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One day at a time...
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Helloooo Chickies!

I'm down another lb this morning, putting me at 20 lbs lost. Just 5 more lbs until I'm halfway to my first big goal... halfway to 50 lbs. It seems crazy that I'll lose 50 lbs and whenever I say that number to my MIL she always says something like "that's quite a lot" as though she doesn't think I'll make it. To her I say "oh behave!" I'm totally going to make it! Also, you will note the presence of yet another dancing fattie. Just thinking about 4 of those 5 lbs of fat models gets me all tingly inside... I've lost THAT much crapola out of my body! WooHoo!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

shasha and jellofer You two snuck in while I was posting yesterday and I didn't notice until now! I have the same thing to say to both of you: YOU ROCK Nice job on the weight loss!!

mystical I hope kicking the soda does the trick for you. I know some people have problems with caffeine and weight loss, maybe you'll get a big WHOOSH of lbs! Good luck with your October goals!

Imdedicated Haha, don't let Tummy scare you about Sandye, she's at the point now where she'd use her gps and RUN to come find you instead of using the car... you'd have plenty of time to make a quick get-away!

nello Geesh! At that rate you'd have made goal by the 7th of October! Here's hoping your body races towards this new goal just as fast!

FSA It's good to have you back!

ruth Hey, losing a pound is much better than gaining... so all in all I'd say you're still doing pretty well! I love your photo! Also, thanks for the reminder on upping my vit C, I usually forget to do that until it's too late!

ShrinkingAmy Congrats on finishing day 1 of C25k!

jen Man, eating well on the weekends IS tough. I have, however, put some time and effort into finding low calorie ways to make the big breakfasts. My DH LOVES breakfast and so not having a big Sunday breakfast for him just isn't possible. I've currently got him hooked on breakfast sandwiches and while his come in at a bit over 400 calories each, I've managed to get mine down to around 200 using light bread, vegetarian sausage, no cheese and egg beaters. I do forgo the hash browns but I also give myself a heaping bowl of fruit. Also, pancakes are easy to dish out in the proper proportion and there are a ton of different mixes out there and lite syrup as always although sometimes I find honey on my pancakes to be fantastic. I also find myself not having my snacks on the weekend (usually due to being busy), this means I have larger meals over all which really works for me, it feels "naughty" enough that I feel as though I'm cheating when I'm really not. I don't have a lot of advice about the alcohol as I've pretty much given up drinking for a variety of reasons and, while I thought I'd eventually pick it back up again, I'm really not so sure anymore. Whew! Hope some of that book was helpful!

idream I wish my DH would eat spinach... that turkey roll sounds great! BTW, I'm still in awe of you reaching goal and I was telling my DH about you last night and he pretty much thinks you're incredible. And when I told him you started C25K at the same time as me and how FAST you're running he pretty much is sure you're super woman's secret alter ego.

Tummy I had to laugh at your "fat to a power of 2" I never thought of it like that, but now that I have... I can't get it out of my mind and it is CRACKING ME UP. Yeah, as dull as the treadmill is after running outside (and inconvenient as it's at my in-laws) it's been nice to finally gauge speed and not run in the pitch black. I'll be eager to get back outside again come spring, but I think it will be good for me this winter.

Delphi "didn't lose any games, booze or children" HAHAHAHAHA That's hilarious! It's good to see you again and I'm so glad things are going well for you! Fishnet stockings! Woohoo you hottie!

Ok, I must get some work done! Have a great day!
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live, laugh, love
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Good morning chickies!

The sun is shining, the leaves are turning color..its a perfect day for a nice fall hike in the woods...

I hav come to realize that i have a eating scheule problem..suggestion on how to fix this would be great...

as some know, my dh is gone ntil next november, so 13 more months, and i am on my own raising 4 very active children. With that being said, i have no problem eating breakfast, cause that usually consistes of a protien shake, lunch is fine..but once 335pm come and the kids get off that bus...crazy breaks out..and i am always out delieverying kids to sports activities....we are talking about 29 activities a week, and soon more once snow i dont eat supper, they do, cause i make sure that they are taken care of, but when they are eating im, either getting ready for the next activity, or cleaning, or checking homework...then at 10pm at night when i get "me" starving! and we all know its bad to eat late at night, so i grab a protien shake or a banana...

scale said i was down .7 today, but thats likley cause yesterday consited of a protien shake, a 6inch subway sub, and a handful of grapes while in bed watching tv...but did drink my water..

hopefully more food today!

