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sept15lija 01-05-2011 10:03 AM

The Onederland Express - Hop on Here! #4
Hey gals, another new thread, since we were over 500 replies in the last one! We're a busy group! :)

Satine 01-05-2011 10:25 AM

Morning Girls ....freezing here this morning ...only like 19 degrees on my way in to work, ughhhh ...oh well - what did I expect ? It is Winter, haha
I like something about every season ...with Summer being my least favorite...I just hate to be hot ...the humidity gets absolutely horrible here at times.

Arabella - great to have you back and on track...good idea about the table eating, dh and I are horrible about eating in front of the tv ...we have horrible habits ..

Auntie G - how did dh's check go with the esophagus ( I know I probably spelled that wrong ) ?

Well yesterday I got down to one and a half cans of soda ...today just having one and tomorrow a half of one...I havent been feeling so horrible with the wdl by still having some everyday...I read online that with caffeine you cant just stop altogether or the withdrawal syptoms are way worse...said to make sure you wean off and have a little each day ...

Liz - I know ALOT of women here who have to have thier diet soda...they say it can hinder weight loss somehow but you are an example of that not being true...you do great, so keep having it !! The only reason I am stopping it is because I do the full sugar, I cant stand to drink diet...wish I could but cant get past the taste...plus I like to stay away from artificial sweetners....and I hear ya on the loose skin I really worry about that myself...I dont see anyway around it unfortunately, so hopefully I dont have too much - I know I will have it under my arms too.

Now, no spoilers on the Biggest Loser girls, I had to dvr it last night and will try and watch it tonight ....I love when it is on, keeps me more motivated for sure...

Hi to everyone else...I know I missed alot, we have been busy lately !!!

Have a great day all !!!


tschaff04 01-05-2011 11:09 AM

Ok, so we have to create a new thread whenever we hit 500 replies? Just want to make sure I keep up. lol

sept15lija- Aww, *hugs* I'm sure they will both love spending the day with their grandmas. I know my little ones LOVE time with nana.

Rtsmme4life- Thanks! It's starting off as a good day. Will be even better if I can actually work gym time in tonight. ;) I hope your day is wonderful as well.

Arabella- I have mixed feelings on BL. LOL After finding out about the scary stories the previous contestant told I get a little bummed about it now. But I still find entertainment value in it, let's face it. It is an entertaining and inspirational show. I am a bit of a BL fan for sure, I just hope it's all done in a healthy way. :) Anyway, I dvr'd mine last night and plan to watch it tonight.

Hope everyone is having a marvelous day! I cheated a bit and pulled out my scale this morning to have a quick peek. WI day isn't until Friday but I was curious. I am at 193.2. :) :) My next mini goal is 189, hoping to get there by next weeks WI.

Rtsmme4life 01-05-2011 02:17 PM

Arabella- the penne I used to eat there was almost 1500 calories,I was just shocked!!

Carri- We are freezing here too! Brrrr! :brr:

T-193.2 is awesome!! How much are you usually losing per week?

I can't believe that we are starting another thread! Guess it just shows our commitment to the group. :) :yay:
Can I also say its a great feeling to be back eating clean and getting full when I eat so much less! Dh is saying that he is getting worried by the little amount that I am eating...I have been hitting between 1250-1450 cals a day. My app says I can have up to 1470 and Dh says I should hit that everyday at least, my feeling is its like my goal to be under. I just really want to see a lose sat morning (scale has been hidden). Any suggestions/comments?

MyChoice2bfit 01-05-2011 04:39 PM

Found the new thread! So inspiring to be on a thread that is active.

I got a lunch time bike-ride in today at the gym. I rode for 30 min and went 4.8 miles. I'm walking on the indoor track tonight with my DH.

I thought BL was good last night--very inspiring!

Rtsmme4life: Isn't it amazing how you feel when you eat clean and get that sugar out of the diet? I have heard that we shouldn't eat under our calorie limit (at least consistantly) as our body thinks we are in starvation mode (silly body--if it could just see what I see in the mirror! lol) so I think your DH might be on to something. What I do is try to cycle it. One day at my limit, another day lower etc. I eat in a range actually.

tschaff04: Keep working hard so you can see that number (or lower?) at WI on Friday

Satine: I gave up soda years ago and when I did I lost 15 lb just like that! You can do it and you are right to do it a little at a time so you don't have withdrawl headaches.

sept15lija: Thanks for starting the new thread.

Rtsmme4life 01-05-2011 08:29 PM

Susie-I took your advice and ate a little more than I usually would for dinner and I'm def full lol But I am also not going to end up only with only 1200 calories like I would of. I guess I just want this fat off so bad lol

Have a great night ladies I'm off to try to relax. :)

sept15lija 01-06-2011 09:03 AM

Mel - I get worried about going too low on calories, and I don't want to go lower than I have to....just low enough that I'm still losing. If I wasn't losing I would definitely lower them though. I think you're been losing OK on the calorie level you've been on, right? Anyways I would try to stay as high as possible, while still losing. I'm glad you're feeling great though! I feel really good on my calorie level too, I'm never hungry unless it's time for an actual snack or meal, so it's working great for me!

Susie - Good for you on the bike! You're doing great with your exercise, have you noticed an energy increase? It's amazing how when you expend energy, you actually become more energetic.

Hope everybody has a great day!

