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That's me!
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S/C/G: 270/251/150

Height: 5'


Just checking in with my status!

8/1: 0
8/2: 0
8/3: 0
8/4: 73 minutes - Biked for 20 minutes, wii fit for 53 minutes
8/5: 160 minutes - Walked in Shape Ups for 2.5 hours, wii fit for 10 minutes
8/6: 61 minutes - Swimming/water aerobics 25 minutes, wii fit 36 minutes
8/7: 0 - Spent the day at the emergency vet with my cat.
294 minutes so far
End of the first week

8/8: 70 minutes - Biked 30 minutes, Water Aerobics for 30 minutes, wii fit 10 minutes.
364 minutes for the month
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One day at a time...
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S/C/G: 226/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"


Well, I managed to do day 3 of Week 1 even though it was hot and oh sooo humid outside this morning. 6 am and the temp was already 77 degrees! I'm a bit... sweaty to say the least.

Curves: 6
Week 1: d1, d2, d3 ACCOMPLISHED
Week 2:
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S/C/G: see tickers

Height: 5'6"


PW - I hope your cat is okay. . .
SG - Way go! It's hard for me to get out in hot humid weather.

August challenge: still on track; 485/1500.

I'm feeling impatient to see results, but I *am* feeling them. I'm still throwing off heat from my workout. I think I might need to extend my cool-down time. . .
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S/C/G: 230/230/140

Height: 5'3


Hi Everyone... I am new to all of this, and am hoping it is not too late to join in..? If it is all good I am going to set my goal to start the C25K program 3xs a week for the month of August ... Good Luck Everyone!!
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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S/C/G: (body fat) >34.5%/?/<25%

Height: 5' 6", small frame, "obese" body fat


I need to be checking in here more often to get my butt in gear!!

Had a serious setback with being away from home way longer than expected - for two weeks. Have been eating pretty badly and not exercising nearly enough. Oh well - nobody to blame but myself - but I still have more than 2/3 of the month to make up for lost time...

Aug 1: ~30 min. swimming, just paddling around
Aug 2: 20 min. 30-Day Shred w/ 5-lb weights
Aug 3: ~30 min. swimming, just paddling around
Aug 4: 20 min. 30-Day Shred w/ 5-lb weights
Aug 5: (DISASTER in terms of diet & exercise)
Aug 6: 20 min. 30-Day Shred w/ 5-lb weights
Aug 7: (another disaster but didn't eat as much)
Aug 8: (in transit - too bad sitting in a car doesn't count for anything)
Aug 9: Ug - lazed around with a respiratory infection, so a big fat nuttin'
Aug 10: Back on track 1-hour walk & 1-hour body pump class

210/930 min. cardio
60/265 min. strength
Um 0/31 15-min. stretches

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Heyyyyyyyy girls............miss ya! Just looked at all the recent schedules...dynamite on the workouts!

I'm not too energetic Hangover and not much sleep,,, oh boy! Would be great if I could get my tail in the pool but as all I have managed to do thus far is sofa surf!!!!!!! bad FSA! lol. The shower was wonderful girls and foodwise I did quite well. I am very happy to be on water again today!!!!!!!!!! I might end up taking a rest day...we'll see how it goes but if I do I'm going to crank the rest of the week. Have an awesome day chicks...Im going to move my tail a bit. I'll catch you in our sister thread either tonight or tomorrow for sure. Hugsssssss, keep up the great work. Im going to try to get something done.

8/1-105 min. (25 min. swim- laps, 80 min. walk (60 min.+20 min.)
8/2-60 min. (walk- beach, soft sand whole way)
8/3-60 min. (30 min. swim, 30 min. walk)
8/4-65 min. (45 min. swim laps ( 25+20) + 20 min. walk)
8/5-30 min. (swim-laps), cleaning all day
8/6-35 min. (walk)
8/7-90 min. (30 min. swim-laps, 60 min. walk-beach)
Total min: 443/1200 posting min. goal met for the week.

