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Morning All , rainy and dark here this morning ...perfect day to sleep in, wish this would have happened yesterday when i could sleep in, haha ...still doing really well with staying on point with my eating and staying within my Lose Fit calories...right now it says I can have about 1560 I think I am using all of them up because soon they will take some away that app !!!

Susie - congrats !! I just noticed on your weight tracker that you are out of the 3's ....good job !!! I too didnt do too much with my day off yesterday, just enjoyed doing nothing really ...ran to the store but that was about it.

Gonna be a high of 37 today, woo hoo ...but then this weekend will be a high only in the teen's ...yikes ...

So I have a hard time coming up with stuff I actually want to eat for Breakfast here at work I do like McDonalds Egg McMuffins so what I have been doing is buying 3-4 at a time and bringing them into work for my breakfasts and just re-heating one everyday is perfect because I know I will eat it and it is only 300 cals and 18 grms of protein which is what I am really looking for in the morning. They warm up really well, I was surprised.

Well have a good day everyone, I gotta work till 6 so it is gonna be a long work day for me...see ya...


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