read it in an article, it must work. LOL! Anyway, whomever they have typing the captions in on the live AI broadcast should look for a new job. They STUNK! Half the letters were inverted, some missing altogether, and very often they simply skipped whole lines of text. They'd sometimes space for minutes then just skip it all and start again where they left off. I think they replaced the person during the last 15 minutes or so, because I noticed they suddenly started keeping up.
Pretty sure Paula started the closed caption, they thought she was in the little girls room, found her...all is well.

Originally Posted by melekalikimaka View Post
I felt bad for Joe Perry as well, is he in dire financial straits or something??? He's a guitar god and for him to grace that stage, gee willikers!
WAS a guitar god...was...

[QUOTE=GatorgalstuckinGA;1707692]....... but at some point i think you have to put the pain pills down and find alternate methods of helping to cope with the pain.....

Guess closed caption just wasn't working out...
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Whatever Gary! At least Joe can still play and he's still HOT, unlike your geriatric Neil (Zircon) Diamond.

On another note, I was happy to see Ruben sing again, I miss his voice, it seems so effortless. I didn't particularly care for that duet w/screeching Kelly though.
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