Im going to chop the last of my flowers, and laundry, then me time in the woods....see you all tommorow morning, have a great day!!

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One day at a time.
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Hey Ladies,

I'll be coming back to do personals later, but I have a dog following me around looking expectantly for a walk. Forgot to weigh myself this morning and yesterday morning, and by the time I remembered I was eating breakfast. XD I know my weights probably up do to this cold I have. Luckily I only have one class today and my best friend will be coming over to hang out. Despite the cold, I feel rather OK. But after I walk these guys, I'll probably be exhausted!

I'll be on later for personals!

We Can Do It Ladies!
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Good Morning Girlies and Happy Friday to you ALL!!! (that guy is in honor of SG's new Dancing Fatty!!! )

Susie~ man, bummer about the gain, but I'm sure it'll come right off! You've got a new attitude and it's a Brand New Month!! Woo Hoo!!!

Cle~ I promise I'm not going to come hunt you down and beat you for not drinking your water--really! Don't let the girls scare you, there's definitely NO way I'd attempt running to Brooklyn!

Mom~ how's Darth today? Did you throw him through a wall yesterday as punishment? If I know you, you'll just keep on keepin' on and tell ol' Darth to kiss it! Is it November yet?!?! Thanks for the help on the mini-meatloaf recipe last night--the kids LOVED it, even the girls ate it!! They ate something, they really ate something!!

Ang~ Hey you!!!! I was thinking about you last week and wondering how you were! It's great to see you back!! How is everything? How's your dd? 17 vials? Holy smokes, that's crazy!! I hope she's doing well!! So glad you're back hun! As for your eating schedule--wow girlie, you need to take care of yourself in there somewhere! Hmm...what about when the kids are at school? Can you precook some chicken breasts maybe so you have something to eat while the kids are eating? I tend to do that so dinnertime is less hectic--I'm with ya, as soon as the boys walk in the door its crazyville around here! And that's without activities!! You also need to be aiming for some snacks in there somewhere--maybe set a timer for every 2-3 hrs so that you remember to eat something? But other than that, I say just try to cook stuff in bulk (like the chicken) and precook meals as much as you can.

econ nerd
~ nice to see you back too girlie!! Good luck on your goals this month!!

Tummy~ the master-- Oh that's just too much! If I was the master at maintaining, I wouldn't have ever gotten overweight in the first place! I'm just taking it one day at a time and keeping my fingers crossed! How was the run this morning? I hope you didn't freeze! Man, I was chilly yesterday and it was in the 40's! I don't know how you do it! If you had a treadmill, would you run inside? I mean, 90 mins outside is long, but I'm thinking 90 mins on a treadmill would be forever!!! Kwim? That's my big worry this Winter--that if I move it back inside that I'll end up quitting because of boredom. We'll see I guess huh? So jealous of your cawfee tawk time you had yesterday! That sounds wonderful!!!

Nella~ Hmm, pumpkin baking you say? You're going to have to share what/how you do that one of these days! I love baking--any type! As for the's funny, when I set my goal I thought I'd reward myself with a shopping spree or a huge gourmet dinner out (or both ) and now that I'm here...I haven't given either of those things a thought--until now. I bet you'll find that just feeling fantastic about what you've accomplished will be reward enough! However, that certainly doesn't mean you don't deserve a reward of some kind!! Shopping, a day or weekend at a spa, a girls' weekend away maybe? Oooh, all those sound good to me!

Jellofer~ you did awesome last month!!! Good luck on your goal this month hun!!

Shasha~ look at you just melting away! I'm with Tummy, I bet that feels great after your ups and downs last month! I'll post the link to the recipe here in a sec for ya, one thing I can tell you though--it needs more spices!!! It was lacking a little 'oomph' kwim?

