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I finished day 1 of c25k! whoo hooo! Still have some strength training to do this evening, but I am just excited about the fact that I finally started c25k!

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Hello ladies! I've had a pretty good first day of October! Dinner is finished and I still have 3 points left I did my exercises this am while my baby was napping! So far so good, I guess. Tomorow is Friday though, any tips with sticking with eating healthy on the weekends? Weekends always get me, there is always a few drinks sat night, and sunday am is always a good breakfast! I feel like I got to plan better!
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Ruth135 Thanks for the kind words!!! I was kinda bummed that i didn't make my goal but then after researching I realized that I had made a huge accomplishment. So I am going to take it and run with it.

ShrinkingAmy I am one day away from finishing w3 on C25K. It is awesome to be out there and moving. I can't wait till Turkey day when I can say with pride that I run 3 miles 3 times per week. WOOT!!!!

Imdedicated Great choice in joining this challenge. These are awesome and the ladies here are even better. Supportive, friendly and they know just what you are going through!!! I look forward to cheering you on and reading your posts!!!!
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Super quick fly by post to say hello and that I hope everyone has had a great first day!!! I'll be back later on tonight for personals if possible!

Btw, I decided to start the month off right and try a new recipe!! I made a Spinach Turkey Roll--it's basically a rolled up turkey meatloaf with spinach and a little bit of cheese--turned out pretty good. A little less spicy that I like, but I can always fix that. It was only 190 cals per slice and the slice wasn't puny so that made me a happy girl! Not to mention I got a ton of spinach in my piece! Mmmmm! Anyway, I'll post the recipe or link to it if anyone wants it.

Okay, must tidy up before hubby comes home--he's going to be stoked to have an actual plate with a REAL dinner on it when he gets home--it's been a wacky week for dinners this week and he's suffered a bit.

Have a great night girls!!!
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Sandye- the turkey roll sounds divine. I would love the recipe.
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Hey Ladies!!!

So today is day 1 of october weight loss challenge and exercise challenge. I feel good about this month and ready to get my butt in gear and drop some pounds and inches!!

Sotypical- That is great that you lost 4 pounds!!! That is better than gaining or losing nothing at all. Congrats!!

Amy- awesome that you started C25K!! You reminded me that I need to look at the program! Thanks!!!

October is going to be an awesome month for us all!!!
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So I have decided to add to my "goals". Or maybe these are just things that will help get me to my first goal of losing 8 lbs... Anyway. I started taking a multi-vitamin today and I've started writing everything I eat and my workouts down on paper - I'm going to try to do this all through October! I may try to log everything into FitDay at the end of each day, but I'm not guaranteeing that one - only as time allows!
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The first day is over and it was great! It's amazing how well everyone has been doing on this site, and I plan to make it a second home for my weight loss journey

Very excited to see how this month is going to turn out, I know it's going to be amazing!
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Evening Ladies,

Nella - Feeling great and a nice vacation, that would be good too Or maybe an entire new waredrobe?!

Jellofer - Only missed by a smidge too! I think that would be fantastic if everyone got lite up in red, I think that's an awesome plan.

Shasha - OMG dear you're melting this week. That must feel good after all the ups and downs and frustrations you had, good for you.

SG - I'm tired thinking about too, unfortunately, I've reloaded the ipod and was almost thinking a book on tape might be nice if it had a better beat to it. on the XL, isn't is nice to not be described in degrees of large anymore. I always though of it as fat to a power of two, hated that. Oh I envy the treadmill, oh how warm sounding. And easier to gage speed too, that will be helpful rather than the third mailbox on the left is a mile marker.

Mystical - Consider yourself kicked in the butt, lol, I have no doubt that you will find the way that works best. Once you get into that routine of planning meals and working out it just hums along like a fairly well oiled machine with only an occasional squeak. Good for you on the diet pepsi too, it's so incredibly worth it, your body will thank you over and over again.

Cle - Ya, Sandye takes this all very seriously, lol. But virtual butt kickings are much nicer than the real thing.

Sotypical - Congrats on last month! That's fantastic and here's to doing it again!

Kitgetsfit - awesome goals and look forward to getting to know you this month, welcome aboard.

Nello - holy crap girl, 4lbs that's frickin' awesome! I think that adjustment was a good idea or you'd have met it by tomorrow, lol. Have you decided what you workout plan is now that you're aircasted?

