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Hi All,

This is such a beautiful day! It's cool and the sun is shining. My kind of day. Didn't do too much, just enjoyed the day.

Hi Donna, What part of Tenn. are you from. My mom lives in Ky. and the Tenn. border is about 5 miles. Welcome. I'm glad you found us.

Z, I hope you are feeling better. Yes, we were born in the time that taught that men were "the head of the family". Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but these days it's a 2 income household.

Gayle, If it were easy to lose weight we'd all be thin. It's hard work and it doesn't come easy. Don't appologize to anyone for trying tomake yourself healthy.

Rie, How nice that DS is stepping up and helping out more, now that he is able to. You did something right there.

Marie, you sent a card for DS. If he wants more contact he will make an effort to get in touch. Regreat it? probablly, but just because that's the way us mothers are. We are always second guessing ourselves. Not because you have any reason to.

Karen31, I started out with handkerchiefs and pillow cases too, but graduated to doing the biggest part of the laundry. Only thing I couldn't iron was dad's white shirts. He was really pickey and no one but mom could do them right.

Mary, God was saving you for your husband. I'm sure there were guys in your home town that thought you were a cutie. I've found out (now, after all these years) that there were several boys that wanted to ask me out, but never did. or so they say. Not sure I believe that, but it's nice to hear when you're older than dirt.

Carol Sue, I've never had any luck freezing squash. What kind were you talking about? I do freeze zucchini, grated, for zucchini bread and it works ok. Just gets very watery.

Rosie, don't work too hard. How does moose taste? Dumb question, how do you describe a taste.

Arrowspark, Welcome!! I hope you always feel welcome here. I do know how you feel about dressing. It's hard when you're not the size you want to be. Just remember, It's something you can make better. One pound at a time. Start now and you will soon be anxious to get out there and buy some new clothes.

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tired of being tired
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God bless you , Slim Me for acknowledging me. I know that gaining weight has made me feel invisible I am heartened that you took the time to be kind to me. kicking the sugar addiction has made me NEEDY!
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Welcome arrowspark! Glad to have you here with us. Make sure you come back often and tell us more about you. You might like to post your bio in that seciton for us. Here is the link: We all go through ups and downs but we are here to give and get support and encouragement. Welcome aboard.
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Karen31, we were so poor we couldn't even use a coke bottle with the sprinkler top to dampen the clothes. My mother just used a bowl of water, dipped her hand in it and shook it over the clothes. I still iron. Most of our clothes come out of the dryer wrinkle free, but some things need a touch up after hanging in the closet. I keep my ironing board set up in my laundry room. When my mother-in-law saw that she said "Oh my sister-in-law always left her ironing board set up, too." But her SIL had hers up in the DINING ROOM! There's a big difference there! But I was wife #2 so she had a difficult time being nice to me. I'm over it. LOL
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Welcome Arrowspark and I apologize, I'm so busy in the late summer with freezing garden produce, apples, etc that I don't get on everyday. I missed your first post, sorry! We're not snobs at all, trust me.
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Hi all....still summer here. It is cool enough to open the slider for an hour in the mornings, but gets hot humid early yet. sounded so lost and forgotten that I went back over the postings after you came on board. Marie typed a welcome a couple of hours after you posted, followed by a welcome by Rie still that same evening. Both were followed by Koala, our own aussie, the next morning. We never heard from you again.....we love having new GG. It keeps us constantly spinning with new ideas and helps us all of this long journey to health. So AGAIN WELCOME......that's me shouting!

Now this doesn't sound like much, but am so tickled that I gother done! I cleaned the bottom shelf of my pantry of out dated(please don't ask how old) can goods. Drug 50 lbs of cans to the trash in the garage. Reason so pleased I sat on the floor and got up by myself. Carried the bag myself. And nothing hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be noted we moved here in 2000. hmmmmmm

Dh went to his GP this am and came home painfree too.....He had made appt next month with orthopod for poss 2nd hip replacement. GP thinks it not his hip but his hamstring. Treated it with laser and he is painfree?????? Unbelieveable! His posture and balance have taken a 180 turn. Left here at 11 an old man came home 20 yrs younger!


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Hello Goldens!

Well, I am heading toward the end of my day with the audit. Just hanging out for a little while until I have to pick up the licensing guy to take him to dinner. Then, we are leaving here at 6am to drive 275 miles northeast to do a site visit at another facility. I am going along at the facility's request as a consultant. I am delivering my explorer there so my ds can come pick it up next week. It is about half way to his town. I am looking forward to having dinner with my youngest uncle and aunt (he is only 10 years older than me) while I am there. Then, we will head back home early Thursday morning and finish the audit here. So far, it is going really well.

Arrow, I am sorry that you felt left out. Apparently you didn't see our responses. Hang out here frequently, I promise that this is a good group.

Hi Donna, and welcome! Do you have a middle name or something that we can add to your name? We have a long term member named Donna and it could get confusing.....

Karen3, I think that sounds like a wonderful accomplishment and I am so glad that you are getting stronger!

Carol, hows it going? Are you going to try some squash? I forgot to tell you that if you cube it, freeze it on a cookie sheet before you put it in bags or it will be all stuck together.

