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Hello ladies! Is everybody ready to start October off with a BANG?! Yeah you are!!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic last night of September, but don't forget--sleep is important to weight loss too! So don't stay up too late!!

I need to revamp my goals a smidge...

October Goals:

Avoid all Halloween Candy like the plague--just figured I should say it out loud
Continue with trying new veggies/fruits/foods/recipes
Plan my meals more (Might be calling on MsP and Tummy for help on this one! )Up my fruit/veggie intake (really need more fruit!)
Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!!!

Okay, now that that's done, bring on October!!!
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Ocotber Weight Loss Challenge Members

Ladies please inform me if I miss someone or something is incorrect in our list, just give me a holler! Also, we have a sister thread titled "October Exercise Challenge" for those of you who wish to join in there as well.
Note: We keep a members list with our goals and if/when those goals are met, we put red print and goal met next to our goals. You can take a peek at the end of last months thread to see what it looks like. Please don't feel bad if/when you may not reach a specific number, goal, etc. Always remember that making positive changes along the way (the journey) are wonderful accomplishments in and of themselves .

FullSteamAhead: focus on getting back on schedule
TummyGirl: Lose 10 lbs.
nellonello: My goal for October is to hit 191 which will pull me out of the Obese category and into Overweight.
mystical: Lose 6 lbs.
velveteen: Goal is to reach the 83 KG range. Today's w/i was 85.8.
ButterflyDiva: To be anywhere between 120 and 125lbs , eat healthy and post my menu everyday + drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Shrinking Girl: hit onederland, get to 199.
ruth135: Lose 4 lbs.
MsPerception: Reach 139 pounds (that's my 30% mark and puts me a couple pounds into the healthy BMI range!) 2. Plan meals 3. Drink my water and take my vitamin! 4. At least 4 Fruits/Veggies EVERY day.
jessicado22: Get to 234 lbs.
iDream: Avoid all Halloween Candy like the plague--just figured I should say it out loud , Continue with trying new veggies/fruits/foods/recipes, Plan my meals more, Up my fruit/veggie intake (really need more fruit!), maintain, maintain, maintain!!
dcapulet: 1200 min exercise, hit 249, run 5k!!!.
econ nerd: lose 10 lbs.
Shrinking Amy: My goal is to hit 125 (lose 8 lbs).
helpmelose: Drink 94oz of water everyday!, Plan my meals!, Lose 9 pounds!!
Imdedicated: Lose 12 lbs.
inthemidst: My goal to see 171 and not let school freak me out.
Bigmid: Lose 7 lbs.
KimL1214: Lose 15 lbs. I want to comfortably fit into a size 20 and attend WW meetings EVERY week.
VickieLou: My Goal is to lose 15 LBS. , Drink 8- 8 oz glasses of water daily, + walk 30 minutes a day.
jellofer2: get to 239 lbs.
Nella: ~ Get to 170 or lower (first mini-goal) ~ Drink my water.
shasha17a: Lose 11 lbs. to get to 240.
canadianangel: to lose 10 pounds..tking me out of the 200s..and into the 100s..and get into the size 12 pants!
momto3kittiess: 1.) No bad snacks!!. 2.) Gym 6 days a week. 3.) Start running after dinner. 4.) Want to loose 15 lbs. by the end of October.
Late to the game: goal of 7-10 pounds, trying a couple of new exercise videos, attempt to plan my meals ahead of time, and to continue DRINKING MY WATER.
Metal Chick: Lose 15 lbs.
AmyHK: Lose 10 lbs.
Meow Mix: shoot for 161.5 and lose 8 pounds again.
lynnyloo: Lose 10 lbs.
Taurie: Lose 5 lbs.
jen7: Lose 6 lbs.
juliastl27: to lose 4.5 lb this month which would put me at 171.
HeyHeyGabby: My goal is to control myself while out with friends!
anni57: My goal is to lose 5 lbs and get consistent with my exercise.
Hamoco350: My goal is to reach at least 279 , to be in the 270's.
Miss Mallee: Get to 205's, Begin a running routine, Plan out/measure out my meals and snacks, And I think I might have to add stay away from the sweets. I'll allow myself maybe a mini candy bar (like the fun size) after dinner if I had an OP day.
JasonsLea: Lose 8 lbs.
rachiru: Lose 15 lbs.
susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs.

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Hi's getting late here but wanted to wish everyone a warm welcome and a great first day tomorrow. I'm excited to see everyone

back and to all of our returning chicks and new members. TummyGirl, MsPerception, iDream, Late to the game, Jasons Lea, susie martin, nellonello , mystical, velveteen, Butterfly Diva, Shrinking Girl, ruth135, jessicado22, dcapulet, econ nerd, Shrinking Amy, helpmelose, Imdedicated, inthemidst, Bigmid, KimL1214, VickieLou, jellofer2,
Nella, shasha17a, canadianangel, momto3kittiess, Metal Chick, AmyHK , Meow Mixm, lynnyloo, Taurie, jen7, juliastl27, HeyHeyGabby, anni57, Hamoco350, Miss Mallee, and rachiru.
to those of you new to the boards.

