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I spent over $200.00 on a case of fullbars. I didn't lose one pound. They tasted okay and all, I just think that some people should start at two and work down to 1 or 1/2 because one just didn't really cut it. One bar is sort of designed for an average sized person wanting to lose a few pounds, I think. Not really designed for someone with a stretched out stomach like mine that can hold a gallon .
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Originally Posted by Ellie143 View Post
Fullbars definitely work. I am struggling without them and the fiber one bars don't decrease my appetite. It must be more than the fiber in Fullbars?
Thanks for doing the comparison...that is really interesting.

There is a home-made recipe that someone posted a few pages back...

...has anyone tried that yet? It sounded promising also.
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Originally Posted by Nessa131 View Post
i agree with the calorie count thing-- Fullbars have wayyyyy too many calories- hence why I have came up with my own "concocktion" so to speak. and everyone is different on their eating habits and will power... so for those of you that are with me on the fullbar band wagon- if you don't mind cooking......
also some people may not like some of the items that I have chosent to use..... but so far it is working for me and it has far fewer calories so I don't feel as bad about eating them before a meal/ and did I mention they were cheaper as well??

so I hope this can someone. i will try to list the brands that i am using and the place i boughgt them at....

3 Table Spoons of butter- I use I can't believe it's not butter fat free- 5 cals per TBSP so 15 cal. total depending on what size container you buy around$2 for the whole deal- you prob. only use about 25 cents worth of the butter in this recipe

1 cup of PB2 (peanut butter) 50 calories per 2 tablespoons- for a total of 400 cal 3.99 per jar plus flat rate of 4.95 shipping no matter how many jars you buy at

this is what ever option you choose------ you can either use 1 10oz package of regular marshmallows or 1 jar 7 oz of marshmallow creme (the bag of marshmallow is 900 calories total and the marshmallow creme is 600 calories) both are kraft jet puffed brand around $2

6 cups of puffed wheat arrowhead mills for 50 calories per cup. so total of 360 calories this is at for 1.89 or less a bag depending on how you order it and shipping is around 3 dollars- each bag has 11 cups in it.

if you use the marshmallows you will have each square 69.79 calories per square

if you use the marshmallow creme you will have 57.29 calories in each bar.

and they only cost about 42 cents per bar- alot more budget-friendly than 2.00 per bar!

i like the marshmallow creme option best. i think they hold together very well - if you weant it "gooier" you could use more marshmallow creme- but of course it will make the calorie count go up.

so you just take the butter, PB2, and marshmallow creme and melt them like you do for rice krispies - when everything is hot and melted together add the puffed wheat.

then spread out in pan or on wax paper on your counter- let dry and cut into 24 equal squares.

to me ths option works well for me- I hate feeling hungry and until my body learns to be happy with only a small amout of food-- this works for me. some people may not like the sugar count... because i know it is a little high. there may be reduced fat or fat free marshmallow creme- i haven't had time to check but that would also reduce calories. I hope this will help someone!

maybe one day i will be thin again and not have to starve myself to lose weight and feel full!!!!!!!
Here it is! This sounds promising..
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I first heard about full bar on television as an "infomercial" and then had an uncle who lost 25 lbs using full bars. I'm not sure how he used them or if it was in conjunction with any other dieting tools.
After reading through 20 pages of the Full Bar thread here I decided to purchase a couple of boxes from The Vitamin Shoppe. The Fullbars are a bit pricey for only a one week supply. But I figured it was worth a try since I have about 10 pounds I'd like to lose. I bought 1 box of chocolate caramel and 1 box of double chocolate (BTW, I don't work for or in any way affiliated with fullbar).

Today will be my first full day. I don't think the taste is all that bad at all. I kind of like it. It's not crispy but rather chewy. I prefer chewy to crispy anyway. I agree, the calorie content is a little high for a "diet" product. (I'm also looking into the GG Bran Crispbread as an alternative after 1-2 week trial with Full Bars since they're so pricey).

So, I drank the 16oz of water with my full bar at 11 Am and it didn't make me feel like a ate a full meal-kind-of full but I don't feel hungry. It also helped stave my hunger a half hour to 45 minutes. I'm usually starving by 11:30AM in the office but I felt a little hungry at around 12:05. During my 300 calorie Lean Cuisine lunch and mid way through I started feeling "full". It's 1:20PM and I'm still satisfied and not wanting to snack.

I usually don't drink a lot of water and one good thing is that I am more aware of how much water I didn't drink. Now I try to drink more water before, during, and after my full bar which helps keep the "full" feel more.

