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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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I was at my highest weight at 12 years old, and I wore a 38C. Now, 50 pounds lighter, I wear a 32B...there's pretty much nothing there, but I don't mind at all
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Just Me
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I'm not sure how big I was before I gained weight because well I was like 6 at the time Actually the big weight gain didn't come until puberty which is when girls get their boobage. I'm just amazed at how I lost over 100 lbs and gained a cup size. I really didn't think that was possible. Who knows what the next 50-60 lbs has in store for me.
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I went from a 42DD to a 34D. I had thought I was a 36C, but the bra fitter at Nordstrom's fitted me and it made a HUGE difference, my bras actually fit perfectly now.

In bra/clothing, my boobs look great, but they are really saggy and there is a lot of loose skin while naked (like oranges in a sock!). Poor boobs, 37 years + 73 lb weight loss = a lot of sag. I would love a lift, but I would be afraid of any loss of sensation.
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When I was younger{in high school} I wore a 36C to a D. After my kids I was wearing a 40D and now that I've lost weight I'm wearing a 36C again, but one of my girls is a little bigger. Boy I hate that!! Anyway I would love to be in a 34B or loose C by the time I'm finished. My husband has other ideas!
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I went from a 36 B to a 34 A.
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I have lost roughly 90 lbs. and went from a 42DD to a 36C. I don't mind it at all, I love it. Except at 47 yrs. old, they look great with my newly fitted bra's and pretty saggy without the bra.

I first became a 34C in 4th grade, so I never expected to lose them all.
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Thanks for asking this question! I've been so upset about my boob shrinkage. I've always considered myself an 'hourglass' but at the rate my chest is shrinking compared to the rest of me, I'm going to be a pear soon enough.

I am currently wearing a 36D. They are WAY too big. I'm going to go get fitted this weekend, and I wouldn't be at all shocked to see myself in a B cup.
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I love my boobs!! Um...that came out weirder than it sounded in my head...

So, anyway, they're pretty big (Aus 14E). My bras are looser now though, even bf has noticed! I don't want them to go anywhere, but I think they've got other ideas...

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I've lost a little off the top by losing 20 lbs, but I think my boobs actually look bigger because I've lost more in the tummy and other places. I'm currently a large 36D (my DD bras are very loose).
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The Story Re-Written
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I have talked to quite a few women that have been losing weight various different ways and we all have the same thing in common...the "girls" are the first things to go.

As for me, well, i have lost 41lbs. total and I have noticed that the cups of my 48DD bras are looking less...filled, if you will. My line of thought when I discovered this: "I have all this booty, all these hips and thighs and you, my body decide to take my bewbs first?!?!? WHY?!?!"
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I started out at 42D and am currently in a 38D, but I need to get fitted as they are loose. I will probably end up at 34D or 36D as long as I'm on bc, but once off of that it'll be down to a C cup again (I was a 36C in HS.) Of course, I won't be going off of that until we're ready for babies, so that's not happening anytime soon!

Honestly, I'd be happy if they got a little bit smaller. It'd make finding button up shirts A LOT easier. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will have to buy bigger shirts and have them taken in at the waist.
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I'm 18, I lost 100 pounds a little too quickly, I'm left with a saggy belly and two 'rock in a sock' boobs. I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety so I can't apply to the NHS for help surgery wise.
Loosing the weight shouldn't kill your boobs - if you do it slowly.
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The one thing I liked about being overweight was I HAD boobs. At my heaviest, I was a 36C. It always seems like the first place I lose weight is in my boobs. Now I'm probably a 32A, but am still wearing my old 34B's.

I'm VERY lucky not to have excess skin or a sagging problem.
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Personally, I would love to lose a little off the top. I was just measured and they said I was a 40DD. Which, is not as bad as I feared, but not as small as I hoped. And to think all of these years I've been buying 42D. So I'm hoping that with the 36 lbs I'm trying to lose bit of it will come from the old girls.
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I was a 44G when I started, and I was probably larger than that, but hadn't had a proper fitting in forever - was probably part of that huge percentage of women who are wearing a cup size that's too small. When I got my running bra, I realized what a good fitting bra could actually do for the girls so for a while, I was wearing the running bras all the time (it was winter, so a bit easier to get away with than now).

Now, 101 pounds later, I'm into 36DDs. I'll never be a small girl, but it's nice to be back in sizes that don't require special orders, or have zero pretty features.
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