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Default "JB" Blue Team Chat # 8

Thanks for the
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Chellez your awesome and great pics too, I bet you feel fantastic now you have done all that work .

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Just dropping in to say HI. My dh wants to go to the local race track tonight for fathers day. I will have to try really hard not to go and get those nacho's and frito pies !!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Im doing great , still losing weight and op .. cant ask for more then that.. I know im the slowest person in the team to lose weight but every bit counts for me.
I have taken my cals down 200 cals a day and that seems to have done the trick.. i was at 1920 and ive reduced it to 1720.. on calorie king.. to see if that makes a difference.. to do that i put it on sedentary lifestyle lol though im very active , and so far im showing good result.. everyday im shopwing a little bit less .. so .. its good . Im not gonna weigh till next week on weigh in day .. now.. i know its working ..
anyway .
Hubby is good . he was very drunk when i picked him up form the airport which means very grumpy.. Its the middle of winter here and freezing cold at night .. he flew in in shorts and a t shirt... . I had the kids in singlets tshirt , pjs, sweater , dressing gown socks and slippers , and he wanted me to put the heater on in the car.. i refused becuase of the kids.. and i hate the heater .. it makes me feel sick.. car heaters are awful.. i gave him my jacket .. which he refused to put on and a blanket out of the boot which he threw on the floor .. and he called me all the names under the sun on the way home.. saying he wanted a divorce .. yada yada yada.. we live 40 minutes from the airport it was raining and night .. and i hate driving in either let alone both.. I pulled over when it was really heavy and couldn't see... he went off his brain... he carried on the whole way home.. and then wanted to be driven to macdonalds... I took him.. and Cameron said we should drive off and leave dad there .. lol .. I didnt though .. john had a sarcastic smurk on his face when he came out.. When we got home i put the kids to bed and went to be myself.. John spent the rest of the night trying to suck up to me and apologise . in and attempt to get some.... lol.. i gnored him and when he sobbered up in the morning he told me he didnt remember a thing.. yeah right trying to get out of it are you.. so i told him.... and he was like.. oh .. i yelled at him and told him to not drink on the plane .. he has had a alcohol problem for a very long time.. drink = azzhole.. with him.. he gets very nasty when he drinks.. and trys to pick fights with poeple just for looking at him.. When he is home he deoent drink at all .. the kids hate it and so do i.. but while he is working away he is drinking everyday.. im glad i dont work with him .. lol he drinks in his room alone playing online games most nights..

I have asked him not to drink oin the plane or to come home half naked to winter nights in adelaide.. lol he has come from the tropics where it is hot everyday.. to here where its freezing..

I got upset with him but i didnt let it screw up my plan.. i usually eat when he is an ***.. but i didnt i just walked away and went to bed. and i was in the kitchen b4 i went to be becuase i had to do the dishes.. lol i call that willpower.. something i dont have very much of.. so im pleased with my self.. and have forgiven my hubby a little bit lol.

We are going to his parents house for lunch today , so he better not drink there or ill be pissed again.

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Trying it again....
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Amy- sorry to hear about your ordeal with DH. Mine kind of has a drinking problem too. He blames his PTSD for it. He says he drinks to get his mind off of it. I think it's all out of habit now. I can't stand it when he drinks. He's not mean and nasty, he's just not himself and I don't like the smell and when in the middle of the night when baby's cry, he's so wasted and passed out that he doesn't hear them and I am the one who has to deal with them all night long. Uh, I can't stand it. Man, don't get me started. Sorry, it's your vent, not mine. Just sympathizing with you. I"m not a drinker so, I can't relate to him. Well, I hope you have a better day and/or night.
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It's a life long struggle
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Amy - That is great that the scale is going down, and that sounds like a healthy amount of calories, way to go!

Chellez- Congrats girl!

I binged yesterday. UGH! Pizza (wholewheat) and icecream. I didn't eat a lot of it, but my tummy felt awful after. I also worked out so I am not stressing about it. I felt guilty right after I ate, but I let it go. Today is a new day.

I hope everyones weekend is going well, are you doing anything special for fathers day? I am so bad, I actually forgot!! I didn't get my dh a thing. Im going to try and write him a mushy letter and give it to him later today.

OMG...the most disgusting thing happened to me last night. I was out watching my hubby place baseball and I was chatting it up with a friend of mine. Minding my own business, laughing and talking...and BOOM a sea gull crapped in my FREAKIN EYE!! It was soooooooooooooooo nasty! It got in my eye, my face and all over my hand. I wanted to jump into a shower, but I had to sit with this nasty stuff all over me (wiped off with napkins) until the end of the game. Can I just tell you.... crapola in the eye....HURTS!
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Hi Girls!!!

So sorry to be MIA - I have a good reason...