I should get to bed, your right sandye (idream) we need our sleep! lol Ty again chicks for the kind words....dream, Msp, tummy, LTTG, ruth, jess..etc. gtsy all again . Feels nice to be starting a fresh month girls, it really does. Looking forward to getting to know our new team members too! Hope everyone sleeps well and has a great start to tomorrow. Chat soon

canadianangel....gtsy back! : ) how are things going on your end?
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Default Here We Go Again!!

Morning, all!
I've been gone for a couple of years (did ya miss me?) but finally getting back on track again.
Hit an all-time high at 305 and finally said "ENOUGH!!". So, I'm back on the Alli, taking longer walks with the dog and working on portion sizes.

My long term goal is to stop the scale on the downside of 200, but I know I have to get there a couple of pounds at a time. Also, I'm looking at a week's vacation and celebrating my birthday this month.

Sooo, keeping all that in mind, my October goal is 5 lbs.
Go Team!!
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Gooooooooooooooood Morning and Happy First Day of October!!!!

Thank you FSA for updating the list--as always, we are eternally grateful!! Hope you'll be around much, much more this month and that things calm down for you hun!

Beck~ Your goals sound great!!! Welcome back to 3FC!!!!

Well ladies, it's a brand new day, a brand new month and it's starting off great! TOM is officially outta here! And I saw another drop this morning 134 even so I'll take it. Today is also my first day of upping my calories a bit--no more calorie cycling for me, it's time to try out that mysterious thing called 'maintenance eating' I'm going to up my cals to about 1500-1600 through the weekend and see how it goes. Actually, on Sunday I'll probably go over that as it's my ds' Birthday and you returning ladies know what that means...My FIL's Fantastic Cake!!! Mmmmm! And you know I never skip cake on Birthdays!

So anyway, that's what's up here. I got my last practice run in before the 5K on Saturday and I talked to someone in the organizer's office and changed my entry from "Fun Walk" to "Competitive Run", not sure what came over me, but I'm going for it!!!

Okay girls, now get out there and have a wonderful day and don't forget to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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Good Morning All
First the bad news :
I gained weight in September. I'm up to 242

Now the good news: It's the beginning of a new month & a new challenge

Wishing everyone much success in the coming month.
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Goooood Morning!!!

I weighed in at 244......goal is to be down 12lbs this month at least! that would bring me down to 232! It's doable and it will be done!
Hope you all have a great day!!! Will check in later!
I'll be drinking my water!
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Oh no. My month is not off to a good start. I'm up 1.5 I'm not changing my ticker, though. That 1.5 WILL be gone in the next couple of days. Hear that 1.5? Hope everyone else has a better start!

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Its a very fall day here, i had to put on the fireplace this morning. Went to step on the scale and the battery is dead..i guess im forced to go shopping..darn...

I have to say i have missed you all over the last month and a half..but hopefully im now back into a routine, and can get on here....can you believe my 9 r old had 17 vials of blood taken yesterday....insane but hopefully worth it...

Make sure you all drink you water, and take time for ourselfs(the one thing we sometimes forget to do)

have a great day everyone!!

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My starting weight for October is 233. I hope to lose ten pounds to put me at 223.
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Morning Ladies,

First of all a big back to Ang, Velveteen (love the new pic too!), glad you've come on back into the madness.

To all our oldies but goodies, you're all awesome, make me laugh, well Sadnye makes me cry but otherwise mostly laugh, and it's so nice to see everyone up and at it this month again!

to our new ladies, Amy, helpmelose, Cle , VickieLou, Momto3kitties, Metal Chick, AmyHK, lynnloo, Jen7, Gabby, Anni57, Hamoco, Rachiru, Beck. So glad to have everyone here, it's truly an amazing resource for those of us that have have been here awhile. So no worries, scale up, scale down, fell into a giant bag of cookies, just come on back and know we've been there too, we'll be there again and we're all here to help each other get this done.

Sandye - WTG miss competitive run, lol, I think that's perfect considering you can run at the 30 minute make, fun run is for people pushing strollers who haven't just surpassed they maintenance goal I'm looking forward to watching how this maintenance thing works for you and learn from the master, lol.

Susie - So excited you're grabbing the bull by the horns this month, 10lbs woohoo! I'm all for new beginnings, we'll just leave that nasty old Septmeber behind.

Cle - That looks incredibly doable and the water's important, Sandye has GPS and she knows how to find us

LTTG - Now we know where Sandye gets her rolling pin from, lol, it's a genetic rolling pin! Great attitude though, it will be gone!

Ang - So glad to see you, so how's your dh doing? Do you get to talk to him much? So dd is still getting poked and proded, are they closer to being able to stop doing that yet?

Jacque is missing this month Hope you're doing alright!