I will try to keep my progress every other day. There is a caveat (it's not just the fullbar that will help me lose weight - if I lose any this week), I am trying to add in exercise a few days this week, am more aware of everything I am eating (counting the calories), and cutting out the junk food that's put on the extra 10-13 pounds.
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Default Full Bar - Too many calories

So, it has been almost a week. I think I lost a pound. I think it works the way it is supposed to but I agree that it is too High in Calories for someone really watching calories or eating under 1500-2000 per day.

I tried the GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread at 12 calories per slice. It looks like an 3.5"x2.5", thinly compressed piece of particle board, and it also tastes like it. I think most people would need to put something on it and drink plenty of water with it to get it down. However, at 12 calories (and if you can get it down with just water) it may be a great dieting item that is super high in fiber. I am going to try the Crispbread next week.
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I looked at the Full Bar composition on its web site and compared it to a Kashi Bar (either the peanut butter Kashi or the Cherry chewy Kashi--or whatever that flavor is called.)

Both the bar and the Full Bar had similar kcals and content. So I would suggest finding a store with a good deal on the chewy Kashi Bars and seeing how those work, instead.

I think the point of the Full bar is that it *does* provide kcals, starch, and fat, in a nutritious form, and probably helps with preventing high-kcal snacking later, or overeating kcals from fat at a meal. I think its' point is to provide satiety through pro-active eating (not getting overly hungry), and providing a balanced 1/2 meal or so.

My 2 cents.
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I got a box of 6 at Big Lots for $4.50 I had found them previously at Dollar Tree, but they disappeared quickly. I LOVE them.
I found if I eat one in the evening after dinner (not RIGHT after, like 2-3hrs later) I have no desire to eat junk food at all. Eating at night has always been a big problem for me.
Sorry to revive an old post, but I was going to put up a new one telling you all about my discovery...glad I searched first. Maybe it's just mental, maybe it's having to drink 16oz of water, or maybe I'm just satisfying a sugar craving, but it totally works for me. And if i can keep finding them on the cheap it's totally worth it.
I don't eat them like the box says, I have my own uses for them, but they do fill you up.

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I saw these at the dollar tree too. The only way that they help me is reduce cravings for calorie filled sweets. I eat one about 30 mins after dinner and it reduces the late night snacking cravings. Also helps keep me regular... nothing magic about them though
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I have been picking these up for $1.99 to $2.99 a box on the clearance table at my local Kroger grocery store.
You may want to look for them at your grocery store since they might not sell as well in that environment.
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Full Bars are a tool that I occasionally use. They are too high in calories for me to use on a regular basis but I keep a box in my car trunk. They have been very helpful those times that I was running errands or doing something that was going to delay my regular meals. It is much better for me to have a Full Bar and a bottle of water than to pick up fast food or buy a candy bar. I also throw a couple in my purse when I am on a trip. They are a great alternative to airport food.

I usually get them at Walmart but I will check the local dollar tree now.
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I've been using them since around Mid-June and have managed to lose about 20-something pounds in that time. I know that my results are FAR from normal (maybe it's being a dude), but I know it's working very well for me.

One thing I DEFINITELY recommend, however, is that you take a good multivitamin with it, since being full a lot of the time tends to leave you not eating as much and therefore not getting as many vitamins as you normally will eating larger meals.
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Default full bar

Originally Posted by marbleflys View Post
OK, the box was waiting when i got home and I ate the Apple Crisp one with a bottle of water...waiting 30's not as tasty as a FiberOne, but it has 11 grams of Sugar and 1 gram of's big, the texture is kind of "fluffy". I can see me eating this with my coffee before I do breakfast. I usually drink a "Lightfuls Saity peach or mango Smoothie for 90 calories and 5 grams of fiber, 11 grams of sugar....this has 160 calories, 6 grams of fiber and 11 grams of sugar.

Fullbar Living seems to non-existent...I've signed up twice and there is no feedback.

as for the packaging and shipment its pricey...but it comes DHL ground fairly quickly. There was no instruction sheet that was promised, but I emailed them to send.

so I'm the test guinea pig, (for $99.93 for 2 boxes)...i'll report back and give MHO. thanks!

I have seen full bars on sale at Wal mart so you could try a few at a time to see if they work.
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It's been a few years since I've been here...3 yrs. I had success with this product. People could see that I lost weight around my stomach. Looking to purchase these again....
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They remind me of a marshmallow treat. I wonder if a marshmallow treat would have a similar effect?
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