Satine 01-06-2011 10:17 AM

Morning Girls, so far so good on stopping soda ...I am down to just one can a day, and last week i was having 4-5 a day ..sometimes more ...so I feel like that is going really well ...I have also cut back on my eating which is helping, this week have been eating all the bad stuff out of the house since I dont want to waste all the $$ and this weekend when I get groceries am getting all the good for me stuff to go back on the straight and narrow.

Mel - I wouldnt get near 1200 for now...I mean the way I look at it is they say you should never go below 1200 so what happens if you are consistently eating around that number and stop losing weight ? YOu have no where to go from there ...I like to stay higher until that stops working and then drop it by 25-50 like our Lose It app does for us ...

Susie - great job on the exercise ...and yeah I have already lost a couple just from cutting back on the soda - which is nice :)

Do we want to start having a set day that we all weigh in and report ? If so what day ?

Have a great day all !!!!


MyChoice2bfit 01-06-2011 12:36 PM

Hi Ladies. Tonight is my WI. I sure hope I see that scale go down!

I am finished with my exercise today. I did 25 min on the bike and then 15 min on the elliptical. My food is journaled and I am staying within my calorie range.

I'm also been practicing a little mediation. Nothing big. Just taking a couple of breaks during the day and doing 10 deep slow breaths. I KNOW that stress can play a major part in putting on weight or keeping from losing it and not just from the extra food that we might tend to eat.

Satine: Good job with the soda cut back! I would be good with a dated weigh-in report. For me a Friday Sat or a Sunday would be best as I weigh on Thursday's and that is the number I would be reporting. I can actually report it anytime, I'll just always use the last Thursday's number.

sept15lija: Yes I have noticed an increase in my energy already!

Rtsmme4life: Good for you for working in time to relax.

sept15lija 01-06-2011 02:06 PM

Susie - Good luck on your WI, I'm sure you'll do great!!

Carri - Sure, sounds good! Right now my weigh in day is Fridays (well, I weigh everyday, but my "official change my ticker day" is Friday. But I don't really care, I can do it on a different day too!

Rtsmme4life 01-06-2011 09:39 PM

Liz & Carri I will try to stay at my calories bc you're right- if I go to low and stop losing then what would I do?!

Susie- great job on the workouts!

Sat or Sunday would be good for me on the weigh in, just let me know what you all decide.

auntie g 01-06-2011 10:16 PM

Aww, too far behind again! I can't get on here at work, and the rest of the day just flies by... Anyway, I weigh in on Saturdays, can post whenever, though. I like Saturday cause whatever damage I'm PLANNING to do is always on the weekend. Then there's all week to make up for it. Though I'm still trying to make up for Christmas... Ugh!

Snow coming tomorrow- will I ever get to try my roly poly shoes? LOL!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Satine 01-07-2011 10:17 AM

Morning All ..

Okay I lost something, I guess I didnt read about these Roly Poly shoes and what they are ...so what are they ?

I weigh in normally on Friday...but I am open to whatever day anyone wants, we could all weigh in on different days if needed just that we report them all on one same day so we can see how everyone is doing ...

More snow here today and tomorrow ...I kind of like it though ... jsut trying to get through the work day today and then have my weekend...gonna start reading the book I got for Christmas called Finally Thin by Kim Benson I think is her name...

Well have a great day everyone !!!


sept15lija 01-07-2011 10:44 AM

Carri - Let us know how that book is, I think I read something about it and I wanted to read it. It'd be good to have a review first! The shoes are those ones that tone your legs as you wear them - you have to balance a bit to wear them I think - I haven't tried them yet.

auntie g - Yeah too much snow! I need new boots too....hmm another excuse to shop!! haha

Why don't we pick Saturdays for weigh in then? Seems like most people are on that day, and then it's not a work day for most of us either so we can more easily report in? So tomorrow for our first official reporting day?

I really want to start swimming, so I'm going to go bathing suit shopping soon - need to find something to cover up some problem areas, that's for sure! I have loose skin on my upper thighs that's not so pretty....I wonder what I could get, maybe a skirted bottom or something. I just love swimming and want to do that for some exercise. Anyhow hope everybody has a great Friday, my first work week flew by, so far so good I guess!

Arabella 01-07-2011 12:27 PM

I bit the bullet, weighed in and updated my ticker this a.m. But I'll be more than happy to update it again if the scale is kinder tomorrow. :s:

As of now, I'm up five from my lowest fall weight and one lower than my highest fall weight. About the same as my first WI last year. Bah.

Liz, I was just looking at your tracker -- holy smokes! You've just rocketed down the scale. Seems like no time at all ago you were just crossing the border of Onederland.

Auntie g, I'd try the shoes around the house for a while. They really do feel pretty peculiar when you first head out to walk in them outside. But you get used to it. I hope you like them -- would hate to have led you astray in my roly poly shoes...

Carri, let us know what that book's like. I usually find diet books pretty inspiring -- always seems to be something worthwhile in them.

Mel, 1500 calories just in the penne? That's like a day's worth! I remember feeling like it was always okay to eat everything on my plate because SOMEBODY decided it was a reasonably-sized meal. :rolleyes:

T, yeah, I remember hearing about the guy dehydrating himself so badly that he was peeing blood. They really need to ensure that those people don't risk their health. The show should have a strict policy of kicking people off for things like that. Ok, now I'm going to go watch another few mins. of the show...

Susie, it's in my plan to meditate daily but I haven't managed yet. Maybe today. I'm so cranky I can hardly stand myself. :yoga: B-r-e-a-t-h-e...

And with that, I wish you all a lovely Friday!

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