So I popped up a 0.4 from yesterday but just to hit 162.2 so I'll start there for the month, I think I may have gone lower in my calories on Monday than I calculated for the day, I have a sneaky suspicision that may have created the monster drop yesterday, but a full pound did stick around so that's marvelous.

I'm off to the bank for some official playgroup business, and then maybe coffee with the other two ladies who are running it with me this year. Then making some soup, working out and getting to bed very early for a 90 minute run tomorrow at 5am, so help me!

I hope everyone's October is off to a blazing start and we'll catch up later!
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Go Blue Team!
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Good morning chicas!! And Happy October!!! Time to clean out the fireplace and let the pumpkin baking begin! Can you tell this is my favorite time of the year?

So I'm having a bit of water retention issues from salt+exercise, but I was in the 177's for 4 days straight, so I'm counting that as my end weight for September. Which means I hit my goal of 10 pounds down in one month! Those old jeans form 3 & 4 years ago are now getting put to god use. Silly husband wanted me to purge my closet a while ago - hmph - I showed him, right!

So, losing this next 8 pounds is my first mini-goal. I have my DH's high school reunion to attend early November, and I want a new dress! I will be down 21 pounds at 170, smaller than I was at my wedding. I might just revise my final goal to be 130 so that I have even mini-goal increments.

I haven't figured out what I want my final reward to be, but it's going to be something big. Although, feeling great about myself might just be enough. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, enough rambling by me. Have a great day girls!!!
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Ok. So I missed the september goal of 249. That is ok. Looking back at my score card, I did lose 10 lbs in september. So this morning I get on the scale to start October and was at 252.2. It is ok. I wasn't on perfect plan yesterday, but will recover. 239 here I come.

Welcome to all of our new challenge members and let's hit it to all everyone. Wouldn't it be awesome if the entire list was goal met this month. LEt's do it!!!!
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Hopped on the scale this morning and down another lb. Thats 6lbs since Monday and the lowest weight I have hit since starting in August. Last night for dinner, we went to costco and picked up some king crab legs. I LOVE crab. It is full of protein and does not have that many calories in it. We ate it with asparagus cooked with balsamic vinegar, mmmm!
Sooo, I have been feeling sick lately. I think its my allergies mostly. I have the worst case of post nasal drip. I can't stop coughing and hacking all day and all night. I wake up several times in the middle of the night coughing and running to the bathroom. I'm going to try some over the counter medicine today and if I don't feel better by Monday, I'm definatly going to the doctor.
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One day at a time...
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Hellooooo Chickies!

Welcome to October! Just thought I'd start the month off right by actually doing a proper post. It's great to see so many people signed up for this month! WooHoo!

idream W-O-W I'm fairly speechless and motivated beyond belief at your accomplishment of goal. Way to go!! You are a true inspiration! Have fun with maintenance and I'm sure glad you're sticking around. This place wouldn't be the same without you! And OMG competitive run! Look at you go! I can't wait to hear how you do!

susiemartin Here's hoping October brings you a fantastic loss!!

Imdedicated I had to laugh yesterday when I read the posts and saw a couple other people think your name was I'm Medicated, it's what I saw at first glance too! Welcome aboard!

LTTG Want to have a scale throwing contest? We'll see who can throw theirs the furthest?

canadian Wow, 17 vials of blood is a lot. Hopefully it was definitely worth it!

Tummy I'm sorry, did you say 90 minute run? I get tired just thinking about that! Kudos to you!

Nella Isn't it good to feel great? Way to go on meeting your Sept goal!!

Well chickies, I'm feeling pretty darned good today. My new pants came yesterday (thank goodness) and I'm wearing them. They're an incredibly comfy size 18 and along with the new size XL sweater I got. Yep, that's right, not a 1X or a 2X... just a plain old XL. I've been putting clothes in a bin to give to my sister every time I go to wear something and it looks awful because of how baggy it is. As a result... my wardrobe is down down down and I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to wear to work! It's kind of a funny feeling, both good and bad. Now that I have some pants, I desperately need to find some shirts. I'm wearing one right now that is a tie-back from my heaviest days and the only reason it works is because the extra fabric is bunched up in back! (Hence the sweater, to hide all the bunched up crapola in the back). Sometimes I find myself looking in the mirror at my side-reflection and I stop because it's just not as wide as it used to be and my stomach isn't sticking out through my shirt. All very good feelings.

I've transitioned my running to a tread mill which is enabling me to work on my form (I am one of those people who hold their arms too high and rigid... you know.. hanging on for life while I run so I don't accidentally fall through death's door I guess) and I'm also going to start working on speed. I've been having great 30 minute runs. I'm ready to be done when 30 minutes hits but I could easily talk the entire time if I wanted to and I think that's a good accomplishment. I'm going to start slowly increasing my speed (and I do mean slowly... perhaps a change of name to the Slow Girl is in order).

Wow, I'm rambling! I hope everyone has a great day!

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