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Kitten steps to fitness
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S/C/G: 208.5/?/148

Height: 5' 6"


June 1 - 2 walks, 40 minutes exercise - GOAL MET
June 2 - 2 walks, 30 minutes exercise - GOAL MET
June 3 - 2 walks, 40 minutes exercise - GOAL MET

I am going to modify my goal so that I only do the work-out 6 days a week. I think I'll need a day of rest. But I'll still walk twice on my rest day.
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On a Mission
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S/C/G: 286/275.8/185

Height: 5'6


Day 3! I got off work a little early to try out an Akido class at the dojo next to the gym I don't really like. A friend of mine is taking some stick fighting class there, and we talked to her after DH and I gym'd yesterday. Her friend teaches the Akido class and said I should come today if I could. Magically, I was able to. I had a *lot* of fun! They also have fitness kickboxing classes several times a week, so I'm thinking about checking one of those out to see if I want to sign up to kick my own ***.

After akido, as much as I was tempted to just go home, I made myself go back to the gym and his the treadmill! I got my full mile in, too!! YAYAYAYAY
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Hey everyone,

Y'all have been so nice and so encouraging!

. . . So I felt it only right that I let y'all know that I've decided to drop out of this challenge, and also the weight loss challenge. I'm still doing well with both my weight loss and my exercise and there's no big issue going on; it's more along the lines learning what works best for me and what doesn't work very well for me.

Thank you all, and I wish all of you well.
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waisting away
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S/C/G: Too Much/Getting There/Healthy

Height: 5' 8"


Well, I managed to force myself to go to the gym tonight even though it was the dreaded busy time. I went a little later so it wasn't quite as crowded, but still very busy. I managed to do my bike workout and I found an open elliptical after that. This challenge is keeping me accountable. I love it!

June 3~ 8 miles stationary bike, 2 miles elliptical
Total so far: 28 miles
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"

Default June Exercise Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

Exercise goals are in this list. Weight loss goals are in the sister thread--June Weight Loss Challenge: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=172689. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

Jacqui_D: Strength train 3 days per week; exercise for 30 additional minutes on strength training days; exercise for 60 minutes on 3 other days per week
Delphi: Complete 2000 minutes--exercise for 1400 minutes; strength train for at least 600 minutes
Wifey: Walk the dog for 30 min each day for a total of 900 minutes; work out at the gym for 60 min twice per week for a total of 480 minutes; powerwalk for 45 min once per week for a total of 180 minutes; start using Wii Fit
FullSteamAhead: Complete 1400 minutes
Ja23: Jog for 30 min 5 times per week; do floor exercises 5 times per week
Glutio: Walk 5 miles per week for a total of 20 miles; strength train at the gym for 30-45 min 5 days per week
Gatorgirl6: Attend physical therapy and exercise as able; complete 120 miles
Lumifan4ever: Exercise for at least 45 total hours, including classes, the treadmill, the elliptical, and strength training
Jacque9999: Get up to 60 minutes cardio on pilates days; start hiking or some other outside activity; work out at the gym or do outside activity on Sundays; complete a total of 1900 minutes of exercise; take 10,000 steps each day
Squeeze: Do 45 min of cardio 5 times per week; do toning for 20 min 5 times per week
Crazymamaof4: Strength train 3 times per week; do cardio at least 3 times per week, including high intensity interval training; use exercise ball
NewShinyMe: Complete the 30-day EA Active Challenge; add an extra workout on all but one of the remaining days each week; work out for at least 850 minutes
JasonsLea: Make and keep a gym routine
Fattopia: Average 60 min a day of serious movement
Tummy_Girl: Complete 1600 min of cardio; complete 500 min of strength training
Icandoallthings: Before leaving for Alaska trip on June 18, complete at least 40 miles of walking or running; keep up with push-ups, sit-ups, weightlifting, etc.; while on trip, exercise on every day not traveling
Lookingtobehealthy: Walk 2 kms a day at work; complete 10 min of cycling a day, 5 days a week
HisSweetGypsyRose: Walk 35 miles
Dollypie: Do cardio 30 min 5x a week; strength train 2x a week
Pas_de_Chaton: Walk twice a day; do 30 min of exercise 6 days per week
Blondie32: Jog 30 min nonstop 5 times a week; do 300 crunches 5 times a week; do light back arm workout 2 times a week
Lewisempire: Complete 64 miles; strength training 2 times a week
Ms_Perception: Exercise 45 min a day 6 days a week
Leigh: Complete 1000 minutes of Turbo Jam @ 40 min per day
StartinMonday: Do C25K workout 3 times a week
Babes315: Do cardio 5 days a week for 60+ min per day; burn at least 2700 calories 3 days per week and at least 2500 the remaining days
RubyJan: Do pilates 180 min per week; swim 60 min per week; do cardio on rower and bike 120 min per week
Wistfulgirl: Do 45 min cardio 5x per week; strength train 3x per week
Sotypical: Complete approximately 1765 minutes
Canadianangel: Stay with the Elance Bodywise Weight lose program; start exercising 30 min a day
Velveteen: Exercise 23/30 days
Terapet: Do 30 miles on the treadmill
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Glutio and Gator, GREAT job getting to the gym even when it would have been easier not to go!! And I agree, Gator, this thread does hold you accountable, which is just what I need, lol!!