SG~ okay, I am soooo glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I read your post this morning! RUN to find Cle?! RUN?!?! Hahahahaha--you were right about one thing though, if I were crazy enough to that--she'd have PLENTY of time to hide from me! Heck, she'd have plenty of time to knit a sweater, tour France, take a pottery class and I'd still only be a 1/4 of the way there! Tell your hubby thank you. That is awfully sweet of him to say. I think you're pretty darn amazing too though--finding time to teach and everything that goes along with that, take care of your home & hubby and then busting your ever shrinking hiney to take care of yourself too! Now that's what I call awesome! Btw, on the panties girlie! New sizes are the best! And ya know what? The first new size is often the hardest one to get to--after you drop one size it seems like before you know it, the new clothes will be too small and you'll have to buy new smaller clothes! That's why Goodwill is the BEST!! Congrats too on your new Dancing Fatty!!! 20 lbs is a huge accomplishment and you are well on your way to 50 lbs lost for sure!! And I have no doubt that you'll do it hun, no doubt at all!

Mystical~ congrats on deciding to kick the Pepsi!! Sounds like you're well on your way to your goal--planning out your meals and putting it on the fridge--what a smart idea! I still haven't planned out anything this week--I really need to! And when I do, I'm gunna stick it on the fridge!!! Hope your day wasn't too crazy yesterday, I can only imagine how tough doing the books must be! Be sure to drink your water today hun!!

sotypical~ congrats on your loss last month!! Good luck on your goal this month!!

Taurie~ oooh, chips are the devil! Especially the lime tortilla ones...grrr! I could plow through a whole bag back in the day! Probably still could if let myself. The weekends can be really tough!! It used to be that hubby would talk me into cheating every weekend without fail. I even used to allow myself a cheat day every week so I could kind of combat it, but it usually backfired an started a week long eating bonanza. This time around I just had to stick it out and tell hubby that I couldn't cheat if I wanted to do this. I had to stay on plan 100% of the time or I would revert back to my old ways--I'm a bit on the OCD side about this can you tell? Now that doesn't mean he didn't try, but after a couple of months he finally got the message and quit trying to sway me. I do 'cheat' now though--but I don't consider it cheating. I plan for eating off plan. Birthdays, for instance, are non-negotiable. I will have cake!!! However, if we're bbq'ing or there's snacks before cake--I won't have at it. I'll snack on healthy stuff or be sure to eat before I go and just stick with the cake. I have my priorities! So, my advice is to let your family know that getting healthy is important to you and that you'd like their support. Let them know that having all those tempting snacks around isn't going to help you. Perhaps they'll surprise you and decide to join you in ditching the chips! But be prepared for resistance...and just be as strong as you can. If you do slip up, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off--tomorrow is another day!!!

Kitgetsfit~ welcome to the group! Good luck on your goals this month!!

Nello~ woo hoo! What a way to start out the month!!! Now see, I'd take that and make it count for this month, cuz I'm bad like that! Hope you're able to figure out a good cardio routine to do with your aircast! I don't have a single idea for you besides maybe swimming? Or water aerobics? Hang in there hun, how long are you going to be wearing it again?

princess jen~ welcome aboard! Good luck on your goal this month!!

FSA~ Heya hun! Thanks again for starting us up and updating the lists and such!! Have a great day girlie!

Ruth~ awww, what a beautiful family!! Thanks, I hope you're right about the 5K--I'm getting all nervous and stuff! Your soup sounds yummy! I love me some garlic!!! Mmmm!! Congrats on losing last month! Sure, it wasn't as much as you wanted, but you LOST!!! And you're here again starting a new month off right! That's what counts!!

Amy~ congrats on starting the C25K!!! I was nervous about starting it and skeptical that I could run 30 mins straight within 9 weeks, but it worked!!! The guy who developed that plan is a genius as far as I'm concerned! You'll find lots of girls here who've done the plan, so feel free to ask questions if you have any!

Jen7~ WTG on the great first day!!! As for the weekends, if you read my reply to Taurie you'll see how I made it through the weekends. Keep up the great work!!

helpmelose (I'm going to call you HML for short )~ Love your attitude!!! Bring on October!!! Woo hoo!!!

rachiru~ this is a great bunch of girls!! I will forever be thankful I found this site and this wonderful group!!! Good luck on your goals this month!!

ButterflyDiva~ looking forward as always to seeing your yummy meals!!! Good luck on your goals this month!!

DELPHI~ Welcome Back hun!!! Oh I'm so glad your move went smoothly!!! Hope the unpacking goes just as smooth! That's great that your Grandpa volunteered to take the boys to school. Oh man, it's good to have you back!!!