8/8-30 min. walk
8/9- rest day......pending.
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cape bretton........... never too late, welcome aboard . I will go edit our list right now! : )
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FullSteamAhead: 1,200 minutes. Post my minutes a minimum of 5x/wk.
crazymamaof4: strength training 3x/wk, C25K 3x/wk, + add an additional form of exercise on my strength training days.
Delphi: 2,500 minutes of exercise..get in 2 workouts a day 6 days a week.
NewShinyMe: Complete 850 min. minimum, complete new EA active 30 day challenge, and workout 6 days a week.
mygritsconfessions: cardio every other day for 45 min, + 35 min. on opposite days.
p7eggyc: Increasing goal by 10% to 880 minutes.
TERAPET: 1600 minutes of exercise
mamatoni: exercise at least 5 days a week
EmmaD: Plan out and stick to a specific schedule each week, 3.5 hrs.cardio/wk, 1hr. strength training a week, + 15 min. stretching a day.
Pucedaisy: yoga 2x/wk + a good walk everyday.
Beck: 1200 minutes of exercise, continue C25K, + start 30 day shred.
JessicaLovely: 1200 min. of exercise, try one new class at the gym each week, + play tennis 2x/wk.
dcapulet: 1200 minutes of exercise.
merose: ride bike 45 min. 2x/wk, get off the tube a stop early + walk home from there everyday (about 30 min.).
Darby1: To continue walking 3x/wk + riding my bike while my husband trains for marathon, start riding my bike to my volunteer job (16 mi.r.t), strength train 3x/wk, + HIIT 2x/wk.
Princess2323: 1 hour of exercise a day.
RandZsMom: walk w/my dog + children 5x/wk + start getting active again.
BigKnitter: Do yoga every day and 60 minutes of cardio 3x/wk.
Coffeechick: Mornings: Firm Wave 5 days/wk, alternating strength training and cardio every other day. Evenings: walk 60 min. 3 days/wk. Drink 64 oz. water, + keep calories between 1200-1350.
roetta: exercise 5x/wk for 30-45 minutes + basic strenght training every other day.
Cleophas: 1 hr. of running program every Mon., Thurs., and Sat. 30 min.-1 hour of either aerobics, biking, or walking (every other day).
Tummygirl: Non vacation days (16): workout 14 out of 16 days, at least 2x per day with strength training 3x/wk. Vacation days (15): Run 5 days, strength train 4 days.
Shrinking Girl: 18 curves workouts, begin the C25K, aiming for 2 days/wk.
SunnyGee: 1500 minutes of exercise.
Jacque9999: start hiking or some outside activity 1x/wk, + workout while on vaca.
Joazel: cardio 850 min. + stretching 4x/wk.
MsPerception: complete C25K-afterward log 6 miles running/wk, bike 12 mi./wk, strength train 2x/wk, + log 1300+ exercise minutes for August.
Late to the game: S.T 3/x wk, + cardio 3x/wk.
Khunter: 600 minutes of exercise.
mystical: 30 min. cardioeveryday, + weight training 3x/wk.
BKKchick: 1200 minutes.
BlueFruitMomma: 1500 minutes of exercise.
EmmaD: 930 min. cardio + 265 min. of strength training.
Sasha17a: workout 4x/wk
paisleyprincess: 1300 minutes of exercise
Phenomenal Woman: 1600 minutes of exercise.
wifey: 1395 minutes of exercise.
sotypical: 1200 minutes
Jessicado22: 1000 minutes of exercise.
cape breton chick: start C25K program 3x/wk.

