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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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I went from a 40 DD to a 34 D.

And they do sag and I do have extra skin. You can't notice the extra skin unless I am wearing a sheer bra or certain lower cut bra styles. If I bend over in certain bras, my extra skin will start to come out of the cup.

I do, however, love the fact that I can wear cute tops and smaller shirts without looking like a porn star.

Losing the weight shouldn't kill your boobs - if you do it slowly.
I lost the weight slowly: over a period of over two years. In fact, my boobs were the last to go. So I guess like anything else YMMV.
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I have less blubber!
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I appreciate all of your responses. The loose skin and saggy boobs are what scares me the most because so many are dealing with it. My mom has yo-yo'd for years though, and her skin always bounces back (Most significant time from about 260 to 140 at 38 years old!)..I AM HOPING I HAVE THE SAME GOOD GENES!!
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I've lost band size, but no measurable cup size, in fact I went up a cup. Yeah thanks for that! Like I want to wear a DDD? I started at a 44DD and now wear a 38DDD. I'm really hoping I lose more in the chest, I'd keep the 38, but want to lose a letter, or 2. However, back in my thinner days, as an adult, I was always a minimum of a DD, even at my lowest weight of 127lbs. I fully plan on a reduction and lift in 2-3 years, depending on weight loss time.
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At my highest weight I was a 40B (which is ridiculously hard to find). I've lost about 60 pounds and am a 36B now. Haven't lost any cup size but they've always been very soft, saggy, and asymmetrical. Pretty sad considering I'm 21. I'm definitely considering getting a "fluff" when I've reached my goal.
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Doing it.
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Right now I'm at a 38DD. I was one of those 7th graders that went from a training bra to a 36C overnight.

Even when I was 125 I had those puppies... Having a child at 20 and gaining 75 pounds made them massive. I want to go back to my pre-baby size, or even better: smaller. I'm the maid of honor in January in my bud's wedding and my boobs will not be able to stay nicely tucked in the strapless gown she's picked out.... *sigh*
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I discovered post-weight loss that I have breast hypoplasia. Bascially my breasts didn't develop properly as a teen. For me after losing weight what struck me was how tiny my boobs were, how tubular they were and how far apart they were. I never really thought it was a cause for concern since we're all different.

Actually in daily life it hasn't been a big deal and again never thought it was a cause for concern, until after my baby was born. It meant my milk supply was very low. Luckily I know now for next time there are ways I can maximize my supply and hopefully can exclusively breastfeed.

As for breast size I am usually (in good shape) a 34-36AA, but due to being widely spaced have to go for a regular A....


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Default My poor boobs

As of today, I have lost 75# since December (340 to 265), when I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2. I'm happy about my loss -- my BG is getting under control, I have tons more energy -- but rather distraught at the havoc this is playing with my breasts. I have lost most of the weight from the upper third of my body and my once-abundant breasts are beginning to look like deflated little balloons. Another 75# and they'll be flat as pancakes.

In fact, everything on my body is sagging and dropping, and it bums me out majorly. Coupled with the insulin resistance, which is causing me to retain visceral fat, I look kind of deformed.

I popped into a plastic surgeon this afternoon just to get some info about a breast lift in the future. He told me he wouldn't even consider me as a candidate until I'd reached 160#. In fact, I haven't weighed that little since I was in 8th grade; my "realistic" goal had more like 175#. Frankly, getting under 200# would be a major accomplishment for me.

Anyway, I felt like I had been wasting his time, and now I feel like bawling.
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Originally Posted by bellestarr View Post
I popped into a plastic surgeon this afternoon just to get some info about a breast lift in the future. He told me he wouldn't even consider me as a candidate until I'd reached 160#. In fact, I haven't weighed that little since I was in 8th grade; my "realistic" goal had more like 175#. Frankly, getting under 200# would be a major accomplishment for me.

Anyway, I felt like I had been wasting his time, and now I feel like bawling.
Surgeons as a rule don't like to operate on the obese as there are increased surgical risks and the result isn't as dramatic as it could be and if there is any more weight loss the result might just disappear altogether, requiring more surgery.

If you are planning on having surgery after you lose 100#s, you might just want to focus on one thing at a time. Lose the weight first and then you can worry about what might or might not be in the after effects. Then the surgeon can evaluate you properly.

If you feel that the surgeon was being overly dismissive of you though, you might want to seek out another surgeon that has a demeanour more to your liking. By no means should you come out of that meeting feeling like crying!
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It totally depends on the person. I've always had big knockers - whether I weighed 175 or 105. They're 36D right now, but they were 36C even when I was super skinny.

Mary, have you always had big boobs? If so... I doubt they will shrink just weight weight loss.
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When I was 21 I used to weigh 216. My bra size was 36 DDD or a 36 DD, depending on where I bra shopped. After diet and exercise I had managed to get down to 130lbs and my bra size dropped down only to a 36D. Which was nice, because I find that sometimes any bigger than a D can be difficult to find those cute tops you speak of. I'm currently trying to get back down to that 130 right now. I'm at 151 and my bra size is a 36DD, so I'm assuming I may go down to about the same size. The one thing about smaller boobs though, is that it's easier to find bikini tops! As a DD I can tell you, bikini tops that I like are hard to find. Although you live in the states and i've found american sizes tend to cater moreso to women of all ages. Canadian sizes fit smaller and I guess we don't have as many big boobed women. Good luck though! Theres pluses and negatives to no matter what boob size you have. I do recommend making sure you work on exercising your core if you find that your boobs aren't getting much smaller. When you lose weight and your boobs are still rather large your back sometimes can take a major beating. Keeping your stomach tight and toned can help with these problems.
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Default will def lose from the size you are in right now.....I know when I lose weight that's the first place I lose it! grr!
But everyone's different
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Let's do this!
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40C-->34B (at goal)--->34B/C (3 years from hitting goal and making a comeback!)

I was really bummed when I went in for that first fitting after losing and finding out that I had lost an entire cup size, but I honestly do not mind having a small chest now. I just wish they were a little perkier, ya know?
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Yeah, when I loose my weight, I will probably get a lift. Even as a teen, I noticed my boobs were big and saggy. I would love to wish I'd go down to a B but I know I'll wind up with a C or a D.
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I depends on the person. I went from 254 wearing a 42C to 147 wearing a 36D. There's this list that I read once...and it says...

You know you've had WLS when you go shopping for the "wonder where they went bra" for me I'm still a little busty...but only in a good bra...with no bra...they look quite sad... But that's ok...its nothing a good plastic surgeon can't fix!
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I'm still waiting for some of the weight loss to hit the chest, to no avail. 34F/G before 32 G now.

I keep hoping because while I have promised myself a redux for my 40th birthday, I dont really want to go that route. For cripes sake, I would miss 6 weeks of running!!!
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