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Barb_ I really hadnt planned a reward for 100lb mark. I have planned one for getting under 200lbs. A new bra from VS. I Do think i need one for the 100lb mark ...I will have to think on that one!! I truly think a new summer wardrobe would be
I am dragging out my old minitrampoline today and getting started on it again. I dont think the dvd are enough to get my weight moving again.

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Default My Easter Goal

I was 143.4 this morning...I'd like to try to get into the 130's by Easter. My goal is 135, so I'm so close!
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Has anyone used a pedometer watch?I was just wondering if they are worth spending the money on.
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Hey cphotographer - I wear a regular $5.00 pedometer, which suits me fine as walking isn't my main squeeze for cardio. I like to wear it occasionally to check on my daily activity levels, see how busy I am. I'll bet a watch would be really cool - my cheapy ones are forever falling off and needing to be replaced.

I do wear a heart rate monitor watch thingy for workouts - it would be lovely if the HRM had that feature, I'm sure some do.
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Most of the ones that I have seen do.I would like to have one with the heart rate on it.If nothing else it will keep me moving and my butt off the couch
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I got all my walking in today (been walking 45 minutes 2 times a day )ate at Long John Silvers and Kept within my daily calories(First time I have ate fast food In months!)
I did research on daily plate last night and decided MCDONALDS Was outta reach for me LOL~But Was having a major craving for L/J/S FOR WEEKS!So I was THRILLED! I have 2 anniversary's coming up and both are super important. On the 25th of Feb I will be married for 16 years~PRETTY EXCITING~And On the 19th oF Feb Will be 1 year of no smoking!!!!!
So Feb Is a good month for me Or seems to be.
Anyways, I am hoping to stay married to the hubby for always~I REALLY REALLY LOVE HIM~And I Vow to never ever ever SMOKE AGAIN!
Oh yeah I am down to 224.0 exactly So I had a little bit of loss already for this challenge.YIPPIE IT ALL ADDS UP.That 209 WILL BE MINE By the end of this challenge!!!(I hope LOL)
Will post again soon everyone take care & have a great evening.
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Wow congrats to everyone on here!
So I weighed myself this morning and I was at 172.4! Pretty happy. I will be in the 160s soon enough!! =]

I was going to go to the gym this morning, but I had a really terrible sleep. I was going to say screw it and go anyways, but I was waking up every 40 minutes for at least 15-20.. so I would have been a zombie at work today and I didn't want to be that person! But I did manage to walk about 40 minutes on my lunch break, so at least I got something in. I had a good eating day!

I had one 44 cal chocolate snack, but I am still well within my calorie range, so it is all good!! =]

I am going to go to bed early tonight and get a good rest so I will be up at 530 and ready to go to the gym!!!

Ohh and I am also going to make some lentil stew! =]
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Don't turn back.
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Eating on plan today, hurrah.
Haven't excersized yet but might walk later.
Munched on apples and carrot sticks all day even though I was nervous about a couple of due dates at school today.
Looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow morning.
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Going to try to keep up with my first cc challenge
I'd like to lose 10 lbs by easter and be walking 4 miles at a time at least 4 days per week and keep up with and add to my current yoga that I'm doing.
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Jamma -

Bonbons, huh? Actually, I've been chowing a bunch of Cuties - which are just as cute as a bonbon and yummier.

Shoulders today. I got really self-conscious in the gym as a fitness instructor was also lifting weights and eying me up. I was certain I was doing something wrong. He came over and told me my form is great, the routine is strong and asked if I'd mind if he stole it. That made me so happy! I always presume I'm going about something wrong when people watch.

Then, when I got home, after bathing myself in honey and milk (imported of course) I immediately laid down in my down covered bed with my down pillows encased in raw Japanese silk and ate bonbons while watching soap operas. Next, I called to schedule you a pedicure - but they couldn't understand me. My mouth was full of chocolate! Oops! Sorry!

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I am 257 now. In 8 weeks, I am shooting for below 250.
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Hey ladies. Workout is done. Lifting back and arms today. Not sure why the weird just seemed like the only parts I hadn't tortured in the last few days. My legs are still fried from my long run, and I just did shoulders and abs yesterday.

FB, I will think of a witty comeback tomorrow. I need to sleep on it first. (on my heated waterbed, punk!) I'll give a real reply to all you ladies tomorrow. I just wanted to report that my workout is done. Oh! AND, I got 179.0 on the scale this morning, so a new low weight for me!
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Have moved past Valentines Day-and all the chocolate that went with it! Got on the scales this morning and still 159.9pounds-didnt gain anything. Woo hoo for that as I know I bon bons but definitely some champagne and chocolates in the bath!

I have always had trouble getting past this number and hit a lull earlier this week but seem to be getting back on track, I'm trying to stay really positive and trust in the plan and exercise without blowing it all off. Going to a weight class tonight. I am hoping to be able to lift more then the bare bar for warm up soon! ha ha

Keep it all up gals!
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I did my first Workout this challenge yesterday. 600 calories burned off whild spinning on my bike in front of the tv.

CC Easter Challenge
Workouts: Goal 30
1: Spinning 600 cal

Weight: Goal 185
02.17: 193
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Good Morning
I have added another goal to my easter challenge.I have a pair of jeans that I can get on but are uncomfortable to wear I want to be able to wear them without it hurting my stomach.I am starting to feel some muscle tone in my arms and stomach.

Everyone have a wonderful day
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