Hi ladies.........nice to see you all. to our team for those of you who are joinin in and welcome back to us all : ).. THis is our master list so far.
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S/C/G: 169.5/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


I did 50 minutes of Wii today. Yoga, Strenth, and some Cardio/Balance. I haven't done this in a while but decided to pull it out today and WOW!. I already have muscles tightening up. I may have to do some walking on my treadmill in a bit to just loosen up or maybe just take a bubble bath in my jaccuzi....LOL. The walking would probably be better!
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Location: USA
Posts: 123

S/C/G: 247.1/233.2/145

Height: 5'5"


8/1~ 55 min~ Plyometrics
8/2~ Rest Day
8/3~ Rest Day
8/4~ 55 min~ Arms & Shoulders
8/5~ 30 min~ Walk
8/6~ 70 min~ Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
8/7~ 40 min~ Rollerskating
8/8~ 50 min~ Chest & Back
8/9~ Rest Day

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Back at it...again!
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Posts: 2,134

S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


My Minutes:
8/1: 32 min Wii Fit, 70 min walk, 18 min bike (4 miles)
8/2: 33 min walk/run (C25K W6 D2), 60 min walk
8/3: 30 min ST'ing, 10 min walk (warm-up), 10 min elliptical
8/4: 33 min walk/run (C25K W6 D3)
8/5: 20 min bike (4.5 miles), 60 min walk
8/6: 35 min [(25 run/10 walk) C25K W7 D1], 40 min ST'ing, 30 min golf (driving range, etc.)
8/7: Planned day off
Total Week #1: 464 minutes

8/8: 20 min walk, lots of packing/moving boxes
8/9: 35 min (C25K W7 D2)

My minutes look sad so far this week, but I'm sure I'll make up for it the rest of the week. We were at our house we're selling to pack and it rained all weekend, so I wasn't equipt to workout inside. Oh well...
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Wannabe Loser
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Location: Utah
Posts: 353

S/C/G: 184/138/120

Height: Almost 5'2"


Aug. 1 - 120 minutes biking, 20 minutes yoga
Aug 2 - 20 minutes yoga, 60 minutes running, 30 minutes walking
Aug 3 - 60 minutes yoga
Aug 4 - 40 minutes yoga, 60 minutes walking
Aug 5 - 20 minutes yoga
Aug 6 - 20 minutes yoga
Aug 7 - 20 minutes yoga, 60 minutes running, 15 minutes walking
Aug 8 - 40 minutes yoga
Aug 9 - 25 minutes walking, 72 minutes running, at least an hour of hiking, and will do at least 20 minutes of yoga here in a little bit. Whew!!
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Posts: 1,283

S/C/G: 223/GOAL/140

Height: 5'6"


August 1 - HIIT Week 5 Day 2, 28 minutes; Circuit Training CORE 60 minutes
August 2 - Rest, Yoga 50 minutes
August 3 - Running 38 minutes, Circuit Training 60 minutes; Lawn Mowing 50 minutes; Elliptical 30 minutes
August 4 - HIIT Week 5 Day 2, 22 minutes
August 5 - Running 38 minutes; Circuit Training 60 minutes; Cardio X 45 minutes
August 6 - HIIT Week 6 Day 1, 22 minutes; Kenpo X 60 minutes
August 7 - Running 41 minutes; Circuit Training 45 minutes; Plyometrics X 60 minutes
Weekly Total: 709 minutes Goal Met, 16/12 workouts completed

August 8 - HIIT Week 6 Day 2, 22 minutes; Core Synergistics (P90X) 60 minutes
August 9 - Rest, Stretch 60 minutes
August 10 -
August 11 -
August 12 -

Goal: Non-vacation days, workout twice a day, with two days off
Vacation days, run 5 days, strength training 4 days
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Baby Stepping Along
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Well, I'm doing fine on minutes but am not happy with my consistency. I got a whole bunch of minutes again today hiking but only walked one other day this week. Going to get my walks in day to day this week and look at a nice long bike ride next weekend. I don't have time to go for a long hike so I'll shoot for an hour or more on the bike.

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Height: 6'1


8/2: 45 min cardio
8/3: rest
8/4: 45 min cardio
8/5: 45 min cardio
8/6: 45 min cardio
8/7: 45 min cardio
8/8: 1 hour weights
8/9: rest
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