Molly~ hope you're feeling better soon! Colds are just plain rotten! Have a good walk with the dogs and a good day at school too!

Whew! Man that took a long time! Well, not much to report here on my end. Just pluggin' along. Scale was up a little today, 134.2 or 134.4--I can't remember. Got my workouts in this morning and got a shower in before the girls woke up, so you know that made me a happy camper!

Was supposed to take the girls to open gym today, but time got away from me and I wasn't really wanting to do it anyway. I feel like I've been running around all week and I just want to stay in today and get the house taken care of. We have ds' party on Sunday and since we'll be busy tomorrow with the 5K and then going out for ds' Birthday dinner (at some pizza party Chuck E. Cheese type place) I'm not going to have a lot of time to clean or anything besides today. Joy.

I picked up a brace for my knee yesterday and I hate it. I mean, it seems to be doing it's job, but ugh...I forgot how much I hated running with those things on! But, if it prevents another dislocated knee cap, I'll wear the dang thing.

Okay, here's the link to the recipe I made last night:

For the bread crumbs, I assumed they meant process fresh bread in food processor (since it calls for 'soft' bread crumbs) so that's what I did--2 slices equals 1 cup. I didn't have ground mustard so I didn't add that and I used fat free mozzarella instead of part-skim. Other than upping the garlic, adding onion & garlic powder and pepper to the recipe, I followed it pretty much to a T--oh wait, I also upped the temp on the oven to 375 to speed up the cooking a bit since I had other stuff in the oven. My only other advice is--if you like it spicier--add more spice, this one was kind of on the bland side, however, I ran out of oregano so that could be part of it.

Okay, well, as mentioned, my house needs to be cleaned so I guess I better get up off my butt and do it huh?

Hope everyone has a great day and be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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Good morning girls!

Delphi So glad the move went well and so glad that you're back! And that's great that your grandfather is taking the boys to school. Here's hoping for a loss(or at least maintenance) come Monday

Nella I'm sure that gain is just water weight, it will be gone in no time.


SG Woohooo! 20lbs lost, that's awesome! I'm hoping to get there this month and be able to add another 5lb smilie. I think it is a great accomplishment. And thanks for the compliment on my avatar, I kind of got tired of the doggy pic.

angel I don't have much advice on an eating schedule except if it was me I would have to cut out some of the activities. I've decided around my house that getting healthy has to take priority over some things, like a spic and span house LOL. I do my best but sometimes dishes are left or something.

missmalleeGlad your're not feeling too bad considering having a cold. Have fun with your friend!

Sandye I almost missed your post. Thanks for the compliment, I do think we have a great family I love garlic too, I add it to almost everything. It can take a while to chop up though so yesterday I got out my food processer and chopped the garlic and sliced the carrots and celery with it. That saved me a little time. It seems like slicing and chopping veges can take forever sometimes. I'm going to go check out your recipe!

Catch you gals later!
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Morning Ladies,

Nello - yes cardio will be interesting, even just trying to think of something I'm having a hard time too. Can you stand on it? Maybe doing Kenpo without the kicks, there's a lot of arm movement in that and if you did the horse stance would that bother the heel? Good for you doing the videos though, I think I might have gone crazy too if I had to sit there without being able to do anything. Glad you're still keping it up, it will sure make it easier to get back into things while you're rehabing.

Ruth - It's gorgeous there, I've never been to that part of the states before. We're headed to Oklahoma in May for a wedding and I'm trying to find some nice outdoorsy things to do while we're down there. It's a bit more east than we intend to go but I have an aunt in Jacksonville that we might go see so I will write that down as an idea. It's high enough I'm sure, lol, we have the massive Rocky Mountains only 2 hours west here so we're used to the gigantic moutains but even the small ones are beautiful.

Butterflydiva - Don't you love it when all there is in the house is odds and ends, lol, you end up having soup with asparagus and apples or some nonesense, it's grand.

Delphi - You're connected! Oh thank heaven, I missed you love. So glad the move is almost done, and all the important things made it over. What a sweet offer from grandpa too but it sure would be easier if the boys could take the bus. So how's the new place working out?

Nella - Your body and my body are doing the same thing. Everything just the way it should and adding some weight, it's what makes it so challenging and that's why only us strong ones survive it!