Beginning of June I rented a room in this lady's apartment in Amsterdam so I didn't have to keep going back and forth, home to work, 4 hours traveling per day. I had trouble getting on the internet while at this lady's house, come to find out I'm not "allowed" to go wireless on my work laptop and my blackberry was just new and I wasn't hooked up properly. THEN on the Thursday night I came home and the very next day we went to Manchester (UK) for the weekend. No internet. Arrived home Sunday evening/ Monday morning 1 am *yawns*, got up again at 6 to go to Germany for a week. I *just* got home Friday night. Believe me, I'm exhausted (Germany was a work trip), and I'm so, so ready to be on a normal schedule again...

Tomorrow I go back to Amsterdam until Thursday evening, back to Arnhem and I have a day off Friday *squeals with joy*! I want to get to the gym at least twice this week - if I have to, once in Amsterdam, once in Arnhem (my gym is all over and I can use it anywhere I like).

Good news is, I STILL lost weight! I don't know how, except last week I was VERY active at work AND I did a lot of walking, AND I even made use of the hotel pool! Food was WAY off though and I'm seriously craving fruits and veggies! So I hit my mini-goal in any case and went a bit under even!

Chellez - small question, I hope I didn't wreck your stats; you had me down for a freebie week on a week I actually weighed in (I think it was the week of the crash), so I moved the freebie week to last week, I do hope that's OK for you. If not PLEASE tell me and I'll change it back!!! I don't want to mess up what is already most likely a difficult system you have going for all the numbers!

I promise to be more active in the threads this week - you guys are really the ones who inspire and motivate me to KEEP GOING!!!
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Michelle the Vegan
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Morning gang!

I'm traumatized by the bird crap in the eye story!
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Weight Loss; Control Gain
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Onthetee - Crazy storms right now moving your way... saying stay inside away from windows in a sturdy building... Severe watch...
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No excuses this time!
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Hi all!

I have had a brilliant weekend - firstly I finished my school reports!!!! I was hard on myself all week for pigging out on bad snacks the previous week, I stayed on plan and had snack size yogurt when I needed a break and some energy... this resulted in a loss this week WOOHOO!!

My greatest feelgood moment was though 3 weeks ago- when I was at my lowest I bought some jeans in a smaller size - and I havent been able to fit in them without thinking I had a camel toe! I gain at the top of my thighs. Anyway they fit -again!!!! I wore them Saturday and Sunday!!!! Only my son knew I had worn the same jeans two days in a row - but I had to wear them just to remind myself that I want more clothes in smaller sizes!

Hope you all have a good weekend!!!
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Originally Posted by mumtoliam View Post
Anyway they fit -again!!!!
Whoo hoo! That must have felt great, I'd STILL be wearing them!
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Hey all!! I'm a proud member of the JB Black Team and I've started a new exercise challenge that is numbers based. It is open to all JB Teams and anybody else that wants to participate.

Here is the link to the challenge in the "Chicks Up For A Challenge" forum.

Hope everybody has a wonderful Father's Day!!
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Hey team!

So I ended up not posting a loss in weight for the week which is kind of annoying. I have seen an increase in my fitness level and I feel like I've lost inches (judging by clothing). Hopefully the scale is just not showing the change because of TOM and I'll have a larger loss to post for next week.

I'm wearing my spiffy new shirt that I bought the other day off the clearance rack. The first bonus is that I paid $9 for a $39 shirt, the second is that it's a size Large. No XL or plus size shirt for me! It looks really nice too. It's a stretchy black zip-up sportsy type top with white piping that's quite flattering. My upper body is starting to show some nice changes and my waist is starting to slim out again. Woohoo!
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Hi guys, spent the morning going to the see Sex and the City, the movie. It was GREAT! Anyone else seen it? I still watch the re-runs on TBS so I was willing to go to the theatre and see this on the big screen. I think first time I"ve been to a movie in like 10 years?!?! lol Enjoyed it. Packed my own water bottle and got some popcorn and had a ball. Dh was a trooper enough to sit with the kids during Panda kungFu so that I could see SATC, even on father's day. awww.......... He's at the pool with the kids now. This is seeming more like mother's day!! should have a good loss to post tomorrow based on today's number. and then next week i will dive head first into exercise again now that i'm feeling great again after surgery.
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Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I have done well w/ food choices today and actually exceeded my water goal (yea!). My gym back is all packed for tomorrow and so is my nice, healthy lunch! I want to get back into doing some cardio in the am too, but this new med makes me really tired, so that will have to be put on hold right now. I really need it (the med) for now.

Earlier I was trying to figure out what to do w/ myself today, other than sitting home and feeling sorry for myself (still in missing my dad mode these days) when my best friend called and invited me over for lunch and girl talk. It was awesome!!!! We just sat on her porch and chatted away all afternoon. I SO needed that!

Ok, I need to go eat some dinner, not really hungry, but I need to eat a little something.

Have a great evening!
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