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I have been slacking on exercise.I plan to really get busy with exercise after my dd wedding in less than 2 weeks. I just realised Im only 14lbs from the 100lb mark. I set my goal for 10lbs but would love to be at the 100lb mark by easter.
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I would love to be below 160 =]

That is roughly 13lbs.. 6.5 every 4 weeks.. I hope it is attainable! =]
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I want to get off 8kg, 1kg per week! That mounts up to 17.6Lbs and takes me to my first minigoal!
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Welcome to all our new challengers!

DG, that is so exciting! I hope you get the 100 lb mark this challenge!

I held onto my 179.8 today, exactly. Weird! Still haven't had time to sort out an Easter goal, but hopefully inspiration will strike today.

Today I'm going to run the male dog, at least, plant some blueberry bushes and a peach tree I bought, I've got dogs coming in today, need to vacuum the carpets again, and fit a workout in at some point. Exciting stuff!
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wishin' for sun!
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I'd like to join the challenge, too! You are all doing so well and very inspiring!

I'm at 202.6 this morning and would like to be below 190 by Easter. I also want to exercise more, hopefully getting out to walk as the weather warms up and there's less ice on the road. I'm in size 24P jeans right now (and they're getting a little big), so I'm hoping at 190 I can fit into 20P (or maybe even 18, if more belly fat goes)!

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new CC challenge friends and welcome back to those of you that have been mia.

Today was intended to be such a productive day for me. Well...not so much. I'm off work and the boys were in daycare...I had plans to get my car to the shop (needed some paint buffed where a teenager hit me last weekend & where I hit the garage door...opps) then I was going to organize my desk and catch up on some paperwork and shop for the little one's Bday on Thurs. All went well until DH and I decided to go to the store...we detoured to the local casino and ended up playing slots and electronic blackjack and then grabbing lunch before finally shopping and just now getting home. Well, it was fun and we needed some time together. He's got the kiddos now and I'm headed to the gym shortly. Guess I'll be up too late tonight working on other stuff. Tomorrow is rumored to be a big layoff day at my job. I don't think I have anything to worry about, but I want to back up my personal files and be prepared just in case.

DG - YOU & ME! We are going to hit our 100 pound mark this challenge!!!! Are you going to reward yourself with anything when you hit it? I plan on a piece of jewelry that will serve as a constant reminder...probably a ring so that if it ever gets too tight I know I'm slacking up.

FB - Ohhhh...poor pup. I'm so glad he was ok. What a scary experience for all of you. Of course you made me LOL with the pirate patch! I hope you are feeling better and no longer puking after getting in your exercise!

Jam - Good for you getting your run in after company left!!! Gotta stay on those 4s! No room for error.

I'm off to my date with my trainer shortly...this will be my first day working my shoulders since last week's quirky injury. Wish me luck.

Later Friends....
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Since I failed at my Vday goal I definitely want to get in on this

I want to lose 15 pounds by Easter. I was gonna say 20 but I thought that might be unrealistic.

I also want to stay OP for 90% of the time. I think saying 100% is unrealistic too since Mardi Gras is coming up. I know damn good and well that I will most likely not stay OP during that!!!

I think that's pretty realistic of me
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start date dec 2008
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S/C/G: goal 10 at a time!

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yay nicki! onederland is awesome!
a new challenge and horray!

i dunno yet, lemme think this thru...

ok,, im gong look like a barbie doll in 8 weeks- i want to start out slowly...
now really!
my goal is to stay on plan.
Perfect on PLan (POP) like nikki, 90% of the time!

ronnie this is a good place to start! very inspiring!

JAminator- your my hero- weighing yourself 22 times? ?? lolololololololololololol, are we a little OCD?
welcome all the newbies!
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Hey everyone!!!

to everyone, returning challengers and newbies!!

Today was good for me. I had to push my Mom to go to the Y with my today. It wouldn't have been such a big deal but my Dad was my sitter today. So after we got over that once we got there she didnt want to leave. We did some UB lifting and some walking on the treadmil.

I am going to find myself some new sneakers tomorrow. OMG my poor feet.

Good night!!
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Popping in to say hi! It appears the boy actually went to sleep tonight the first try (knocking on wood). I actually get a few minutes to myself. I'm enjoying a cup of SF hot cocoa while I backup files on my computer. DH is sick and acting like a big whiney baby. Men! Ugh! I don't feel great either, but of course I do my best to put on a happy face and still do everything that needs to be done. My hubby is so frustrating sometimes!

I had a great workout with my trainer tonight. I've been really blah about my cardio workouts lately. I need to mix things up a little and perhaps put some new music on my ipod.

Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful night! I am hoping/praying to see the scale move back in the right direction tomorrow. It's telling me I'm up 2.2 pounds since Friday. BS!

BBB - Good to see you! I wondered where you had been hiding!

Later gang...

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Hey guys, I'm up for a challenge.
In the next eight weeks i want to stay ON PLAN, reach 185 on the scale, and run a mile.
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Hey ladies.

Workout is done. Today was crossfit style, a general warmup, overhead squats (which for some reason I could NOT do today to save my life, so I switched to back squats and front squats), then shoulders and abs torture: fun with presses, front raises, a little work for my weak rhomboids, shrugs, handstand push-up practice, some handstand support practice, sit-ups, knees to elbows, planks with 2 hands, planks with one hand (whoa!), planks on a basketball (ouch! but in a "good" way), push-ups with one hand on the ball (alternating)'s it. Fun workout!

Ronni and Munchie, welcome and good luck with your goals!

Barb, getting the 4s every day is KILLIN' ME! (the exercise part) You and the FB set the bar high! It's good for me, though, and I ain't quitting! I hope the boy is done with the sleeping problems soon!

Nicki, glad you're in for this round!

BBB, I don't know what OCD is, but after I look that up, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to ! Glad to see you here. We've been missing our truck driving reports!

Angel, good luck with the shoe shopping. I haven't had a chance to go looking for new running shoes yet, myself. It's so cool you're lifting now. Buffness!

FB must be lying in her sickbed, eating bonbons! (that'll make her come out of hiding...)

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I would like to join this challenge, my goal is to fit into the new nursing scrubs!
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I had a good day today.I eat good and I finally got my outside walk in.Me and my boyfriend walked about a mile and a half,it was only like 44 degrees but as long as we kept moving we were ok.I think that I might do it again today.
Everyone have a wonderful day
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Can I join in on this challenge?

I have two goals:

1: Loose 7lb. That will take me down to 185 and best of all: under 190!

2: Work out at least 30 times, burning at least 500 calories each time. I do already work out 5 times a week, one of them cross country skiing (witch burns a whole lot of calories since my children are skiing extremly fast and I try to keep up with them ). The rest of my workouts are spinning in front of the tv in the evening.

GOOD luck everybody!


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