SG - So your MIL can just kiss your cute little butt then I guess, lol, sometimes ppl just don't hear how negative they sound. I had those looks too when ppl would ask and I'd throw out the 80lbs number and it was like that it had never been done in the history of the world or something. Now those ppl ask me for nutrition and workout advice hehe. Congrats on the FATTY!!! You know, I never thought about it like that, cleansing the crap out of the body, it's kinda gross and awesome all at the same time.

Ang - That's a tricky situation, my only thought would be to have your dinner ready prior to them getting off the bus or if need be eating it before they get home and then having a snack later in the evening. And if the bathroom doesn't get clean because you sit down for dinner we won't tell on you

Miss Mallee - Have fun with the dogs and take care of yourself with that cold!

Sandye - LOL cawfee tawk, that's an awesome throw back. Well by the time I get off my last 20lbs here, you'll have had at least a few months of maintenance under your belt to help us neebies start off. We did know how to maintain fat though, I was sooo good at that. The run was chilly but I had my mittens, my toque and many layers and you really don't sweat too much b/c it freezes. It was just below freezing today so not terrible, I think that's high 20's in your scale. I went an extra minute even just to make it to the stop sign and it was pretty good. I became aware of my knees at minute 77 but they didn't hurt I just knew that they were there, so that was load off. And I really don't know if I'd come inside yet, there's no snow, I have at the most a month before we're up to our knees but it could be sooner, that's going to be the real test for me. We're trying to brainstorm other ideas about how to get the runs in but nothing definite yet. I'm just going to push it as far as I can manage and I'll likely reduce my time outside to avoid frostbite which is why I'm working on distance so much right now. Well it is Friday after all, get cleaning! I'll be joining you with that right after the post office run.

I happen to be feeling pretty good following that 91 minute run this morning, although I have yet to try and get up from this chair so we'll see if that holds true. It actually was pretty good, at minute 34 I felt like it should be minute 74 but it got better from there, the body held out just fine and I managed to do the last two miles faster than the rest so all in all a very successfull morning, not to mention the 1200 calories that it burnt woohoo! I seem to be much better at distance stuff than speed things, Monday I do speed intervals and it's just so much harder for me than these monster Friday runs. I guess that's why we need to work on all parts of fitness.

The scale was up again this morning another 0.4 162.6. Something funkys going on but with all the weird cycle stuff I've got going on (or not going on more like it) all bets are off I guess. And today's a high calorie day to support the 2 hours and 40 minutes of exercise today. Well I better get going to the post office and then it's onto cleaning the pig sty. TTFN

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Sandye you're so right there is no point in cheating with mediocre junk food. Cheating should be reserved for the sumptuous!
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Originally Posted by Shrinking Girl View Post
Helloooo Chickies!

I'm down another lb this morning, putting me at 20 lbs lost.

Imdedicated Haha, don't let Tummy scare you about Sandye, she's at the point now where she'd use her gps and RUN to come find you instead of using the car... you'd have plenty of time to make a quick get-away!!
Congrats on the lb lost!!!

Originally Posted by iDream View Post
New Month!! Woo Hoo!!!

Cle~ I promise I'm not going to come hunt you down and beat you for not drinking your water--really! Don't let the girls scare you, there's definitely NO way I'd attempt running to Brooklyn!
Lol I need to lose this weight so it's ok if you run to Brooklyn!!! lol
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The scale is down a pound this morning, yay! I'm back down to where I was early September. Lets hope its for real this time.

Tummy I would love to go out west and see the Rockys and the Grand Canyon. I don't know if we'll ever be able to but if we ever drastically reduce our number of animals maybe it will be possible. We just can't leave for very long and expect someone to take care of so many animals and milk a goat lol. My sister and her family was able to do it this time but it was only for three days but she wouldn't be able to do it for much longer than that. I've told dh sometimes I wish we could get rid of all the animals and life would be so much more simpler.
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Shrinking Amy- How was your first day of C25k? I swear I will finally start one of these days once I get a little motivated like a lot of you. Hope it was great. I'm sure you will be running in no time! Good luck on tracking everything. Once you get the hang of it, it will be addicting.