Princessjen - Welcome, welcome!

Ruth - What a gorgeous family and where was that taken? It looks beautiful. I'm thinking it's going to be a very long and cold trek but I always seem to find something to think about, it makes the time go by faster, lol. I'll post when I've made it back alive. So close to those 160's you'll be there in no time and that's for sure with the cold stuff, I'm hoping that all these healthy changes made around here will keep us ladies in tip top shape this winter.

Amy - Congrats! It does feel so fantastic to finally do it, the weeks fly by and I bet in no time we'll have another race runner around here.

Jen7 - Well my advice is to plan, figure out what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks before the weekend. Make sure everything fits into you points and then just eat that. It sounds kind of silly but once you take the emotion out of the moment and know that you only eat what you planned it's soo much easier.

Sandye - is that meat and potatoes man needing some meat and potatoes? They sure do put up with some crazy experiments, lol, poor guys.

Helpmelose - I love the optimism, I'm super excited about this month too, each month just seems even better than the one before.

Rachiru - I always found that too, there are so many ppl getting it done around here and in so many ways, it gives you hope that it can be done, it's endlessly inspiring.

Gotta go get to bed but first must check the weather and find a hat to wear tomorrow, I have a feeling 5am is going to be very chilly and frosty. It was a beautiful day here and all the trees are started to change, it's just gorgeous, shame it means the snow is coming soon though. Really nice day too, got a chance to go out for coffee (without child) and have a delighful adult conversation with a very intelligent funny lady that I met at playgroup, it was just divine. It's soo the small things, lol.

So off to bed and hopefully everyone is treating themselves very well and putting themselves first on this first day of October and I'll catch you all tomorrow
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Tummy- I am so limited with my aircast on what I can do it is driving me crazy. I did nothing Tuesday and Wednesday and decided today to get off my rear and try and figure out what I can manage. I did the P90x arms and shoulders today and was able to do most of it except the chair dips and the one handed pushups where you lie on your side. I also threw in some TurboJam Abs which worked really well. The hardest thing I think will be cardio. Not sure what I am going to do there. I look forward to continue to hear about your progress!
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Well, the first day went well. The chicken soup was delicious (I put like 12 cloves of garlic in it LOL), unfortunately I never know the exact calories when I make soup but I'm sure I stayed within my limit. I did a 45 minute yoga DVD then later did the kids fitness DVD (with my kids) and while it wasn't an extreme workout, it did get me sweating so that's a good thing.

Tummy Thank you! It was taken during our vacation in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Specifically at Newfound Gap which is on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. We were at an elevation of over 5000 feet, which is not much compared to some of the mountains in other parts of the country but its the highest I've ever been LOL. It was very beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Nella View Post
They will update the list as people join in. No worries.
Thanks, I just saw myself.
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Last night was shopping day, so there wasn't much to eat in the house during the day. But I did the best I could.

B- 2 slices of wheat bread with jam
S- orange
L- turkey pita sandwich
S- frozen grapes
D- 2 tacos

water- 8 glasses

Thankfully today will be better since there's more to eat in the house now.
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Good Morning ladies!

Well, looks like I made it through the move and didn't lose any games, booze or children in the process, so I'm full of win. I guess I'll be back to checking back in and getting back to routine come Monday as I should be completely done by then. I hope you all have been well. Well gotta get the boys off to school. We are not transferring, as my grandfather offered to take them and pick them up from their old school...so, ya know. Only four more days and they will be on fall break for ten days, so I think I am gonna try to convince them transferring isn't the worst thing in the world. Also picked up Halloween costumes for the boys and myself yesterday. I'm going as a Nun this year...in fish net stockings.. Well I haven't been OP, however, it will be interesting to see if I have lost anything, while not counting calories and exercising for the past few weeks. I'm gonna down the water today and over the weekend and just remain hopeful that I at least lost something...that will be full of win as well. And would mean, that I can at least maintain or lose without being completely OCD about doing so. Well gotta run...somebody write me in for five pounds this month dangit. Erm...I'll weigh in Monday...when I find my scale. You ladies have a great day.

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Delphi - glad the move went well!!

quick fly by before work. I'm angry with the scale today, it was up at 179.4. grrrr. I've been OP and working out, so not sure what's up with that.
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