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the camera adds 10 lbs
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1st goal...225 lbs that means getting on task and stepping it up a notch... 2nd goal..figure out what a kipping pullup is....and by the way...i need to get off of this 4th of july binge!!!! WHY WHY WHY????
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We have faith in you, David. Hang in there
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Almost there! 7lbs to go!
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Originally Posted by Chele615 View Post
Jam - it's a link that my friend has been doing that she posted the other day and it's just a quick 10 minute strength circuit thing. It looks like it's easy enough to throw in during the day. I feel like I definitely don't get enough strength work in throughout the's more cardio-focused, so I figured this would be a good way to throw some strength training in and hopefully build on that.
Thanks for sharing this link! I'm going to start doing this in the morning to kick start my day!
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David, I don't know about you, but my "why" is because I ate sugary stuff and white bread yesterday. I've been "starving" all day and having carb cravings like mad. It's getting a little better now that it's evening time, but all day I was prowling, open the fridge, close the fridge, stare at the potato chips, walk away, just walk away, lol. The day after always sucks for me. The only cure I know of is to stop, steer clear, stay busy, anything, till your body stops screaming for the crap food.

Chele, that's a good routine! Let us know how you like it.


So, as I told David, today has been just one long white carb/sugar craving for me. There should be a padded room in my house for days like this, and the boy could just slip the on-plan food through the slot, till I stop going mental. It's almost over, though. I've had my dinner, now having my sugar fix with my cup of tea, then I'm going to bed early. Didn't get quite enough sleep last night, and my everything hurts from Friday's workout, plus probably the skate marathon yesterday. I've been doing lots of laundry, catching up on housework, putzing on the computer, just anything to stay busy and not think about the food I cannot eat today. I'll be sane tomorrow, I promise!

ETA, sorry David, I forgot: a kipping pull-up is like a pull-up, except you use a gymnastic "kip" or "kipping swing" to get momentum that helps you get up and over the bar. Instead of just being a back/arm exercise, it's more of a full body exercise, and makes it possible to do more than a few pull-ups. I go to a Crossfit gym, and we do a LOT of kipping pull-ups, which is why I'm trying to get the movement down. I've got the swing now, which took a few months, now I just need to get the pull...even with the help of the kip, you still have to pull pretty hard, and my grip and shoulders tend to give out first. I'm working on it, though!

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My July 4th feast was just tonight (the 5th) and it was so yummy, bbq with friends and fireworks. I've been dieting for 4 weeks, and this was such a pleasant dinner. Plus I'm still in my calorie range (just the high range) so I did okay. I drank loads of water and will hope for the best come morning.

I also had a day of absolute rest so I didn't burn a lot of calories, but I still show that I burned more than I consumed...mega cool.

Tomorrow I'll start the day with a walk and get a steady stream of movement going all day and hopefully kick out the desire to continue tonight's feast.
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Holidays do not effect me anymore as far as foods THANK GOD!
My hubby says I have great will power. AGAIN~THANK GOD.
I am sugar free queeen and low calorie everything.
Even getting hotdogs that are just 40 calories a piece.
That way when we have cookouts I am just eating low calorie food.
I have changed all food in my household, which has made my kids mad at first But now there reaping the benefits which is great.
If I bring it into the house I am tempted til its gone Plus I am letting my family eat unhealthy. ~if I pass it by in the store I am only tempted for a moment then I move on.
Sometimes it all sucks but I like my results better than I do the High calorie stuff....Hope this is helpful to someone....I am blabbing like crazy LOL!

Anyways~Good Luck everyone.

David~just throw away all left over junk food.

AlrightWay to go staying in your calorie range

And anyone else who has "it"(high calorie junk foods) from the holiday~It may suck to be done with it But It isn't worth it~throw it out.


I am typing late Since I can not sleep so ignore my typing errors and blabbing LOL!

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Talking Crazy Exercise Lady and Down A Pound Already

I know I'm up early (it's 4:30 a.m. EST. Go insomnia!!! ) and I really shouldn't be weighing myself this early... but I did. Umm... twice. On two different scales, to be precise. My ancient scale and my Wii Fit scale. I usually go with the ancient scale's weight, so I'll go with that one again! I've been going with it all along, so why not.

Anyway, I've already lost 1 pound! Woohoo! . I think my goal for this challenge was to get to 125 lbs? I think I joined too many challenges on too many different sites just recently, and set a couple of different weight goals...? Well, I've got 11.5 lbs. to go!

Yesterday, I did about 140 minutes of exercise! That's over 2 hrs! About 45 mins-1 hr of it was swimming so that accounted for a lot of it! I usually tally it up on this other site. I only counted 45 minutes of actual swimming (some of it was just walking around the pool and stuff) and it still totaled 145 minutes. I only burned 740 calories though... seems low to me? Does that seem low to you? Most of it was through the 45 mins swimming and 25 mins kickboxing

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Woman On A Mission
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I've joined another challenge of goals for Labor Day so I will post them here too:
  • Get to 125# by my b'day Aug 9 and maintain within 5 #s till Labor Day
  • Do 4500 minutes of exercise (approximately 500 min a week; already doing that pretty much)
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Mrs. Lovett - way to go!! I love swimming, I go in the ocean.

I'm down .2 from Friday.

I did an hour of yoga yesterday which felt so good.
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Congrats seagirl!!
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I'm in!

My goals are:

1) Lose 15 pounds

2) Do my Jillian Michael's workout twice a week
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Annette, great job handling the holiday food!

Jacquee and R2R, to the challenge! Good luck with your goals!

Everybody else just gets one of these:

Crossfit workout is done, OP with the food so far, and the carb cravings are gone, thankfully! I'm off to work in a little bit, more weedwacking and some tree trimming today. Been stuck at 171.2 for the past 3 mornings...weird! If I'm not totally dead tonight, I might put in a long, easy run. Need to do SOMEthing to try and kick the weight loss into gear again, as it's been so slow the last month. It will either help, or it will just kill me. I'll try it and see.
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Since this is a week past the back to school challenge, I'll do this:
Weigh in at 198lbs
Consistency in my workouts
Below 1500 calories per day!!!
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Include me in! My goals are:

(1) Get back to my goal weight and maintain it!
(2) Do weight workouts 3 times a week (I love cardio, weight training is a
real challenge for me)
(3) Train for a 10K race for the fall (did a 5K in the spring)
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I'm in. I'd like to lose 8 lbs putting me at 155.
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