jen7- I would say on weekends, try to limit the amount of times you eat out. Thats one of the reasons I was having trouble losing overall, the weekends can stall all the hardwork during the week. Maybe eat one meal out. If you are meeting up with friends, eat before hand so you don't overindulge.

helpmelrose- I love the start of a month. You have the entire month for all your goals.

rachiru- Glad you had an awesome first day! I like your avatar, its cute and it makes me smile.

tummy- I know I say this quite often, but you are amazing girl! 90 min run?? I think I die after a 90 min walk, lol. And you did it in freezing cold weather. Such determination.

nello- Well I commend you for doing something even with your cast. A lot of people would probably just stop working out altogether.

ruth- your soup sounds delicious! I love garlic. Glad to hear your scale is going downwards.

butterflydiva- mmmm frozen grapes. I am also craving tacos now after reading your post.

Delphi- Well hey there . We missed you in here and glad to see you checking in. I'm happy to hear that things are falling into place. Your halloween costume sounds cute. I still have no clue what I'm going to be.

nella- I wouldn't worry about the scale. Fluctuations are normal, its not always going to be a downward trend. Keep chugging ahead.

SG- Congrats on the 20lbs lost! And yay for being almost halfway. You joined in July, so does that mean that you have lost 20lbs since July? Either way, thats amazing. I can't wait until I exceed 10lbs. Thats when it starts getting real for me.

canadian angel - Wow thats a lot of hard work raising 4 kids! I'm sure with all your hardwork, your DH won't even recoginze you next year when you are a little skinny mini.

miss mallee- hehe I read your post really fast and I thought you just had a random dog following you around.

Sandye- Thanks for the recipe! I love that website. That pic of it looks so yummy! So I wonder if I can skip the bread crumbs. Its not South Beach friendly, well atleast for another week. Eh, I can just wait I suppose. And please be careful with your knee. A dislocated anything sounds horrendous.

Imdedicated- Congrats on your loss girlie!

As for me, I can finally add another monkey thingie to my signature. I'm FINALLY down 10lbs. So I need to lose another 5 to meet my October goal. But if by next week I hit 242, I might go ahead and change my goal to 237. We will see . Nothing new to report, just happy that its Friday. Don't quite know what I have going on this weekend. I think my friend wants to go to the pumpkin patch.

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Tummy - Always good to know I'm not alone. I'll just call it "muscle gain" and accept it, lol. The old jeans are fitting, so that is way more important! Below freezing you say?!? Wow, it's in the low 80's/ high 70's here and I'm wearing a sweatshirt, no lie.

CanadianAngel - WoW!! You have a hectic life! I thought it was bad with 2 teenagers running around, but 4 kids! Whew, I'm worn out just reading about your day. Personally, I think the eating late thing is a myth. Calories in vs. calories out is what I go by. But that's just my opinion.

Ruth - WAHOO!! Now you show October you mean business!

Shrinking Girl - Congrats on making 20 down!! You'll be at goal before you know it!

Shasha - WAHOO!! for you too!! That 10 pound mark made me feel like I was actually getting somewhere.

Sandye - I love to bake. And now it's more of a chore for me than it used to be because I have to pretty much make everything from scratch fro DH. He is gluten intolerant, so I have to make bread, muffins, etc from scratch that he can eat. He found out in May, so we're still learning. One of his favorites is pumpkin bread, so I found this recipe I think I am going to try soon. I'm sure you can modify a regular pumpkin bread recipe to add the chai and cranberries. The GF flours are expensive and higher in calories. Then I'm going to try this one just to be daring!

Well, this morning was disappointing for me like I said, but oh well. I'm OP today and saving most of my calories for date night with DH Pad Thai here I come!!! This day is dragging so bad for some reason, must be because I am looking forward to a night alone with hubby I love my step daughters, but sometimes I am glad they go to their mom's house on the weekend. It gives us a nice break after having them all week.
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hi was wondering if i can join in with everyone?
my goal for this month is 10lbs..
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Okay I am new here so I will like to make my first goal for October. I want to lose 10-15lbs my diet starts on 10/5

Good luck to everybody
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Strong is the new Pretty!
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I'm new. I hope you chicks don't mind if I join in ever so slightly late. My weight loss goal for October is 8 pounds, from 201.8 to 193.8.
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Go Blue Team!
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Welcome to all the new people! This is a great bunch of ladies!
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