SharMar, I dropped you a line on the other thread! Take care, now!

Pas, good idea! If you find you want to change the walking to 6 days a week too, just let me know and I'll change it on the list! I wish I had been as smart as you, last month! If I had, I would have made goal on my walking! I knew I wanted a day off, but I was too nervous about taking it off just yet. As it turned out, I missed one day of walking the entire month and ended up not making that goal because of it. So if you want a day off completely, even though you may end up walking every single day anyway, like I said, just let me know!

Ladies, you're doing great! Keep it up!!
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S/C/G: 270/206/150

Height: 5-4


Day 3-still going strong!
Day 4, still walking and cycling...
thanks for the challenge

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S/C/G: 196/160/125

Height: 5'5"


Day 3 and i only logged in about an hour today. I did do alot of walking doing tons of shopping today. Does that count?? lol.

No worries. Hitting the gym in the morning...going to try to get in a game of tennis with the honey and then hoping to hit another class in the evening. We'll see.
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Mz. Matherne
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S/C/G: 285/275/150


Okay So my goal is..

2 hours on my exercise bike everyday.
30 min strength training 3x a week
30 min of some other kind of exercise everyday.
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There is no spoon!
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S/C/G: 265/ticker/160

Height: 5/9


Daily Progress

Week 1

June 1 ~ 60 minutes on treadmill [45 minutes strength training]
June 2 ~ 60 minutes w/My Fitness Coach [cardio] [20 minutes Wii Fit]
June 3 ~ 60 minutes on treadmill [45 minutes strength training w/My Fitness Coach]
June 4 ~ 60 minutes w/My fitness Coach [cardio] [120 minutes of Moving furniture, laying carpet and sorting clothes]

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S/C/G: 259/ticker/140

Height: 5'5"


June 1st ~ Upper Body ST'ing
June 2nd ~ HIIT
June 3rd ~ Lower Body ST'ing, 8 Min Abs
June 4th ~ HIIT
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Goodbye Fat!
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June 1: Treadmill 30 minutes, arms, and abs
June 2: Elliptical 30 minutes, abs
June 3: Treadmill 30 minutes, legs, evening walk w/ DD
June 4: Elliptical 30 minutes, arms, and abs
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S/C/G: 223/GOAL/140

Height: 5'6"


Ok so the damage so far:

June 1: 42 minutes Cardio; 45 minutes Strength Training
June 2: 34 minutes Cardio
June 3: 35 minutes Cardio; 60 minutes Strength Training
June 4: 96 minutes Cardio

Weekly Totals:
Cardio: 207/375 minutes
Strength: 105/125 minutes

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Back at it...again!
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S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


I'm trying to be good and do my exercise right after my hubby leaves for work in the a.m. So far it has been working for the past week or so. It's only tricky on the weekends. Anyway, I was down over a pound this morning, so I feel super about my WW weigh-in tonight. After weigh-in, I am going to splurge a bit and share a DQ Blizzard with my DH since I've been craving it for a few days. YUM! All in moderation, of course!

6/3: 68 minutes (5 miles WAH), 30 min WiiFit (incl. 10 Min SuperHula!!)
6/4: 38 minutes (3 miles WAH)
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ISO my perfect body
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Height: 5'7.5"


6/1- 3 mile walk
6/2- 1 mile walk
6/3- 0.5 mile Nordic track, Weights

good morning girls, I have been trying to keep up with everyone's news, but have been reluctant to post because i was under the influence! Nyquil does crazy things to me, but at least it works! I did manage to force myself into a gentle workout yesterday, otherwise, I slept all day. I am feeling a little better today energywise, NOW if I could just breathe through my nose!! Hahaha!

Crazymama of 4- I have also tried the HIIT routine with my nordic track. It kicks my butt!!! but I burn a lot of calories according to my HR monitor. Good luck with it!

Jaqui D- thankyou for the complement, I have always thought I was really a princess swept away at birth to my humble life I am forced to live now! HAha!

To the rest of you girls, You are rockin! Keep up the good work!
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