Gayle, I hope your first day back at work isn't too stressful!

Zoe, take good care of yourself and those pesky bugs. I swear that the bladder infection thing just comes whenever my body is under siege.... I hate that. Anyway, feed yourself, nurture yourself and get better.

Freda, don't you just love the cool fall weather? I sure do. My only problem is that I have very few clothes for fall - ok, no clothes. I sure hate to shop but I will need to get some things soon. Even all my sweaters look like I am a little girl playing dress up. Oh well....

Mary, Karenmo, Bobbi, and everyone else.... take care, be golden and I will see you on thursday!


PS, I am looking forward to driving my new pickup on the way home. Tee Hee
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Default Marathon Photos

Hi Everyone,

I got my official time - 3 hours, 50 minutes, 20 seconds. Phew! I just made it - my goal was under 4 hours.

My daughter bought me a gift - a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans.

A friend asked me if I "had fun." That is NOT the way I would describe the day. I had some VERY high highs and some pretty severe pain.

The highs were entering the Marathon eve dinner through a receiving line of cheering LLS folks, having kids with bald heads cheering us on during the marathon with signs that said "Thank You," Getting to the FINISH LINE!

It was an experience unlike any other and the weather was PERFECT!

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Marathon 1.jpg (70.0 KB, 14 views)
File Type: jpg Marathon 2.jpg (53.9 KB, 12 views)
File Type: jpg Marathon 3.jpg (58.5 KB, 13 views)
File Type: jpg Marathon 4.jpg (71.0 KB, 14 views)
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Great Pictures Lynn!! You did fantastic and you look terriffic!! Congrats again!! It makes me want to really buckle down and get back on track!!!

Karen --- So happy that you are feeling so much better. I think about you often! That was definitely a NSV on so many levels!! Congrats!
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Hi Donna, and welcome! Do you have a middle name or something that we can add to your name? We have a long term member named Donna and it could get confusing.....

Sure! I can be Donna Marie.
How's that?

Donna Marie
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Carol Sue, thanks for the mangle iron link. I’d never heard or seen one before. I do love the official chair.

Mary, I totally agree with Val. Try weighing only once a week. You’re setting yourself up to fail if your emotions take hold. Our weights fluctuate throughout a day, or a week.

Val, I couldn’t make myself call him. My son has made the mess and I don’t want to be hurt by him anymore. I did what he does – I texted him happy birthday. He did text back thanks. I’d say that’s enough communication for the day. A friend asked how my grand daughter was and I shrugged. I hadn’t given her the latest update on my son’s lack of kindness. Anyway, I do appreciate your input that I didn’t have to call. I’ve still contemplated it this evening but now I’m going to not ruin my day. And I hope you have a great trip. The end of the audit is nearing…

Zoe, I adore you! I love your thoughts about men in general. Count me in the group that doesn’t care what the jerks in high school thought. I do care about what my DH thinks but because he’s earned that respect.

Welcome Donna Marie!!!! You’re off to a great start on your new way of eating. Those fruits and veges are much better for you than those Cokes.

Arrowspark, welcome aboard. I’m glad you put a yell out – I must have missed your earlier posts. Jump in and join the conversations. You’ve sure made a great 9 pound start towards your goal.

Freda, LOL at the older than dirt comment. It is nice to hear when we’re aging that someone thought we were attractive at some point.

KarenFL Oh my gosh. 50 pounds of canned foods??? But of course the real milestone was getting up off the floor. That is awesome!!!! Babe, you’ve come a long way in 3 months!

Lynn, I can imagine the cheering as you raced. You are amazing and I’m proud of you! I love the pictures. And enjoy those jeans. I won’t wear any other anymore. They’re so comfy.

Drum roll…. My elliptical part came today. DH had described how to replace it and I did it. Then I did an elliptical workout after work. I thought I was going fast, having a ball and I barely made my minimum distance in 30 minutes. Clearly not using an elliptical for 8 days is several days too long. Didn’t matter if I biked or rollerbladed, the elliptical is my main workout. Tomorrow morning I’m going to kick its butt (without breaking any more parts though). Anyway, I did have a great time and workout. I just adore that machine. And Carol Sue (I believe it was you that has the Sole brand), the part came in 6 days. Not bad at all. I’d buy their products again. I love good customer service. Its so rare these days.

I’ve been on plan all day eating wise. So my question is… I munch like a banshee if I don’t log my food in LoseIt app. WHY??? Today I put my breakfast in, before the munchie hours and I stay good all day. An amazing phenomena. At this rate, I won’t make my minimum 1400 cals. I’d say a deficit of a day is okay.
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Hi everyone! It's been a busy day and I'm surprised how much I got done! I have more energy today but still a slightly headache around my eyes. I'm beginning to think that's just my dry eyes. The drops I'm currently using don't seem to help me as much as the previous ones did so guess I'll have to change again.

We started the day at a brunch with other club members. I ordered a grilled chicken salad with the cheese and dressing on the side, no olives or avocado and did fine. Very pleased with myself. So I've been OP all day again and my bs is great.

Rie, Marie - No, I like to weigh daily and usually just for fun I weigh before bed. I honestly don't have a problem with the scale, haven't since I was on the Prism diet and couldn't weigh for 6 weeks at a time...LOL knew someone would think so since I complained...but it was just a momentary disapointment as I was hoping not to see a drop with everything I've gone through this first week ...buying food and getting used to it and all. It just scared me a teensy what if it doesn't work after all this, you know?...but I fully realize the body flucuates all the time and I'm not really worried about it. And even though I was a little high when I went to bed last night today I was down another pound this morning!

Change4Life Donna - Welcome!!

Gotta go watch Biggest Loser!!

ETA: Today I bought some Medifast Meals off Craiglist from a young lady here in town...much cheaper and will get to try new things. The chocolate shakes are awesome! Right now I like most everything...except the chili and beef veg soup but I will work on
different ways to cook them as I've done some of the other things.

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Want to feel better
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Good evening GG's,

One day down ~ three to go. Got out late tonight ~ only by an hour, but it makes my evening pretty short. Eat supper while checking e-mail, 3FC and FB and next thing I know it is already bed time.

I am sitting here with my butt cheek packed in ice packs (think that was KarenFL's suggestion) ~ that sciatic pain is really aggravating tonight.

Marie ~ glad you got your eliptical fixed and working again ~ enjoy.

Welcome ~ Donna Marie (my best friend in jr hi and hs was Donna Marie too

Arrow ~ sorry you missed the welcomes that were posted for you. Stick around ~ this is an awesome group. Some of us haven't been feeling the best, so may not have posted as well as we usually do. Also, sometimes we get pooped and run out of steam before we get to everyone. Another thing that happens to some of us is our old forgetful minds

Zoe ~ hope you are feeling better.

Freda ~ glad you had some cooler weather and sun shine to enjoy

Rie ~ safe travels.

Lynn ~ enjoyed your pictures ~ you look great ~ so proud of you.

KarenFL ~ so glad you were able to do stuff and be pain free ~ and glad too for your DH to be having less pain.

Please forgive me ~ I know I didn't get to everyone tonight ~ I hate to give in and go to bed, but I am out of steam. That alarm will be ringing too soon. I will catch up with the rest of you another time.

Take care and rest well
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Hi Donna Marie!

Even more in common, my son is 11 as well. :-) My son was 5-1/2 when it happened the first time and it was much like you describe with the quarter-size areas. First available appt with the dermatologist was 5 months later, and by the time the appt rolled around he had just one very small spot left (the rest had grown back) but it was enough for an official diagnosis (though I knew that's what it was months before).

I, too, have heard the link with stress, though I have never been able to link it in my son's case. He was very happy in kindergarten at that point and there was no stress at school or at home. Just hit out of the blue. I have rheumatoid arthritis, though, so I know the chance is increased somewhat of him having an autoimmune disorder since I do. We were so fortunate that it hadn't happened since, so I was quite surprised when it hit with a vengeance this time. I think it was in January or February -- started out like male pattern balding with a spot near the crown, then a 2nd spot on nearby, and suddenly all across the back of his head from about the top of his ear to his neck, and then a band across the front/top of his head. He lost probably 2/3-3/4 of his hair. Again, very happy in school, loved his teacher and his classmates, was thriving academically, so I can't pin that to stress either. He was using a hat towards the end of the year and has been using one at school this year as well, until it grows in enough that he's comfortable. The PE teacher at his elementary school has a friend who works with clients who have lost hair due to chemo and a lot of other causes, and one thing she and the PE teacher mentioned was hormone changes and puberty, which could fit this time as a trigger. Her friend suggested Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, which is REALLY expensive, but we've been using it since mid July and it does seem to make the hair a little thicker and it's starting to grow back in the areas that lost first (top of the head) -- whether it's coincidental timing (since alopecia seems to be the flip of a switch sometimes!) or not I'm not sure, but it's helping him feel better psychologically just using it, so we'll keep at it!

I'm sorry your son is dealing with it too (and you, as well!) but it will be nice to have someone on this journey, as well as our weight loss journey! :-)

Originally Posted by Change4Life View Post
Hey Darcy,

My son has alopecia too. We've been wrestling with bald spots since he was 6. Seems to come with stress. normally he gets 2 or 3 small ones, like the size of a quarter, and they'll fill in. Now he has a HUGE one on the back of his head. His hair mostly covers it, but it has been there for a while. It's a tough thing for these kids. :*(
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Yes, Marie, I have the Sole brand elliptical. When I went shopping I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew from past experience that the main problem I had had with my first elliptical was feeling as though my feet were going to slip off the pedals. They had all their ellipticals set up in a row, pretty much by price. I started at the first one and tried each one until I got to the Sole. The foot pedals were nice and wide with a little ledge all the way around, and it was so smooth and comfortable. Another couple had come in to look, but had not tried any of them. While I was on the Sole announcing how smooth and comfortable it was, they walked up to the salesman and said "We'll take that one!" I think they should have given me a discount because this customers bought it based on my comments! They didn't even try it out.

Do you use the training programs that are loaded into it? I don't. I just hit start and go at my own speed. I know that it has a lot of features I'm not utilizing.
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